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Poodle Refuses To Budge From The Car — But Watch When Her Owner Goes Around The Other Side43s

Poodle Refuses To Budge From The Car — But Watch When Her Owner Goes Around The Other Side

Every clip in the world wide web that shows someone throwing a temper tantrum is sure to become viral, and this clip is no exception! Every parent knows - you do not underestimate the power of a protest, whether it comes from your kid or from your dog and this woman just had a crash course in the skill. She just drove her apricot poodle in the car and is asking her to come outside on her own “Come, come to me” she says, but the poodle isn’t having it! Instead, the dog burrows her head in the car seat. “Come on, you can’t be here on your own, you have to come out, please”. When the woman sees that her please bear no fruit, she closes the driver’s door and walks to the other side of the car. Do you know what she finds on the passenger side? The dog isn’t there! The clever poodle knew that her owner would come on foot for her, so she changed sides! Game on, pooch! The woman closes the door and goes back to the driver’s side and can you guess where the poodle was? Yep, back to the front passenger’s side. We don’t know if she is super smart or just really set on annoying her owner! Either way, it is hilarious!

Published: July 14, 2016Updated: July 15, 2016428,061 viewsVirality: 7%
Car Comes Out Of The Wash And Straight Into An Epic Crash1m33s

Car Comes Out Of The Wash And Straight Into An Epic Crash

No matter how many are uploaded every hour, the world of the Internet will never have enough of car crash videos. No matter the circumstances or location, getting to witness something devastating like so makes you rethink your own actions and decisions, then throw everything in the air and say “to hell with it, I’m going to live my life”! The ones that the Internet seems to really love to see are those that happen under really shady circumstances. Maybe the driver mistook the gas pedal for the brake and instead of slowing down, they drive right through a store window, or in this clip’s case, they jump from a platform and into a street! Who knows what happened to this driver or what made them think they could just cross into the street. At first, it seems like nothing is happening; an SUV is seen exiting the automatic carwash in San Diego and turns left. Maybe a car will come from the opposite direction? But then, a white Toyota SUV comes out, crawls for a while, as if to check for oncoming traffic and instead of turning left, they drive straight ahead. It seems that driver didn’t notice they were actually on a platform five feet off the ground! So the car dives, nose down, into the street below, crashing a fire hydrant on the way down. At least they got an extra wash for the engine as well.

Published: December 10, 201689,147 viewsVirality: 16%
Baby Cannot Stop Laughing At Pet Dog2m27s

Baby Cannot Stop Laughing At Pet Dog

Videos of cute, adorable babies have always seemed to dominated the internet. There is something about the innocent little child laughing and making funny faces that cannot help but to make us smile and laugh as well. That seems to be the case with this adorable clip right here! Little Chase Melloway of Hallsville, MO laughs hysterically while watching his lab Zoey catch green beans in the air at dinner time with his mom and dad. Now that is some contagious laughter right there! No wonder these types of video conquer the internet! They are just so adorable and cute! When the baby laughs, you cannot help but to laugh along with him! While the baby found the dog funny, we seem to have found the baby funny! These two are adorable together and must be the best of friends! Talk about cuteness overload! Hopefully when the baby grows up and sees this video, he will laugh at it as much as we did! Does your baby laugh at random things? What did you think of this video? Let us know down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile too!

Mom Gets Cutest Reaction After Asking Two Dogs If They Want A Ball28s

Mom Gets Cutest Reaction After Asking Two Dogs If They Want A Ball

No matter how old they get, dogs will always be adorable. They can be capable of such antics that it will leave you in stitches because you laughed so hard. Some dog breeds do this thing with their heads - they move it side to side, as if they are attempting to understand what you are doing or saying to them and it is one of the most adorable things to watch. Both Huskies and German Shepherds are known to exhibit this kind of behavior and we are loving every second of it! The look of confusion on these two is just priceless! Their owner is asking them what they were thinking about and they keep tossing their heads left, then right, like they are just waiting for her to guess right so they can all go and do what they were thinking about. When the owner asks if they were thinking about playing, the younger one looks at the other, like “Bro, were we thinking about playing?” Then she asks if they were thinking about eating, but they just ate, so they will have to wait for the next meal time. The two brothers toss their heads so much at this point, it is almost as if they are saying “No, we didn’t”. Can these two get any more adorable? We could watch them turn heads for hours and not get bored!

