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31 Funniest Ferrets | Funny Pet Videos 20183m41s

31 Funniest Ferrets | Funny Pet Videos 2018

Ferrets are the cutest and most playful little creatures! Watch this cute and funny compilation filled with my favorite ferret videos.\n\nCutest Video = the ferret and the puppy wrestling \nFavorite Video = the ferret who tries to steal the woman's slushie.

Published: July 20, 2018
Try Not To Laugh - Funniest Baby Vines (99.9% Lose)10m17s

Try Not To Laugh - Funniest Baby Vines (99.9% Lose)

Smile for the camera, baby! You're super internet famous! We all love technology, and we can't get enough of all the funny filters on Snapchat. And I can't be the only one still watching hilarious vine compilations on youtube...right? Well, luckily these babies are too! So these aren't just any videos -- they're snapchat baby and vine baby videos! WOW! These kids are seriously so cute, you're gonna definitely watch until the very end!

Published: July 20, 2018
Mask On, Mask Off! | Funny Prank Compilation4m40s

Mask On, Mask Off! | Funny Prank Compilation

Mask on, mask off -- that's how the saying goes right? We're not here for old sayings, though, we're here for a funny prank compilation! These are some of the funniest pranks you will see on the internet this week... next week... MAYBE EVER! These people literally have NO clue what these face masks are about and they are super spooked. And hey, we'll give you a challenge -- TRY NOT TO LAUGH AT THEIR REACTIONS!\n\nLike this compilation if you totally laughed at these reactions!

Published: July 20, 2018
You Are Never Too Old To Have Fun On A Merry Go Round29s

You Are Never Too Old To Have Fun On A Merry Go Round

There's one this I can absolutely promise you about this video - It's HILARIOUS! And it will definitely brighten your day. These lovely senior ladies decided to have a fun girls day out, and they're definitely making the best of it. They went out for some ice cream, and a lovely walk. After a while, they decided to have some fun on a merry go round. And this is not a classical merry go round. They've noticed a merry go round in front of a store which is operated by a coin. The three of them sat down, inserted the coin and their hilarious ride began. They seem so happy, and I can't help but laugh at this hilarious situation. They're going in circles, and laughing out loud! What a fantastic trio! I really can't stop laughing, and I'm sure you won't be able to stop either. And don't be surprised if you catch yourself replaying it all day long. LOL!

Published: July 20, 2018
Musical Chairs Gone Hilarious10s

Musical Chairs Gone Hilarious

"Musical chairs" is one of the funniest party games of all times! I bet most of you have played it at least ones in your life, but just in case someone didn’t, here’s a little introduction. Musical chairs is an elimination game that involves players, chairs (one fewer than players), and music. All the players walk around the chairs until the music is playing but when it stops all players try to sit on one of the chairs, and the one that fails to do so fall out of the game! It’s that simple! That’s why lots of kids love to play it, but when adults join in, things become pretty hilarious! Just take a look at this video and see it for yourself! It shows three women walking around two chairs waiting for the music to stop. But when it does, two of them rush to get to the chairs so eagerly that one of them literally break her chair! LOL!

A Young Boy Gets Scared By A Fish When He Pulls It From The Water20s

A Young Boy Gets Scared By A Fish When He Pulls It From The Water

I know lots of people who think that fishing is boring and dull, but really disagree! I mean, if you have ever been fishing with your dad or your uncle when you were a kid, then you know how amazing that can be! But if you haven’t, check out this video, and you will see how simple fishing becomes hilarious with a couple of kids around! This video shows a family who is enjoying a beautiful day by the lake. The dad is teaching his older boy how to fish. The two of them are standing on the shore, and it looks like they caught a fish! The boy is holding the fishing rod and dad is telling him what to do. They both get very excited about their prey, but when they finally pull the wish out of the water, his cute little boy gets scared by the fish, throws the rod and runs away! LOL!

Eager Dogs Push Man On Diving Board Into A Pool15s

Eager Dogs Push Man On Diving Board Into A Pool

We all know the old proverb - the more, the merrier, and it’s so very accurate. It applies to people, but also to dogs! Trust me, my family has five humans and three canines! That means there’s no such thing as a dull day at our home, and I’m sure the same could be said for a family in this video. They have four amazing dogs, and, I’m pretty sure, lots of fun every single day! So, if you wonder how that looks like, just check out this video! Plus, it’s so hilarious that you really don’t want to miss it! This video shows a proud owner of four beautiful dogs, who is trying to get their favorite toy that has to end up at the bottom of their backyard pool. He is lying on a diving board and attempts to reach it with a stick, while his canines are standing by his side and watching. But when one of them gets too eager to get his toy back, he pushes the guy into a pool to speed up this hilarious toy rescue mission! LOL!

