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Baby Wipes Give Baby Boy All The Giggles33s

Baby Wipes Give Baby Boy All The Giggles

If you were feeling down, this video is here to cheer you up! Just a mere sight of the baby boy from this clip is bound to give you all the giggles! In the beginning, you can see that a baby boy and his dad are enjoying a cuddling session. That’s so adorable! But when a tub of baby wipes appears in the picture, hilarity ensues. Each time dad takes away the tub of wipes from the baby boy and says “no, it’s mine”, the little one starts laughing out loud. OMG! How precious is that? It seems like this baby boy can’t get enough of this hilarious game! Each time he hears those magical words, he bursts into giggles! LOL! So cute! Just keep those giggles coming! His laughter is so contagious! Can you think of anything more precious than a baby’s laughter? I most certainly cannot. This video is absolutely hilarious!

Baby Boy Doing Push Ups With His Older Brothers35s

Baby Boy Doing Push Ups With His Older Brothers

Is there anything more adorable than siblings who get along so well that they tend to do everything together, including the workouts?! But if one of them is only a baby, things might easily become hilarious, just like in this video. It is so cute and funny that you really have to check it out! It shows three brothers, two young boys, and their baby brother, hanging together in a living room and want to teach their baby brother how to do push-ups. They lay down on the floor on their stomachs, and as soon as the little one sees them, he gets down on the floor too. He tries to copy what his brothers are doing, but he is too young for the real push-ups. Instead, he just moves his head up and down, and when the others see how much easier it is, they start to imitate him! LOL!

Man Pretends To Sing “Apples And Bananas” In Child’s Voice33s

Man Pretends To Sing “Apples And Bananas” In Child’s Voice

Toddlers are absolutely amazing and so funny! There is no doubt about it! But if you spend enough time with them, you might become pretty hilarious too. Just like a guy in this video. It is so adorably cute and funny that you really have to check it out! This video shows a man who is pretending to sing a children's song about apples and bananas. He is standing in front of the camera and opens his mouth, while a tot kid who is standing outside the frame, sing it! LOL! This funny tot screams out loud “I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas!” but it looks like as if the man is singing in child’s voice! OMG, this video is so hilarious! It’s such a mood filter that immediately goes into my personal Top 10 favorites right away! LOL!

Little Boy Doesn’t Know How To Blow Out A Candle29s

Little Boy Doesn’t Know How To Blow Out A Candle

Birthday celebrations are so exciting! And it’s the little kids that look forward to them the most! There are so many reasons for that, but we can all agree that the main reason for birthday party excitement has to be the delicious birthday cake! OMG! I feel like eating a piece of cake right now! But before all the party guests can dig into that delicious treat, the birthday girl or the birthday boy has to make a wish and blow out all the candles for good luck. But what happens when the person celebrating his or her birthday doesn’t know how to blow out candles just yet? If you thought that no such thing is possible, you just have to check out this funny video! It’s a tot boy’s birthday and it’s time for him to blow out the candle on his little cake. And he would really love to do it, but he just doesn’t know how! Instead of blowing out the candle, he screams at it! LOL! This is absolutely priceless!

Hilarious Dancing Routine Fail52s

Hilarious Dancing Routine Fail

This video is so amazing! If you are up for a good laugh, you absolutely have to check it out! As the clip begins, you can see a young boy and a teen boy dancing together. Their dancing routine is so amazing, you can tell that they’ve been practicing a lot for this performance! Their dancing moves are so good! They are killing it! I can’t help but dance along, and I bet that you will do the same as soon as you check out the video! So much fun! This is all incredible, but the best part if the video is yet to come! One of the boys waves his leg and hits his brother in the head! LOL! That’s a fail! The young boy definitely didn’t see that coming! Is that a part of the dancing routine? Too funny for words if you ask me! Did you laugh as much as I did?

A Woman Slides On a Tricycle and Falls backwards6s

A Woman Slides On a Tricycle and Falls backwards

Just a mere sight on the hilarious video of a woman driving a tricycle makes me sing. And not just any song! Now I’m bound to sing: ‘’They see me rollin, they hatin’’ for the rest of the day! I definitely didn’t expect that! This girl looks just like me! At the beginning of the video, we can see her on a tricycle - she’s driving it and that is not an unusual thing to see. Wait a minute! She’s driving tricycle for kids. Well, grown-ups can be silly from time to time. But that’s not all! Not only she’s driving a tricycle too small to fit her size, she is falling too! She trips and we see her doing a flip. All that in slow motion! What a hilarious thing to see! Somebody should tell her she needs to buy a bigger vehicle. Or to drive it more carefully. Are you with me on this?