Published: January 12, 201744,696 viewsVirality: 6%
Kitten Adorably Asks His Sister For Help Getting His Toy37s

Kitten Adorably Asks His Sister For Help Getting His Toy

We might be biased when we say this, but having a bigger sister is truly a blessing. Sure, they might “throw us under the bus” for something they did and we will take the blame, but that is just because we love them so much! They help us stay out of harm’s way, teach us all the good things that mom and dad can’t, because they are already way older and can’t remember some of the stuff, and they can be the best partners in crime in the world! This goes for every species on the planet, even cats! These two partners in crime will melt your hearts. We see baby brother Orange jumping towards the window, because that’s where his toy is, but no matter how high he tries to jump, he just can’t do it high enough. That’s when big sister Q come to play. She climbs on the bed and looks towards the window. Orange keeps meowing, looking towards his sister, then towards the window. Q takes a good look at the distance she has to cross, then jumps off the bed and with two adult semi-jumps, she catches the cat toy from the window and gives it to her brother! Can we say how amazed we are with their communication? Scientists have said that cats down meow to each other, because they have other means of communicating, but this was just astounding! Go, big sister!

Published: April 6, 201760,626 viewsVirality: 6%
UFO Caught On Footage From Airplane Window34s

UFO Caught On Footage From Airplane Window

There are many things in this universe that we do not yet understand. It is those mysteries that make the universe so interesting. One of the most famous and most asked questions surrounding the universe is if there is other life out there besides us. There are people that believe in that, but then there are some that do not believe that one bit. No one will truly know until either side is confirmed. It seems that this video right here may have just answered that debatable question. A passenger aboard a commercial airliner recorded footage of an apparent unidentified flying object over Iran. What do you think it could be? Have you ever witnessed any strange sights from the window of an aircraft? Just by the size of the universe alone, it is hard to imagine that we are the only life to exist. Surely there must be some life out there other than us, but once again that is up for debate. It is unlikely that the flying object in this video were some sort of extraterrestrial trying to contact us but then again, you never know. Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely surprise them!

Published: November 4, 2014Updated: November 5, 2014842,864 viewsVirality: 25%
As Mom Drives Down The Road, Shiloh Shepherd Dog Howls To Queen's 45s

As Mom Drives Down The Road, Shiloh Shepherd Dog Howls To Queen's "We Are The Champions"

An amusing video has emerged of a Shiloh Shepherd dog howling to Queen's "We Are the Champions" in her owner's car. The footage, shot on Wednesday while on a trip between Montgomery, AL, USA and Miami, FL on February, shows Annie Aul lip-synching to "We Are the Champions", while her dog Lola adds howling back-up vocals. She doesn’t just howl, you see, she is actually, somehow, following the tune! That is beyond awesome, that is outstanding! At first she seems uninterested at what is going on the in the car, but as soon as the lyrics start, Lola can’t help herself and starts following Annie in her lip-syncing and very loudly! She even lifts her head up when the chorus starts! From what we can “read” from Annie’s face, it seems that "We Are the Champions" is Lola’s favorite song! We are honored that Annie decided to share this video with us! If this dog looks familiar to you, it is because Shiloh Shepherds were actually bred from German Shepherd dogs back in the 70s. The only difference between the two breeds is that Shilos are quite larger than GSDs and were bred to be far less territorial. Do you have a singing pooch of your own? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Published: June 28, 201781,002 viewsVirality: 6%
Hilarious Conversation Takes Place Between A Little Girl Named Pixie And A Baby Goat 21s

Hilarious Conversation Takes Place Between A Little Girl Named Pixie And A Baby Goat

