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Hilarious Soap Bubble Prank18s

Hilarious Soap Bubble Prank

This video is too funny for words! If you are a fan of harmless pranks and classic practical jokes, it’s going to amuse you for sure! It shows the funniest soap bubble prank! As the clip opens you can see that it’s a beautiful spring day and a group of friends decided to spend it outside in nature. That sounds so exciting! They have all probably been having so much fun the whole day long, so one of the guys sneaked out to have a nap. However, his friends got on to him and made a cunning plan on how to take advantage of the fact that their buddy fell asleep. They found a soap bubble toy and decided to put it to good use. And this is what happens in the video: each time the sleeping guy breathes out, his friend puts the bubble soap stick under his nose. That way, it looks like he's letting out bubbles in his sleep! LOL! So hilarious!

A Girl Who Thinks She Needs Gas To Ride A Bike1m01s

A Girl Who Thinks She Needs Gas To Ride A Bike

I am a lazy person and I’m not afraid to admit it. If I could do everything online I would trust me. And I’m scared the most of the people who are constantly doing something. Yuck! I tried to date a guy some time ago who was very outdoorsy. Can you guess how it went? Movement is just not my cup of tea! Seems like the girl from the video shares my opinion. As the video begins, we see a cute little girl trying to ride a tricycle. In one moment, she says she needs to go to her grandma's house. But oh no, she doesn’t have the gas in her bike! Her mom tries to tell her she needs to move the pedals. But no, there’s no way she would move them! Hilarious!

A Cute Dog Nurtures Chickens50s

A Cute Dog Nurtures Chickens

I am fascinated when I see complete opposites being together. I’m so amazed by it, and I don’t even know why. I remember watching a friendship between a punk girl and basic pinky one in school. Seemed like two different universes clashed. And this dog offers care and comfort to everyone, whether if we think it’s awkward to see a chicken and a dog together or not. Not only she’s been a good friend, a dog is nurturing baby chickens too! Awesome! Somebody should grant her an award for being as caring as she is. Amazing! I admire this cute pup so much.

Brave Boy Lets Bug Crawl All Over His Face35s

Brave Boy Lets Bug Crawl All Over His Face

If you are afraid of bugs, this video is here to put you to shame! It’s very funny and you absolutely have to take a moment to check it out! As the video begins, you can see a little boy with a bug crawling on his face. OMG! That’s so scary! But the best part is the fact that the little boy is not scared, but rather intrigued by what is happening to him! This huge bug crawls up the young boy’s arm, around his head and eventually ends up on his face. Most of us would freak out completely if we were in this situation, but not this little boy! He’s such a brave guy! Instead of having a meltdown because a bug is crawling all over his face, this cute boy laughed excitedly! OMG! How awesome is that? This is the coolest reaction to a close encounter with a bug that I’ve ever seen! If you have a fear of insects, I challenge you not to look away!

Tot Boy Freaks Out When A Pelican Takes A Fish From His Hand12s

Tot Boy Freaks Out When A Pelican Takes A Fish From His Hand

We all know that the biggest thieves of our seashores are the seagulls, and there’s no doubt about it. I mean, if you even try to eat a sandwich or have any other snack at a beach with the seagulls at sight, you better get yourself prepared to fight for your food! But did you know that the pelicans can be quite tricky too? Well, they can! Just take a look at this video and see it for yourself! It shows an adorable little boy who wants to put some fish back into the water. This cute kid is standing on a dock with a bucket in his hand and takes out a fish, but before he even throws it, a pelican shows out of nowhere and takes the fish from his hand! But, it doesn’t stop there! This greedy bird wants another bite and starts chasing the boy who freaks out and drops the bucket for the hungry pelican! LOL!

A Rooster Chicken Crows At The Door Of A KFC Restaurant36s

A Rooster Chicken Crows At The Door Of A KFC Restaurant

Some people say that life is full of absurd situations, and now we have a video that proves it! It is so unbelievably ridiculous that you just have to check it out! This video shows a rooster chicken who is standing right in front of a KFC restaurant door and crows! LOL! This video is made by a woman who has noticed this rooster from a distance and started filming it. She is also a narrator in this video worth listening to! Her comments are as funny as this whole odd situation is! But I can’t help but wonder how this poor fellow had ended up in front of a place that is worldwide famous for their fried chicken! I mean if he could only know what they serve inside I bet he would run for his life as fast as he can and forget about all that crowing! LOL!

