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Baby Boy Is Upset After A Face-To-Face Encounter With His Twin Sister   55s

Baby Boy Is Upset After A Face-To-Face Encounter With His Twin Sister

Friends are the very important people who are always on our side, but we, one in the way or another, can choose them by ourselves, while brothers and sisters are given to us by what the older generation used to call "destiny". Brothers and sisters are first and foremost, part of our family, and over time they become our best friends with whom we have shared most of our lives. Relations between brothers and sisters are among the strongest. Of course, there can and will be difficult moments in our relationship, as well as quarrels, but they are also the people who, having spent most of our lives with us, know us better than anyone else. This bond is even stronger in twins such as these in the video at the top of the page. Having a sibling is sure a blessing, but sometimes it can be pretty hard. They are that one person who will steal your clothes, take too long in the bathroom, and play pranks on you, but in the end, you still love them. Right? Not so much according to this little guy who gets upset every time he sees his twin sister. Sometimes it can be really annoying to have a twin who looks exactly the same. Looking at the mirror can sometimes be creepy, especially if the mirroring image is moving and you are not. Having someone who looks exactly the same can have its advantages at times, especially if you want to set up a prank, or if you haven’t studied for a test. Otherwise, it can be really disturbing. Watch this hilarious video when twins meet face-to-face and baby boy burst into tears after staring at his sister’s face. The two babies are held so they face each other and the boy almost immediately starts to whimper. This baby boy starts to cry every single time he is placed in front of his twin sister. Can anyone explain why he reacts that way? Maybe it is because his twin sister sent him some mean vibes and the poor guy got the fright, or maybe it is the fact that there is someone else who looks exactly like him. Whatever life might bring, whatever struggles come up in our way, usually, in the end, we forgive our brothers and sisters for all quarrels and grievances, because the foundation of our relationship is the unconditional love that exists between us. Love that was given is that thin yet enduring thread that has tied and strengthened our bond through all these years. Do you want to know one interesting thing? Quarrels between brothers and sisters help them to grow emotionally, learn to control their emotional impulses and be flexible to put aside all those negative feelings that can be brought down on loved ones in moments of anger. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Worried Mama Cow Asks Man To Rescue Her Newborn Calf3m05s

Worried Mama Cow Asks Man To Rescue Her Newborn Calf

Flo is a cow who lives on a beautiful farm near Millbrook, Ontario. She spends her days in a lush, green pasture that borders on a country road. The cows have access to a nice pond for drinking and for cooling off in. She shares this pasture with a herd of cows and some newborn calves. Flo delivered a calf herself but it was born on a slope between the pond and the fence. It slid down and under the fence, becoming trapped outside the field. It's not clear how long the calf was lying there, but the fresh umbilical cord showed that it had been born that day. It was also dry, which suggested that it had been lying in the sun for a little while. The calf may have tried to get back to its mother but the electric fence made this impossible. Dave was passing by on the road when he saw the cows enjoying a dip in the pond to get out of the heat. He stopped to film the cows as they did so. He noticed a cow to his left that was acting agitated. Dave doesn't know a lot about cows but he knew it was unusual for a female to scrape the dirt and make so much noise. He set his camera on the fence post and watched, confused by what was going on. He could see that her ear tag said "Flo". He eventually noticed that she was looking through the fence and then back at him. She seemed a little frantic as she cried and he walked closer with his camera to see what she was doing. It became obvious that she had been asking for help. Dave saw her newborn calf in the long grass but he wasn't sure if her behavior had been a cry for help or a warning to stay away from her baby. The calf needed to get milk from the mother and he could also wander out on the road if something wasn't done. There was no gate nearby and Dave didn't want to try moving the calf far away from Flo. Dave decided that the best way to help was to lift the wires and push the calf under the fence. The calf seemed to be helping the man, but there was no way to avoid contact with the fence. Flo seemed to understand that her calf was being moved toward her, but Dave was very aware that only a flimsy fence would be between them if she became upset with what was happening. Dave was getting shocked and the calf was too. He hoped it would not cry out in pain before he could get the job done. Eventually, the calf was on the other side of the fence and reunited with his mom. The two immediately sniffed each other and began walking out into the pasture together. Dave spoke with the farmer and his wife, who did not realize that she had calved. They invited Dave to join them as they tagged the calf's ear and treated the umbilical cord with iodine. They checked the calf and found that it was healthy and unharmed. Dave took his camera along and filmed the two as they mingled with the herd. The calf wandered up to Dave for a curious sniff, as did Flo, seemingly recognizing him. They both wandered off and Flo's little calf was soon happily nursing as if nothing had happened. Although Dave was slow to catch on, Flo was obviously distressed and was aware that Dave could help her. She looked at him expectantly as she paced between him and her baby in a very clear attempt to communicate. We often underestimate an animal's intelligence and capacity for emotion. Flo showed a healthy amount of both in this case. You can't deny the love she felt for her newborn calf.

Adorable Baby Sings Before She Takes A Nap1m29s

Adorable Baby Sings Before She Takes A Nap

Children are precious little things and they know how to make our lives beautiful. They have ways to bring a smile on our face and brighten up our worst days. It doesn’t matter the nature of the activity they do that make us fall in love with them, but simply their energy is what provokes the best in us. And we couldn’t be more happy having them around us every day, all year around. Each child have different habits when it comes to going to bed or having a nap during the day. Some wants to hug their fluffy bear toys, some want a bedtime story, others want to have a chat with their parent while there are children who just want to sing before plunging in the bed covers. This cute toddler in the video can’t imagine taking a nap otherwise than singing a song together with her mom. She knows exactly when it’s her time to fill up the song with the E-I-E-I-O from the famous nursery rhyme “Old McDonald”. But as soon as she realizes that her antics come close to an end because she has to have that boring nap, she starts questioning the purpose of nap time, like really question it. Whenever her mom asks her something, she only has one question to ask her back and that is “Why?”, why this, why that when her final shriek of “why” is linked to Old McDonald. What a hilarious thing to do. She is amazing, isn’t she? We may not be one hundred percent sure of what this adorable little baby is saying, but it sounds like she has some tunes hidden up her sleeve! This little princess does not back down and does her best to fill in the gaps as her mom stops just at the right time! Good thing mom knows the lyrics! There's just something about a baby singing along with their parents that makes it so adorable to watch, especially when they try to keep going all by them self. Watch as this adorable toddler sings with her kind mother. Mom sings to her daughter in such way that she can follow along and just at the right time pauses so her little girl can take the spot light. The toddler can hardly even say real words yet but she's trying to communicate her happiness. This cutie is talking baby and has some serious sngng skills to share! The whole scenario looks perfect. The little princess is dressed in pink and stands in her sleeping basket. Don’t let this innocent appearance fool you. She sure knows how to throw in the words to this song even though she is really small. You could also sing along if you have a little girl by your side since this one is a great example! Another day, another tactic to avoid a nap! Watch as an adorable one-year-old questions her mother, she just wants to know "Why?". Most parents have definitely been in that situation before. Don’t forget to share your videos here!