What an awesome video! There can not be anything cuter than a baby girl and baby goat, conversing in their own, unique way! While visiting a farm with her parents, this little girl had the pleasure to be acquainted with a baby goat. Immediately, it was evident that the two share a sparkle. Tiny babes have their unique language - we all knew it when we were that age, but had to forget it, so we have absolutely no idea what the two were talking about. The little girl, named Pixie, is able to understand what the kid is saying! When the goat bleats, the baby answers in the exact same manner! They coerce them to keep on going and the kids don’t even think twice, the goat bleats and the girl repeats. This is just astounding! Could it be that a tiny blond toddler is a goat whisperer? The two kids seem to have a very deep conversation, but the adults are having a blast watching and hearing them. This is too precious, we wonder what they are talking about in their deep conversation. Pixie needs to watch this clip when she gets older, she will definitely have a good laugh! Have you ever seen a baby and a goat communicating before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Published: June 1, 2016337,642 viewsVirality: 4%
A Man Tosses A Treat At An Orangutan, The Orangutan Decides To Return the Favor1m09s

A Man Tosses A Treat At An Orangutan, The Orangutan Decides To Return the Favor

Prepare to laugh and be amazed as this is one video that no one should miss! In this video, during a trip to Bali, Vitaly R. decided to go to a zoo. There, he went to the Orangutan habitat not realizing that he would meet a life long friend there. He decided to toss over a treat to his new Orangutan friend only to be surprised by it's response! The Orangutan picks up a treat of it's own and tosses it back to Vitaly! This video really does show how smart Orangutans can really be! This is absolutely amazing! Who knew that apes such as this one could make such good friends? Do we have to mention how smart this Orangutan is? You cannot help but to smile as the ape throws a treat back to it's new friend! Even Vitaly himself seems like he is really surprised by the response! This is one moment that Vitaly will remember for a long time! Aside from the fact that this Orangutan is really smart, isn't it also just adorable? It is so cute that you cannot help but to want to take it home with you! Unfortunately you cannot take something like this home with you, but you could always get some adorable animal plush's from Amazon! After all, who doesn't find plush's adorable?! So sit back, prepare to laugh, and enjoy this video!

Published: August 18, 201613,036,192 viewsVirality: 4%
Grandma Gets A Makeover That Makes Her Feel Beautiful Again2m24s

Grandma Gets A Makeover That Makes Her Feel Beautiful Again

Mary has been a big fan and when she came with her granddaughter she had some trepidations, at first. But we took off the length, got rid of the grey an brightened her whole look. Here is what she said: "Dear Christopher, I can’t thank you enough!! I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and liked what I was seeing! That hasn’t happened in a very long time. I walked into the salon not feeling very attractive, and walked out feeling pampered and pretty! You guys are fabulous!! Not sure you’ll get any good footage of before & after tho. I feel so dorky in front of a camera… I told Robert I wasn’t very photogenic. That’s Callie! But feeling pretty in the morning, right after I wake up, no makeup…. THAT is a miracle!!! Don’t know if you’ve watched any of the footage yet, but wanted to let you guys know my hubby LOVES it too! And tonight he called me beautiful. You can bet I WILL be keeping up the styling and makeup!! I didn’t think to say on camera, or to you or Robert, that I started a weight loss plan last April and this makeover was sort of a self reward! 30 pounds down!! It’ll be fun to come back to you in a year for another fresh look! :) I hope I wasn’t too difficult a client for you. I know it took a long time, and you sure looked tired by the end of the day. Who wouldn’t be when you run on full throttle all day long. It was such a fun day!! I just fell in love with you guys!! All of you… your Mom is such a sweetheart!! Now tell me your birthdays, an address to send them to, and I’ll make sure I send you more Perham treats… Because I LIKE you. Again, THANK YOU!!!!!! (((Hugs))) Mary Johnsen" What an amazing and heartwarming moment this is. Please share this with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile!

