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Time Lapse Of Tarantula Shedding Her Skin  In Only One Minute 58s

Time Lapse Of Tarantula Shedding Her Skin In Only One Minute

This is so fascinating! This is a short time lapse featuring a Brachypelma Smithi tarantula, named Pebbles, molting (shedding her skin). Pebbles is 11 years old and goes through this process at least once during a 1.5 year timeline. It was recorded over a 7-hour period, but with the time lapse, we can watch it all unfold in just one minute, incredible! This video makes the process look a lot shorter than it actually is. It is always so cool to see how nature works, especially when it's a tarantula shedding her skin! You don't see this very often! Brachypelma Smithi tarantulas are usually found around the central Pacific coast of Mexico and are also known as Mexican Red-Knee Tarantulas. They are usually found in dry areas with barely any vegetation, usually in deserts, or tropical forests. They live in burrows in rocky areas as the base of thorny vegetation like cacti. They are very large dark spiders and be quite intimidating if you aren't a spider lover. They usually won't cause any harm unless they are being threatened. In that case, they will show their fangs. Have you ever seen a tarantula before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Published: July 7, 2014141,830 views
Snail's odd mouth movement while eating algae1m00s

Snail's odd mouth movement while eating algae

While cycling a new aquarium, user 'ApBreck' suddenly got a huge algae bloom. To take care of the problem, he decided to send his new snail named Sheldon on "vacation" to an algae feast, and in the process, got a grew view of the little guy's mouth movement in action. It's definitely an odd sight!

Published: July 7, 201436,001 views