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88th Academy Awards of the Internet2m02s

88th Academy Awards of the Internet

With the 88th Annual Academy Awards drawing near, here are the winners of AFV's version of the Academy Awards. Let us take a look back on another fantastic year of clips and performances by you the people! Here on AFV you are the star and internet is your stage.

Published: February 11, 20161,710 viewsVirality: 637%
Artist's impression of 55 Cancri e 30s

Artist's impression of 55 Cancri e "two-faced" planet

The most detailed map of a small, rocky ‘super Earth’ to date reveals a planet almost completely covered by lava, with a molten ‘hot’ side and solid ‘cool’ side. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech and Cambridge University.

Published: April 5, 201637,635 viewsVirality: 264%
Balloon flight over Bagan, Myanmar7m47s

Balloon flight over Bagan, Myanmar

The sunrise view from a hot air balloon of thousands of temples spread in the Bagan valley is one of the most impressive views one can enjoy. Bagan was the capital of the first Myanmar (Burma) kingdom from the 9th to 13th centuries. It has the largest concentration of Buddhist temples and ruins in the world. At its highest point, the area had more than 10 thousand temples, of which less than 3 thousand remain today. Recorded February 2015 in 4K (Ultra HD) with Sony AX100. Music: zero-project - Metamorphosis - 05 - Metamorphosis zero-project (www.zero-project.gr), licensed under the "Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License"

Published: March 18, 2016Updated: March 21, 2016573 viewsVirality: 149%
In Your Feed: Radioactive sushi and an animal psychic9m24s

In Your Feed: Radioactive sushi and an animal psychic

Ridiculous conspiracy theory posts, dead lions conjured from the grave, and a nuclear fish scare caused by seismic waves to name a few. Reality is rapidly altering itself into one of those post-modern absurdist films don't you think? No, this isn’t the Twilight Zone. It’s just social media. Credit: In Your Feed, Episode 1

Published: September 15, 201513,016 viewsVirality: 148%
Cream Cheese Oreo Fudge37s

Cream Cheese Oreo Fudge

Are you ready for one of the tastiest, easiest fudge recipes we’ve ever made? We hope so, because we can’t wait for you to try it! This creamy, decadent, super-sweet no-bake dessert takes only 10 minutes to prep and uses only FIVE easy-to-find ingredients for a treat that will impress your friends and family without wearing you down. Plus, it uses one of our favorite store-bought cookies ever: Oreos!

Published: April 7, 20167,504 viewsVirality: 142%
Potato roses with bacon1m37s

Potato roses with bacon

These bacon potato roses are easy to make, they look absolutely amazing, and they taste heavenly!

Published: June 21, 2016Updated: June 23, 201615,856 viewsVirality: 132%
Easter bunny DIY nail art tutorial2m54s

Easter bunny DIY nail art tutorial

Create this easy multicolored Easter bunny nail art design in only a few simple steps. Decorate your nail tips with fun colorful stripes and paint on a cute bunny rabbit - a perfect idea for Spring nails!

Published: March 5, 2016Updated: March 21, 2016738 viewsVirality: 127%
Frozen hot chocolate protein smoothie3m31s

Frozen hot chocolate protein smoothie

Try this healthy frozen hot chocolate smoothie. It has protein powder, avocado for healthy fats and it has no white sugar. Mexican Hot Chocolate Smoothie Recipe Ingredients: ⅓ cup old fashioned or quick oats 2 Tbsp. cocoa powder, 100 % Cacoa 2Tbsp. protein powder 1 ripe banana, frozen ½ cup yogurt ¼ slice avocado ⅓ cup or more of milk, or milk substitute 1 pitted date or more depending on sweetness ½ tsp. ground cinnamon 5 to 6 cubes of ice Directions: Place all ingredients into a high speed blender and blend for 45 seconds to 1 minute until smooth and creamy. You can top it with whipping cream or whipped coconut cream and a sprinkle of grated chocolate if you like. Enjoy! Thanks for watching and sharing! Rockin Robin

Man Steals Shopping Cart, Drives Away With It!20s

Man Steals Shopping Cart, Drives Away With It!