Curious Cockatoo Is Blown Away By Steam In The Kitchen31s

Curious Cockatoo Is Blown Away By Steam In The Kitchen

Doesn't this steam look so fascinating? It definitely looks fascinating to this adorable cockatoo named GIZMO. This is its first time ever seeing steam. He seems very fascinated. He stretches his head out as much as he can, trying to get closer and closer to the steam. Gizmo really wants to take a bite out of this steam, he tries with all his might to eat the steam with his beak but it doesn't seem to be working out. Gizmo is also very flexible! He turns his head trying to get even closer to the steam, so hilarious. He is one interesting bird! Cockatoo's are very affectionate animals. They usually have very strong lifetime bonds with their owners. Sometimes cockatoo's will get very sad if you're not near them or showing them enough attention so give them as much love as you can! They eat fruits, nuts, seeds and insects. They are very intelligent creatures but they don't like to get bored, they love to have lots of excitement in their lives! Do you love cockatoos but just don't have enough time to take care of them? Check out this adorable cockatoo stuffed animal that is a great cuddle buddy! Have you seen other funny moments like this one before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Published: June 12, 2016Updated: June 14, 2016100,873 viewsVirality: 13%
Man And Bear Both Scare Each Other When They Have A Surprise Encounter21s

Man And Bear Both Scare Each Other When They Have A Surprise Encounter

Animals really do make great videos. They can be so funny and silly that they cannot help but brighten up your day. In this hilarious video, check out as two unlikely beings encounter for the first time! We are not sure who got the bigger fright here, the man or the bear. A gentlemen near Lake Tahoe had a surprising close encounter with a young bear cub searching for food. The bear was seen crossing the driveway of a home in the area and reached the corner of the house at the same time as the man. Both got a fright at the sight of each other and ran away. Some animals, like bears, can be really scary so it is no wonder this man decided to bolt in the other direction when seeing it. What is really funny though is the fact the the bear ran away as well when seeing the man! We always picture bears as these ferocious animals that like to eat people as an afternoon snack, but it seems that this is not the case! That bear is a real scaredy cat, or should we say a scaredy bear! Either way, this is one hilarious video that you are not going to want to miss! Please share this funny and amazing video with all your family and friends as they will surely get a good laugh out of it!

Published: March 17, 2017427,548 viewsVirality: 6%
Family Circled By Great White Shark While Boating On Lake Macquarie In Australia 2m20s

Family Circled By Great White Shark While Boating On Lake Macquarie In Australia

While boating on Lake Macquarie in Australia, this family is visited by a looming great white shark that slowly circles the boat. The massive shark is easily 2.5 meters long and very interested in the attention it's getting. Listen to this family's hilariously nervous commentary as they never let the massive creature out of their sight! As scary as sharks may seem, they are an essential part to the delicate balance of the ocean's ecosystem. They help keep the oceans food web in check by consuming on older, weaker species that are a determent for other fish. When witnessing a shark, there is really nothing to fear as Hollywood likes to portray them as big, ferocious killers when in reality there are generally peaceful creatures if unprovoked. Sharks are some of the worlds dwindling animal populations that need to be saved. They could go extinct within this century if we are not careful. No animal deserves to be extinct as a result of our carelessness. Aside from all the serious stuff, this family's reaction to spotting the majestic beast is hilarious. The kids are panicking, with one of them threatening to turn the boat around! The only calm one her seems to be the father, as he keeps reassuring his family that everything will be alright. Please share this video with your friends and family as they will surely not want to miss this!

Published: February 19, 2016Updated: July 26, 2017317,179 viewsVirality: 25%
Highway Footage Shows Unexplained Car Disappearance 24s

Highway Footage Shows Unexplained Car Disappearance

A CCTV highway camera captures a bizarre moment featuring a speeding car disappearing without a trace. This is the last think you would expect to see on a video recording of a highway. The way the car disappeared is quite odd, it looks like it has been zapped away. This reminds us of an alien invasion where the alien spaceship attacks people from down below. This is probably not the case in this situation! Most of us aren't experts, but it's pretty safe to say that some editing was involved in this clip. Even if editing was done, this is still very impressive. It is still surprising to see the car vanish. Imagine if this did occur and there was no editing, the cars around the car that vanished would be in complete shock, it might even have caused an accident. Police would definitely be visiting the scene if this occurred. Either way, this is an exciting video to watch. Have you ever seen something disappear in front of your eyes? Have your eyes played tricks on you before? Let us know in the comment section down below! Check out this video of the car disappearing in the middle of the highway!

