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Dog Runs Around A Yard With A Drainage Pipe On His Head41s

Dog Runs Around A Yard With A Drainage Pipe On His Head

Despite the sayings and aphorisms, dogs are probably some of the most curious animals. Even more so than cats. Depending on the dog, I even think some of them enjoy getting stuck in things. Mostly because they seem to enjoy seeing what happens next. This dog, who appears to be an Irish Setter, trots around a yard next to a plastic drainage pipe. He goes over to one end of the pipe and sticks his head in. He then just wanders the yard pushing this large pipe around. Strangely, he appears to be enjoying himself in this pipe. As long as he is having fun.

Published: February 22, 2018

"Baby Makes A Special Present For Mommy"

"This adorable baby has made a special present for his mommy, and we can all probably assume what it is. nnAs the mom in the video calls it, the "stinky present" can be only one thing, and we don't think this mom is too happy about it! Unlike her, the baby is having a blast. For some reason, he finds it extremely funny and can't stop laughing. Maybe he is laughing because he knows what he did and knows that his mom will have to change him, or he's simply having a good day and is not letting anything ruin it. Either way, we love the way he and his mom react! It is the perfect way to say thank you for such a "stinky present". On the other hand, stinky or not, a present is still a present and attention is all that counts! Wonder if his mom feels the same way!"


"Funny Attempts to Inflate a Hangout Lounge Air Bed"

"Inflating a hangout lounge air bed can be much more challenging than it seems. It looks so easy when someone else does it, but this man here is having pretty much trouble getting this thing work, although it seems that he's doing everything by the book! You need to run around in circles and catch the air inside to inflate this awesome lounger, but like many other things in life, it is much easier said than done. But, he's not giving up! He is so excited to try out his latest purchase and totally determined to succeed, that nothing can stop him, not even the laughter of his family members who are watching him fails, over and over again! What an amazing example of persistence and hard work! This video may not be the very best tutorial on how to inflate a hangout lounge air bed, but it's absolutely inspiring and hilarious to watch!"

Published: February 22, 201815 views

"Kids And Magic Tricks Compilation"

"Do you love magic? Who doesn’t?! That’s why we prepared this awesome Kids And Magic Tricks Compilation. A good magic trick will dazzle you, make you question your reality, your eyes, your general perceiving of the world. Well, we gotta tell you - these aren’t that kind of magic tricks. These tricks are mostly performed by children and they are super funny! You’ll see just how hilarious it is when a kid tries to perform complicated disappearing act! Spoiler alert: nothing disappeared! Watch out David Copperfield, there are new players in town! nnYou’ll love these little magicians and their attempts to perform serious tricks! Also, there are few parents among these magicians wanna be, equally hilarious. You’ll see how gullible children are at the young age - they really believe the coin can vanish into a thin air. Also, brace yourself for a couple of super fails! So, if you love kids, magic, and fail comps, you’re in the right place!"


"This Little One Is All Of Us On Christmas Morning"

"It is no secret that we all love presents! We love giving presents and we love receiving them. This little one is all of us on Christmas morning for sure! Just remember that feeling when you wake up on a Christmas morning, rush down to the living room and see a bunch of presents waiting for you under the Christmas tree. Now, we all have some gifts we dream about, but we are also aware that the chances to get them are really small. But now, imagine, rushing down, unwrapping a present and seeing that gift you dreamed about for months! Well, that is what happened to this little one and we can't help but share her excitement! Who doesn't like "Frozen" after all? This little girl in the video is definitely a huge fan and there is no way she could deny it. And after all, why would she?"


"Angry Boy Hates Face Filter"

"You know those funny Instagram and Snapchat filters? The ones that give you bunny-face, bear-face, glasses, funny hats, make-up? Well, this angry boy just hates it! His mom chose a filter that makes him look like a girl, and that’s something he doesn’t wanna be. REALLY doesn’t wanna be and he sure is vocal about it! We hope you love meltdowns, cause this one is priceless. This little fella just won’t stop yelling at his mom. And she is persistent as well! She won’t remove the filter, making him even angrier. What a team they are! nEver since the face filters were introduced, the Internet is filled with bunnies, rabbits, teddies, and other cute animals on people’s faces. In this video, you’ll see the cutest Hello Kitty filter, although this boy doesn’t find it amusing as we do. He’d probably prefer a fake beard or mustache but thanks to this funny mom, we got to see him with a girly face filter and in complete and utter meltdown!"