Puppy Mistakes A Tot Girl For His Mom30s

Puppy Mistakes A Tot Girl For His Mom

There is hardly anything more adorable than watching babies and toddlers playing together. It’s always such an amazing sight to see, but when one of them is a canine baby just a few weeks old, you better get ready for a total meltdown! This video shows a tot girl who is playing with her new puppy. She holds him on her chests, close to her face, and this adorable tiny pup mistakes her nose for his mom’s breasts and starts to suck on it! LOL! But he doesn’t stop there. He also takes her chin and puts in his mouth while the girl giggles and laughs! When her tot sister sees how funny that is, she cries that she wants their puppy to do the same to her! LOL! So, if you are looking for something to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, this video is just the right one for you!

Dad Plays Clever Remote Control Prank On Son1m50s

Dad Plays Clever Remote Control Prank On Son

These parents knew they had a clever idea as soon as they heard about the new voice activated remote controls available. While they were sitting down to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos together as a family, mom took out her phone to film her son trying out the new remote. She told him it’s voice activated, but he can’t seem to get it to work. Dad gives it a try and magically it works! We can tell he is pushing the buttons as he says the words, but his son is completely fooled. What a great, harmless, original prank idea for next April Fools!

Girls Convinced They're Going To Jail For Using Easy Bake Oven1m47s

Girls Convinced They're Going To Jail For Using Easy Bake Oven

When these young girls decided to use their Easy Bake Oven, which technically is recommended for kids ages eight and up, their parents saw an opportunity for a hilarious prank. Dad picks up the phone and pretends to call the police, inquiring about what will happen to these rule-breakers. He says they will have to go to jail, and there will be no sandwiches and no Easter! The girls are clearly buying it because they hold their hands up in fear as dad acts like he is talking to the cops. Dad can’t hold out for too long before caving, though, and the girls act like they knew it all along!

Man On Roof Dumps Bucket Of Water Onto Tanning Girls34s

Man On Roof Dumps Bucket Of Water Onto Tanning Girls

One of the nicest things to do in the summer is lay out in the sun and work on your tan. Even better if you have a great gal pal to tan alongside you, so you can relax and chat and enjoy the sun on your skin. That is exactly what these two ladies were doing, with no reason to believe their vitamin D fix would be interrupted. Suddenly, out of nowhere, they are surprised with a big, cold splash of water from above! A man with a big bucket of water made his way to the roof to prank them and spill water all over them. The girls were good sports and laughed at the prank. Maybe it even helped cool them off!

Little Girl Turns Playhouse Into Fancy Baby Chicken Coop1m33s

Little Girl Turns Playhouse Into Fancy Baby Chicken Coop

When it comes to raising chickens, there is no one right way to do it. You have to figure out what works best for your space, your budget and how big you expect your flock of chickens to be. Of course, more space, a little more care with their home, and good protection from predators is always a worthwhile investment in your chickens. Of course, you could always do it like this little girl too. Adorably, the little girl in this video has taken her outdoor playhouse which is kind of half a kitchen half a grill? structure. The toy structure has a lot of little cubby holes and spaces. The girl has managed to fill just about every nook and cranny with nest materials and given a number of young chicks their own cubby spaces. These include the pretend microwave, a closed closet door, the pretend sink, and on the other side of the playhouse some birds have a nest in the pretend grill looking thing or whatever that is supposed to be. I would say maybe she shouldn’t shut the chicks in some of the pieces than can close like the microwave and the pantry space, but it is adorable to keep finding cute chicks in the various nooks of this playhouse. The little girl tells her mom that she needs to get water for the chicks but they are feeding themselves. Young chicks need to be very close to water and food. Also, you need to give them spaces where they don’t pack up because they can hurt themselves. Though, giving them their own apartment spaces in a playhouse is a decent start!