Published: May 8, 2014Updated: May 9, 20141,111,731 viewsVirality: 30%
Dad Makes Hilarious Lip Reading Video Featuring His Newborn Son1m07s

Dad Makes Hilarious Lip Reading Video Featuring His Newborn Son

Children and babies bring so much joy into our lives. Sure, they can be a lot of hard work to raise, but the amazing and memorable moments that they create heavily out way the challenges. One memorable moment was created in this clip here as this hilarious father does something unexpected with his baby. This is one clip that you are not going to want to miss! If babies could talk, what would they say? In this 'Bad Lip Reading' segment, a father voiced over potential "nonsense" which could have came out of his little guy's mouth! The outcome is adorable! From 'epoddle'. This video is so adorable. The audio matches up with the babies actions so perfectly! Who would have thought that a baby could talk so much? What we do know is that this makes for one entertaining video! Do we have to mention how adorable this little baby is? Hopefully when he gets older he will laugh at this video just as much as we did! Do you have any funny or memorable family moments that you would like to share? Let us know down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile!

Published: August 4, 2014Updated: August 6, 20141,068,560 viewsVirality: 14%
Adorable German Shepherd Can't Figure Out Growling26s

Adorable German Shepherd Can't Figure Out Growling

This German Shepherd is so unique! Most of us expect to hear a very loud bark from a dog, but this funny german shepherd has its own cool sound! Why have a normal dog bark when you can make some pretty great alien-like noises, so funny! This is very amusing to watch! It sounds like this dog is making high pitch sounds and low pitch sounds at the same time! How is this dog doing that? This must take a lot of talent! How can you not smile at this adorable German Shepherd? What a great was to brighten up our day! German Shepherds are very friendly dogs. They love to meet new people. They are not only friendly with their family, but also with strangers too. They are so welcoming! What a great companion to have by your side! They are very intelligent dogs and have a high tendency to bark and howl. We can tell from this video, that this dog loves to show off his unique growl sounds, so cute! Its not everyday you get to meet a dog that barks like this, this dog is a special one! Does your dog have a unique growl like this German Shepherd? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Published: July 27, 2017132,180 viewsVirality: 6%
Adorable Kitten Has Precious Encounter With Husky38s

Adorable Kitten Has Precious Encounter With Husky

We all know that stereotype about cats and dogs being mortal enemies and that they cannot stand each other. Well it seems that this clip shatters the stereotype almost completely! Kuma and Tora could not be more opposite, one being a cat and the other being a dog. They do not let this be a factor of their friendship however as these two share an incredibly cute moment in this heartwarming clip. They really do seem like the best of friends! This is one clip that you are not going to want to miss! These two are adorable! We could all learn a thing or two from this lovable duo; that you can be friends with anyone despite the circumstances of ones birth! These two set friendship goals for all of us to follow. Surely they will be the best of friends for a very long time! These two must do everything together; eat, sleep and even play with their toys together! Overall they seem like very happy animals. Their owner must take great care of them, making sure they are happy, healthy and providing them with the best pet supplies. This is one adorable duo that you will surely remember for a long time!

Published: July 20, 201769,349 viewsVirality: 6%
Security Camera Footage Shows Speeding Car Crashing Into Car Park34s

Security Camera Footage Shows Speeding Car Crashing Into Car Park

A video has emerged from Bulgaria showing a car crash through a fence into a car park. In the clip, which was filmed in Sofia on 2 July, the vehicle narrowly avoids two pedestrians before smashing through the fence and crashing into the car park in front of Sofia's The Mall. The security camera footage that overlooks one of the levels at The Mall shows a rather quiet, uneventful sunny day at the parking lot. Almost all the lots have been filled. We see two pedestrians crossing the upper level of the car park, when a car emerges behind them. It appears that it is slowing down, when all of a sudden it plummets towards the fence of the parking level, breaks through and slams nose first into an empty space on the level below. Another car approaches the site and stops at the smashed fence. Then the driver emerges from the car and runs towards the crashed vehicle, along with several other bystanders, in the hopes of saving the driver. According to the person who provided this footage, the driver accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brake. There were no reports of any injuries.