Pooch Gets Overly Excited While Watching His Favorite Movie 1m31s

Pooch Gets Overly Excited While Watching His Favorite Movie

What’s your favorite movie? Is it a sports movie, a comedy? Maybe a love story? Doesn’t matter, we don’t judge. But one thing is probably certain, you have watched that motion picture so many times, you know every line by heart. You know every line, even when your favorite character takes a breath! We can say with utmost certainty that it is pretty much the same for puppies. Ever our four legged companions have their own favorite motion picture and whenever it comes up on the screen, they turn their heads left and right, whine and howl as things progress in the story. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this young giant. Zeus the English Mastiff puppy loves watching The Jungle Book. The 2016 movie is this little guy’s favorite animal-related story and he always watches it with incredible attention. If we were to ask what his favorite scene was, he will probably say “any one where the wolf pack howls”! Zeus has watched the movie so many times, he knows each howl by heart. Watch as the scene comes on, the wolves recite “the law of the jungle” and then they begin to howl, one by one. What does Zeus do? He joins in, because secretly, our big little pup wants nothing more than to be part of that pack. He is definitely dreaming big, and who could blame him - we all want to be a part of our favorite movie, even if it means just standing in the background as an extra. This pupper's reaction is by no means uncommon - the English Mastiff is a majestic and exuberant dog breed, and someone once described it with the following analogy: "What the Lion is to the Cat the Mastiff is to the Dog, the noblest of the family; he stands alone, and all others sink before him". This should pretty much give you a picture of this breed's character and habits. Lots of dogs actually enjoy watching TV, and we can't blame them, because you know, TV is fun. Even though they don't binge watch their favorite shows like we do (and thank God for that, because can you imagine the fights for the TV remote?), they like to spend time bonding with their owners while watching a show or two together. The thing is, sometimes they get a bit carried away in the show, especially when another pooch appears on the screen. Some dogs prefer sports games over TV shows, and it's no surprise since they love chasing after balls in real life. It may be a bit more frustrating though, since they can't actually catch the ball from the screen. Does your pooch have any hilarious behaviors like this one? Does it like watching TV with you? Nonetheless, dogs are a very important part of our lives and we tend to treat them as equal family members (some we love even more than our relatives, but let's just keep that a secret). It's nothing unusual, such is our bond - special and deep.

Sixteen Swimming Golden Retrievers Follow Owner’s Lead1m02s

Sixteen Swimming Golden Retrievers Follow Owner’s Lead

Among other things, people love to show off with their pets. They are treated as stars, as cute toy creatures that give one joy, or even ugly, but ridiculously funny pets. Pets are, and this is a fact, one of the top-5 keyword searches on the Internet. And rightly so, because the stories they appear in have the capacity to put a smile on your face and definitely make your day. This is why we decided to share this video of a bunch of Goldies taking a swim at the nearby river. So, drop everything, grab your precious cop of coffee and enjoy! A heartwarming video has emerged featuring a pack of sixteen Golden Retrievers going for a swim in the local river. Check out the incredible moment when they jump in unison, following owner’s lead into the water. Cuteness overload! A man from Samut Songkhram in Thailand took the challenge of making swimming even better. Every time he goes for a swim in the local river, he is joined by his sixteen Golden Retriever pups! Can you imagine over a dozen pups jumping in the river in unison, swimming next to each other, together with the owner, from one side of the river bank to the other? And they bark in unison too! We cannot help but wonder what truly motivates these dogs to go after their owner in such a panic rush, but one thing is for sure, they don’t want to lose his sight! Golden Retrievers are very loyal and protective of their owners, so we think that maybe they think that their owner is drowning and that is why they are in such a rush to help him out of harm’s way. Incredible! On the other hand, maybe they want to compete for their owner’s love and attention, so when they are in the water, it all comes down to who can swim better and faster, in order to get to the owner. The same old rule applies here, the swimmers are in the front, while the losers are in the back and they bark with envy! Whatever the reason, this is truly a sight to see for all lovers of this noble breed. Swimming is a fun activity for everyone, the cooling effect of the water, the sheer serenity of it, you either love it or you have it and we certainly love it! Swimming can be scary, but take it from these pooches and pups, all you need is a helping hand to get started, then everyone can join in on the fun. Swimming is for everyone. It’s a classic sport and a communal pastime. It can be scary when you initially start learning how to swim, but with a few tips and tricks, and support, you too can join in on the fun. Take it from these pooches, it’s certainly as easy as it looks! You need to risk it for the biscuit! If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!

Twin babies adorably perform Irish dance2m10s

Twin babies adorably perform Irish dance

Isn't this a sight to see? These adorable twins are dancing their hearts out to Irish music! They definitely know how to dance to the beat! Look at their perfect rhythm! It is incredible! Who knew babies could be so good at dancing? Awesome! Can we just take a moment to look at their beautiful outfits? Wow! Not only do they know how to perform, but they are performing in style! They are bound to get strong muscles in their legs from bouncing like that, that's a guarantee! If we ever want to learn how to dance to Irish music, we should definitely ask these adorable twins, it looks like they know exactly what they're doing! Look at the smiles they have on their faces, they are enjoying every moment of this. It is so nice to see! I don't think these little girls get tired, they are babies after all, they always have energy! I think we all need to take a moment and have some fun like these cute babies. It might make our day a little easier! Credit to 'JaseChar'. Check out some of these cute clothes your kids will love! They can be rocking in style just like these two dancing twins, nice!

Tiny Kitten Found By Caring Samaritan In Cardboard Box56s

Tiny Kitten Found By Caring Samaritan In Cardboard Box

Trash to treasure – these words perfectly describe the life of this kitten who was abandoned like trash and someone found it and treasured this little soul’s life. Oh how life can turn its wheel of fortune and things turn a hundred and eighty degrees and the wind of faith will flow exactly toward the opposite direction. Statistics show that in the United States alone, more than three million cats are given to animal shelters annually. If that is not a shocking figure, note that about one million and four hundred thousand cats are annually euthanized. Yes, euthanized! This is the sad and not only ugly but horrible truth. These figures tell us an undeniable conclusion – millions of cats are homeless and many suffer the death sentence for whatever reason it is, and it is not reasonable. They are living organisms just like us, humans. There are many shelters that accept unwanted and abandoned cats; there are organizations that are actively working for the welfare of pets but it seems that the need for more shelters, groups, organizations and people who will treat this concern seriously is very much in demand. The numbers speaks for themselves – can you imagine 1.4 million cats being euthanized in the United States alone? So, what could the figure be if the stats cover the entire world? What figure will it be if there is available data for cats killed or those cats placed somewhere with the intention of abandoning it because the owner do not want them anymore? The kitten in the video will melt the hearts of everyone who will watch it. Some may be angry because they are frustrated why someone would just abandon an innocent kitten in a box like a piece of trash. Others may be touched because at one point in their lives, they have done the same to a hapless soul. If everyone is a responsible pet owner, perhaps, the incidences of untoward treatment to cats will drastically be reduced. Once you decide to get a pet, have the conviction to handle whatever is necessary to take care of such pet. Learn more to know what to expect. It feels so nice to have a cat. Watching or looking at the video or picture of the cat, one may not be able to stop the urge of wanting to own such a cat. But, wait! Owning a cat comes with lots of responsibilities . It would be a selfish act to get a cat and have the pleasure of owning one without giving this cat the treatment every living organism deserves. Before owning a cat, please note that they proliferate fast. So, if you are not ready to take care of a family of cats, consider your options and weigh these options well before getting a cat. Cats are lovely, cute and very sweet. Imagine ending the day with so much stress but your pet will come and show unfathomable affection – all your negative energiy will evaporate into thin air for sure. Love them back and they will love you even more! Indeed, all cats deserve good life!

