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"Baby Boy Falls Asleep At The Table"

"A baby boy falls asleep at the table and his family can't help but laugh. What a fun family this must be. They are all sitting at the table together, having a meal and discussing interesting topics. But, sometimes, when you are very tired, there is not a topic interesting enough to keep you awake. This little one in the video knows what we are talking about. Even though he loves spending time with his family, he falls asleep at the table and bumps his head on it, but continues to sleep. He must be so tired when even that can't wake him up. What a precious and hilarious moment. Kids really are amazing, and with them, every moment is so interesting. They do and say the funniest things in the most honest and hilarious way. This little one in the video is making everyone laugh and he's not even awake. Priceless!"


"Baby Boy Falls Asleep In A Shopping Cart"

"This adorable baby boy falls asleep in the basket of a shopping cart and we can't handle how cute he is. Shopping is a fun activity, but it can sometimes become very exhausting and you need to take a break. Most people decide to end their shopping earlier than planned and go home to take a break, but this little one is not one of them. LOL! He has so much shopping to do, so why waste time and go home to sleep when you can do that right in the middle of the store? And what better place than in the basket of a shopping cart? LOL! This is a clever little boy. He is such a time saver. Unfortunately, sometimes a shopping cart is not the best place for sleep as it can be pretty uncomfortable. This little one found that out the hard way, by bumping his head."


"Baby Boy Sleeps Standing Up"

"An adorable baby boy sleeps standing up and it is the funniest thing ever. We all have those days where we feel so tired that we could fall asleep anywhere, but we usually wait till we get home and we can have a good night's rest in our comfortable bed. Well, this little one in the video is having one of those days. A day filled with awesome fun in the park has its benefits, but it can be very tiring. This little one has had a rough day, but he is not giving up. He wants to enjoy every moment he can so he has decided to ignore the tiredness and continue playing. While playing at home, he decided to rest his head on the couch for a while but probably did not count on the fact that he will fall asleep. He must be so tired. His knees buckle repeatedly and he stands back up each time, but he is still sleeping."


"Cute Baby Argues With His Dad"

"This cute baby argues with his dad and he is definitely a sight for sore eyes. What an adorable little baby. The two of them are spending some quality time together and having a blast. But, it seems like the father was talking too much because the little one is not letting him speak anymore. The dad in the video starts talking a couple of times but the adorable little boy interrupts him and argues. He has found a great way to stop his dad's talking. While the dad talks, the little one argues and dad cannot get a word in. What an adorable family night! Seems like the mom is definitely having a blast as she is recording this precious moment. It is a fun night, but we believe every day is like this in the house. With this adorable baby, there is no way that any day can be dull. Adorable!"


"Tot Boy Argues With His Mother Through A Baby Monitor"

"This adorable tot boy argues with his mother through a baby monitor and it is the cutest argument ever. We have seen our share of cute baby arguments but they were definitely not like this one. This argument is special because it is through a baby monitor. This adorable tot boy is in his crib but is refusing to go to sleep. His mom is trying to find a way to convince him to sleep but he is refusing. Luckily, she comes up with the perfect solution. When children do not want to go to the bed, just include Santa in the discussion and you will see what happens. In this case, as soon as the mom in the video mentions that the Santa is watching, the little tot boy goes to sleep immediately. What a clever way! This mom must be an expert. Who would have thought of this? LOL!"


"Adorable Boy Dances At A Wedding"

"This adorable boy dances at a wedding and it is a sight for sore eyes. What an amazing dancer! And he has so much positive energy that even we feel like dancing now. Weddings are always so much fun. There is a lot of delicious food, happy people and a lot of dancing. Oh, there is so much dancing! And this adorable little boy is the star of the night. He dances like a professional dancer and we can't handle how cute he is. "Billie Jean" is a wonderful song we all love, but this adorable boy has made it even more amazing! He's got the best dance moves to this song and he is not afraid to show them. Music is an amazing thing that gives us so much energy, makes us feel great and this little one is the best proof of that. Just look at him go!"