Published: July 6, 201785,380 viewsVirality: 37%
Dog Faces The Ultimate Bathtime Dilemma And Dad's Making It Rather Difficult35s

Dog Faces The Ultimate Bathtime Dilemma And Dad's Making It Rather Difficult

Dogs are creatures of few pleasures. They like their toys, going to the doggy park, taking a ride or just soaking under the water in the tub. Of course, all rules have exceptions, so not all dogs like to take a bath or go for a ride in the car. When the dog just doesn't like something, they will do everything they possibly can to avoid it. They learn the vocal cues their owners give and run away like hell fire was chasing them. So humans have to invent some quite ingenious ways to get their dogs in the car or in the shower. Dogs are too smart, even if they are silly. If it seems at times that they know exactly what we’re saying, it’s because they do. Take this dog facing a bath time dilemma, for instance. Dad asks whether she’d rather take a bath or go for a ride, and the pup reacts accordingly. She makes it very clear she wants to go on a ride. As for the bath? Not so much… Butterfly clearly would rather ride in the car for hours on end, just don't make her wet! It is cute to watch how clever she is, but please stop teasing her and take her for a ride!

Published: June 29, 2017Updated: July 3, 201755,473 viewsVirality: 5%
Neighbor Calls Police To Shut Down This Illegal Slip’N Slide, But Things Don’t Go As Planned31s

Neighbor Calls Police To Shut Down This Illegal Slip’N Slide, But Things Don’t Go As Planned

With police force staying out of the public eye for good reasons these days, one little neighborly misunderstanding turned into a free-style public relations stunt and a show and tell for the young ones. Video of North Carolina police officers enjoying a slip-n-slide with children in Asheville on July 2 has gone viral. Katlen Joyce Smith, who lives in Asheville, told local media that the slide was built for children in the block over the July 4 weekend but officers arrived on the scene after it was reported for blocking the road. The officers quickly established there was no problem and asked to join in the fun. “When the female officer asked for a garbage bag, we almost didn’t believe it. But she took off her radio and went for it,” Katlen told a news outlet, when senior officer Carrie Lee, who initially responded to the scene with her colleague officer Joe Jones. Officer Jones also wanted in on the fun, but the black garbage bags wouldn't fit him, so one of the neighborhood kids brought an inflatable raft so that he could have some fun as well! This video shows Officer Joe Jones filming colleague Carrie Lee taking on the slide. Credit: Katlen Smith via Storyful

Published: July 5, 2017133,732 viewsVirality: 9%
Owner Starts To Sing 'You Raise Me Up' But Dog Steals The Spotlight With His Voice2m53s

Owner Starts To Sing 'You Raise Me Up' But Dog Steals The Spotlight With His Voice

Junior is a French bulldog who makes for a good traveling companion, a good singing partner, and most of all, a good friend! When he is in the car with his two human companions, Walter Ledermuller and Emanuele Zaubert, Junior likes to sing along with them. It seems his favorite song is “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban and he can follow the tune almost perfectly! The black and white Frenchie is a huge fan of the car rides with his owners, Walter Ledermuller and Emanuele Zaubert, who document their rides and share them on Junior’s Facebook page! Junior's videos are going viral because of his talkative nature and the ability to imitate his human companion in everything they do. Walter and Emanuele like to sing every time they ride in the car and since Junior is surely in there with them, he has learned his owners' favorite songs and can now perform admirably! Singing is not the Frenchie's only forte though. One of the most influential videos where he has the leading role is where he is able to have a meaningful conversation with Emanuele in 5 different languages! Junior understands not just English, but also French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese as well.

Published: February 21, 2017167,990 viewsVirality: 3%
Woman Finds An Orphaned Baby Armadillo In Her Backyard — And Realizes It Needs Her Help1m46s

Woman Finds An Orphaned Baby Armadillo In Her Backyard — And Realizes It Needs Her Help