Cute Dog Spinning In The Living Room12s

Cute Dog Spinning In The Living Room

Dogs are just amazing. They are our devoted friends and helpers and they can make us laugh too. A day becomes better when you see somebody waiting for you to come home. And it's comforting when you see a pair of puppy eyes that are looking at you with love. Precious!\nThis dog knows what the real fun is! LOL! As the video begins, we see a cute dog spinning on his back in the living room. LOL! It seems like he's having a real fun! LOL! His parents are spinning him round and round and he just can't say it's enough! LOL! I really envy him! LOL! Somebody should tell him he should give advice on how to have more fun and how to enjoy the day more. Because we all know that someone who’s too anxious to do stuff!

A Chicken Sits On A Horse's Head In A Barn22s

A Chicken Sits On A Horse's Head In A Barn

As a real funny videos’ fan, I have seen lots of videos showing all sorts of unusual friendships in the animal worlds, but the one we have here is probably the funniest and silliest one I have ever seen! Plus, it’s so adorable you simply have to check it out! This video shows a beautiful horse and his best two-legged friend chilling in a barn. The horse is standing in his box relaxing while his best two-legged feathered friend is taking a walk on his back! OMG, just look at them?! Aren’t they the loveliest and funniest friends like ever?! LOL! I mean, who would have ever thought that a horse and a chicken can befriend? So, if you are looking for something really funny to cheer you up and make you all feel good for the rest of the day, this video is a must see! It’s that brilliant!

Funny Dog Pops Bubbles In Slow Motion35s

Funny Dog Pops Bubbles In Slow Motion

Having a dog is such a bliss! Nothing makes me happier than being outside and playing with my dog! Especially when I feel a bit blue or get listless, I know that my pup will always cheer me up! I mean, we don’t call them the best friends for no reason, right?! So, if you want to brighten up your days think about getting a dog, but first, take a look at this video, and you’ll see how amazing it can be! It shows one of the most beautiful dogs having so much fun jumping around popping bubbles! OMG, just look at him! He looks so cheerful and carefree that I could keep on watching him all day long, feeling absolutely delighted! This is one of my favorite videos of all times! Trust me, just click play, and you’ll have a smile on your face for the rest of the day!

Boy Tries To Jump Rope, Falls Into Bird Poo31s

Boy Tries To Jump Rope, Falls Into Bird Poo

You know what happens to people who love to show off? They end failing hilariously. Just check out this kid! He and his brother are set up a rope to jump. It’s in a big, green field, so they have a lot of space to have fun. The older brother will, of course, go first. He is certain that he’ll make it. And off he goes! But as soon as he reached the rope, he fell to the ground. However, that’s not the end. Yes, there’s a green grass beneath him, but you know what else is there? Bird poo! Yes, he fell into bird poo. His parents are cracking up! And the little bro jumps the rope with ease! LOL! Just imagine how embarrassed this kid will be when this video goes viral. I can’t imagine something more terrible than falling into bird poo! LOL! What a hilarious fail, don’t you think?

A Tot Boy Doesn’t Want A New Baby Sister As His Birthday Present34s

A Tot Boy Doesn’t Want A New Baby Sister As His Birthday Present

Nothing gets much cuter and funnier than a toddler who is about to open the birthday presents! Most of the kids get so overexcited when they see all those wrapped up gifts and colorful boxes so they cannot choose which one to open first, but what happens when there is only one box in front of a birthday boy? Well, check out this video and see it for yourself. Plus, there’s a brilliant twist in it, so you better make sure not to miss it! This video shows an adorable tot boy who is standing in front of a big all nicely wrapped up box. His mom helps him to open it, but when he sees a little baby in it, he gets so confused that he doesn’t know what to do! He just steps back from the box! LOL! His parents tell him that’s his baby sister and congratulate him on his birthday. But his reaction definitely isn’t something they were hoping for! LOL!

