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How dare you not give me a bite 1m20s

How dare you not give me a bite

Stig begs all the time but if you happen to be eating anything that requires dipping sauce he gets really hopeful while you're dipping it and then tells you off once you put it in your mouth.

When close isn't close enough 16s

When close isn't close enough

As with many dog owners, I rarely get any privacy EVER. It wasn't good enough that he was in the bathroom with me, he had to feel like he was part of it.

Dog Eats Whipped Cream Straight From The Canister39s

Dog Eats Whipped Cream Straight From The Canister

A mom hears the sound of a whipped cream can being emptied in the kitchen and rushes over to see which of her kids is guilty of eating it. But when she turns the corner she is surprised to find her pooch red-handed! This old pooch has to be one of the most clever dogs we have seen on camera. He is smart enough to figure it out how to press the spray nozzle on the whipped cream can without piercing the can with its canine teeth. Amazing! We are gobsmacked! Who needs opposable thumbs anyways? After putting on such a performance, how can you be mad at this dog? Sure, he’s eating a ton of sugar and homogenized fat that he is not supposed be eating, but come on! After the laugh he is giving us, we will just let it slide. He is eating straight from the canister, can you believe that? This adorable pooch sure loves his treats, and what a better snack than whipped cream right out of the can. He simply loves it! If you are a whipped cream lover , you sure understand why this dog cannot control its urges. He has some serious passion for whipped cream and cannot shake off his sweet tooth. Can dogs eat whipped cream? This is the million-dollar question popping in your head when you are at the Starbucks pit stop. Whipped cream is safe for dogs provided it has low sugars and low fat content. A small amount of whipped cream will not make your dog obese or fatty. However, too much of anything is not good for dogs. High sugar can abruptly increase the dog’s blood sugar level and can end up with serious health issues like diabetes. The increase in fat content will pounce up your dog which may lead to obesity-related health issues like cardiac, diabetic, arthritic issues.This poor guy will have to find another way to control the urges!