This Cat Is The Ultimate Fighter Against Spam Mail43s

This Cat Is The Ultimate Fighter Against Spam Mail

Mail people have the wackiest of jobs. On their delivery routes, they get to experience all sorts encounters, ranging from hilarious to downright life threatening. We couldn't even begin to imagine the stuff they get to see on the job everyday. Take this mailman, for example. This cat greets him every single day without fail. The cat is on a mission to make sure the mail man doesn't get a single letter through the mail slot! You won't believe what she does to keep the mail out! First of all, the cat is always on the windowsill and patiently awaits for the mailman to arrive. As soon as he approaches the door and begins stuffing the mail through the slot, she pokes her front paws outside and claws the mail! She even managed to grab his glove and pull it out! What does she even think that he is doing, throwing contraband or explosives? People, forget dogs. All you have to do is find yourself a cat like this one. Loyal companion, a brave guardian and a fearless warrior against the unfair stuffing of advertisements and unsolicited mail into your mailbox. She is low maintenance and can keep herself occupied for hours. Just keep her sandbox clean and you will both be happy!

Unlikely Animal Friendship Will Set Your Relationship Goals 32s

Unlikely Animal Friendship Will Set Your Relationship Goals

People say that cats and dogs are the worst enemies, and in most cases they really are. But not these buddies! here is a saying that dog is a man’s best friend, and that is so true. However, can a dog be a best friend to a cat? Cats and dogs have a reputation for not getting along very well. Some people even think that these animals are mortal enemies. While some cats and dogs might not get along, and honestly that’s 99 percent of the time, but that 1 percent give us hope that there are plenty of other pairs who actually love each other very much! Growing up with siblings is such a beautiful experience, and these two are probably as close as siblings are! They probably love to spend time together, eat together, sleep together and we guess small fights sometimes! These two lovebirds are setting some serious relationship goals ! While cats and dogs have usually been pitted against each other as mortal enemies, this adorable video shows that it's not always the case! Talk about the sweetest couple in the animal kingdom! Have you ever had a cat and a dog that were the very best of friends? It’s certainly not out of the question, as these sweet creatures usually don’t give a hoot what species their cuddle buddies are! Enjoy these two adorable cuddle buddies! Cuteness overload!

Dog Trapped In Hole For 3 Days Cries Tears Of Joy When Rescuers Finally Free Him1m24s

Dog Trapped In Hole For 3 Days Cries Tears Of Joy When Rescuers Finally Free Him

This is the heartwarming moment two women rescue a dog that has fallen into a hole. Footage shows the intense situation when rescuers arrive at the scene and pluck the muddied mutt to safety. A woman is seen climbing down the stairs and inside to hole in order to help the unfortunate pooch and take it to safety. Upon the rescue, the dog seemed dazed and confused into the sunlight, but soon settled down and gratefully wagged its tail as a thank you for its rescuers. Footage, filmed on July 8, 2018 in Lam Dong, Vietnam shows the unfortunate pooch crying from the bottom of the hole, asking rescuers to lend a helping hand . Reportedly, the unfortunate pooch was trapped in the hole for three days. In the video, the pooch can be seen looking up at the camera from inside the hole, begging to be lifted up and put to safety. We swear we noticed dog’s tears as it cried in relief at finally being rescued. What a relief! This is the heartbreaking moment two women rescue a dog from a hole that had its legs stuck around several pieces of wood. The unfortunate pooch must have accidentally fallen through the wood and inside the hole that might have served as a trap for wild animals. Fortunately, Good Samaritans heard its cry for help and immediately used a ladder to rescue the pooch. The saddening footage shows the pooch barking at its predicament, crying for help at two kind women help the pooch to get out of the unfortunate situation. It is still unclear whether the dog once had an owner, only that it had fallen down the hole, and would have died if these ladies weren’t there to came to the rescue. Animal lovers prepare a box of tissues ready as this is on emotional story. Do not worry as this clip will have you jumping for joy by the end of it! After being trapped in a hole this brave dog is finally rescued and this unbelievably beautiful story documented on camera for us to enjoy. Luckily, this dog now has a chance at a new and happy life. What a heartwarming and memorable story this is! Good thing that these compassionate ladies rescued this dog or else the unthinkable could have happened. When having a pet, you have to be prepare to take care of it and treat it with the utmost respect. Treat them as if they were your family because they really are a valuable member of your family. No animal deserves to be left at such predicament to die alone. The people who risked their life to save him are amazing people and should be praised. Heroes really do exist in this world. Faith in humanity restored! In another video, a dog got itself into serious trouble when it fell through a muddy hole . Dubbed in the past after rescuing spaniel Jazz from a muddy hole as the “Invermark Heroes” the Avengers Assemble were once again on a mission to save this unfortunate pooch! This is the heartwarming moment when rescuers found lucky patterdale terrier Charlie alive and well after falling into a 12.5ft hole of solid rock. The rescuers had to dug for over 72 hours over the course of 3 days in order to get to the lost pup! Patterdale terrier by the name of Charlie was dramatically pulled to safety after seven gamekeepers engaged in a 74-hour rescue mission to save the unfortunate pooch . These brave men first used hand tools and then industrial rock diggers to free the dog from under the pile of rocks. It is amazing how this lucky pooch managed to survive spending three days trapped under the heavy rocks. Naturally, shocked and confused, the little rascal was treated to a steak pie dinner following the rescue operation. Fortunately, Charlie is now safe and sound, enjoying the comforts of home after indulging on a whole steak pie. Fortunately, kind workers at the RK Services Ltd in Montrose loaned them the life-saving rock breaker and they were able to set Charlie free. Footage shows as they dig their way down the hole, making it through the final pieces of rock only to find Charlie alive and well under the rubble. Now, Charlie is adjusting to life again after being reunited with his grateful owner, enjoying the coziness of his home! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Boy Finally Receives The Puppy He Always Wanted 2m15s

