Shooting Boiling Water From Water Gun In Extreme Cold Turns Into A Surprise

ejern77 Published January 6, 2014 53 Plays

Rumble / Weird ScienceNormally when you shoot water from a water gun and it falls on the ground leaving marks. In the sand it makes small holes, while in the snow… Watch for yourself!

Dangerously cold temperatures from a polar vortex have gripped most of North America, breaking decade-long records in the process. A guy finds an inventive way to have some fun in the freezing temperatures. He decides to shoot off near-boiling water from a Super Soaker in -15F weather! This inventive guy filled a pressurized water gun, known as a “moose-soaker”, with near-boiling water and started firing it off his front porch.

Assumingly, you wait to see water coming out of the gun and making small holes in the white snow. But that is not what is happening. The water gun releases smoke instead of water. This shows how cold it is in this boy’s town.

He even tries harder, until he spends all the water left in the gun, but no! Nothing comes out of it, except the white smoke.

He smiles as he can not believe his own eyes. His experiment did not go as he imagined, but yes, "This is so cool" must crosses his mind.

I mean, I do not know what this guy expects, when even the water in the swimming pool in his backyard is frozen and has turned into a skating place!

However, the result can be either it is really cool-looking, or something we never want to see!