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16 Adorable Costumed Kids5m04s

16 Adorable Costumed Kids

Halloween may still be months away, but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy a good costume when we see one! These kids don't need a special day to play dress up, because every day is a day filled with fun and imagination! You won't believe some of these super creative costumes!

Published: May 25, 20173 views
A Canine Cabaret1m04s

A Canine Cabaret

It's time for a musical break in the day with one of the cutest canine cabarets around! These adorable dogs are one hundred times cuter with some music and song backing them up! Don't believe us? Well check out the show and see for yourself!

Published: May 25, 201727 views
19 Spectacular Slip And Slide Fails5m16s

19 Spectacular Slip And Slide Fails

Summertime fun has never been easier thanks to all these epic backyard slip and slides! Just remember that the slip in slip and slide is no joke! Watch where you step or you'll end up like these folks experiencing some epic water fails! Summer can't come soon enough!

Published: May 25, 201733 views
34 Terrific Trampoline Fails To Make Your Day5m03s

34 Terrific Trampoline Fails To Make Your Day

Some people have what we like to call the trampoline curse, and they should stay as far away from those bouncing contraptions as they can! Don't believe us? Just watch these thirty four terrific trampoline fails and find out exactly what we mean! Just watch out for those loose springs!

Published: May 25, 20178 views
12 Adorablely Jealous Dogs2m32s

12 Adorablely Jealous Dogs

These dogs are not too good about sharing attention! These affectionate pups expect to be the center of attention at all times, no matter how many other people or dogs are around! These dogs may be jealous, but boy are they adorably persistent too! How can you say no to these faces?

Published: May 25, 2017615 views
40 Shout Out Loud Shower Scares10m03s

40 Shout Out Loud Shower Scares

These hilarious shower scares are worth every yell and shout! From parents scaring their kids, to kids pulling pranks on their parents this is an all out prank battle! Would you be able to keep it together if this happened to you? Prepare for some serious laughs!

Published: May 25, 201713 views
Cute Labrador Hates Taking Medicine19s

Cute Labrador Hates Taking Medicine

Being sick is no walk in the park, but neither is the process of taking the medicine! This adorable black lab knows that it's that time of day for him to get his ear medicine, and he's not too happy about it. He makes the funniest face as he braces for his medicine to be over with.

Published: May 25, 201729 views
Toddler Joins Parade Party22s

Toddler Joins Parade Party

You know it's a good day when the parade comes to town! This little girl absolutely loves everything about parades, so much so that she even joins in on the celebration from the sidelines with her own special parade party dance! There's no cuter sight in town!

Published: May 25, 201712 views
Toddler Loves Jolly Polar Bear32s

Toddler Loves Jolly Polar Bear

This Christmas, this adorable little kid got a special new friend! This sweet boy loves nothing more than dancing around the Christmas tree with his new holly, jolly, holiday polar bear. This might be the best Christmas present given this year! It's always great when you are able to give the perfect gift!

Published: May 25, 20177 views
Boy Meets Creepy Crawly Lizard29s

Boy Meets Creepy Crawly Lizard

Learning about new animals can be fascinating and a little scary at the same time! Just ask this cute little boy who got to meet a new lizard friend. At first, he doesn't seem to mind playing with his new friend, but then he realizes that this little critter has got some spunk!

Published: May 25, 20173 views
Thanksgiving Dinner Freak Out26s

Thanksgiving Dinner Freak Out

Thanksgiving usually means that everyone can look forward to a delicious turkey dinner! But at this family dinner, there is one member of the family who is not too thrilled about the turkey dinner! You won't believe his reaction when he sees the turkey on the table!

Published: May 25, 20174 views
Girl Gives Tearful Good Bye To Pumpkin40s

Girl Gives Tearful Good Bye To Pumpkin

It's hard to say good bye to an art project that you've worked really hard on! This little girl is having a hard time letting go of her awesome Halloween pumpkin! After all the hard work she's put into it, she can't believe that it's rotten and ruined! How dare her pumpkin betray her?

Published: May 25, 20175 views
Adorable Vaseline Vandal24s

Adorable Vaseline Vandal

This mom is trying to solve the mystery of what happened to all of her Vaseline! It turns out she didn't have to go too far to find one of her little ones covered from head to toe with it! Looks like this mom found the Vaseline vandal! Now the hard part is cleaning the kid up!

Published: May 25, 201796 views
Baby Monkey Massages Cat37s

Baby Monkey Massages Cat

Looks like this cat is getting the complete spa treatment! All thanks to his adorable little monkey who is doing his very best to massage all of these cat's worries away! Talk about some great service! There isn't a cuter duo you'll see all week! Time to schedule our next spa day!

Published: May 24, 201719 views
Adorable Slo Mo Cats59s

Adorable Slo Mo Cats

What could possibly be better than the funniest cats on the internet? How about the funniest cats slowed down!

Published: May 24, 20179 views
Terrified Toddler Pulls Off Epic Wheelie32s

Terrified Toddler Pulls Off Epic Wheelie

This adorable little tot is having fun in his toy car on a custom made race track in the driveway. Then all of a sudden, he ends up doing a trick that impresses his dad but scares himself! This sweet boy pulls off an epic wheelie and gets back to the track with some help from his dad.

Published: May 24, 201782 views
Tummy Trouble Treasure Hunt41s

Tummy Trouble Treasure Hunt

We don't know how or why this happened, but this little kid swallowed a penny! His parents aren't too sure about whether he's joking or not so they figured there is only one way to find out, with a good old metal detector of course! Did this kid really swallow a coin? There's only one way to find out!

Published: May 24, 20179 views
Jealous Dog Won't Let Man Play Video Games24s

Jealous Dog Won't Let Man Play Video Games

Looks like this dog is quite the attention hog! Not only does he stop his human from playing video games, but he also won't let him change the channel on the tv! In this household, it looks like this pup is the alpha dog, and whatever he says is the law! No more video games for this pet parent!

Published: May 24, 201720 views
Kid's DIY Haircut Fail26s

Kid's DIY Haircut Fail

Some things are better left to the professionals, which usually means leaving it to mom or dad to figure things out! This little kid thought that he could handle giving himself a haircut, but boy was he wrong! At least he gave it his best shot! It looks like someone is headed to the hair salon the next day.

Published: May 24, 201710 views
Dad's No Nose Prank30s

Dad's No Nose Prank

Uh oh! It looks like someone is in a little trouble! This little boy got in trouble with his dad for yelling at him and this dad had a hilarious response! Dad decides to take this little rebel's nose until he's learned his lesson. Can you watch this boy's response without laughing out loud?

Published: May 24, 201790 views
Baby and Dog Have Cookie Concentration23s

Baby and Dog Have Cookie Concentration

There's nothing like a tasty cookie to capture everyone's attention! This adorable little baby and his dog got one glimpse of this yummy treat and couldn't look away! Looks like this mom has developed the perfect technique for getting them to listen to her!

Published: May 24, 201718 views
Dad's Gas Tank Prank26s

Dad's Gas Tank Prank

Even parents like to pull pranks every once in a while! While making a pit stop at this gas station, this parent thought he'd take the opportunity to have a little fun with the kids! Let's just say that they are still mystified by this car's high tech functions!

Published: May 24, 201741 views
Golden Retriever Gets A Hoverboard Ride22s

Golden Retriever Gets A Hoverboard Ride

This adorable dog has found a newer and improved way of getting around the house! All he has to do is wait for his human to fetch his fancy new hoverboard and then jump on board when he rolls by! What a clever dog! This is the future of transportation for all of dog kind.

Published: May 24, 201721 views