Boy Finally Receives The Puppy He Always Wanted

When it comes to big surprises, there are only a few things worth really screaming about. A surprise vacation is always nice, and an unprecedented proposal is always really exciting, but there’s something about surprising someone with a living, breathing, adorable little bundle of joy that can make anyone weak in the knees. We are talking about puppies, of course! They really and truly are the one surprise that everyone will enjoy and the gift that keeps on giving! Every kid loves surprises, but when the surprise is a living, breathing creature, it somehow gives more value. Watch this heartwarming video and see the heart-melting reaction of this boy when he realizes he is to receive a new puppy. Check out how this boy reacts while he is reading a letter from his parents proclaiming their love for him by giving him a Weimeraner puppy. Waylon is 10-years-old Florida boy who never thought he would see this day come! He has asked for a dog for as long as he could talk. He knew his parents had a surprise for him, but he had no idea it was a puppy. They wrote a special message for him and asked him to read it when he came home from camp on Monday afternoon. His mom decided to video it so he could have it to remember and look back for years to come. However, his reaction was priceless and so heartfelt. “We have a special present for you, it's something you've wished for endlessly--always hoping and asking, please will you get one for me? We hope that you love her each and every day, be gentle and loving in your own special way. She'll be your best friend, the most loving of all, standing by your side whenever you call. As she grows, she will rely on you and teach responsibility, meet your new puppy, her name is Liberty!” How cute is that? Giving the child a puppy as a present, as you could clearly see in the video, gives the child a colossal amount of positive emotions. What can be more pleasant for parents than seeing a smile on their child’s face? And to make your kid rejoice sincerely, you just need to give him or her a dog! After all, this is the coolest gift in the world, do you agree? And it is not just for the smiles. Introducing a dog into your household means that your children will learn responsibility firsthand, they will also learn patience and see how difficult is, for change, to train and parent somebody else, they will feel compassion for their new best friend, and in the end, especially if we are talking about giving your only child a puppy, you can rest assured that your kid will never feel lonely and isolated as he or she will always have company. Remember when you were little and you kept nagging your parents for a pet of your own? Usually, it is a sign of growing up, showing that you are able to take care of another living thing. Our parents rarely gave into our demands for a pet, given how we were all so very young and still incapable of taking care of our own selves, let alone an animal. But we salute those who would let their kids have their wish because that is how one becomes independent.

Younger Brother Can't Stop His Shrieks Of Excitement After Big Brother Returns Home 1m47s

Younger Brother Can't Stop His Shrieks Of Excitement After Big Brother Returns Home

Before you start watching this video, be sure to have plenty of tissues on hand! There is nothing positive about war. It’s the ultimate downfall of humanity destroying the lives of all people involved. But sometimes it is necessary, sometimes it’s inevitable. War makes people grow old in the matter of seconds and children grow up even faster than that. It leaves devastation and it takes years and years to regain some semblance of normalcy. It’s traumatic and painful and it changes us from the inside out. It leaves scars behind, both physical and psychological ones and the best way to get rid of them is to accept the love our close ones are offering. Being in the military is hard for both the soldier and the family. It’s hard to leave the comfort and the love of your close ones and fly all the way to the other side of the planet, but it’s what’s necessary. It’s knowing that the sacrifices you’re making will guarantee the safety of your loved ones. This feeling solidifies the moment your feet plant themselves on home ground and you see the smiling faces of the people you’ve missed the entire time. There’s no better feeling than the feel of their arms around you the moment they spot you. It was a very special delivery in this homecoming surprise - as a soldier-to-be boxed himself up to surprise his baby brother with a visit home. Arriving home from school, Connor Dobbyn, aged nine, thinks he's in trouble with mum, Jessica Poth, for not warning her of a huge delivery to the house. "Hey, why didn't you tell me that Brad sent you something?" But little does he know this is all a ruse in anticipation of a surprise he'll never forget. Getting through the door at home in Cleveland, South Carolina, USA, little Connor can barely his eyes when he sees the huge box in the lounge with his name on it, letting half of a curse word slip out, much to the dismay of his mum. Peeling away the tape, Connor is startled by a voice that booms from the box, but as soon as he realizes it's his brother Brad Marek, the fourth grader erupts in awe. Brad was stationed away in Florida for months, training to be a soldier in the Army, so when it was time for him to go home for a visit, Brad decided to instead wrap himself as a present for his younger brother. It might have been the best homecoming idea we have seen to date! This is such a heartwarming and amazing moment. Being in the military can be very hard as you don't get to see your family as much as you would like. These two men deserve our thanks for serving their country! What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy! **Please contact video@catersnews.com to licence this content** Company Information: Caters Clips is owned and operated by Caters News Agency Ltd, an international multimedia content provider. We supply news, picture, video and feature stories to the world’s largest media publishers. All videos aired on this channel have been licensed from their rightful owners. For media / licensing / broadcast usages, please contact video(at)catersnews.com www.catersnews.com

Top 10 Interesting Facts About The Megalodon7m31s

Top 10 Interesting Facts About The Megalodon

There’s so little we know of our planet, and naturally it makes us curious as to what else is out there. This thirst for knowledge makes us push our boundaries and reach for the unknown. So far we’ve been able to see almost everything that’s above ground but there are many wonders lurking in the waters depths and the inside of our mysterious planet. We are reaching for the stars, but we know only a few percents of what the ocean waters hold. There have been many expeditions in the darkest parts of the sea, but we have yet to reach the bottom of the abyss. We have gone down to 35,858 feet below the sea’s surface, and if we ever want to go deeper and reach the ground, we would have to travel even further down inside the Mariana Trench under the Pacific Ocean, swimming down the Challenger Deep, the deepest section of the trench. The expeditions thus far have proven to be very fruitful, bringing knowledge of life in complete darkness in excruciating conditions. Just imagine what the waters hold even further down! If the shallow waters of the seas are anything to go by, we wouldn’t be very surprised if the depths have become a home to the most fierce of predators. Sharks as we know them can be nothing more than the size of a plankton for these creatures, and that is if we’re lucky. When we think of sharks, the first thing that comes to mind are their sharp teeth and beady eyes. These forces of nature can literally freeze the blood in our veins. Some of them are so notorious, they are known to be able to snap a human body in half. However, more gruesome than those instances are the shark corpses found in the ocean. If we think that sharks are dangerous, we need to think again because the dark waters are filled with forces to be reckoned with. Despite their ill reputation, we can’t ignore the facts that sharks are a masterpiece. They have lithe bodies that are able to thread waters despite their weight. And if you think that they are slowed down by their built, think again. They are so fast that escaping them requires a certain amount of skill, and an enormous amount of luck. It’s only normal that we are afraid of them. However scary the sharks may appear to us today, teeth remains speak of an even greater predator that used to roam in the oceans many many years ago. No, this is not a creature from a nightmare, but it certainly sounds like one. From their history, to their appearance, to the sheer enormity of this enigma, chomp on these facts! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Facts About the Megalodon . It is believed that it could grow up to be 60 ft long and it bit the fins off of its prey, to immobilize it. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Little Girl Suffering From Kidney Cancer Sings ‘Fight Song’ At A Wedding3m15s

