Video Game Weapons Brought To Real Life Via Boomerangs

Published April 6, 2014 272 Plays $0.20 earned

Rumble / Weird ScienceVictor Poulin shows off his collection of homemade video game and movie weapons which he brought to real life! He handcrafts impressive boomerangs for a living and all of these were made from scratch! Look up 'boomerangsbyVic' for more information on them.

This awesome guy builds boomerangs for living and here we can see some of his impressive collection. In this episode he brings to life boomerangs inspired from movies and video games. From the axe from Minecraft to a Batman inspired boomerang. Make sure you catch them all!
First he features a boomerang inspired from the movie Krull and the name of it is Glaive. Next is the tomahawk from Black Hawks II, Zombies. Our favorite is the boomerang inspired from Avatar, the Last Airbender. Watch the other awesome boomerangs that this talented man flaunts and be impressed by his impeccable job!

All boomerangs made by Vic from 'BoomerangsbyVic' are handcrafted with 10 ply 5mm finish birch. His hand-crafted returning boomerangs can be purchased online and make great gifts for someone you know that loves boomerangs.

The boomerang is a tool made and used by the indigenous Australians for hunting. Typically constructed as a flat airfoil and when thrown is designed to spin about an axis that is perpendicular to the direction of its flight.

You might not be able to purchase the chrome boomerang like the one Vic made, but you can certainly purchase one of his wooden creations, so feel free to check out his site and share this video with your friends!