"Roxanne Is Your New Favorite Papergirl"

"After watching this video, you will definitely want Roxanne as your new papergirl. nnShe is the cutest papergirl ever, and this human is the luckiest man ever. What we can clearly see is how much she loves her job! She is sitting by the door and waiting for her human friend to open it so she could go and bring in the newspaper. As soon as he opens the door, she rushes outside and grabs the paper. Now, the cutest thing is what happens afterward. As soon as she enters the house, she proceeds to the living room. But, Roxanne forgot one thing. She forgot to close the door. Her human friend reminds her of the fact that the door is still open and she rushes back to close it. Roxanne is definitely the cutest papergirl ever! Where can we get one? She is smart, hardworking and super adorable! Lovely!"


"Tot Boy Throws a Ball and Knocks Down a Camera"

"Is this a future pitcher star of the Major League Baseball? Well, judging by the way he can throw a ball, we might be looking at new Babe Ruth! You have to see it to believe it. So, check out our video starring this cute baby boy who is just playing with his mom, and when she tells him to put the toy ball in a play basketball hoop and he throws the ball at the camera so strong that he knocks it down. It seems that the room hoop isn't the best choice for this little fellow. He definitely needs more space, so a baseball field might be the perfect place for him! We can only hope that some baseball talent-hunter sees this video and pay this boy a visit when the time comes! It would be such pity to overlook this kind of talent. The boy is a natural pitcher and we're already cheering for him!"


"The Most Adorable Dance Duo"

"Get ready for the most adorable dance duo! You will love this unusual friendship!nnThis family is so lucky to have two amazing dancers right in their living room. And they are not just amazing dancers, they are also the best of friends! Friendships are a very special thing we treasure and these two were lucky enough to find each other. They are adorable, and together they make an awesome dance duo!nnWe simply adore these videos. What's better than a video of a baby or a video of a dog? A video of them together showing us what a real friendship looks like! They are chilling in their living room, the baby's got PJs on and they are dancing like never before! Such a precious moment, it had to be recorded! And we are so glad we had the opportunity to see it! nnAfter watching this amazing dance duo, you'll enroll in a dance school right away!"


"Hilarious Tree Cutting Fail"

"Oh, that magnificent time just before Christmas. You know, when you go to buy a tree, or if you live in nature - go tree cutting. It’s the beginning of the Christmas magic! However, what if during cutting Christmas tree something goes wrong? We have a video of a hilarious tree cutting fail you’ll enjoy!nnThe little boy and his dad went Christmas tree cutting. Although the boy is still very young, he helps his dad with the cutting. While dad is lying on the ground, finishing the cutting, the boy is preventing the tree from falling. However, being too small and not very strong, he couldn’t stop the tree from falling right on the dad’s head. The dad had to stay like that for a few moments but the boy managed to free him very quickly. After being hit in the head by a Christmas tree, maybe this dad decides to have an artificial Christmas tree next year. It’s safer, eco-friendly, can be used multiple times and most importantly, it is fail-free!"


"Adorably Shy Baby"

"Babies are usually not shy. They are still too young to display such a behavior. However, the baby from our video is so adorably shy! Our hearts melted and so will yours, trust us! When the dad told this little munchkin that she is the cutest baby in the world, she bowed her head down and started giggling. Sooo cute! Every time the dad did this, the reaction stayed the same. Kids are usually shy in front of strangers, or when in awkward situations, but this kid is in the familiar environment, next to her mom and dad. Maybe praising makes her uncomfortable, but there’s no reason for that! She sure is one of the prettiest babies we have ever seen and trust us, we know babies! We believe that this little beauty will take her compliments much better once she’s older. We bet she’ll even enjoy them! Then she’ll take a look at this video and have a laugh at herself, just like we did!"


"Little Kid Slam Dunks like Shaq!"

"What does it take to become a great basketball player, a real NBA star, like Shaquille O'Neal for example? It takes talent, particular skill set, strong will and dedication, discipline, lots of practice and probably some luck. And this little kid in this video here seems to have it all! Even a passionate supporter, while he practices his pokes in his bedroom on a mini basketball hoop. Just look how serious and dedicated he is! He puts himself so much into this game that he literally knocks down the whole hoop off the door! WOW! What a slam dunk, almost like Shaq's! He even surprises himself and stops for a second in disbelief when a hoop bangs his head, but the moment he hears his dad's cheering, he puts a big smile back on his face, all proud and confident. Well, that's what we call an attitude of a future NBA star!"