Little Girl Suffering From Kidney Cancer Sings ‘Fight Song’ At A Wedding

One brave little girl showed incredible determination to beat the illness that has been trying to consume her when she belted out Rachel Platten's “Fight Song” at a family friend’s wedding. Anya Ottley took the floor with confidence, grabbed the mic and and started singing in a video that became an overnight viral sensation. The little heroine sung as she undergoes 28 grueling rounds in intensive chemo. She had been diagnosed with kidney cancer in November 2017. Her last treatment is due next month, after which she will have a “ring-the-bell” party to celebrate. Part of the event will be her performance of this same song which includes the lyrics “this is my fight song, take back my life song, prove I’m alright song.” She took the wedding as an excellent opportunity to practise her upcoming performance. Anya’s mom Kathryn said: “Anya is such an incredibly brave and beautiful little girl . Her performance at the wedding brought a tear to my eye and to several others in the room. It was fantastic to watch her and it made me so proud. She adores singing and she just wants to entertain all the time. She’s a huge Little Mix fan and dreams of meeting them one day. “When she started her treatment I promised her a ring-the-bell party when she gets better and told her she could sing at it. Anya asked me what the song should be and we thought about ‘Fight Song’, which fits really well. She wanted to sing at the wedding and I told her it would be a good time to practise it for her party. The mom, who is a school office worker, first noticed something was wrong with her baby girl when the usually energetic Anya became extremely tired after a party last November. Her dad Andy joined in on the concerns when he noticed a lump on her tummy as she lay on the sofa. After some blood tests and an MRI at Royal Bolton Hospital their suspicions were confirmed; Anya had a giant cancerous tumour in her stomach measuring about the size of a small melon. Her left kidney was removed completely and she underwent chemotherapy right away to completely kill the cancerous cells. “I’m so glad we caught it when we did otherwise we might be telling a very different story right now, I dare not think about it really,” the mom says. “I tried to stay really calm for her when she was admitted to Manchester because I didn’t want her to see me get upset...She even takes the chemotherapy in her stride. It makes her sick but she tells me it’s not too bad for her and that other children on the ward are much sicker. For now the pocket heroine continues to do her schoolwork at home, since her low immune system makes it hard for her to go to school. She also refuses to wear a wig, despite already having her own hair cut and donated for a wig. She says she does not want to hide her cancer .

Things Caught On CCTV We Simply Cannot Explain  4m05s

Things Caught On CCTV We Simply Cannot Explain

Welcome to yet another Slapped Ham video production, the YouTube channel with almost 500,000 subscribers that feeds you top 10 lists, countdowns, and facts about everything. Ghosts on camera. From a man getting possessed in a convenience store to a poltergeist tearing an office apart, we take a look at 5 ghostly spirits caught on camera. There is very little information available for the video in which a car just hits a ghost, so if you know anything or if you have heard something please comment in the section below. A CCTV footage shows a car driving down a parking lot, then, it seems to hit some kind of shadowy figure and then stops suddenly. The passengers get out of the car to see what they have hit but there is nothing there. There is another popular and no less shocking footage caught on CCTV that appears to show a man being possessed by a demonic spirit. It is very easy to dismiss this footage as a man having some kind of seizure, but do not be so quick to judge: watch closely how something reflects off the glass door and then things inexplicably fall down off the shelf. In a different security footage taken in an unknown grocery store, you can observe how a shopping trolley eerily moves across the room. At first, it is easy to think that someone has pushed the shopping trolley off camera but then it turns and wheels up the ramp all on its own. Makes you never go out shopping at night, doesn’t’ it? Located in Bolton in Greater Manchester, there is the Ye Old Man and Scythe Pub. The pub is reputedly the 4th oldest in England built way back in 1251 and sits near the Parish Church on the historic Churchgate, site of a famous Civil War execution. On the morning of February 14, 2014, the owner discovered a broken glass on the floor of the bar. When he went to check the CCTV footage he noticed that it stopped filming 06:18 that morning. The security camera filming up that time captured what it appears to be a hooded man standing at the bar. During the night of November 1st, 2012 at the Castlefield House in Manchester CCTV footage captured some terrifying events. As guards reviewed the security tapes they witnessed some kind of poltergeist as it ripped through the office building. After some hair-raisingly eerie goings on you can take a look in the video at the top of the page, it seems that the poltergeist suddenly decides to leave. Then, everything in the office returns to normal. Do not hide under your bed for the next ten hours. Be brave to venture from under your desk and tell us what you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1wn5P9a Check out this and more amazing top 5 lists on our website: http://slappedham.com/creepy-ghost-fo ... Come and chat with us: https://www.facebook.com/SlappedHam https://www.twitter.com/SlappedHam https://vine.co/u/1168786913193287680

Grizzly Bear Charges Kayaker While Rafting Down A River31s

Grizzly Bear Charges Kayaker While Rafting Down A River

Bears are extraordinarily intelligent animals. They have far superior navigation skills to humans; excellent memories; large brain to body ratio; and use tools in various contexts from play to hunting. Bears were often honored in the cultures of many early civilizations. They were seen as a symbol of power, strength, and love. A rafting tour on the Elaho River near Squamish, B.C. was surprised by a close encounter with a grizzly bear. The video of the wild encounter shows the rafters heading down the river when the bear, which appears to be a juvenile, dashes into the water. The young bear charged at one of the kayakers at top speed in the water. "Rafting trip. A dead elk had been on an island between channels. Mostly ravens and turkey vultures until that day. The Grizzly sized up both rafts and decided to bluff charge the safety kayaker until it got too deep." - says the video maker. This adventurous tour guide filmed the encounter on his GoPro camera. While grizzly bears are good swimmers, the kayaker managed to get away downstream. It looks like the rest of the rafting group made their way past the bear and was safe in the rough waters. Bears are not an unusual sight at this place but a grizzly bear charging at a kayaker is. Most grizzly bears will avoid humans if they hear them coming, but their behaviour can be unpredictable. Sometimes when bears bluff charges it is because they display defensive behavior trying to tell the unwanted guests that they are not welcome in the area .Fortunately for the kayaker, he noticed what was happening and managed to paddle away before the bear got too close. At first, everyone seemed amazed by the unexpected grizzly sighting. Shouts and laughter can be heard in the background, as the threat to the kayaker's safety wasn't entirely apparent. Grizzly bears are good swimmers and fast runners, and gain speeds of up to 65 kilometers an hour. When it became clear that the grizzly was heading straight for the kayaker, everyone fell silent. "Oh my god," one woman shouted. A loud, high-pitched whistle starts blowing. The kayakers are ordered to start back-paddling away from the bear. The bear eventually swam away, and it was confirmed that "everyone passed through safely." Two most important survival techniques that are useful to have in mind when you see a grizzly bear running towards you is don’t run and play dead. Though your instinct tells you differently, don’t listen to it this time because sooner or later the bear will catch you, you can’t outrun it unless you are an Olympic sprinter, so don’t bother running. When you run, the bear thinks you are a prey and will continue chasing you, so stand your ground. Grizzlies will stop attacking when they feel there’s no longer a threat. If they think you’re dead, they won’t think you’re threatening. Once the bear is done tossing you around and leaves, continue to play dead. Grizzlies are known for waiting around to see if their victim will get back up.