Little Girl Can't Figure Out How To Eat Pizza23s

Little Girl Can't Figure Out How To Eat Pizza

Welcome to a Throwback post! This video is a classic from our archives that dates all the way back to 1989, when America’s Funniest Home Videos first hit the airwaves. This was just before the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie came out, but pizza was already a craze in the United States. Which brings us to this little girl and her very confused way of trying and failing to eat a slice of cheese pizza. It turns out that there a number of different ways to eat your pizza that might help this little girl. One way would be to go the safe but boring fork and knife route. It’s fine but pizza is all about holding it in your hands and feeling the Semolina crusted dough in your hands! Of course, there is the traditional fold in half style for more New York style pizzas. The little girl in this video probably should have tried that. We’ve also seen the roll the pizza up method or maybe should could have tried stacking. My best recommendation for this kid is to eat it backwards. She could start at the crust and work her way up to that floppy, elusive point. Yes, crust first isn’t the traditional way to take down a pizza, but it does leave your last bite as one of the best parts of the pizza. Confession time: I eat pizza a little strange, but it’s how I like it. I like to rip the crust off the slice and eat that first. Then I eat the pizza normally point first down to the crust less bottom. I love eating pizza like this so I end with cheesy, pepperoni covered last bite.

Costumed Man With Machete Scares Woman41s

Costumed Man With Machete Scares Woman

Sometimes it can be so nice to just sit on the couch with our family, watching television or just catching up. Relaxation time is so important to a healthy, happy life! This innocent, unsuspecting woman was just relaxing on the couch, thinking her daughter was scrolling through photos on her phone. They chatted about recent photos of family and friends, but all along the daughter was secretly filming her. After a few moments a man in a costume with a machete appears behind the woman, tapping her on the arm. She looks up at him with a quick fright, seems to recover, and then gets scared again!

Chicken Chases After Scared Man18s

Chicken Chases After Scared Man

We all know that there are so many strange fears that people experience. And even though we all know that phobias are unreasonable, we still can't get over them. Among the most common fear are the fear of heights, the fear of open or closed spaces, the fear of snakes and even the fear of clowns. But did you know that some people get incredibly scared of chickens? Can you believe it? Those little innocent birds that can't even fly are capable of scaring an adult person! If you don’t think that the fear of chickens is a real thing, you have to check out this hilarious video! You'll laugh out loud for sure! In this clip, you will see a man in a backyard who is so terrified of a chicken that he can’t help but run for his life. OMG! And the chicken can’t stop chasing after him! LOL! So hilarious!

Baby Boy Gets Amazed By A Musical Box30s

Baby Boy Gets Amazed By A Musical Box

When I was a kid, I loved playing with the music box. I remember playing with it so hard, my parents had to break it on purpose because I was impossible. This is the reason I’m always emotional when I see a kid playing with a music box. Especially when it’s becoming rarer and rarer. People forget all fun toys we had before. All because smartphones and tech gadgets took over the world more and more. In this video, we can see a cute little boy playing with a musical box. His mom is rolling the handle, and we are mesmerized by his cute looks. He is looking amazed by the music box is producing. But that’s not all! When the Jack in the box comes out of it, we can see a shock on his face. All I want to do now is to squeeze his cute cheeks. I didn’t see anything cuter in a while! Would you agree with me?

Two Young Boys Make A Mess With Bath Bubbles And Foam24s

Two Young Boys Make A Mess With Bath Bubbles And Foam

Taking a nice long bath in a tub full of foam and bubbles is one of the best ways to relax at the end of a long day at work. We all love to treat ourselves with it from time to time. But when you’re just a kid, you don’t see it the same way as the adults do. Instead of personal spa time, kids see it as a perfect opportunity to have some crazy fan! Especially if there is two or more of them and no adults at sight! Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see how hilarious it can be! This video shows two tot boys who were left alone in a bathroom to take a bath by themselves. But instead of doing that, they make a mess with bath bubbles and foam all over the bathroom! They slide across the floor on their stomachs with all the foam all over the place, as it were a snow hill! LOL!

Hilarious: Toddler Boy Won’t Let Mom Play With Him Because Her Butt’s Too Big21s

Hilarious: Toddler Boy Won’t Let Mom Play With Him Because Her Butt’s Too Big

We can all agree that toddlers are such hilarious little beings, even when they don't mean to leave that kind of impression. But let me tell you one thing, that’s why we love them so much! If it weren’t for funny little people, who would bring so much joy into our lives? If you don’t believe me that nothing can top the humor of a toddler, you just have to check out this priceless video! As the clip begins you can see a hilarious tot boy who is having so much fun sitting in a cardboard box. That’s a strange choice of a game, but I’m not judging. His mom approaches him and announces that she wants to get in the box with him as well. And the best part of this video is the way the little boy reacts to his mom’s request. He says that she can’t get in the box because her butt’s too big to fit next to him! LOL!

