We're back! Behind the Scenes Baby Snake Eggs10m12s

We're back! Behind the Scenes Baby Snake Eggs

After 25 days of closure, we are back open and ready for to share our reptile collection with everyone! We are so grateful for all of the support during this time and are looking forward to finishing the final wing of the expansion by early 2018! Now the questions is when are you visiting? Until the

Black Friday Sale at Prehistoric Pets9m23s

Black Friday Sale at Prehistoric Pets

Black Friday Sale Deals: To make your own deal and add to your snake collection call/text 714-900-1603 or 714-907-7312 -------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE for more Prehistoric Pets! - Watch mo

Tricky Dwarf & Zoo Tour10m16s

Tricky Dwarf & Zoo Tour

Happy Thanksgiving to all our USA friends! Snake eggs are a great way to celebrate any holiday right? Here at Prehistoric Pets and The Reptile Zoo we sure think so! Join us as we prepare these soon to be baby pythons for incubation PLUS if you watch until the end you'll see everything we've been up

WOW! Giant Snake Eggs PLUS Behind the Scenes Zoo Demolition11m42s

WOW! Giant Snake Eggs PLUS Behind the Scenes Zoo Demolition

Thank you so much for the support! Check out our Patreon and check out the sweet rewards for joining Team Living The Dream Every $1 donated helps build the zoo for you to visit and allowing us to create entertaining and educational content here! Today's vi

Will we hit the odds for a WORLD'S FIRST SNAKE?10m22s

Will we hit the odds for a WORLD'S FIRST SNAKE?

Today in our reptile room we're looking to produce a snek genetic combo that's never ever been seen on the planet a Sunfire Mochino Albino Genetic Stripe ! Do you think we can do it? The odd say yes, but with baby pythons you never know what you're going to find in the egg. Either way we'll be happy

Always Use Protection with Big Snakes6m54s

Always Use Protection with Big Snakes

The long-awaited Panda Pied retic clutch is finally here, but we still have to wait just a little bit more for the baby python eggs to hatch! Can you hardly handle the wait, because we sure can't! Until then Jay's going to use his handy eye protection which also helps him look ultra cool. Living The

Are you ready for your own python?4m37s

Are you ready for your own python?

It's that time of year! Black Friday at Prehistoric Pets is starting a bit early because JT just couldn't wait to start making killer deals on ball pythons, retics, and more sent right from our reptile collection to their new homes. To snag your own deal send him a message on IG & FB @BuyAReptile or

New Announcement & Fresh Snake Eggs8m14s

New Announcement & Fresh Snake Eggs

We asked. You answered. Now we find ourselves on Patreon and we are so excited for what could be possible with the support of our fantastic fans! Check it out at In this video we announce the launch of our official Patreon page where you'll have an opportunity to o

FINALLY Snake Genetics Explained in our Reptile Room!5m21s

FINALLY Snake Genetics Explained in our Reptile Room!

Today we slow down just a little bit to answer one of the most common questions in our snake videos, what exactly do all the reticulated python names Jay throws out there really mean? In this first video, JT starts in our reptile room with the basics with Codom genetics including Tiger, Motley, Sunf

Throwback Thursday Top Snakes... But From When?14m23s

Throwback Thursday Top Snakes... But From When?

We love looking back at the amazing reticulated pythons we have had the opportunity to produce in our snake collection over the years through selective breeding and this video is full of some of the best but of when? Any guesses? Better yet are any of these snaks still in your top 10? How about the

Snake Egg Time Machine12m08s

Snake Egg Time Machine

Looking for some instant gratification? How about a throwback thursday video where we get to watch a giant mother retic from our snake collection lay the eggs, then like a magic time machine we watch as Jay and Tim help the baby snakes hatch and take their first breath. Talk about Living The Dream!!