Young Girl Upset To Find Out There's No More Bacon42s

Young Girl Upset To Find Out There's No More Bacon

If you knew me, you would know how much I love bacon! I love it as a breakfast food with eggs, or as a dinner treat with chocolate. Bacon goes with everything, and the adorable young girl in this video agrees with me on that one. LOL! It seems that she absolutely loves bacon, and I completely understand her. The tot girl asks her mom for more bacon indoors and when her mom tells her there's no more, the girl drops to the floor and cries until her mom says she'll get her more bacon. Well, that is a completely understandable reaction, wouldn't you agree? LOL! However, the adorable young girl calms down when her mother tells her that she will get some more bacon for her. This is such a hilarious sight, and I do not have a doubt in my mind this video will make you laugh all day long!

Funny Cat Uses Her Paw To Eat Out Of A Bowl35s

Funny Cat Uses Her Paw To Eat Out Of A Bowl

Cats are indeed some of the cutest and funniest beings on this planet, and I absolutely adore them! They are so much more than just pets. They are our friends and even family members! But, the sweetest thing is, some of them really act like ones. Just take a look at this video and see it for yourself. It’s so cute and funny that you really have to check it out, especially if you love cats as much as I do. This video shows an adorable kitten cat who loves her human family so much that she started to behave like one of them and taught herself to eat with her hands! She sits at a table with the food bowl in front of her and uses her paw to eat! OMG, just look at her! Isn’t she simply amazing?! I have to admit I’ve never seen anything like that before and I’m totally impressed!

A Dog Fetches A Diaper On Command17s

A Dog Fetches A Diaper On Command

Aren't our canine friends the absolute best? They are so cute, loving, smart and at times, extremely funny! This video is here to prove all of that! We all know that having a child grow up with a canine friend is super cute, and super beneficial. However, in this video, you'll see how great it is for the mother too. The adorable canine friend in this video absolutely loves his family, so he has decided to help with the baby as much as he can. That's why he has taken the diaper responsibility onto himself. LOL! The woman recording the video tells the adorable dog "Diaper, diaper" and he gets up, rushes to another room, and comes out bringing her a diaper. What a beautiful sight! What did we do to deserve dogs? Awww! They are simply perfect, and I am thankful every day to have them in our lives!

Tot Girl Cheats On Mini Golf Course26s

Tot Girl Cheats On Mini Golf Course

Mini golf is such a cool sport. We can all agree on that! I absolutely love spending Saturday afternoons on a mini golf course with the whole group of my friends and family. The best thing about mini golf is the fact that both kids and adults can enjoy it together. If you don't believe me, just check out this toddler girl’s mini golf adventures. This video is here to make you laugh out loud. At the beginning of the clip you can see this little golfer as she struggles to hit the golf ball. At one point, she gets really frustrated and decides to take the matter into her own hands. Quite literally! The little girl picks up the ball and carries it to the hole. LOL! I think that’s called cheating. This little girl got caught on camera cheating on a mini golf course. Totally hilarious if you ask me!

Tot Girl Keeps Falling On The Grass22s

Tot Girl Keeps Falling On The Grass

Drop whatever you are doing, because today we have an amazing video you do not want to miss out on! Trust me, you absolutely have to check this video out. It is so hilarious, and it will have you laughing throughout the rest of the day. And you might find yourself replaying it for your friends and family! The adorable tot girl in this video was standing on the grass while her mother was watering the yard. Naturally, the grass got wet and very slippery. And when the adorable little girl tried walking, she kept falling down. LOL! She got up successfully a couple of times, but each time she did that, she would fall after her first step. What a hilarious sight! Her older sister rushed to help her, and together they defeated the slippery grass. The two are way too cute for words, so you will have to check out this funny video for yourself.

Baby Girl Plays With Someone Else's Money26s

Baby Girl Plays With Someone Else's Money

Oh, my! What a hilarious sight! I couldn't stop laughing when I watched this video, and believe me, neither will you! The adorable tot girl in this video plays with someone else's money, and she seems to be having a really great time! However, her mother decides to spoil the fun and tell on her! The little girl had no idea what was about to happen! And suddenly, he mother tells on her, leaving the adorable little girl shocked. She gets scared and pushes the money away from her, so her siblings do not see what she is doing. That look on her face is absolutely hilarious, and priceless. Who could ever get mad at her for playing with their money? LOL! Her reaction is simply precious! You absolutely have to check out this hilarious video! The baby girl in this video is such a sight for sore eyes, and her actions will brighten your day for sure!