A Cute Girls Asks For A Diaper Change From Her Dad31s

A Cute Girls Asks For A Diaper Change From Her Dad

Most people who became parents are in wonder what to do. They seem to be clueless about what to do when their baby cries. Is it hungry, or does diaper need to be changed? Possibilities are endless. I think the most confusing part about being a parent to a baby is being unable to know exactly what they want or need. However, the cute little girl from the video knows how to speak and express her discomfort. As the video begins, we see her standing beside her dad asking for a diaper change. However, he doesn't seem to be too keen on doing it. LOL! I know the feeling. Until the end of the video, we will be clueless about whether she got a diaper change or not. Hope everything went well! LOL!

Two Bigger Brothers Make The Younger One Cry47s

Two Bigger Brothers Make The Younger One Cry

Having a bigger brother is a double-edged sword. It’s nice to have him, but it can be a pain sometimes. And when there are two of them it’s a double trouble. Or a double blessing. Depends how you look on it. However, seems like this kiddo in the video had enough of it. As the video begins we see three young boys sitting in the backseat of a car. The younger one is in the middle and the two older ones are pretending to take his imaginary ice cream! LOL! Little munchkin in the middle cries and I cannot but to laugh on the site of them playing. Hilarious!

A Man Fails In Lawn Mowing25s

A Man Fails In Lawn Mowing

Everybody loves spending time in a nice and tidy garden, that’s a given. However, even though it might not seem like it, taking care of a backyard requires lots of time and effort. And most importantly, in order to take care of a backyard properly, you must have some gardening skills! And the guy from this video was not lacking in the time and effort department, but he sure was lacking in gardening skills! If you are up for a good laugh, you have to check out his hilarious gardening adventures! At the beginning of this video, you can see a man who is about to turn on the lawn mower and start mowing the lawn. Even though lawn mowing might appear as an easy and effortless activity, you can still fail pretty in it! Just like the guy from this video! He turns on the lawn mower and as soon as he does, he trips on it and falls down! LOL! Absolutely priceless!

When Christmas Tree Attacks37s

When Christmas Tree Attacks

Christmas season is my favorite time of the year! I just love when my whole family gets together in my parents’ house and spend a couple of days having so much fun! Everyone has its own role to play for those few days. My dad is in charge of getting a tree and pulling at least one prank on some of us. My mom takes care of all the food, while my sister and I have to decorate the house and our Christmas tree! I mean, what would the Christmas be without a big and colorful Christmas tree?! Just like the one in this video. But getting it can be quite challenging if you are a woman who tries to pick up a tree that is way bigger than her! It looks like a tree has attacked her and she now struggles to get it off her! I guess that’s why we always send the dad to do it for us! LOL!

A Baby Boy Frowns When His Mom Asks Him To Smile30s

A Baby Boy Frowns When His Mom Asks Him To Smile

Babies are absolutely adorable little beings even when they are not in their best mood! Just take a look at this video and see it for yourself! It shows an adorable baby boy who refuses to smile when his mom kindly asks him to. This sweet baby boy named Kim is lying in his bed, and his mom tries to put a smile on his face, but every time she tells him to smile, this funny little baby boy frowns! LOL! But the way he does it is so cute and funny that you simply have to check this video out! OMG, this lovely baby boy is really one of the cutest babies I’ve seen in a while! The more he frowns, the funnier this video gets! So, if you are looking for something to cheer up and make you feel all fuzzy inside, this video is a pure gem!

A Little Princes Went Alone In A Drive Thru36s

A Little Princes Went Alone In A Drive Thru

Some people are born to be royal. Or to feel like royals. I bet the girl from the video woke up one morning in her princess bed, put on her princess slippers and wished she had a chocolate milk for breakfast. Her parents must have been asleep when she was searching for them. And she probably didn’t want to wake them up so she went to the royal fast food alone. She drove in her Power Wheels princess carriage and took what she wanted. She gave us the real example of how should one princess behave. She showed she’s not spoiled, even if she’s a royal.LOL!

Funny Dog Has A Silly Reaction To A Bag Of Snacks19s

Funny Dog Has A Silly Reaction To A Bag Of Snacks

If all the weird things that dogs do amuse you, you can’t skip this video! It shows a dog’s priceless reaction to a bag of snacks and it’ll make you laugh out loud! The beginning of the video shows an adorable little dog sitting on a couch next to a bag of snacks. The dog approaches the bag of snacks to sniff it, but then hilarious things start to happen! As soon as he sniffs the bag, he makes the silliest face, backs away and starts rolling on the couch. So priceless! It’s pretty obvious that this funny dog does not like the smell of those snacks! He can’t stop rolling on the couch in such a weird way. OMG! This silly pup is absolutely hilarious! I can't stop watching this priceless video over and over again to matter how hard I try! And I’m sure that you’ll feel the same way!