Doubling the World's Only Snake Collection11m39s

Doubling the World's Only Snake Collection

We love some our classic genetic stripe reticulated pythons, but add in the deep dark colors of mochino and you make something that is out of this world... literally! Watch as we double the population of these snakes on the planet with just one clutch! What would you do to see a world's only snake i

Snake Strike Close Call : Flashback Friday Top 10 Remastered8m23s

Snake Strike Close Call : Flashback Friday Top 10 Remastered

Ever seen that viral snake video and wanted to know more? Keep an eye out for our new Flashback Friday series with brand new intros by Jay Brewer, founder of Prehistoric Pets. This week the team has a crazy experience with a big beautiful python who refuses to let her eggs go quietly. -------------

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Top Ten Royal Pythons5m09s

Top Ten Royal Pythons

Ball Pythons may be a bit smaller than a reticulated python, but boy do they pack a punch with genetics! We've narrowed it down to a top 10, but can you narrow it down to just one? Python regius aka Royal Python are a great starter pet and with so many colors how can one resist? ------------------

Which World's First Python is Your Favorite?17m16s

Which World's First Python is Your Favorite?

Here's the reptile room tour that slipped through the cracks. Join us as we show our friend Seanie Monaghan some of our favorite first ever reticulated python morphs and we thought why not feed some alligators and snapping turtles at the same time? It's all about #LivingTheDream ! Seanie came in thi

Chris Chann Kickflipped into FACING Fear Challenge12m18s

Chris Chann Kickflipped into FACING Fear Challenge

We love when YouTubers come to visit so when Sam Pepper and Chris Chann gave us a call we knew it would be a good time, but I'm not so sure they knew what they were getting into! By the end of the behind the scenes reptile room tour we had wrapped them in giant snakes, introduced them to Alligator S

Kids Ask the Darndest Things at Reptile Zoo7m17s

Kids Ask the Darndest Things at Reptile Zoo

Just leave it to the kiddos to ask the questions we've all been dying to know! We are so glad to be part of shaping the next generation of herpers through visits to The Reptile Zoo and of course sharing our passion for animals right here on PrehistoricPetsTV! Do you have a little one who is in love

$100k Snake Selfie Worth It?18m35s

$100k Snake Selfie Worth It?

Worth it? Would you travel across the globe for a picture with a world's only snake? These guests sure did! Check out their amazing visit to see our reptile collection here in the zoo with ball python eggs plus behind the scenes access to our reptile rooms and hands-on interaction with crazy retic

Here Is What It Is Really Like Working As A Snakebreeder4m41s

Here Is What It Is Really Like Working As A Snakebreeder

No matter how unattractive a job seems, somebody is doing it. But here’s the surprise: they may feel more of a sense of pride and belonging than many of your average high status ­professionals. Stigmatized jobs, or “dirty jobs" as they are usually called, are often thought to be a certain path to an unhappy life. Snake breeding might not be a glamorous job; of course, it is smelly as hell and just the thought of those slithery critters makes your skin crawl. But someone has to do it, if for nothing else, then for the sake of preservation of the species, as well as for educational purposes. In order to keep those prehistoric pets happy and healthy, these men clean their enclosures from their feces, feed them the proper way every single day and make sure everything is in order with their young. Sure, they bang their fingers every once ina while and they get bitten every now and again, but it is all in a day’s work for a snakebreeder. Ever seen that meme? Today's #FlashbackFriday reminds us it's not all glamour when snakes are your passion! Usually it's a smelly dirty job maintaining a reptile collection of any size let alone multiple reptile rooms, but this dynamic duo wouldn't trade it for a desk job any day. #LivingTheDream

Jay's Last Video & He's Giving What Away?10m57s

Jay's Last Video & He's Giving What Away?

You heard it right this is Jay's last video.... until he get's back from vacation. Had you worried there for a second right? Never fear we've got so many cool snakes still to share there is now way we can quit now. Instead we're going to celebrate YOU with a giveaway! Comment in the first hour for y

Prehistoric Living the Dream Night Reptile Room Tour12m17s

Prehistoric Living the Dream Night Reptile Room Tour

You've seen the videos of all these beautiful multicolored pythons but how about seeing them in person? These lucky zoo guests got to do just that with a behind the scenes reptile room tour on a super sunday night! We invite our reptile friends out every couple months so make sure to hit that notifi

Throwback Thursday Snake Mutations4m32s

Throwback Thursday Snake Mutations

New video coming soon! But until then how about a Throwback Thursday from way way back in 2013 can you believe how many new reticulated python morphs have been created in the last 5 years!! WOW! Just imagine what crazy snaks mutation will come next, what if we could change the color of the snake eye