Workers Are Absolutely Scared Of One Happy Excited Dog1m46s

Workers Are Absolutely Scared Of One Happy Excited Dog

We always talk about how adorable dogs are! And they really are, they are the cutest they can be! We love them, the Internet loves them! Their love is truly remarkable and unconditional! Dogs are pack animals and to your dog, you are the leader of the pack. The dog looks to you for protection and guidance. When they are feeling uncertain or insecure about something, they will stick close beside you because you’re the world to them and they love and cherish you with all their heart! They give all the love they have for us, but sometimes they want some love also! Dogs have given us their loyalty , companionship, and they're absolutely all but most importantly, we are the focus of their love!! They can be there for us no matter what! They care about us like no one else. No one can understand true and unconditional love unless they are owners of a dog! They have the purest hearts! However, there are some people unfortunately who are afraid to feel this love and to feel the joy the hug and pet a dog! Just check out these scared workers! Their faces… priceless! A dog escaped from a neighbor's house and wanted to play with a team of workers who weren't having any of it. Eventually, they realized he wasn't a threat and gave him some love. This video occurred on July 17, 2018, Ouro Preto do Oeste, Rodnia, Brazil. We have always wondered, why are people are afraid of dogs? Is it because they find some breed scary or some kind of trauma that makes them run away and climb counters when they see them? The fear of dogs is called cynophobia! There are no settled or clear responses to this inquiry, nor a particular minute or time of life when it starts. Dread and its experience are to a great degree subjective. There is certifiably not a solitary reason; cynophobia may emerge because of a blend of conditions, and its seriousness may rely upon how early it begins. Contingent upon which source you counsel, pooch fear in kids can flourish as right on time as age 5 or as late as age 13. It can last into adulthood if untreated yet isn't constrained to youngsters or teens. The dread of dogs in grown-ups has grabbed hold of individuals as old as 20 years old and continued well into middle age. So, for all the people out there who have fear of dogs, we have to the sweetest video ever that will change your mind! This sweet dog cries when baby cries, then cheers him up ! Tali Yard’s dog Roxy is a great friend to her child owners. The dog noticed little Sam, from Riverton, Australia, crying and joined in too, with heart-melting results. “Sam was crying because his daddy left for work and didn’t take him with. Roxy sat by his side and cried until Sam stopped and smiled. She then gave him a little kiss on the nose and he was happy,” How adorable is that?

Baby Flower Girl Makes Unforgettable Wedding Entrance29s

Baby Flower Girl Makes Unforgettable Wedding Entrance

Marriage is a commitment to life, to the best that two people can find and bring out in each other. It offers opportunities for sharing and growth that no other human relationship can equal; a joining that is promised for a lifetime. Within the circle of its love, marriage encompasses all of life’s most important relationships. A wife and a husband are each other’s best friend, confidant, lover, teacher, listener, and critic. As a guest at a wedding, you wouldn’t want to outshine the bride, but one tiny little guest sure has made an entrance no one will forget – the bride included! This little flower girl knows how to make quite an entrance! The adorable baby makes her grand entrance into the wedding chapel on a kiddie car that is being pushed by the tux clad ring bearer! You don't want to miss out on this adorable wedding ceremony or the great reaction that it got from everyone! Her giggles and baby screams got the entire chapel in a fit of laughter. We sure had our daily dose of belly laugh . Wedding guests know not to ever outshine the bride, but that doesn’t stop this flower girl from well and truly stealing the show. All eyes are on her who makes one hell of an entrance at this wedding. She steals the limelight as she breaks away to freestyle her way down the aisle to the delight of the guests. Flower girls have been present at wedding processions centuries ago. Back when marriages were arranged by the parents of the couple for procreation purposes, flower girls were carrying sheaves of wheat and bouquets of herbs, to symbolize fertility. During the Renaissance, flower girls would carry strands of garlic, because it was believed to repel evil spirits (back off, Count Dracula!). Flower girls sprinkle the aisle with petals before the bride makes her entrance. And, in their adorable white dresses, sometimes even steal the show. But, they’re not just a part of traditional weddings to make the guests say ‘aww’ as they walk down the aisle; they actually signify the bride losing her innocence. The main focus of having a little girl walk down the aisle first, though, has always been to represent the transformation of the bride from a child to an adult. That is why they wear white dresses too, so they can look like a mini version of the bride. As the flower girl walks down the aisle she symbolizes the innocence of the bride fading away and her role as a wife and future mother beginning. So, even though the flower girl plays a minimal role in the wedding, she means a lot to the bride. And, come on, how could you not love an adorable little girl in a frilly dress and little white shoes bouncing down the aisle? Also curious about where the tradition of the garter at weddings came from? Here is how it got started. The symbolism of a flower girl is leading the bride forward, from childhood innocence to her adult roles as wife and mother. Today, they may still be tossing flower petals down the aisle, but more often they can be seen carrying wrapped candies, confetti of just a bouquet instead.

Unidentified Water Creature Spotted Plunging In The Sea In Croatia22s

Unidentified Water Creature Spotted Plunging In The Sea In Croatia

It turns out that the world that surrounds us is not so benign after all. Somewhere out there, in the darkness, in isolated forests and in the unfathomable water depths there live mysterious creatures. They appear out of the blue and just as suddenly they disappear into the thin air. Frightened witnesses are dumbfounded and puzzled. We have always known that the world is full of many mysterious things. There are so many things that we cannot yet explain, some of which we cover in the video at the top of the page. From a dragon filmed flying over England to a creature caught lurking in the depths of a sewer, we take a look at something strange leaping out and plunging back into the Adriatic Sea. If you pay close attention to the world around you, it won’t take long to realize that nature is truly incredible. While there is so much we already know about the hundreds of species that populate this earth, there’s also a lot we do not know. And even our research and observations can take us by surprise when we witness phenomena in nature. This is one mysterious video taken in Croatia. Do deep sea creatures interest you? They should. Although these days everyone is obsessed with dogs and cats, some of the strangest and most unique creatures in the universe lie beneath the surface of the waves on our very own planet. An apparent unknown water creature was recently spotted off the coast of Croatia in South-Eastern Europe. This couple wanted to capture the beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea when they realize they have an intruder in the video. In the video, there is an unknown figure that jumps in the air and then back in the water again. At first watching, you might be inclined to wave off the entire thing believing it is a seagull, but on a closer look, you definitely see the mysterious creature soaring in the air is just too big for that nagging bird. In addition to its substantial proportions, it features some bodily characteristics that may lead one to think this could be a ray. In the video, you can clearly see the outlines of what we can call "wings". However, compare the height of its jump from the water to the highest spot it reached in the air. It is absolutely not possible! Moreover, why would a ray jump that high? Is it praying on seagulls? One thing is for certain: the man climbing the rocks is lucky not to have been turned facing towards the sea when this happened. Looking blissfuly at the camera definitely saved him the shock. What do you think it could possibly be? The work of video editing, or something real? Could it be the Croatian Loch Ness monster ? The most famous mystery about Loch Ness surrounds the phenomenon of an enormous creature that is believed to live in the water – known universally as the Loch Ness Monster, or "Nessie" as she’s affectionately known. We believe that we have a case to solve here!

