Lab-Grown Kidney A Potential Game-Changer For Renal Patients

ReutersPublished: December 20, 20131,347 views
Published: December 20, 2013

It's a tiny kidney, built from stem cells in a laboratory by researchers at the University of Queensland, among them, Dr Jessica Vanslambrouk. She notes, "It's only a small structure but because it's similar to what you see in embryonic kidney it's an exciting step forward."<br /><br />
For people with chronic kidney disease, it might be a breakthrough. Not only could a bio-engineered kidney be used to test new drugs, it could also, one day be used to replace a<br /><br />
diseased kidney without fear of rejection, eliminating the need for dialysis or human-to-human transplant.<br /><br />
The University's Professor Brandon Wainwright says, "It is difficult to put a time on how long it will be before we turn this into an actual functioning kidney. I mean two years ago we would never have dreamed that this was possible and today as we stand here we can see that it is completely possible."<br /><br />
The researchers say the development bodes well for renal patients...while demonstrating how powerful the field of tissue bio-engineering is likely to become in the future. Credit: Reuters

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