Information: Talk about a stealthy getaway! This person decides to steal a shopping cart, holding on to the cart through the driver's side window as they drive away. Occurred: February 21, 2016 / Kiev, Ukraine

Published: February 22, 2016Updated: February 26, 20161,251 viewsVirality: 101%
This is not your typical Christmas tree!2m55s

This is not your typical Christmas tree!

The Wawra family's 10 foot Christmas tree uses a computer controlled setup which has over 7,000 lights! Watch it perform an incredible light show to a mashup of the hit songs from 2015. Happy Holidays!

Published: December 25, 2015Updated: December 28, 201514,293 viewsVirality: 98%
Brave dog frolics with shallow-swimming sharks1m20s

Brave dog frolics with shallow-swimming sharks

While just about all of us would run in terror if we came across a shark swimming in knee-high waters, this curious dog runs out to it. Under its owner's watchful eye, this canine gets as close as it can to the mysterious dark object just in front of it. Amazing! Filmed in Geraldton, Australia.

Published: February 11, 201688,456 viewsVirality: 92%
Brothers go nuts over surprise NFL playoff tickets35s

Brothers go nuts over surprise NFL playoff tickets

These parents hid tickets to the NFC Championship in the dishwasher. When the boys were done with dinner and putting away their dishes, they found an envelope that said "Open Me". The older brother was ecstatic while the younger thought it was a prank!

Published: January 28, 2017Updated: January 30, 201740,741 viewsVirality: 86%
Artist creates mind-blowing salt portrait of 'Game of Thrones' character1m35s

Artist creates mind-blowing salt portrait of 'Game of Thrones' character

Using only salt, artist Dino Tomic has magnificently created a life-like portrait of the fictional character Daenerys Targaryen from the hit TV show 'Game of Thrones'. Who knew you could put salt to use in such a creative way! For those aware of the process when it comes to creating Tibetan sand mandalas, Tomic's approach is very similar and requires a steady hand and careful breathing to ensure that each grain of salt is in the right spot. As you can imagine, it certainly takes a great deal of time (several hours) and patience to create such a masterpiece. Tomic, a Croatian tattoo artist and art teacher based in Norway, only uses ordinary kitchen salt and a paper cone or bottle to put these projects together. He's also completed a collection of familiar faces! Anyone else looking forward to the upcoming season of Game of Thrones?

Published: April 20, 201687,234 viewsVirality: 85%
Can You Believe This Street Racer?!1m14s

Can You Believe This Street Racer?!

Occurred: February 19, 2016 / Atlanta, GA Info from Licensor: " I was driving home from Bill Maher Concert when 5 cars went flying by me at 90+ mph. One lost control, hitting another car, and nearly hits 2 more and slams into side barrier. The driver who exited the car appeared to be unhurt." - Dewayne Bontrager

Published: February 24, 20167,073 viewsVirality: 82%
Firework Factory Caught on Fire31s

Firework Factory Caught on Fire

Occurred on May 13, 2016 / Southampton, England Info From Licensor: "At 5am the firework factory next to us caught on fire. My dad woke up and he saw the fire then the rest of the family woke up. I decided to record it." - Vladimir Dimitrov

Published: May 16, 2016741 viewsVirality: 74%
15 Kids Smashing Pinatas On Cinco De Mayo1m38s

15 Kids Smashing Pinatas On Cinco De Mayo

These kids are looking to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in no small fashion. These kids are going all out and not holding back which means that for them it's time to break out and break in some pinatas! So get ready to see some epic pinata smashing wins and fails!

Published: April 28, 2016Updated: April 29, 2016438 viewsVirality: 73%
Raccoon Washes Hands Before Dinner31s

Raccoon Washes Hands Before Dinner

Occurred September 23, 2015 / Taylorsville, KY, USA "A video caught on my field camera here in Taylorsville KY of a group of raccoons with one of them reaching into the water bucket and washing his hands off." -John Fremow

Published: February 16, 2016Updated: February 22, 20161,597 viewsVirality: 72%