Electric race car officially unveiled by New Formula E championship series

Reuters Published January 7, 2014 4 Plays

Rumble / Full Throttle CarsNew car designed to dispel idea that electric cars can't match the speed of conventional vehicles. Jennifer Davis reports.

If you think an electric car won't have the speed of one powered by gasoline - the new FIA Formula E electric race car may change your mind.

The fully electric race car made its debut Monday, taking a high speed spin on the Las Vegas Strip near the Mandalay Bay Resort without any exhaust pouring into the crowd of spectators.

Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag shared his vision,

"Formula E wants to have more electric cars in cities around the world. We want to promote electric cars, to change the perception of electric cars, and to show them racing. We think it's going to change that perception."

The race car can go more than 150 mph, and the former Formula 1 driver behind the wheel during this demo, says it drives impressively.

Last month, actor Leonardo DiCaprio announced he will be co-founding a team in the environmentally friendly championship.