"The Cutest Argument Ever"

"This is one of the cutest arguments we have ever seen. You must wonder how could an argument be cute, and this video will give you the answer. This adorable babbling baby is trying to explain something to the man in the video and after a while, she begins arguing with him. Seeing how adorable she is, the man started pretending to argue with her. How adorable! We do not know what the reason for this discussion is, but we have to agree that it is simply precious. Children are simply amazing, and they do the funniest things ever. They can make any dull situation very interesting and simply precious. This little one in the video is just like that. She is in the middle of the cutest argument ever, and it is a sight to see. This must be a fun house all day long with this little one in it."


"Grumpy Baby Bangs Rattle Rhythmically"

"This adorable grumpy baby is the cutest thing you will see today! This baby boy is holding a grumpy face as he bangs a rattle rhythmically against his stroller and it is a sight to see. Not only is he the cutest, but he is also showing some serious musical talent. Baby rattlers are produced for the amusement of a baby, but this one in the video seems like it was produced to amuse all of us. This grumpy baby seems a little bit bored, but he has found a way to make the situation interesting by banging his baby rattle rhythmically. He is enjoying the music he is creating and we are having so much fun listening to him create this masterpiece. What a clever little boy. He has found a way to make the situation interesting plus create something extremely amusing for him, and for us. What a talent!"


"Adorable Baby Girl Wants To Get In The Kitchen"

"This adorable baby girl wants to get in the kitchen and there is no way to stop her. We all love spending time in our home, but there is one room we love more than the others. And that is the kitchen of course. That is where all the delicious food is. We have pizza, ice cream, bacon and everything else we love so much. This adorable baby girl tot in the video is just like all of us. Spending time in the living room is great, but the kitchen is even better. She has decided to go there and take some of that deliciousness. But, unfortunately, her mom won't let her go there and she can't believe what she is hearing. She starts to argue in the most adorable way ever and we can't handle how cute she is! You will love this video just as much as we did!"


"The Most Adorable Babble Argument"

"Get ready for the most adorable babble argument ever! It is too cute to handle. When you think of toddlers, you think of all the adorable things they do and say. But you never imagine them in a cute argument like this one. These two could brighten up anyone's day and they will definitely make you smile all day long. In the video, we see what appears to be a lunch break in the kitchen. The two of them are enjoying their meal and having an adorable discussion about some important toddler things. And they are simply the cutest. Their parents started recording at the right time and we are all able to enjoy this adorable babble argument now. What a precious moment. Even though we do not know what they are arguing about, we can just agree that is must be something very important and very cute. Priceless!"


"Wedding Reception Fail"

"Oh, those wedding receptions. Wonderful occasions we gladly go to, have a great time, enjoy delicious food and dance all night long. It is always a night to remember, and we always leave with so many amazing memories. This wedding reception in the video is definitely one that nobody will forget. While everything was as amazing as it could be, one event stood up in particular. This video will show you what we are talking about. This adorable couple was enjoying a wonderful dance at the wedding reception. They were having a blast when suddenly a little girl decided to join them. While most people would carefully walk to the dance floor, this little one wasn't paying that much attention. Instead of dancing, she ended up falling. She run in to dance with them, but then hit her head on the man's leg and fell over. What an unforgettable wedding reception!"


"Little Boy Loves Sleeping On A Rocking Horse"

"This adorable tot boy loves sleeping on his rocking horse. While most children love napping on a comfortable bed or a couch, this little one has a different favorite nap place, and it is on a rocking horse. How unusual and hilarious. As kids, we all loved playing on a rocking horse. But, what we never thought of was to sleep on it. LOL! However, we completely understand this little one. It can be hard running around all day, playing in the yard and enjoying all those joys of childhood. What a life that is. It is understandable that he has to use every moment he can get to take a short break. After all, he would not want to miss out on all the fun! This really is a clever idea. He is not missing on any sleep and neither on the fun. Genius, don't you agree? Way to go!"

Daughter KO’s Dad In Pretend Boxing Match34s

Daughter KO’s Dad In Pretend Boxing Match

A cute daddy-daughter team practice their boxing moves in the living room. They trade blows, with the dad obviously holding back so he doesn’t actually hurt his daughter. He taps her chin and says “knock out!” and the little girl falls to the floor. When her dad starts counting, she gets up to continue the fight. Then she gets a good blow in, sending him reeling backwards. It’s a good thing they’re getting this game in while the daughter’s so young—if Dad tries this in a few years, he may not have to pretend to get hurt!