Little Girl Declares That Dad Had A Poop42s

Little Girl Declares That Dad Had A Poop

This dad thought it would be silly to pretend he was asleep and see what his daughter would do. He lies on the floor with his feet up on the chair in front of him. His cute toddler daughter walks around him, mumbling and moving him around. She pushes his legs off the couch and tips him on his side. Then she starts declaring to mom, who is behind the camera, that daddy had a poop! Now dad’s awake! He quickly corrects her and says he did not, but his daughter is convinced and is prepared to convince mommy too.

Cockatoo Bird Loves Car Racing12s

Cockatoo Bird Loves Car Racing

We all know how funny cockatoo birds can be! They are very smarts birds who can learn all sorts of things. They can copy people pretty well, and some can even speak, but the one in this video is so hilarious that it really beats all the rest I’ve ever seen! This adorable cockatoo bird is so amazingly cute and funny that you really have to check out this video! It shows a remote-control cars outdoor race, with this cockatoo bird riding on one! OMG, just look how thrilled this funny cockatoo bird is! It seems that this cutie loves to feel some serious wind on his face and enjoys riding his car as fast as possible! I really have to say that I’ve never seen something this amazing before, at least when it comes to bird-related funny videos! This is such a mood lifter, and you don’t want to miss it out!

Silly Coworkers Play Rousing Game Of Junk In The Trunk19s

Silly Coworkers Play Rousing Game Of Junk In The Trunk

At America’s Funniest Home Videos we try to keep it fun and silly with our coworkers. Sometimes there are games but we also do outing and hang outs. There are plenty of different games that you can play with your coworkers that are…kind of, work appropriate. The one in this video is one called Junk In The Trunk. Which, admittedly, this blogger had never heard about until we saw this video. The way the game works is that you put ping pong balls in a tissue box. We looked up the game after this video came to our attention. Some people use golf balls. I’m not sure if it is just because golf balls make it harder? Or maybe it makes it easier. We are not sure, mostly because we have never played the game before. Thinking about it for a moment, I think that ping balls would actually be harder to get out because of their lightness, but they are pretty bouncy, perhaps more so than golf balls, I could be wrong. Okay, enough about the balls that they used in the video. The Kleenex boxes with the balls in this video are strapped around the waists of the participants. The box is position on the person’s butt. Then the people playing the game have to shake their butts and hips. The goal is to get all of the balls in your box to pop out. The first person to shake all of their balls free is the winner of the game. Have you ever heard of this game? Would you play it? I might give it a try at least once.

Pit Bull Puppy Can't Quite Get On The Bed23s

Pit Bull Puppy Can't Quite Get On The Bed

This video is funny in an “aww” kind of way. It should make you smile. Just enjoy this adorable little pit bull puppy that is attempting to jump up to the bed in his owner’s bed from the dog bed. However, it appears he might not be strong enough to make the leap or he is coming at it from a bad angle. Still, it is cute to watch him attempt the leap. Alright, enough about this pit bull puppy. He is adorable, you should totally scroll down and check out the video. Let’s talk about something else though, something dog related. So, for followers of this blog, you might know that one of us, has two dogs. That someone is I. Maybe you can tell the difference between our writing styles as you read the various blogs. Anyway, I have a small dog that is sweet and wants to cuddle all of the time but is scared of people. When we have friends over we have to lock him up until he is used to hearing people in the house. But then, we have another big dog that is also sweet but absolutely hates every single other animal in the world that is not our little dog, apparently it’s a breed thing. It is, a strange dichotomy that we have to deal with daily, especially on walks through the neighborhood. All I want to put out there is that I wish people were more considerate with their dogs. So many people just let their dogs come up and investigate my dogs. I am not about to be involved in a dog fight because some people do not understand that not every dog is friendly. Anyway, that’s all.