"The Cutest Crossing Guard"

"Prepare to see the cutest crossing guard ever! This little boy has an important job! He needs to make sure that a family of ducks gets safe to the lake. He might have even invented a new occupation - A Duck Crossing Guard! Although there isn’t traffic anywhere near, this little boy decided to be the one to help ducks get to the lake. We bet that he saw the Crossing Guard in front of his school or daycare center and decided to try out the job! Well, judging by this video, he is excellent at it! He even mimics the movement of the real Crossing Guard. What a smart little boy! Who knows, maybe he really becomes a Crossing Guard once he’s all grown! He already started some sort of training but with ducks instead of kids. So far, he is the best Duck Crossing Guard, although he doesn’t have a lot of competitors for this prestigious title. Nevertheless, good job!"


"Highly Educated Baby"

"This is one highly educated baby! While most children avoid learning as much as they can, this little one loves it! And it is never too early to start learning new facts.nnParents sometimes have trouble calming babies, but these parents don't seem to have a problem with that. Apparently, their baby loves learning new facts. In this case, he is learning who the President of the United States is. When his dad tells him who it is, at first he is extremely happy and amazed. We don't know if he is satisfied with the choice of the President or just eager to learn new facts. Either way, it is very adorable and we are loving this video! nnSoon after hearing the name of the President, the adorable baby starts repeating it in order to remember it. Watch out world, this little one is destined for success and he is already working hard for it!"


"Pie Face Game Like Never Before"

"This version of the popular "Pie Face" game is something you have never seen before. nnWhile most people play this game in order to win, some play it in order to eat. This adorable little toddler is playing this amazing game with his sister. And while his sister is in it to win it, he only wants to eat. nnOther siblings are cheering them on, but one of them is not taking the game seriously. All he is interested in food, and we completely understand him. He has a pie in front of him, and of course, he wants to eat it. We are not sure that we would play this game any different. It is a game we want to lose! nnBut, after all, the most important thing is to have fun! And all of them are having a blast, that is the most important thing! Of course, there is the added bonus that is food, and that is never a bad thing."


"A Turtle Playing With The Girl Through The Aquarium Glass"

"When you think of a pet to play with, the turtle is probably the last one on your mind. But we have a video that proves that a turtle can be as interesting pet as a cat or a dog. Check out the video of a turtle playing with the girl through the aquarium glass. This turtle is in the mood for a game! It’s trying to catch the girl’s finger, but obviously, without the success. This turtle is having so much fun! nnIf you wonder if all turtles are as fun as the one from our video, the answer is no! Turtles are cute, but quiet and slow-moving creatures. They are shy when interacting with humans and they aren’t as friendly as the turtle from our video. This one is a unique creature, so, do not miss this video! Who knows when you’ll see such a perky little turtle next time! This might be your only chance!"


"Dog And Chicken For An Usual Friendship"

"This is the most unusual friendship ever! This dog and his new friend are having a play date and we are loving it!nnIt is amazing how best friendships can sometimes form between the most unlikely companions. In this case, we have a dog and an adorable chicken. The chicken was walking around, minding her own business when she ran into her new best friend. Her new friend was non-other than the sleepy dog in the backyard.They hit it off right away and became the best of friends. Imagine all the play dates they will have in the future. Let's just hope that their human friends record that too. We would love to see. nnIt is said that dogs are man's best friend but every day they prove that their heart is big enough for everyone! It doesn't matter if it is another dog, a chicken or a human. They have enough love for all! Precious."


"Epic Battle: Girl Vs. Chair"

"This is one chair you don't want to mess with! This one here is not here to play! As fun as it is to rock on a chair, you can never be too careful. This girl decided to show off her royal sitting skills, but the chair had a different plan. A plan that we love so much! While her friends are having fun safely sitting on the couch, she is practicing her aerobic skills. Was this glorious chair-flip moment her plan all along? If it was, then it is a job well done! If not, well...better luck next time. Either way, her friends had a blast, and we got a good laugh out of it. And that is never bad! Thank you chair, you are a master! We all love these chairs, they are amazing, comfortable and practical, but apparently, they are no joke! Guess we should be more careful when picking furniture as it can turn on us!"


"Dog Beats Kid At Football Game"

"We already know that dogs are champs when it comes to fetching but the doggo from our video managed to beat his owner in a game of backyard football! How, you might ask? Well, he was persistent enough to chase the kid until he fell on the ground and the ball was his. What a clever pup. If dogs could only play professional football, this little fella would have been the of the Super Bowl, we tell you! No quarterback could manage to get next to him! He knows defense, for sure. All jokes aside, dogs are great at chasing the ball. As it turns out, the instinct to chase a ball is basically a watered-down version of their predatory drive from years past. When you throw a football ball for your furry friend, his ancient skills are woken up, and chasing the ball feels so natural to him! So, it’s no wonder this doggo is so good at football! What a talented doggie!"