Sisters With Alzheimer See Each Other For The First Time In 15 Years44s

Sisters With Alzheimer See Each Other For The First Time In 15 Years

This is the incredibly touching moment two sisters with Alzheimer’s see each other for the first time in 15 years. Despite now struggling to communicate because of her condition, Ann Patrick was clearly delighted when she recognised her long-lost sister Marguerita Wilson. Now, with the help of Ann’s granddaughter, they are reunited! Their heartwarming reunion was filled with emotions as they both set eyes on each other and moved everyone to tears of joy. The meeting is very emotional, both ladies were delighter to see each other again, and everyone from family to the care home nurses were crying a few tears. Ann’s granddaughter, met Margaret by chance when she went to the Alzheimer’s club where Louise works as a manager. She was taken aback to notice various similarities between her nan and Marguerita, including their peculiar look and accent. So, she decided to make some more enquiries about her background. Louise realized that Marguerita was Ann’s real sister and they had not seen each other for 15 years! As it was expected, Louise contacted Marguerita’s daughter and arranged a meeting between the two at Ann’s care home in Wiltshire! Ann and Marguerita are two of five children born in Antwerp, Belgium, to an English mother and a Belgian father. Their mother Mildred left her unhappy marriage when Marguerita was just 16 and Ann was 8 years old. They then moved to England and lived there ever since! Even though both ladies are advanced in years and the life has given them different place and people to live with, they were fortunate enough to meet after a long period of time. Both of them have similar problem and Ann’s Alzheimer’s is more advanced than Margaret’s and she has difficulty communication with speech also. However, it’s really heartwarming to see that she clearly recognized her sister and burst into tears when she finally got to hug her again after 15 years. Marguerita, whose condition is not as advanced as Anna’s, burst into tears when she finally got to hug her sister again. The two sisters had always been close but 15 years ago had drifted apart as they found it harder to visit each other. She was repeatedly stroking Marguerita’s face. They have since met up again and love seeing each other. It’s a truly wonderful story. We are so glad to see them together and may God bless them to live healthy and happy for many more years! Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia, a general term for memory loss and other cognitive abilities serious enough to interfere with daily life. Alzheimer's disease accounts for 60 percent to 80 percent of dementia cases. This disease is not a normal part of aging. The greatest known risk factor is increasing age, and the majority of people with Alzheimer's are 65 and older. But Alzheimer's is not just a disease of old age. Approximately 200,000 Americans under the age of 65 have younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease (also known as early-onset Alzheimer’s).

Fearless Horse Forgets He’s A Horse And Walks Right Into Wolf Pack 1m02s

Fearless Horse Forgets He’s A Horse And Walks Right Into Wolf Pack

Winter can be an awesome time of the year when everything is covered in a white blanket! This time of the year is perfect for long walks in the squeaky snow, making angels in the snow, engaging in a snowball fight, making a snowman, you name it! And it's not just humans that love snow, this video is soundproof that animals are equally excited about it as well! Footage shows a cheeky horse gleefully playing with around in the snow as he would if he were to be all alone. This horse chooses to ignore its surroundings, we mean all the scary looking, probably very hungry wolves and still is determined to remain on his path on having fun in the deep valley snow. Watch as the playful horse raises his front legs and playfully stands on two limbs, as he is caught up in the moment and goes full play mode! Have you ever seen anything like this? This may be the most cheerful horse we have ever seen! He is playing in the snow like a little kid, regardless of the dangers of his hungry "friends". A professional wildlife photographer has captured on camera the remarkable moment a brave horse frolicked with a pack of wild wolves. The scene was filmed in Abruzzo, Italy on February 4. In the clip, the horse wanders nonchalantly among six of the predators and then even rolls in the snow as the wolves watch on. Wolves have been known to attack and kill horses, so this behavior is very unusual. Horses are well known for being beautiful and graceful creatures, and if you are not sure about that just check all the history books and you will see for yourself. However, this amazing horse in this breathtaking video really takes the cake. Of all the horses we’ve ever seen this is by far of one the most graceful and the bravest horse ever! Horses have been raced competitively for centuries, and horse racing events remain a popular part of human culture. There are five main gaits or ways in which a horse can move; these are called walking, trotting, cantering, galloping and backing. The average speed at which a horse gallops is approximately 48.2 kilometers (30 miles) per hour, but the top speed reported is considerably higher. Amazing! What makes this video even more interesting is that horses are one the animals who are not brave at all! In spite of their enormous terrifying size, they are amazingly apprehensive. They can be terrified of their own shadow, decline to advance into a stream they've crossed each day since birth and escape in an outright frenzy from a bit of material fluttering in the breeze, potentially killing themselves in the process by slamming through a wall, kicking down entryways or lurching over handcarts. A horse is always a prey animal-never a predator, so they must be on guard at all times. But, not this horse! He is brave and he doesn’t even care about the wolves he just minds his own business!

Boyfriend Gets Constantly Interrupted While He's Trying To Propose To His Girlfriend2m26s

Boyfriend Gets Constantly Interrupted While He's Trying To Propose To His Girlfriend

Every girl dreams of the way she will get proposed to by the man of her dreams. Some like pomp and circumstance, hearts and flowers, people to see that they were finally chosen to be someone’s mate for life. Others would like nothing more than for it to happen in a private setting, just them and their beloved, because it is the most romantic thing in the world. Surely it must be hard for guys who can’t figure out how their lady would like to be proposed to. What if she doesn’t want people to see her bawling her eyes out, slobbering while struggling to say “yes”? Of course they would like nothing more than for their girl to feel comfortable, while making one of the most important decisions in her life. It must hard for guys to figure out how their girl would like to be proposed to. What if she doesn’t want people to see her bawling her eyes out, slobbering while struggling to say “yes"? What if she declines out of excitement? That is why we think that proposing in private, with barely a soul in sight, is the best way to put the first brick in the road of your life together. Put up something that means a lot to you both and let it take its course. One guy from Carrollton, Mississippi decided that now is about time he proposed to his girlfriend . She was the one, sharing his interests and loving him for who he really is. What more can a big burly man from the South ask for? So he decided that the best way to show her how much she means to him was to - let her use his rifle? “I wrote 'marry me' on a target and made my girlfriend think that she was about to take target practice with my rifle. I was to get down with the ring and her to turn around when she read the target through the scope. Well, the whole thing didn't really go as planned although it turned out to be pretty funny!” In all honesty, we think that he has a solid idea. The arm rest he set up might have been too tall for her, but it sure did build up the excitement a lot better. He probably hoped that she will be able to see the target through the scope, just enough to read the message on it, but she turned out to be too short for it. Even on her tiptoes, she couldn’t see through that damn thing. So he gets up, puts the ring box back in his pocket and resets the whole thing. Let’s try this again… “Can you see the target?” he asks his girl, but her response is vague..is she confused or something? What’s it look like? “It says ‘marry me,’”, she utters, obviously still confused with the setting. She definitely doesn’t get the message, so he has to remind her that she should face him for an explanation. We have to say, out of all the proposals we have seen, this one definitely takes the cake! Bravo, you two!

