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Lazy Man Uses Hoverboard To Walk His Dogs Without Walking18s

Lazy Man Uses Hoverboard To Walk His Dogs Without Walking

A man was spotted walking three dogs on a leash while riding on a hoverboard. His unconventional way of transporting will have you in stitches. Footage shows a man standing on his hoverboard while holding onto a leash, simultaneously walking three pooches in front of him! How awesome is that!? Welcome to the future of dog walking! This guy chills on a hoverboard while walking three dogs simultaneously while holding on a leash connecting the three collars. What an genius way of performing the boring dog-walking routine for lazy pals! Incredible! Have you ever thought of this? Walking does a lot of things for us. It gives us a chance to breathe fresh air, get some exercise, appreciate nature, blow off steam from a tough day and take a break from the constant noise of electronics and modern life. Our dogs are no different, in fact, going outside for a walk is also a way for them to relieve themselves. Footage shows the obedient pooches walking on the sidewalk, following the pace of the hoverboard behind them, moving gracefully without making any sudden moves. Can you imagine what might happen if all of the pooches start walking in different directions - a big, fat hoverboard fall, that’s what! We all have those lazy days when all we want to do is sit in front of TV and binge our favorite shows. The man in this video obviously has one of those days, so he came up with a genius idea of walking the dogs without doing the walking himself. You just need to see this! It’s the highest level of laziness we’ve seen in a while! Hilarious, indeed!

Giant vultures caught inside screened in porch2m11s

Giant vultures caught inside screened in porch

Watch as these two giant turkey vultures wander around this pool flat. After a few attempts of trying to escape, they fail by flying into the screen surrounding them. This brave house owner decides to take matters into his own hands. With the door leading outside open, he tries to lead them out the door, and eventually he succeeds, and the vultures fly off to the other nearby vultures. "Looks like we have new neighbors" sounds about right for this man, panning out to show the vultures surrounding his neighborhood, hanging out on the roofs of nearby houses. Now there's something you don't see everyday. A pair of turkey vultures have found their way inside this man's screened pool area. The tricky part is getting them to leave. The owner has caught himself in a dangerous predicament of doing so. Best to let the professionals do their job to safely get them out of there. Maybe they just wanted to go for a swim! Who knows? Wildlife is all around us, even at our homes. The important thing is to make sure that you are ensuring your safety when handling situations involving wild animals that can be dangerous. Watch these turkey vultures break into a man's pool area.

Published: March 21, 20175,453 views
Cat and Guinea Pig befriend wild squirrel1m41s

Cat and Guinea Pig befriend wild squirrel

If you're looking for a heart-warming moment to brighten up your day, look no further! Watch as a cat and guinea pig adorably attempt to befriend a wild squirrel. Here we see three unlikely friends spending some time together to get to know one another. Except the only thing separating them is the glass window between them. Unfortunately these three little guys aren't able to play with one another. Pets tend to form an amazing bond with not just their owner, but the other pets in the family as well. Here is the proof of that. What a cute pairing. You can tell that they're all going to be best friends forever. Now the squirrel wants to get in on the action. Looks like the kitty and the guinea pig wouldn't mind. Who knows what would happen if they were able to hangout with the squirrel. Maybe they'd all sit on that window sill, waiting for another animal that they could befriend. Watch this pair of pets befriend a wild squirrel! Filmed in Groveland, Florida, United States.

Published: May 28, 2016224,010 views