Published: March 16, 201817 views
German Shepherd Knocks Man Off Standup Paddleboard37s

German Shepherd Knocks Man Off Standup Paddleboard

A man and his German Shepherd ride together on a standup paddleboard. The man stands in the rear paddling while the dog sits in the front, very calmly enjoying his ride. They’re on a gentle lake and they approach the shore. The dog waits patiently until they’re in shallow water and the man tells him it’s okay to get off. He does, kicking the paddleboard backwards with his hind legs and knocking the man into the lake. The people watching all laugh and tell the man that “that’s what you get!” when you take your dog onto the lake.

Published: March 16, 2018
Little Boy Scoots On His Butt To Finish A Race36s

Little Boy Scoots On His Butt To Finish A Race

A group of parents cheer on some kids running a race in the park. A little girl crosses the finish line and her younger brother Benny is just a few yards behind. When he gets about ten feet away from the end of the race, however, Benny decides that he’s done running and sits down in the middle of the path. His mom cheers for him to keep going because he’s almost done and he takes her advice. But instead of running to the finish line, Benny scoots the rest of the way on his butt. Once he completes the race, he finally gets back up and walks over to give his mom a hug.

Published: March 16, 2018
Epic Beach Floaty Stunt Is A WIN37s

Epic Beach Floaty Stunt Is A WIN

Several large, inflatable jungle gyms and other structures float in the water at a beach. A man sits on top of one of these about ten feet above the water. Another man pushes a large, half-inflated float until it’s directly underneath him. A young boy sits on the lower float. When everyone is ready, the man on top jumps onto the floaty on the bottom, shooting the boy fifteen feet into the air. The boy splashes down safely and is quickly grabbed by one of the adults. He doesn’t laugh or cry, but he looks like he’s ready to go again!

Published: March 16, 2018
Tiny Dog In Goggles “Rides Dirty” On Bike30s

Tiny Dog In Goggles “Rides Dirty” On Bike

A tiny dog in goggles sits in a front carrier on their owner’s chest. As the owner bikes through the streets of a suburban town, the dog moves their paws as if they were pedaling the bike, or at least running really fast. “Ridin’” by Chamillionaire plays in the background, making this one cool pup. The dog looks side to side as they move, possibly checking for any police officers that may patrolling and trying to catch them riding dirty. The biker positioned their GoPro perfectly on the handlebars to make this look like a real doggy music video.

Published: March 16, 2018
Woman Gets Hit In The Face In Egg Toss Game35s

Woman Gets Hit In The Face In Egg Toss Game

A group of adults hang out at a casual barbeque in a nice suburban backyard. Most of them sit around and drink as they watch two teams play an egg toss game. Two men stand on one side of the yard and each catch an egg thrown to them from the other side. The first throw is a little low, but the guy nabs it. The second one arrives perfectly in the other player’s hands. The camera pans to show the two women who threw the eggs, now waiting for their turn to catch. You don’t see the next throw, but you hear someone at the party say, “uh oh.” An egg comes in too fast and too high to be caught, so instead it smashes directly into the woman’s head. (It’s important to note that this was the woman with the perfect toss in the previous round.) Everyone starts laughing, including the person with egg on her face.

Published: March 16, 2018
Confused Kids Cover Themselves In Peanut Butter, Not Sunblock50s

Confused Kids Cover Themselves In Peanut Butter, Not Sunblock

A young boy and girl sit on a couch with peanut butter all over their bodies and faces. Their mom asks what they did, to which the girl replies that they needed sunblock. The mom breaks the news that they didn’t cover themselves in sunblock, they used peanut butter instead. A look of shock and terror suddenly comes across the girl’s face: “Peanut butter?? No! That’s peanut butter, Barry!” She informs her brother of their mistake, but he continues to silently rub the spread on his skin and assures her that it is, in fact, sunblock. The girl tastes some and confirms her mom’s theory about the peanut butter. She then tells her mom to lick it off of them.

Published: March 16, 2018
Tot Boy Drops To The Floor When Elevator Goes Down36s

Tot Boy Drops To The Floor When Elevator Goes Down

A toddler boy gets in an elevator with his family. His mom says that he doesn’t like going down on the elevator and suddenly the boy drops to the floor. He lets out a sad wail as they go down, watching the world outside through the elevator’s glass wall. His sister laughs as her brother lies belly-down on the tile floor. His mom doesn’t seem to know why he dropped so quickly, asking him what happened. As soon as the elevator stops moving and the door opens, the little boy gets up and walks out confidently.

