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The Olivet Discourse Bible Study

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Studying to show ourselves approved unto God is hard work! Journey along with us as we seek out the deep things of God, learning what to expect in the coming decades.
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    “All Eyes on Jerusalem in the End Times”- Is This Biblical? (Olivet Discourse 7) #shorts
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    Olivet Discourse Study 6: The First Seal, Corona/ Crown- Why So Much DISCLOSURE These Days?
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    Olivet Discourse Study 5: The REAL Secret of the Day of the Lord Isn't What We're Told!
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    Where Are TRUE Biblical Jerusalem and Israel??? (Olivet Discourse Study 4.5)
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    Olivet Discourse Study 4: The Fate of True Biblical Prophets; Finishing Up Matthew 23
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    Ye Shall HEAR of Wars and RUMORS of Wars- Olivet Discourse Bible Study 3.5
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    Olivet Discourse Study 3: Hypocrites, White Magic in Churches, Serpents Everywhere
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    Olivet Discourse Study 2: Christ Calls the Religious Leaders Morons. Maybe We Should Listen to Him.
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    Olivet Discourse Study 1: Woe to the Religious Leaders! Warnings, Warnings, Warnings