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Kids Win First Place With 'Beauty And The Beast' Dance Performance2m50s

Kids Win First Place With 'Beauty And The Beast' Dance Performance

Paige Glenn and Artyon Celestine won first place overall at the Hall of Fame Redondo Beach competition with their incredible Beauty and the Beast inspired performance. Great job! Meet Paige and Artyon, the new kid sensation that is taking the Internet by storm. In this clip, they showing off amazing ballet moves as they dance to ‘Beauty and the Beast’ song, putting on a wonderful performance that would make professional ballet dancers shed a tear of pride. Footage shows Paige and Artyon dancing on stage at the Hall of Fame Redondo Beach competition giving a wonderful rendition of this famous tale, dressed up like Bella and the Beast! This miniature version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has warmed our hearts and reminded us of the inspiring story this tale has to tell! What is the most impressive is the accuracy with which these tiny performers move on stage, playing the role they have been given, acting like true professionals! Watch their adorable dance routine and you won’t be surprised why they won first place on this competition ! You can tell from the loud cheers that the crowd really appreciated their interpretation of the classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ tale. Who knows? Maybe someday they would consider having a theater career as well. With so much star power at such a young age, their future sure looks bright! Check out this mind-blowing choreographed dance performance to ‘Beauty and the Beast' rendered by two young ballet dancers. The kids in the dance won first place at Hall of Fame Redondo Beach competition and they sure deserved it. Incredible!

11-year-old dancer is a mini Britney Spears!2m31s

11-year-old dancer is a mini Britney Spears!

Madison "Madi" Beerer channels her inner Britney Spears in this amazing dance to 'Oops I Did It Again'. She is rocking the fierce choreography by Molly Long from Project 21 in Southern California. Madi won 5th place out of over 100 solos at Radix Dance Competition in Anaheim, CA.

11 year old dances like a pro!3m02s

11 year old dances like a pro!

11 year old Brooklin Cooley dances with the maturity of someone twice her age! With her perfectly pointed feet she was built to be a dancer! Name of Dance: Celestial Choreographer: Chelsea Jennings Awards: 1st Place Competition: Nuvo Dance Competition in Dallas, Texas

Stunning Kids Dance to Waves by Dean Lewis2m58s

Stunning Kids Dance to Waves by Dean Lewis

11 and 12 year olds dancing in this beautiful routine! Won 2nd Place at Radix Anaheim Dance Competition in Decemeber 2017! Choreography by Sam Cantoria Competed by the kids at PAVE school of the arts. Song: Waves by Dean Lewis

 Amazingly Flexible Young Dancer Amazes Crowd2m29s

Amazingly Flexible Young Dancer Amazes Crowd

Maesi Caes wins 1st place with her incredibly good dancing and gymnastics skills. She mesmerizes her audience with her insane tricks and flexibility! Near perfect score of 297/300! Maesi Caes is a dancer from Becky Nalevanko's Dance & Tumbling Studio in Iowa. She was invited to join the team in the seventh season of the hit reality TV show Dance Moms, a show that follows the early training and careers of children in dance and show business, after being called back from Abby Lee Miller’s studio and the Dance Moms audition process. She was eventually made a permanent member. Maesi and her mother remained on the show until the disbandment of the elite team in the 25th episode of season 7 of the show. The now-12-year-old is a professional dancer and and got induced in the Hall of Fame at the age of 10. She has won two Grand National Championships and several other dance competitions, which should not come as a surprise, since her older sister Maddie Caes is also a dancer. Her most recent public appearance was on st5age with Justin Bieber during his Purpose tour in 2016. Speaking of young dance talents, we would like you to meet Ella Dobler. The four-year-old’s dance talent outdoes her age, when she performed at the Rainbow National Dance competition and delivered the performance of a lifetime.

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This 4-Year-Old Toddler Already Dances Like A Professional2m29s

This 4-Year-Old Toddler Already Dances Like A Professional

Ella Dobler, a four year old dancer whose talent outdoes her age, performed at the Rainbow National Dance competition and delivered the performance of a lifetime. Despite being so young, Ella knew that her talent would win her the first place, in the Rainbow National Dance Competition. She delivered a great performance with her dance routine on a remix of the song, ‘Heaven on Earth’, taking the stage with grace and sophistication. Good thing mom was sitting in the audience and had her camera on to record and share her daughter’s balletic performance with the world. People known to the toddler , bear witness that she was born with a musical rhythm inside her, and that she has been dancing ever since the first time she heard music. Ella followed the rhythm within her, which is why her love for dance never faltered. Ella always danced with great excitement, and every move she made was full of joy. A few years later, her skills started to develop and needed to get fine tuned. This is when her family decided that Ella was ready to compete and needed serious dance lessons. She joined the ‘New Level Dance Company’ located in Florida, one of the best in the country. The dance company believes, students must be trained to excel in the competitive world of dance.