Tot Boy Gets Stuck In A Slide12s

Tot Boy Gets Stuck In A Slide

There is barely anything more amusing for the kids than sliding down a slide on a playground, especially for the toddlers who cannot climb some higher structures. But if a toddler is too big for little tots’ slides and yet too small for the bigger ones, here’s what happens - kid gets stuck! LOL! And it looks so hilarious that you have to check this video out! It shows an adorable tot boy who is playing by himself on a playground with lots of different structures, but this little boy, of course, wants to slide down. So, he climbs on the top of the slide and manages to sit down, but when he tries to ride it down, he gets stuck! OMG, you really have to see this! He keeps pushing himself down but moves very slow while his boots make a squeaking sound as he makes his way down the slide.

Young Girl Cries Because Her Brother Farted In The Car31s

Young Girl Cries Because Her Brother Farted In The Car

No matter how much they love each other, siblings are ought to have their differences. That’s a given! And this hilarious video is here just to show you the example of the funniest case of a sibling fight that you have ever seen! As the clip begins, you can see a girl sitting in the car with her arms crossed on her chest. You can tell that she’s really upset because she is crying. And what is the reason for that, you may wonder? Well, someone has just farted in the car and the girl can’t believe it. LOL! This young girl’s brother farted in the car and as far as she’s concerned it’s the end of the world! It stinks so much! She might not be able to forget this! Ever! LOL! The poor guy tries to ask her to forgive him, but it’s no use! LOL! I hope that she can find it in her heart to forgive him! Too funny to handle!

It’s A Thin Line Between A Princess And A Queen31s

It’s A Thin Line Between A Princess And A Queen

Some people are born with an attitude! I admire the people who had such a huge confidence. You can feel the energy change when someone like that walks into the room. I, however, am not one of that kind. Seems like the little girl from the video has the right attitude needed for the success in life. As the video begins, we see her in the back seat of the car saying her mom is making fun of her. Why? Well, because she says she’s her princess. WHAT? How can someone say something like that? LOL! And when her mom asks her to explain it to her, she says she’s a queen! OMG, What a royal attitude!

Two Brothers, A Beer And A Limousine31s

Two Brothers, A Beer And A Limousine

I don’t know why are kids rushing to get older. They don’t know how tough is to be a grown-up. From this time distance, it looks so great being a kid. However, being a grown-up has its own perks too! For instance, nobody is asking you where you go and you can home when you want. And you can drink beer! Yummy! These two boys seem to be the real beer lover. We see them dressed in a casual outfit, prepared just right to go out. When their dad asks them where are they going they say they are going to grab a beer. Hilarious! And on top of that, they are going out for beers in a limousine. Luxurious kids, right? LOL!

Young Boy Shows Off His Dance Moves11s

Young Boy Shows Off His Dance Moves

Here comes another incredible video of a kid dancing spectacularly! If you are a fan of dancing, you’ll love it! Evacuate the dance floor! Here comes a young boy with his best disco dancing moves! This cool boy has found his groove and he is ready to party! He’s so amazing! His moves are serious and he's right on the beat! How awesome is that? Who says that a little boy can’t rule the dance floor? This little guy is showing off some serious dancing skills, I’m almost jealous of him! You can tell that he’s been working on this dance routine for a long time because it’s absolutely impeccable. You go, little one! He’ll be the king of the dance floor wherever he goes, that’s a given. His parents must be really proud of him because their sweet little boy is a natural at dancing. Watch and learn, ladies and gentleman! So cool!

Funny Dog Tries To Reach A Window With The View10s

Funny Dog Tries To Reach A Window With The View

If you have an apartment with the view, there is nothing more natural than wanting to enjoy it as much as you can! But if you have a dog too, you might consider making it possible for him as well! Some of our pets really like to spend time looking through the window, and the one in this video is no different! The only trick is, there’s a couch with a high backrest standing between him and the window with this gorgeous view! LOL! This video shows one of his many attempts to make it to the top of that backrest finally and closer to the window, but just as before, it’s only another series of fails! But, he is so cute and funny, that you really have to check this video out! This amazing little pup seems absolutely tireless, and I bet he keeps trying to reach that window every single day! And you know what else, I’m sure he is going to make it, just not yet.

