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AFV and Yahoo Present Top 5 April Showers1m17s

AFV and Yahoo Present Top 5 April Showers

Sometimes, there's no better feeling than jumping and dancing around in the rain in the midst of some April Showers! Well AFV and Yahoo are happy to present these top 5 April Showers that will have you wishing for some rain to head your way! Singing in the rain anybody?

Published: April 20, 2017Updated: April 21, 20179 views
Most Dramatic Baby Gender Reveal31s

Most Dramatic Baby Gender Reveal

This is one baby gender reveal that this family won't soon forget! These siblings are eagerly awaiting to find out if their new baby sibling is going to be a girl or a boy and lets just say that someone gets very upset when they find out the answer! Looks like someone was hoping for a baby brother!

Published: April 20, 201733 views
Girl's Mysterious Missing Helmet44s

Girl's Mysterious Missing Helmet

This little girl knows that when it comes to going on motorcycle rides with her dad, safety is the number one priority! So she knows that she can't go for a ride until she finds her helmet! Little does she know that it's much closer than she thinks! All she has to do is look up!

Published: April 20, 201714 views
Big Dog Finds The Perfect Resting Spot23s

Big Dog Finds The Perfect Resting Spot

This is one large dog who is looking for the perfect resting spot! For a dog that big, it can't be easy finding a nice comfy chair big enough to accommodate his large size! It looks like he's found his favorite spot right on top of his favorite human! This is what happens when you take this dog's favorite chair!

Published: April 20, 201745 views
Baby Becomes Instant Grandpa34s

Baby Becomes Instant Grandpa

This adorable little baby is going to become an amazing comedian one day! He's got an amazing talent for making the funniest faces and his parent's uncontrollable laughter is proof that he's got the makings to be a great comedian! Can you resist his hilarious grandpa impression?

Published: April 20, 2017496 views
When Parents Don't Get Enough Sleep16s

When Parents Don't Get Enough Sleep

This dad is in need of a serious nap session! He's so tired, he doesn't realize that he's trying to sooth a baby that's not even there!

Published: April 20, 201710,786 viewsVirality: 48%
Guilty Dog Hides Tator Tots50s

Guilty Dog Hides Tator Tots

This Labrador might look like he's just enjoying a short rest, but it soon becomes clear that he's actually hiding something from his human! Looks like someone decided to steal some tater tots for a snack but got caught soon enough! Can you handle his adorable guilty face?

Published: April 20, 2017259 views
Horse Gets Freaked Out Horse Mask33s

Horse Gets Freaked Out Horse Mask

This is one strange situation! This man thought it would be interesting to see how this horse would react to seeing him walking around with a horse mask on. Lets just say that the horse was not happy about it one bit! In fact, this horse was just about ready to bolt off!

Published: April 20, 201795 views
Peekaboo Pup Plays With Toddler36s

Peekaboo Pup Plays With Toddler

Who would have thought that a dog would be so good at playing peekaboo? This little girl absolutely loves playing this fun game with her canine companion and it looks like this is one game that could go on all day! Who needs a babysitter when you've got the perfect play companion?

Published: April 19, 201739 views
Dizzy Dancing Duo27s

Dizzy Dancing Duo

There's nothing sweeter than watching siblings play together and have a blast! This sweet brother gives his little sister a quick dance lesson but it looks like he could have done with a few less twirls! This little girl ends up dizzy on the dance floor after this play date!

Published: April 19, 201723 views
Monkey Steals Dog's Toy46s

Monkey Steals Dog's Toy

No one likes being told what to do, especially when they want you to give up your favorite toy! This monkey loves this stuffed animal, but unfortunately for him, it's not his toy to start with! When mom asks him to give the toy back, this monkey is not afraid to say no!

Published: April 19, 2017595 views
Birthday Candle Blunder1m29s

Birthday Candle Blunder

Some birthday candles are trickier to tackle than others! The only thing this little boy wants on his birthday is to take a bite of his yummy cake, but first he has to blow out all of his candles and make a wish! He tries to blow out his candle in the cutest way possible!

Published: April 19, 201710 views
Hilarious Birthday Prank Present32s

Hilarious Birthday Prank Present

What is every tween's wish on their birthday? For a cellphone of course! Well these parents decided to pump up the hype for this girl's birthday present, and while this girl clearly knows that her parents are up to something, she can't help but laugh out loud when she sees what it is!