Black Labrador Loves Free Perfume Samples47s

Black Labrador Loves Free Perfume Samples

How many times have you been walking your dog through the neighborhood and they suddenly find a good smell? Well, a good smell to them. You know it’s happening when they stop suddenly and they start doing that snurfle sniffing where they kind of sound like pigs in the muck. Before you know it because you thought they were just enjoying a good smell, the dog has dropped his or her shoulder into the grass. Then they just start rolling, getting their shoulder and head as deep into the smell as they can. The problem with this is that dogs always seem to choose the worst smells to roll themselves into. It’s like, Buddy, I just gave you a nice bath and now you’re rolling in another dog’s poop and whatever else is in the grass. Of course, we recently learned that part of the reason dog’s go crazy from bath’s is that they can’t smell themselves in the same way. So there are running around looking for their own smell to add back to themselves. That was a bit poorly explained, but you should look it up after watching the video. What makes the dog in this video different is that she really likes a different kind of smell that can either be great or absolutely terrible; perfume. This dog loves the free perfume scents. I remember when they used to come with the newspaper in the ad section, especially the Sunday paper. Nowadays, it seems like we get one or two a week as part of the junk mail that you get in the mailbox. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever bought any perfume that I’ve gotten in the mail. You?

Excited Boxer Dog Plays In Kids' Sprinkler Toy41s

Excited Boxer Dog Plays In Kids' Sprinkler Toy

We have seen plenty of videos of dogs attacking the water in a sprinkler system. However, we don’t often see ones where the dog is actively excited to play in the sprinkler. This Boxer dog loves the sprinkler and he cannot get enough of it. He does do some of the attacking the streams of the water like many dogs. But he also seems to just enjoy bouncing in and out of the water like little kids do. And it is true that dogs are essentially furry toddlers. I associate lawns and lawncare with the 1950s when the suburban building boom hit the United States post World War II. However, apparently, it is actually became a popular thing among the wealthy and nobility of Europe in the 18th century. The popularity of lawns created the need for some kind of sprinkler system. However, from articles we read it does not appear that sprinklers were invented until the late 1800s. The first lawn sprinkler patent was registered to a man named J. Lessler who was based out of Buffalo, New York. Lessler’s patent was recognized in 1871. The first sprinklers were made from aluminum tubing, plastic and rubber. The water sprayed in a fan shape, like sprinklers we see today, but it had an area of up to 600 square feet! It does not appear that there is a good history of this ubiquitous device and we have seen the invention of them attributed to other people in the 1800s. However, J. Lessler is the most common name we came across. The original sprinklers did waste a huge amount of water, which has been tamped down a bit in the decades since.

Dad's Pool Prank Backfires On Him1m26s

Dad's Pool Prank Backfires On Him

This dad had the perfect summer time prank to pull on his daughter. He picked her up and carried her outside to their above ground pool, where he was ready to toss her right in! Luckily, she was smart enough to think of the cell phone in her pocket, and since dad probably paid for that cell phone, he was very willing to wait for her to remove it from her pocket. Once she does, he gives her a big heave and over the railing she goes. But she’s not alone! She took dad down with her and guess what… he’s still got his phone in his pocket!

Adorable Old Dogs Relax On Front Porch Rocking Chairs34s

Adorable Old Dogs Relax On Front Porch Rocking Chairs

There is something about watching dogs pretend to be humans that will always bring a big smile to my face. It just brings me joy. I’m hoping that it brings you some measure as happiness as well because this video is all about a pair of older looking dogs hanging out on a front porch. It looks to me like an old Southern couple just whiling away the day enjoying warm afternoon on their rocking chairs. Supposedly, Benjamin Franklin is credited to with the invention of the rocking chair. I personally had not heard that before. However, according to one article we read many historians trace the origin of the rocking chair to the early 18th century (the 1700s) when Franklin was a child. If Franklin was as genius as we believe perhaps he did invent rocking chairs as a kid. It’s possible. The earliest known versions of the rocking chairs are traced back to 1725 in England. Early rocking chairs were made from wicker and had some very interesting designs. You should totally Google early rocking chairs after watching the video below. There are a number of different styles of rocking chairs. These include bentwood rocking chairs which involves wood that is wetted until it can be shaped in to the forms that you want. We have not seen this one before but apparently in the 1920s folding rocking chairs became super popular in the United States and Europe. I don’t think I have ever come across a folding rocking chair. There are also the Maloof rocking chairs that have the famous ski looking rockers. I think those are the ones most people are familiar with today.