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Real Life Spiderman Performs Series Of Stunts In French Subway10s

Real Life Spiderman Performs Series Of Stunts In French Subway

Unusual footage has emerged of a man performing series of stunts in a French subway. Check out this guy performing various stunts to cheer up the crowd! He's amazing! Footage of the real-life Spiderman has been captured in a French subway featuring a man doing a series of impressive stunts mid-ride. Watch as this ‘superhero’ performs backflips much to passenger’s amusement! Incredible! When taking centre stage in the heart of a French subway, flying through air in a crowded tube could seem a daunting task. However, this performer was filmed twirling at the top of the subway taking his act into the spotlight, much to passenger’s amusement. Subway commuters witnessed a man performing tricks mid-ride and were amused by the unusual performance. This video captures the moment when a man engages in a series of fun stunts, much to our amusement. The video, which went viral on social media platforms, captures the man hanging from the top of a subway tube, back-flipping and performing Spiderman tricks. It is amazing how this man decided to pull a trick or two, mid subway ride, and put a smile on passenger’s face! This is the crazy moment when a man decides to show a series of stunts in a subway, and flaunt them Spiderman moves! Watch him go, like there is no gravity in the tube! Insane! Have you ever seen something like this? What would you do if you were to witness a man performing Spiderman-like stunts mid subway ride? Would this man be your hero, or would you ignore him and look the other way? Let us know in the comments below!

Darth Vader Causes Ruckus On A Busy Street1m04s

Darth Vader Causes Ruckus On A Busy Street

The premiere of the newest sequel to the Star Wars saga, named "The Last Jedi" is almost upon as and fans around the world can't be happier. This is the eight installation of the famous franchise, and judging by the buzz it generated all over social media, it's going to be a big hit. Meanwhile, on the streets of the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Darth Vader decided to go out and cause some ruckus in public. He took one of his trusty stormtroopers and together they roamed the street and stopped cars by plunging lightsabers in them. Just to refresh your memory, Darth Vader was one of the iconic bad guys (turned eventually good right before his demise), the father of jedi Luke and princess Leia. He is known to have a tremendous power over the Force and can manipulate it however he seems fit. This time he didn't use his notorious "force choke" move on any of the people that were around, but he did show off his amazing lightsaber skills. He was obviously having a good day because he also took the time to take some pictures with his fans, and let other people film him while he's doing his thing. He's lucky that Chewbacca, Luke, R2D2 and the gang are not around to stop him. May the Force be with you!

Three-Legged Rescue Kitty More Agile Than Most Cats22s

Three-Legged Rescue Kitty More Agile Than Most Cats

Eevie is a three-legged rescue cat that has found her loving forever home. This mouse toy is her absolute favorite, impressively catching it in mid-air and even more impressive to witness in super slow-motion! Her life story starts out a bit sad - she was run over a careless motorcyclist, an accident in which she lost one of her front legs. Luckily, kind-hearted people found her immediately and saved her from certain death. She was then put up for adoption, and eventually found her way to a loving home with two other cats that are now her brothers and protect her and love her very much. She is now a spoiled kitty that enjoys playing, lounging and catching bugs around the house. If you're ever wondering what it's like to take care of a disabled cat, don't be discouraged - cats are very resourceful and know how to quickly adapt to new environment. Adopting (and not buying) pets is a very humane thing to do and that's why there are lots of campaigns that raise awareness for this issue. There are countless animals that just wait to share their love with families and you can change their whole life by adopting one. The affection you'll get is unlike any other.

Confused Cat Freaks Out Over Sticker On His Head  25s

Confused Cat Freaks Out Over Sticker On His Head

Take a look as this kitty becomes possessed after his owner places a sticker on top of his head. Look at him go! This beautiful black cat is named Toothless because he reminded his owners of the cute dragon from the animated movie "How To Train Your Dragon". Usually he is a very peaceful cat, but that wasn't the case when his owner was working from home and he and his brother were jumping on the laptop keyboard. The owner then decided to remove some of the stickers on the laptop and place them on the cats' heads, just to see their reactions. As you can see, the white cat appears totally unbothered and is chilling on the bed, but Toothless on the other hand loses it and starts a funny dance. When he realizes he can't get the sticker off, the "dance" becomes even funnier. Ultimately he gave up and just when he thought that he would have to spend the rest of his life with a sticker on his head, his owner removed it. Still, it's a nice lesson to be learned - don't annoy your owner while she works, and everything will be just fine. Music: Mischief Maker - Kevin MacLeod

Curious kitten fascinated by fidget spinner51s

Curious kitten fascinated by fidget spinner

Pet owners prepare to laugh as this video will surely make you smile! Fidget spinners are all the rage nowadays and it seems that there is no stopping them. In this video check out as this kitty doesn't want to fall behind on what's trending. First the cat inspects the gadget, being very curious about what it is. Then she gives in to the trend and starts playing with it! Will this trend ever die out? This is one video that you do not want to miss as you will remember it for a long time! Who would have though that cats could love fidget spinners so much? What we do know is that the really is one adorable cat. She seems so happy and mesmerized playing with the simple toy. Then again who on the internet isn't!? It seems our feline friends are no safer from this trend any more so than we are. Overall this kitty seems really happy. Her owner must take really good care of her; feeding her good food, playing with her and getting her the best cat toys! This is one adorable kitten! Do you think this trend will die out? What random objects do your pets play with? Let us know down in the comments!

Feral Kitten Comes Into IT Office28s

Feral Kitten Comes Into IT Office

We all know that curiosity killed the cat, but who knew that it would also lead it into an IT office? A Monday morning turned into something beautiful in this office when a cuddly little kitten wandered inside and refused to leave. The employees fed him and gave him some water, and even let him play inside. He seemed to love the attention! They say cats are excellent judges of character and this kitten proves that rule! How else would it know that every single employee in this office loves cats - some even have more than one pet cat of their own! It sure loved the attention it was getting. The employees fed him and gave him some water, and even let him play inside. It would play with the cables (don’t worry, they still have power and Internet) and jump on their beans bags in the leisure room. If you want to block out these kinds of intruders, you could always close the door, but if you welcome a usual like this kitten probably has become over time, then you should get yourself a doggy door. Be sure to check out these high quality doggy doors from and pick one up for your outdoor friends today! What would you have done if a cat just wandered into your office? Let us know in the comment section!

Loving kitties just can't get enough of each other29s

Loving kitties just can't get enough of each other

Meet Beli and Evie. Evie is the most recent addition to the family, but she quickly stole the hearts of the other two cats (Beli and his twin, Toothless). Here, Beli displays his love towards her and gives her a loving "bath" before nap time. Evie is a rescue cat and she misses one of her front legs, but she is as cheerful and fast as the other two cats and lives a very normal and fulfilling life. At first she was supposed to be with us for a month until we found her a forever home, but she grew to our hearts and quickly became a part of the family. Now she spends her days playing and eating yummy treats, chasing birds and bugs and getting showered with attention from us and the cats. She really is a blessing and we can't be happier to have her. If you ever have the chance, take in a homeless animal – it would make all the difference for them, and you will be a better and more loving person.