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Sneaky Cat Can't Stop Swatting At This ADORABLE Puppy23s

Sneaky Cat Can't Stop Swatting At This ADORABLE Puppy

The old cat vs. dog rivalry is in full swing. But have you ever seen a more stubborn and bad cat! This kitty won't leave this adorable pup alone while he is happily playing in his cage with all of his favorite toys. It's kind of cute how unfazed the puppy is. I think these two will continue to fight like siblings.

Published: September 14, 201731 views
Kid Denies Dad Without Saying A Word24s

Kid Denies Dad Without Saying A Word

Listen, I don't know what happened between these two BUT this kid wants nothing to do with his Dad's questions and requests for hugs. Every kid has dreamed of a toy that will speak for them, when they're not having it. Well, this kid has that toy and uses it to deny his dad. The look on his face is priceless.

Published: September 14, 201710 views
Adorable Husky Doesn't Want To Get Out Of Bed31s

Adorable Husky Doesn't Want To Get Out Of Bed

What can possibly be a better feeling than staying in bed? The fresh linens, soft pillow and warm, fluffy blanket… you have be insane to get out of that little place of sanctity. And who ever makes you leave it, should be punished. Or at least violently talked back at. This husky is just like all of us humans on a Monday morning. She refuses to get out of bed. This husky also reflects us on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. Because who wants to get up and do things when you can stay in your comfy bed? Shadow is your true Husky in every sense of the way. Stubborn back talker with no regard of private space of things. She owns it all! So when her owner keeps telling her to get off the bed, Shadow does what he knows best: she howls like a wolf and buries her muzzle in the mattress. That’s not even “let me stay for five more minutes” talk, that is more like “you’re not the boss of me” talk. Manners! Speaking of manners, another Husky puppy is quite the little helper, because every morning, little Mia makes her own bed, without being told! Maybe a bit too violently, but let’s take it away from her.

Published: September 14, 2017254 viewsVirality: 16%
Adorable Baby Jiggles On Workout Equipment18s

Adorable Baby Jiggles On Workout Equipment

This adorable toddler boy and his sister are playing on their parent's workout equipment. A few things to not in this video! First, the baby's adorable reaction. Second, the seriously cute baby jiggles. Finally, how the baby casually continues to eat while on this machine. I mean, this video is just cuteness overload.

Published: September 14, 201711 views
Cat Tries But Fails And Falls25s

Cat Tries But Fails And Falls

This is one curious cat! It is really digging for something in that bush. Can anyone figure out what this Cat is doing in the bush? Going after a bug, maybe? Either way, the cat tries but fails and falls in an epic way. This could be the cat fail of the week.

Published: September 14, 201717 views
You Have To See This Kid's Hilarious Reaction To His First Roller Coaster Ride1m18s

You Have To See This Kid's Hilarious Reaction To His First Roller Coaster Ride

This clip is a real roller coaster; an emotional roller coaster. Every one of us that has ever taken a roller coaster ride know how exhilarating it can be; adrenaline pumps all over, making you feel nauseous and excited at the same time. It is a volatile combination of feelings, especially if you went up the ride all confident, then came down frightened like a lamb. This toddler sat next to his dad on his roller coaster and, seeing him super excited to be sharing his son’s first ever coaster ride, the boy starts calming his dad down. “We’ll be okay, dad.” “You think so?” asks the dad, receiving an affirmative answer from his brave tot. “Don’t worry, we’re fine” says the boy, sticking his tongue for the camera as the wagon starts descending down the hill. This is where things get super interesting. The steepness and speed of the ride catch the brave boy by surprise, smile turns to frown and he starts screaming from the top of his lungs! Oh, boy. “I’m really scared, dad!” he says, right before the trains stops. “Dad, not funny” says the son, catching his breath from all that screaming, while dad rolls over laughing. But the ride isn’t over yet... When this little girls went on her first roller coaster ride, her reaction was exactly the opposite! Who’s brave now?

Published: September 14, 201742 views
This Community Cross Walk Guard Is A Dog!!31s

This Community Cross Walk Guard Is A Dog!!

