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Chihuahua Plays Along To Classic Children's Song20s

Chihuahua Plays Along To Classic Children's Song

Who isn’t familiar with Jack and Jill tumbling down the hill, or Little Boy Blue falling asleep and letting his animals running amuck, or Little Miss Muffet getting scared by a spider? These stories have been around for hundreds of years, and while fun to chant (we can still recite many of them from memory), they also serve a very important purpose in the life of your loved ones. We may all ask ourselves what is so good about nursery rhymes that all children love them and they are willing to participate in the songs without a fuss? Nursery rhymes are not only attractive for kids apparently but as this video shows, animals can be a great deal of drawn into them without being aware of the effects they have on their brains. Singing nursery rhymes and songs can help develop communication and social skills, understand and learn about different sounds from an early age. However, the whole experience with songs like this should be made more creative by using props and musical instruments since they can only sit for short periods of time so don’t expect them to sit for a half hour song time session. However, sometimes only the movements in the song are a helpful tool to engage your keep your child and pet animal engaged in the activity. As nursery rhymes are fun and full of sounds, your loved ones will tune into these sounds. Oscar the blue chihuahua claps his paws on cue to the kid's song "If You're Happy And You Know It". Oscar is naturally comical, entertaining, and loyal little dog and he absolutely brimming with personality – a quirky and eccentric personality unmatched by any other breed. So, when Oscar hears his favorite nursery rhyme, he is more than ready and willing to show his dancing abilities . No sooner his owner starts singing, we see Oscar standing on his hind legs and he follows the orders from the song with his front paws Whenever he hears “clap”, he rushes to clap his paws the best he can while he waits for another round of the verse of the song. He is standing there like an obedient child in a nursery room, ready to obey whatever his teacher says. However, we can see that he thoroughly enjoys being sang to, without even batting an eyelid. Oscar really enjoys and cherishes these moments with his owner and he will rather clap his hands all day long. After all, nursery rhymes are not bad at all, they are good for Oscar’s brain and since there is a repetition in each of them, they serve like a proper training routine for Oscar. They give him the sense of importance and a feeling that he has been cared for. Though Oscar may look like a shy dog, he feels confident while performing the song, because it is easy to grasp. We can easily see the connection between movement, rhythm and words which is a great way to get your dog listen to you.

Published: June 19, 2018820 views
Polite chihuahua sits upright for belly rubs50s

Polite chihuahua sits upright for belly rubs

Oscar the chihuahua properly sits up in order to ask for a belly rub, but it doesn't end there. This little guy extends his paws and pulls his owner's finger back in because he is not ready for the belly rubbing to stop!

Published: January 1, 20181,762 views
Chihuahua Dressed In McDonald’s Outfit Delivers Fast Food To Owner 1m00s

Chihuahua Dressed In McDonald’s Outfit Delivers Fast Food To Owner

An adorable video has emerged of the cutest delivery guy there is! Footage shows a tiny Chihuahua pup dressed in McDonald’s outfit standing on the front porch, delivering food to his owner. This delivery guy will sure earn a nice tip for his efforts. Adorable! Watch as Oscar, the tiny Chihuahua pup lends a helping hand to McDonald's staff and delivers fast food to his owner’s porch. He is the cutest delivery guy we have ever seen, flaunting that yellow and red outfit and delivering them burger and fries while they are still fresh and warm. He does appreciate being invited in for some hospitality as well! Oscar is dressed in the well-known McDonald’s outfit and is wearing a frice on his sleeve. How convenient. McDonald’s has created a line of branded outfits for our pets. Hurray! Footage shows as this adorable pooch, dressed in themed outfit that makes him look like a bag of french fries, appear at the front door of his owner’s house with a fresh McDonald’s delivery! What a nice surprise, your dog welcoming you with a nice fast food treat! Moments later, footage shows the dining table and three plates filled with the well-known McDonald’s french fries and tasty burgers. Oscar has deserved his place on this table, for being such a good boy! Flaunting his clownish outfit, he is obediently sitting in the chair, waiting to say grace and dig into that delicious fast food meal! Bon appetit!

Published: December 26, 20172,093 views