Alaskan Malamute Is So Excited To Meet His Little Sister, He Howls In Pure Joy1m06s

Alaskan Malamute Is So Excited To Meet His Little Sister, He Howls In Pure Joy

When new parents bring their baby home for the first time, they usually ask themselves what will happen when the dog finds the baby out. Will the pooch accept the child as a new member of the pack, or will it be so jealous, that it might actually attack the new center of the owners’ attention? It would seem not every parent want their pet and child to live together, which is why so many dogs live out their lives in shelters across the country. Well, to find out what exactly happens, watch the video at the top of the page! Dude the Alaskan Malamute is introduced to the newest member of this family. Watch as he shows how gentle he can be around newborns! We have said this time and again: every kid that has had the pleasure - nay, the honor! - of growing up with a dog does not know how lucky they are! Having a dog is having a best friend that will stay with you for the rest of your life. They are the perfect partners in crime; the two of you will look so damn adorable, whatever mess you made will be forgiven as long as you giggle uncontrollably and the dog flashes those big puppy eyes. Dude is restlessly awaiting his family to come back from the maternity ward. But lo and behold! It used to be two of them and now there is another sent of a human, a much smaller human though but it is mixed with oil and baby powder. What can this be? Dude instantly plunges his nose into the baby carrier. he looks amazed and yet, so tender. It seems like he cannot unglue himself from the tiny but mysterious creature that arrives and, by the body language of his owner he follows almost piously – it is his new mistress. Look at his eyes! He raises his head and snuggles with the owner’s thigh in search of comfort and approval as if saying: “Am I doing it right, dad?” Of course, you are doing it right Dude, you are one amazing and loving pooch! We are eager to see a sequel to this video showing the two of them together! For many parents, the idea of kids and dogs together is an absolute natural and we understand them completely! For other parents though, it’s a scary thought that may get the family dog a one-way ticket to the local shelter. There are, however, parents that let their dog get to know the new family member and the results are spectacular! For all those skeptic parents out there who think that dogs and babies are not a good idea, this video will change your mind and you will love the idea of your kid growing up with a dog! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Giggling Toddler Holds Treat In Her Tiny Fist, Tells Giant Dog What To Do Until He Listens33s

Giggling Toddler Holds Treat In Her Tiny Fist, Tells Giant Dog What To Do Until He Listens

When it comes to teaching a child, nothing beats leading by example. This goes both ways. You show them how to behave at home, with pets, with strangers, on the street. But you also need to watch what you say and do in case to hit your pinky finger on a piece of furniture in the dark. Because kids’ brains are like sponges. They look up to their elders for guidance and hang on to their every word and deed. Which is why we just have to mention this little cutie pie and her big, spotted friend. She noticed her parents trying to train their Great Dane some house rules and she wanted in on the action. What happens in the family kitchen is nothing short of amazing! She can be no more than two years old, yet she still stands face-to-face with the big family dog. He is the true epitome of patience, despite being what looks like three times her size! Standing just inches away from the big dog, our little heroine holds a doggy treat in her hand and issues her command. “Sit...sit sit!” she urges her big spotted buddy, tippy-toeing on her tiny feet, while the single blond curl on the top of her head bounces with equal excitement. She wields the doggy biscuit around, enticing the dog to comply, but he just stands there in confusion, as if he doesn’t understand baby language. One thing he does understand though - that treat is for him and there has to be a way for him to get to it. Then mom steps in. “Tell him to sit down,” she tells her little trainer in training. The girl waves that treat around and gives a clear command one last time. Voila, it worked! The Great dane complies, takes a couple of steps back and sits down. Success! Now, she needs to pass one more lessons, and that is not to throw the treat to the dog, but give it to him politely and pet him on the head too. The dog does not seem all that bothered, because he did have to wait for that biscuit for whole 60 seconds! That is a very long time for a big, hungry dog. While on the subject of little girls and their big dogs, we just have to mention Sierra. There are two reasons why this has to happen and they are named Samson and Sebastian. The dynamic trio is never up to any good. That is, unless, Sierra has set her mind on training her big, brawny dogs in some manners. While the Newfie outweighs her by 100 pounds, she stands her ground in their play sessions. It is amazing to watch the nonverbal communication between these two who clearly love and respect each other and are both looking to enjoy their time together. They naturally learn each other’s language. While they still have adorable interspecies fights, they always end up snuggling at the end of the day. Here we see how Sierra is teaching Samson to find items through play and obedience. Amazing for such a young child to have understanding and control of such a large and boisterous dog!

Killer Whale Hits Stingray Hard With Its Tail23s

Killer Whale Hits Stingray Hard With Its Tail

There’s so little we know of our planet, and naturally it makes us curious as to what else is out there. This thirst for knowledge makes us push our boundaries and reach for the unknown. So far we’ve been able to see almost everything that’s above ground but there are many unimaginable things lurking in the water’s depths and the insides of our mysterious planet. We are reaching for the stars, but we know only a few percents of what the ocean waters hold. There have been many expeditions in the darkest parts of the sea, but we have yet to reach the bottom of the abyss. We have gone down to 35,858 feet below the sea’s surface, and if we ever want to go deeper and reach the ground, we would have to travel even further down inside the Mariana Trench under the Pacific Ocean, swimming down the Challenger Deep, the deepest section of the trench. The expeditions thus far have proven to be very fruitful, bringing knowledge of life in complete darkness in excruciating conditions. Just imagine what the waters hold even further down! We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again - the deep dark waters of the ocean are filled with wonders. We know so little of what is really hiding in its depths, it sometimes even scares us. What’s not to be afraid of, right? We see all sorts of movies about gargantuan sea creatures lurking in the black abyss, waiting for the right time to float up to the surface, we hear campfire stories of sailors lost at sea because of unknown forces. Even if we don’t believe in the supernatural, the fact is that the water hides some of the greatest predators that ever lived. From sharks the size of a five story building, to the tiniest poisonous jellyfish, it really takes courage to feel completely safe inside the water. We have yet to fully comprehend how life functions in the utter depths. We know that the lower you go the harsher the environment becomes and marine life must have developed coping mechanisms to survive the pressure, the lack of sunlight and the scarcity of food. It is not very often that we see deep sea life travel to the shallow waters. It’s most likely because of the size of these marine beasts but also because of the temperature difference. This makes the shallow parts of the oceans safer for us to swim in, even though this footage makes us question this conclusion completely. Killer whales are highly intelligent and very dangerous to anything that crosses their path. They are the world's largest predator and have been known to kill for the sport of it. They usually travel in numbers and hunt fish and bigger marine life . They are the ultimate hunter because they are always hunting but never hunted. Check out this tense footage of a transient orca completely stunning a pelagic stingray with a strong tail slap in the open waters of Baja. Nature can be brutal! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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