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Friendly Ground Squirrel 1m00s

Friendly Ground Squirrel

Met this hungry ground squirrel on the Bayview Trail at Lake Tahoe. He looks like a chipmunk, but he's a ground squirrel. (Chipmunks have a white stripe on their forehead, which this little guy lacks.)

Puppy Loves Kitty 18s

Puppy Loves Kitty

Boone was a 10-week-old stray terrier who we found on the streets and brought into our household. She bonded with Ava, our sweet and tolerant kitty.

Cat plays iPad game during rainy day39s

Cat plays iPad game during rainy day

Ava the fluffy cat gives a perfect example on how to avoid those boring moments on a rainy day. Take a look at how she keeps herself busy. Very funny!

Published: August 22, 201789,067 views
Kitty Plays iPad Music 25s

Kitty Plays iPad Music

While my back was turned music suddenly filled the room. I found our kitty Ava lying on the iPad. She had launched Pandora and had chosen a random playlist.

Puppy-Kitty Sibling Love 32s

Puppy-Kitty Sibling Love

Boone the terrier was found roaming the streets and taken in by our family. She took a liking to Ava the cat, who welcomed her expressions of love.

Cat Is Completely Mesmerized By Bubble Timer50s

Cat Is Completely Mesmerized By Bubble Timer

What all cat lovers have been hoping to hear had finally come right from the mouths of those we like to trust most. Scientist have proven that watching cat videos can actually boost your productivity! Keeping them as pets is a great stress reliever; some offices even let cats stay there so that the employees can feel better while at work. If you have not checked your watch and calendar, we will drop you a little secret – times have changed. Modern times call for some pretty amazing modern cats with a developed sense of self, a charismatic personality and a brilliantly hilarious way to show it. Here we have a very mesmerized kitten to the sight of a bubble timer. We think that this bubble maker has this cat completely under its spell and in complete state of trance. This kitten is just too grasped by the sight of this object as it pulls right next to it and enjoys its presence by starring at it. You can see that this object also has a hypnotic power over this cat as it does seem to become somewhat drowsy while looking at it. Ava the kitty is hypnotically drawn to this bubble timer on her owner's desk. Look at how captivated she is by it!

Published: August 22, 201729,048 views
Cat loving grooms bunny rabbit pal59s

Cat loving grooms bunny rabbit pal

Ava the cat grooms Nibbles the rabbit in this heartwarming clip. In bunny body language, having her head groomed makes Nibbles think she is the alpha bunny, with Ava paying homage, whereas in kitty body language Ava is asserting her dominance by licking the head of a lower ranking creature. Both think the other is acknowledging the other's dominance. How cute is that!

Published: August 16, 2017164,825 views
Kitten makes chew toy out of dog's tail29s

Kitten makes chew toy out of dog's tail

Sawyer the kitten plays with Boone the terrier's tail, while Kate remains aloof. Sawyer and Kate are rescue kittens, 14-weeks-old at the time of this clip. Boone is a 3-year-old mixed terrier who was about 10-weeks-old when she was found roaming the neighborhood, dirty and infested with fleas.

Published: August 12, 20175,124 views