Published: April 19, 201737 views
Toddler's Nose Makes A Funny Sound29s

Toddler's Nose Makes A Funny Sound

This adorable little girl has discovered something amazing about her nose! Every time her dad pokes her little nose, it makes the most astonishing sound! What's even cuter is this little one's reaction when she figures out what's happening! How much cuter can she get?

Published: April 19, 201713 views
Dog Food Disaster28s

Dog Food Disaster

Looks like someone got into the large bag of dog food while mom wasn't home, but it turns out it wasn't the dog who made the mess! In fact, this dog food disaster was made by none other than the little kid who got a little too bored for a little too long! Mom is not going to like this!

Published: April 19, 201719 views
Talented Toddler Learns New Tunes39s

Talented Toddler Learns New Tunes

This kid has got some serious musical talent, especially for someone so young! All it takes is just a few musical notes from his dad to follow, and off he goes! There's no question that he gets his musical genius from his dad! We've got quite the dynamic duo in this room!

Published: April 19, 201711 views
Birthday Candle Blunder1m29s

Birthday Candle Blunder

Some birthday candles are trickier to tackle than others! The only thing this little boy wants on his birthday is to take a bite of his yummy cake, but first he has to blow out all of his candles and make a wish! He tries to blow out his candle in the cutest way possible!

Published: April 19, 201710 views
Trouble Making Turkeys Cause A Traffic Jam29s

Trouble Making Turkeys Cause A Traffic Jam

This has got to be one of the most absurd traffic jams of all time! Who would have known that a group of wild turkeys could cause so much entertainment as well as so much trouble? What does it take to move a large group of wild turkeys away from the car? There's one way to find out!

Published: April 18, 2017102 views
25 Cutest Kid Bathroom Fails Ever6m31s

25 Cutest Kid Bathroom Fails Ever

It seems like kids have the most fun no matter where they are! But sometimes the fun can get a little out of hand, especially when it comes to some seriously epic bubble baths! You won't be able to keep from laughing when you see these hilarious bathroom fails!

Published: April 18, 201712 views
11 Cute Kids And Pets Riding Roombas3m07s

11 Cute Kids And Pets Riding Roombas

Look out world, these cute kids and pets have discovered a new great way to get around the home! These cool cats have found that roombas make for great vehicles when you're feeling a little lazy! You won't find a more adorable use for these automatic cleaners!

Published: April 18, 2017106 views
9 Hilarious Bird Brains6m08s

9 Hilarious Bird Brains

Sometimes birds can be the source of some seriously hilarious antics! Don't believe us? Take one look at these hilarious bird brains and you'll be rolling around the floor laughing for the rest of the day! From chickens to turkeys, there is a whole lot of laughter to go around!

Published: April 18, 201785 views
Baby See Baby Do!35s

Baby See Baby Do!

It doesn't take much for these adorable siblings to have some fun! When this older brother starts breaking a new dance move, his little brother can't help but follow his lead! This is one dance move they call, The Wobble Wiggle and it's going to be the newest dance craze in town!

Published: April 18, 201715 views
Aligator Steals The Catch Of The Day24s

Aligator Steals The Catch Of The Day

What would you do if you were just about to reel in the big catch of the day and an alligator came along to steal the big fish? Well that's exactly what happened to this kid on this unfortunate fishing trip! But now they've got a good story to tell when they get home!

Published: April 18, 201789 views
12 Dogs Have A Bad Hair Day2m35s

12 Dogs Have A Bad Hair Day

We've all had those days where our hair did not want to cooperate very well at all! Well, it turns out that it's not just us humans who have had some rough hair days! These adorable dogs are having a bad hair day but that doesn't keep them down for very long!

Published: April 18, 2017127 views
The Perfect Squirrel Deterrent!24s

The Perfect Squirrel Deterrent!

Squirrels have become much more clever when it comes to stealing food from our backyards and birdfeeders! Well this person might have found the perfect solution to keeping these pesky squirrels from taking all the birdfeed! Take a look at this simple but genius solution!

Published: April 13, 2017Updated: April 14, 2017271 views