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17 day old pup enjoys his belly scratch26s

17 day old pup enjoys his belly scratch

Now that the pups have eyes open they can see who and what is going on, this big guy absolutely loves getting his belly scratches, he will come right to you when you site in there box just for a good ol belly scratching

Akita 4m08s

Akita "helps" owner make the bed

While trying to make the bed, this playful pup decided he was going to help out by jumping around on the bed. When asked to move, he simply shifts to the opposite side of the bed!

Precious akita pup bottle feeding 1m16s

Precious akita pup bottle feeding

This pup is the runt of the litter and is 1/2 the size of the rest so to help her get all the nutrition she will need to grow we are helping out to ensure she is a happy healthy pup

Start a streak 10s

Start a streak

I really thought my daughter was talki g about going streaking I was like "u want to,do a what?!😲" little did I know it was a snap chat thing,😂😂😂 I'm still learning this snap chat

I will just say no 38s

I will just say no

My son Jaxon tryed a new cereal puff today and as he Shoved hand fulls in his mouth I asked him if he likes them. He kept shaking his head no as he eat them.

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