"Baby Learning To Play Piano"

"It’s never too early to start learning an instrument. Just take a look at this video of a baby learning to play the piano. She is so little, that she still can’t walk and talk, but she is trying to learn the basics of the piano playing. As you probably know, the benefits of music education are enormous! Learning music enhances language development, increases IQ, and help develop all other skills a child will inevitably use in other areas of life. So, it’s excellent that this baby started learning piano so early! The first attempt was not so successful. She tried to play with her mouth instead of hands! Hilarious! When her mom explained that the piano should be played with hands and not the mouth, this cutie starts playing the right way. Yes, the melody is a little bit off key, but hey, it’s her first attempt. We bet she’ll make a huge progress in the years to come!"


"Sleepy Driver On The Road"

"Watch out everyone, we have a sleepy driver on the road! It must have been a hard day at work for this little toddler! He is exhausted! nnWe have two adorable options here. The first one is that he was working so hard and on his way back from work he fell asleep. Toddler's life ain't easy these days. Just look at this little one. nnThe second option would be that he loves his little tractor so much that he refuses to get off of it even when he sleeps. nnBut in both cases, we have to agree on one thing. He is a magnificent driver. Just look at him go! If he drives like this while sleeping, we can't even imagine how he drives when wide awake. He must be a pro! Well done! Some people have serious driving skills, and this little one seems to be one of them!"


"Adorable Little Girl Falls At A Talent Show"

"This adorable little girl put on quite a show at the school's talent show! She definitely captured everyone's attention!nnTalking 'bout stealing a show, this little one has that mastered! Not only did she recite the Alphabet without a single stop but even after she was done, all eyes were on her! Don't believe us? Well, you'll just have to watch and you'll know what we're talking about. nnAs she finished her performance, she decided to return to her spot so the others could perform. But, when she was about to sit in her chair, things became even more interesting. So, what happened? Well, the chair decided to move a little bit, causing the girl to fall down! Of course, she fell in the most gracious way ever and everyone's eyes were on the bonus performance! Of course, everyone loved it and so did we! It is the most adorable fall ever!"


"Time To Hit The Dance Floor"

"There's nothing better than dancing! But, things can easily go very wrong, very fast. Just like in this video right here!nnWhat you are about to see is a happy couple having fun on their special night. They decided to hit the dance floor and sooner than expected, that's just what they did. As the guests were cheering them on, they were having fun and dancing around. Little did they know what was about to happen.nnAs they were about to do their signature move and impress the guests, the opposite happened. In a matter of seconds, they were on the floor. Should we say that it was a part of the routine? Because if it was, then this was the perfect performance, but if not, least they had fun! They might have fallen down, but the video will definitely cheer you up! Oh, how we love parties! Especially when they have moments like this."


"A Toddler Plays Piano With Her Feet"

"You know how toddlers have a way of doing things differently than adults? Well, this toddler decided to try and play piano with her feet! Now, we are not sure if classical or jazz composers ever wrote a piece for feet, but this toddler is rocking her ABCs on the small electrical piano. But that’s not all! She gets so carried by the song, that she finally starts to bang all over the piano using both her hands. We are not sure if this counts as a talent, but we would surely want to have her energy! Trust us, you’ve never heard such a hilarious version of ABC song. We had a pretty strong reaction to this performance, but as you’ll see, a little girl’s dog stayed very indifferent. Maybe he got used to such unusual and exceptional concerts, or maybe he is just tired of listening to the awful noise of the electric piano. Either way, we are very lucky to have heard this performance, because it is the hilarious thing we’ve heard in a while! We bet you’ll love this musician - toddler, as well!"


"Boy Gets Surprised with A Birthday Present"

"Birthday is one of the happiest and the most exciting days in the whole year when you get to be the center of attention in your family and among your friends. Plus, you get a cake and the presents too! But is there anything better than getting a present that you really wanted so much, but you never allow yourself to ask for it? Well, according to this birthday boy reaction here in this video, that is exactly what happened to him. Just look at this lovely boy sitting at the birthday table with his family and friends, unwrapping the present and finding a DVD of a game he has dreamed of playing! WOW! His reaction is just priceless! He is so happy and pleased, but at the same time so humble and grateful. That's what we call a fulfillment of a birthday wish. His amazing smile and the happiness that shines through his eyes will brighten your day for sure!"