Published: March 16, 2018
Boy's Pants Fly Clean Off Bouncing In The Rain44s

Boy's Pants Fly Clean Off Bouncing In The Rain

Jumping on a trampoline in the pouring rain: not an obvious choice, per se, but it certainly sounds like a good time. If there’s no lightning, go nuts. We at AFV realize such a statement should go without saying, but so is “always wear underwear,” and clearly not everyone is cognizant of that little tidbit. Two boys bounce on a trampoline in the rain as their dad records them. This guy’s got my vote for “Father of the Year.” He sets the stage for the momentous event he is unaware will soon occur by stating “This is what ghetto kids do. They’re in the rain on a trampoline.” (We at AFV should note that the surrounding neighborhood appears to be pretty nice, so we cannot speak to the use of the word “ghetto” here)

Published: March 16, 201810 views
Dog Is Amazed And Upset By Man's Magic Trick18s

Dog Is Amazed And Upset By Man's Magic Trick

Magic tricks are an age-old font for amusement, amazement and, in some cases, anger. They bring a little joy and enchantment to the world even when you know that you are being tricked. This dog just wanted a treat from his owner, but his owner decided to have some fun first… The trick the man pulls off is fairly simple, and we believe you can probably see what he does fairly easily if you look at his right hand during the trick. He shows his dog the treat in his hand and the dog gets super excited. He wants that treat so badly! The dog is bouncing around the bed they are on trying to get the treat in the man’s hand. Being responsible, the man gets the excited pup to sit down and politely wait for his treat. He shows the dog the treat and then “puts” the treat in his left hand, closing his fingers into a fist. The dog reaches out a paw and taps the hand so he can be rewarded. Instead, the man opens his hand and there is no treat!

Published: March 16, 2018328 views
Girl Bounces On Trampoline Then Disappears8s

Girl Bounces On Trampoline Then Disappears

Have you ever been to a trampoline park? They’re fun, and not just for the little ones. People of all ages can embrace their inner-child and let loose, bouncing to their heart’s content as far as their physical conditioning and joint health will allow. As a parent, you learn quickly that it’s important to keep an eye on your little ones at all times when you’re at these places. You just never know what might happen. A young girl bounces three times on a trampoline. Then she attempts a flip. This starts out not unusual in the least. A girl roughly around the age of 8 to 10 begins to bounce on a trampoline. There’s even a “referee” employee standing by, so everything appears to be fine. She completes three consecutive hops, and on the third one, leaps high into the air and tumbles forward into a front flip.

Published: March 16, 2018
Mom And Daughter Slip And Fall Chasing A Bowling Ball52s

Mom And Daughter Slip And Fall Chasing A Bowling Ball

Outside of tee-ball, bowling has to be the first “sport” that little kids really learn or are attracted too. Every child has been to a bowling alley party by the time they are in the third grade, at the very least. This mom is just trying to teach her daughter how to bowl… Bowling, like golf, can be a relaxing, gentle sport if you want it to be. Or it can be an anger inducing chase for something that you just cannot quite reach. Or is that just me? Anyway, the mom and her daughter are positioned at the foul line of their lane. Fortunately, they’ve got the child setup turned on with the gutter guards up and the foul line alarm turned off. Trust me, if that foul line is turned on and you fault, you will know! It lets out a screech and a red laser highlights the line at most bowling alleys. With the number of times this little girl steps on the line it would be blaring if they hadn’t turned it off.

Published: March 16, 201811 views
Man Gets Wild Ducks To Climb On Him With Breadcrumbs35s

Man Gets Wild Ducks To Climb On Him With Breadcrumbs

A man in a hoodie lies down in the park while his friend throws breadcrumbs at a large group of ducks. He tells his friend to get the ducks to come over to him. The friend complies and starts tossing the crumbs closer and closer to the man lying down, drawing the 20-30 ducks towards the two of them. Eventually the friend starts dropping the pieces of bread directly on the man in the hoodie, getting the ducks to peck and climb on him for the food. The man laughs, for some reason not terrified of the army of ducks surrounding him.

Published: March 16, 2018