A Cute Boy Decided To Start Working Early44s

A Cute Boy Decided To Start Working Early

Sometimes I dread going to work. If you start thinking about it you will see it’s a series of endless early morning risings, spending time in a public transportation and working. But I feel like this on rare occasions, when I’m not in the mood. Generally, I think work is good for the mind and the body as well. And it’s good for the wallet as well. If you know what I mean. LOL! Seems like the little boy from the video developed working habits pretty early. As the video begins, we see him dressed in a tie and shorts, carrying a coffee cup and a small purse. Where he wants to go you might ask. To work! Can you imagine that? He wants to make some moola. LOL!

Father And Son Having Fun Flying A Remote-Control Airplane28s

Father And Son Having Fun Flying A Remote-Control Airplane

Flying a remote-control airplane toy is such fun! I don’t know if you guys have ever tried that before, but I can tell you it’s way more thrilling than it actually sounds! It takes some time to learn how to do it safely, but after that, only a sky is the limit! Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see how exciting it can be! Not only for you but for the whole family! This video shows a young boy and his dad having lots of fun flying their airplane toy on a beautiful sunny day. The two of them are standing next to beach volleyball court, and the boy is trying to fly the plane under the net while his dad is shooting the video. It didn’t take more than two seconds for the things to become hilarious! But if you are curious to know exactly what happened, you better what the video! LOL!

Cute Dog Watches A Dog Show On TV35s

Cute Dog Watches A Dog Show On TV

If you are a fan of canines and all the hilarious things that they do, search no more, this video is here just for you! If you thought that only humans love watching TV, you are mistaken! Dogs can be interested in certain programmes and shows as well! If you don't believe me, this video will blow your mind. As the clip starts, you can see a precious pup carefully TV. A dog show is on, and this cute pup can't miss his favorite show! OMG, how sweet is that? You can tell that he’s enjoying it! He’s so interested in this dog show that he can't help but express his own opinion! And how does he do it, you may wonder? Well, he barks when he sees his favorite competitor! Maybe this adorable pup is dreaming of becoming a show dog one day! Oh, how cute is that? Totally adorable!

Hilarious Dog Chases A Loose End Of His Leash35s

Hilarious Dog Chases A Loose End Of His Leash

Dogs are such hilarious creatures! If you own a dog you can never be short of reasons to laugh out loud! I’m sure that we’ve all seen a dog chasing its tail at least once. If you think that dogs that chase their tails are hilarious, just wait until you see what silly game the pup from this video is playing! Prepare to laugh until your stomach hurts! As the clip begins, you can see a cute little dog sniffing around a leg of a wooden bench. It looks a lot like he’s looking for something. And what is this funny pup looking for, you may wonder? Well, he’s not actually searching for anything! In fact, he’s desperately trying to catch the loose and of his leash! LOL! This hilarious canine is literally chasing the leash that he’s wearing! And he doesn't plan on stopping until he catches that loose end! LOL! Did you laugh as much as I did?

Funny Dog Loves To Hide Under The Blanket33s

Funny Dog Loves To Hide Under The Blanket

We all know that dogs love to do all sorts of funny things but hiding under a blanket is something my pup never did! So, naturally it never even crossed my mind that other dogs might like to do that! The one in this video seems to love it, and I can’t help but wonder what the story behind it could be! My first thought is a cozy nap after a good game of playing fetch because that’s what my pup would probably do if he had such a big blanket! But I imagine this little fellow here could actually be much wittier than that! He seems like a pup who loves to pull pranks on his human friends! And this could be one of his favorite practical jokes! He goes hiding in different places and waits for them to come and looks for him. And when they do, he just jumps out and scares them! LOL!

A Kid Who Doesn’t Want To Be Captain Adorable30s

A Kid Who Doesn’t Want To Be Captain Adorable

When a kid starts throwing tantrums it’s in a parent’s power to calm him down. When I was a kid, my mom used to stare at me with her eyes wide open. I would stop crying and I would instantly start laughing. I still think it was a good way to calm me down. And even now I’m asking her to make that face again. LOL! A cute boy from the video seems to be really upset. We don’t know why we just see him in a really bad mood. His dad asks him if he is Captain Adorable. And the boy is not happy about it. He says he doesn’t want to be Captain Adorable. When his dad sees there’s no help in this situation and his mood will not be better soon he just gives up. HILARIOUS!