Making sure your kids make it to school safely is the most important. Who could you trust in more than a cute dog to safely walk your kids across the street? We should try replacing every cross walker guard with a dog because this is the most adorable way to safely make it across the street.

Published: September 14, 201720 views
Dog Vs. Dinosaur Toy And The Toy Wins?37s

Dog Vs. Dinosaur Toy And The Toy Wins?

This face off is more intense than Mayweather vs. McGregor. Who would have thought a dog like this would be so scared of dinosaur toys? And who would have thought the toys would win? You won't believe how far this dogs jumps and how quick this dog runs away after the toys are pushed in his direction. Scare of the week contender, for sure!

Published: September 14, 201712 views
Sweet Tot Puts On Hulk Mask In Store And Goes On A Rampage30s

Sweet Tot Puts On Hulk Mask In Store And Goes On A Rampage

Hulk Smash! Hulk SMASH!! HULK SMASH!!! Beware of the green monster in Aisle 2! It’s going for the video games! Do. Not. Anger him! Use caution when opening fire! Oh, wait…It’s just a cute tot with a Hulk mask, at ease. That would surely be a blockbuster - Hulk calms down to reveal that it is actually a 3-year-old girl with blond curls, giggling and saying “gotcha”! This one clearly had a hulk of fun with her mom and dad at their local Target store. They just found out that Target has released the Halloween items on the shelves and the little girl really liked the green mask, so they let her put it on. But a tot doesn’t sit still whenever they get something new; they just really wanna see how it behaves on the road. So her parents let the tot loose between the aisles and she turns into the Hulk, running around in a wild rampage among the toys. But when the dad calls his little girl to turn around, she stops to take the mask off and reveal the most adorable little face on the planet. Even Thunderbolt Ross will melt down into a puddle when he sees that face!

Published: September 13, 2017169 viewsVirality: 1%
Chickens Invade Our Home!!35s

Chickens Invade Our Home!!

Chickens are cute and all but they are also UNPREDICTABLE! This wild chicken is getting closer and closer to this woman's house and as she tries to keep the chicken back, ANOTHER wild chicken runs toward her and they go in for the attack! This video is a seriously funny scare!

Published: September 13, 201713 views
Hidden Cam Prank Ruined By The Cat35s

Hidden Cam Prank Ruined By The Cat

Here we go again, another hidden camera prank! A teen carefully and strategically places a hidden camera inside a cardboard box and backs away with excitement. Who knows what he actually had planned because little did he know that cat is equally as excited for this prank and accidently ruins the entire thing. Check out this epic hidden camera prank fail.

Published: September 13, 2017
Learning To Ride A Bike Fail, Kid Throws A Tantrum!27s

Learning To Ride A Bike Fail, Kid Throws A Tantrum!

Cool helmet? Check. Cool Bike? Check. Patience for learning how to ride a bike? Not so much. This boy has officially lost his patience while trying to learn how to ride a bike. The frustration is so real, he kicks the bike over and storms off! Try again tomorrow?

Published: September 13, 2017
This Toddler Does NOT Like Applesauce36s

This Toddler Does NOT Like Applesauce

I remember my first time eating applesauce. This toddler's reaction to trying applesauce for the first time is priceless! We have to give him props for trying it twice because you won't know unless you try! Next on the list: mashed peas! And then mashed veggie turkey dinner! APPLESAUCE WAS THE EASY ONE!! Good luck, kid!

Published: September 13, 201713 views
Curious Cat Climbs A Ladder To Hideaway35s

Curious Cat Climbs A Ladder To Hideaway

Have you ever seen a cat climb a ladder? Do you think this cat CAN climb a ladder? Well, this cat pulls it off, but for what reason? For a nice and quiet hideaway among the family storage room? Does anyone understand why cats do the things they do?

