Baby Gorilla Delivered Via C-Section At San Diego Zoo

Reuters Published March 16, 2014 3,921 Plays

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsA baby female gorilla was born following a rare emergency c-section at the San Diego Zoo on Wednesday. Despite some complications believed to be related to the difficult labor, Zoo staff has confidence in the 4.6 pound baby.<br />
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"She's extremely strong. She can grasp, she kicks, she's vocal. Has a very strong, supple reflex. She looks around. She can hold her own head up which is pretty amazing" says Nadine Lamberski.<br />
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In the days ahead, an 18-year-old gorilla named Imani had shown signs of labor, but no signs of progress. She was then transported to the Safari Park veterinary hospital for an emergency c-section. The baby is currently receiving oxygen and fluids from the veterinary hospital, and the mother is recovering. It's Imani's first baby, and the 17th to be born at the Zoo.