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Happiness! A Song All About Happiness!3m21s

Happiness! A Song All About Happiness!

I am Annabelle Genevie LaRue. I write song about how wonderful it is to have happiness!! I love having happiness inside me. Happiness overflows in my body! I wish I could catch happiness in my bottle! Forgive me for my English not so very well. I would like everyone to share happiness with me!

Published: February 3, 20156 views
Chris Brown's New Line of Makeup! Product Reviews!3m58s

Chris Brown's New Line of Makeup! Product Reviews!

I was thrilled to be only the second person EVER to try this brand new line of Makeup by music artist Chris Brown! In this video, I review a few of Chris Brown's new products.... from BreakUp, a line of MakeUp.

Published: February 3, 20155 views
Challenging the Cinnamon Challenge1m55s

Challenging the Cinnamon Challenge

I reprimand and criticize the kids that are posting their videos of the "Cinnamon Challenge". This viral trend is making kids sick, and even sending a few of them to the hospital! They need to LEARN!

Published: February 3, 201514 views