Published: September 13, 201710 views
Kids Forgot The Rules! Scribbled Marker All Over35s

Kids Forgot The Rules! Scribbled Marker All Over

Every parent knows to lay out the rules when giving their children markers for drawing. Another thing every parent knows is that with every set of rules, there will be RULE BREAKERS!! These kids own up to forgetting the rules and claim that the marker mess is BY ACCIDENT.

Published: September 13, 2017
Cuteness Overload: Baby Vs. Puppy Tug Of War33s

Cuteness Overload: Baby Vs. Puppy Tug Of War

Try Not To Laugh or say AWE challenge: Baby Vs. Puppy Tug Of War. I promise this video is CUTENESS OVERLOAD! I bet you laugh and say AWE as this laughing baby bravely battles a young puppy in a TUG OF WAR. Clearly these two are going to be best friends for years to come!!

Published: September 13, 20177,324 viewsVirality: 9%
Parkour Stunts Gone Wrong5m07s

Parkour Stunts Gone Wrong

Parkour can be dangerous and this epic parkour fail compilation is proof. This mash up of clips feature a few epic trampoline fails, tight rope fails, classroom parkour and outdoor parkour tries and fails. Enjoy the fails but DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Published: September 12, 2017
Babies And Their Grandparents Part 15m02s

Babies And Their Grandparents Part 1

In honor of National Grandparents Day, we put together a collection of videos including some of the cutest baby and grandparent moments, epic grandparent fails and the funniest moments that will make the whole family laugh! What does your family do to celebrate National Grandparents Day?

Published: September 12, 2017
A Girl And Her Squirrel Friend32s

A Girl And Her Squirrel Friend

Did you know that squirrel's only find 80 percent of the nuts they hide? Knowing that statistic, one could assume it would be hard for squirrel's to find the time to befriend a human. Well this squirrel and this adorable girl seem to have hit it off. The only thing better than making a new friend, is making a new SQUIRREL FRIEND.

Published: September 12, 201717 views
Baby Twins Fighting Over Toys2m35s

Baby Twins Fighting Over Toys

The Battle of the Twins is in full swing and boy can these twins argue! Fighting isn't cute BUT do we make an exception for twin babies fighting over toys? Watch this cute compilation and tell me that these babies arguing are not cute! You can't because it is!

Published: September 12, 201710 views
Cute Kid Can't Stay Awake To Eat His Food35s

Cute Kid Can't Stay Awake To Eat His Food

This might be the Most Adorable Video You'll See All Day: this cute toddler is face down and SLEEPING in his mashed potatoes and green beans! Good thing he is wearing glasses. After waking up to his parents talking, the struggle to stay awake continues. We have all been here, right?

Published: September 12, 2017181 views
Dogs Love Playing With The Water Hose35s

Dogs Love Playing With The Water Hose

These dogs are extra hype to play as their owner sprays them with the water hose. Or does it look like they are out to destroy the water beam? Either way, it is rather entertaining to watch. Sometimes the simple things can provide the MOST fun, for dogs and for humans.

Published: September 12, 201731 views
These Dogs Are Creepy, Weird And Adorable5m01s

These Dogs Are Creepy, Weird And Adorable

This is the cutest video compilation of weird dogs you'll ever see. Not that you need proof that dogs can be complete weirdos but we have compiled some of the cutest and most endearing weird dogs from our library. Which dog do you think is the most strange? What about the dog that spits out 9 tatter tots (that have not even been chewed)?

Published: September 12, 201740 views
Birds Singing and Rocking Out To Music5m07s

Birds Singing and Rocking Out To Music

These 13 birds can't help but sing, dance and jam out to music. There is a solid chance they can sing and dance better than you and your friends. Just saying, it's impressive. The bird dancing to Whitney Houston's, I wanna Dance with Somebody will give you life!

Published: September 12, 2017215 views
Unhappy Birthday Surprise50s

Unhappy Birthday Surprise

This little girl was in for a rude awakening on her birthday! What her parents meant for her to be a surprise turned into a huge birthday flop! Her parents thought it would be sweet to fill her room with balloons at night when she was sleeping, but this little girl was not too happy about it!

Published: September 6, 2017Updated: September 8, 201748 views