Whenever we think of armadillos, we’re usually reminded of the first scenes of ‘80s movies, beginning with armadillos on the highways across the desert, accompanied by the stray tumbleweed. However, this is not the case. This little guy has made a backyard his home for the past 3 days. Now named Dilly, his mother is no where to be seen. Dilly is usually left to himself so that he doesn't become too dependent, but user 'TYarber37' makes sure he always has plenty of water and leads him to bugs. He looks for her now when he hears her voice. Although your first instinct might be to rescue a wild animal you find in your back yard, or anywhere else for that matter, it might be the smartest choice to call a professional handler and rehabilitator to pick up the animal. Especially if it a young individual like this baby armadillo. If your property is in some rural area where wild critters are common visitors, then the local wildlife shelter should be on your speed-dial list. But before you contact the rescuers, make sure that the animal is indeed in need of assistance; check if it is hurt or otherwise incapable of running home on its own, but maintain a safe distance. If that is the case, wild life rescuers will do a far better job.

Published: May 18, 2015Updated: May 19, 2015865,481 viewsVirality: 1%
Dad And Daughter Pull Off Awesome Dancing Moves, Had Us In Stitches2m47s

Dad And Daughter Pull Off Awesome Dancing Moves, Had Us In Stitches

Josh Rinder and his six-year-old daughter Audrey are melting hearts worldwide with their adorable dance routines. The duo choreograph dances to songs they both enjoy, and the song of choice for this particular video was Justin Timberlake’s ’Can’t Stop The Feeling’. The video has over 198,000 views on YouTube at the time of writing. They took the chart-topper to new heights with their adorable dance routine, topped off with matching hot pink outfits. The audience went wild over the duo and we are melting over here, they are so cute! The video got so much viral Internet attention, Justin Timberlake himself wrote: “Ok. This just got real! This is the cutest damn thing EVER. Enjoy... #CantStopTheFeeling⁰⁰” on his Twitter back in May 2016 with the link of their YouTube video, just a few days after Josh uploaded this clip. This is not the first dancing routine that the adorable duo has performed for the public of the Internet. They had their first viral moment back in 2014, when they choreographed and performed a routine to Taylor Swift's “Shake It Off”. Bonding sessions between fathers and their daughters is extremely important, because other than growing the bond between a child and her parent, it teaches a girl what true love really feels like and little Audrey will grow to be a confident young woman, thanks to her dance routines with Dad.

Published: March 29, 2017328,120 viewsVirality: 4%
Rescue Dog Experiences A Bed For The First Time35s

Rescue Dog Experiences A Bed For The First Time

Watch as this 7-year-old bull terrier foster dog experiences being on a bed for the very first time. Her reaction is priceless and full of joy! When someone decides to adopt a neglected or abandoned pet, their stay in the new home is full of luxuries they have never experienced before. Love and affection aside, they get to sleep in proper beds and eat proper food, something that they probably didn’t know existed until that moment. These dogs have been denied proper care, regular meals and shelter, even the occasional trip to the vet and those lovely stays at the park. So don’t be surprised when your adopted furbaby starts zooming and running in circles with happiness when you give them their first treat or show them their new, soft bed! That is exactly what this dog felt like doing when her foster parents let her on the bed for the first time! She was so beside herself, that she felt like frolicking in the soft covers on her adopted parents’ bed. What did you think of the clip? Have your pets ever done something like this before? We would love to hear your opinion so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section below! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile!

Published: November 18, 20152,874,332 viewsVirality: 4%
Security Home Footage Shows What Cat Does While Alone1m15s

Security Home Footage Shows What Cat Does While Alone

Pets are wonderful companions that overall make our lives better. They are valuable family members that should be treated with the utmost respect and care. Cats are one such pet that many people have. Do you ever wonder about what they do when you are not home? Well look no further as this video explains that question! There is a lot to explore for this kitten when left at home all day. Check out this entertaining time lapse to see it all for yourself! Who would have thought that this kitten would do so much when it's owners are not home. Although it is limited to the space it could travel, she still moved around quite a bit considering. It was hilarious to see the cat moving to the kitchen sink so often. Surely there is not a cat in this world that is not fascinated by the kitchen sink! Pets are amazing and faithful companions that brighten up our lives. Sure they can be a lot of hard work to raise, but amazing memories like this outweigh those challenges a lot! Please share this video with any family member or friend that has ever wondered what their cat does when they are not home!

Published: July 24, 2017Updated: July 25, 201791,563 viewsVirality: 21%