Germany Holds 45th Annual Horn Sledge Race

ReutersPublished: January 8, 20141,120 views
Published: January 8, 2014

Daredevils and drinkers don their helmets and head downhill at the annual horn sledge race in Bavaria. Sharon Reich reports.

It is all going downhill for the participants of the 45th horn sledge race in this small Bavarian town south of Munich.

And while it's no match for the bobsled, the horn sledge can hit speeds of more than 50 miles per hour.

This year, close to 90 teams are competing in the annual event.

Racers Sabine Stahl and Eric Huber say this is one championship where tradition trumps a first place finish.

"I have to say it's about the team spirit. We started with a men's team who motivated us, because there were so few women's teams. Today we are taking part for the tenth time and we think it's great, the community. Hopefully we make it down in one piece and get a good ranking," said Stahl.

"It really is also all about the preparations. The camaraderie, the preparing of the sledges, the having fun, the having a little drink, that is what the horn sledge racing is all about," added Huber.

That may be the case, but the piste is steep and the crowds lining the slope are looking for some action.

Last year's winning team finished in just 85 seconds ... Tough to beat.

But who knows - with a few bumps and bruises, this year's participants may just set a new record.

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