How To Catch Em All::Pokemon Tutorial:: #290 Nincada, #291 Ninjask, #292 Shedinja

TheXseptionPublished: April 7, 201414 views
Published: April 7, 2014

In this tutorial series I will show how to "catch em all". I will catch all the pokemon from #001 - #718.

Today's Pokémon Locations:

#290 Nincada -

RSE: Route 116

FrLg: Trade

DPP: Eterna Forest with Poke Radar

HgSs: National Park (Bug Catching Competition on Thursdays and Saturdays)

XY: Route 6

#291 Ninjask-

All Games: Evolve Nincada at level 20 or above

#292 Shedinja-

RSE: Evolve Nincada with an extra slot in your party

Other Games: Evolve Nincada with extra slot in your party and have a spare pokeball

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