These Smart Ideas Might Come In Handy1m43s

These Smart Ideas Might Come In Handy

There are some tips and tricks in life you may never know when you might need them, but they’re always good to know. Like for example how to fix that nasty zipper that just doesn’t close. You can easily take it to a seamstress to have it fixed, but why waste money and time, when you can do it on your own?! This compilation of life hacks contains all of those odd problem solvers that you might never think of but might actually help you out a lot in a time of need. Just think of it this way - what would you do if your computer shut down before you were able to save your Word document? Of course, you are allowed to panic, but why not save yourself the stress and actually do something about it. There is actually a way to retrieve the file from your computer, you just need to follow the instructions listed in the video. Another problem that you might never think of having is being a horrible host. You heard it right, your guests might not tell it to your face, but your bed left them with neck cricks and they’re too kind to say it. The easiest way to deal with this is to test it out. Your guests will thank you for it. Can you think of other tips like these ones? Let us know in the comments down below.

If A Nuclear Bomb Drops, Be Sure To Keep Beer Around1m32s

If A Nuclear Bomb Drops, Be Sure To Keep Beer Around

Weapons of mass destruction are apocalyptic packages that come in different sizes. Weapons max out at 1.2 megatons and can scale back to as little as 0.3 kilotons. Hundreds of thousands of people could survive the initial blast from a bomb 10 kilotons or less, but then what? Here are a few tips to increase your chances of long-term survival. Most importantly, you have to stay calm and find a place to hide from the fallout. Fallout is what increases radiation exposure. Hide in basements, tornado shelters and office buildings with underground floors and rooms without windows. Nuclear war is still a very real threat so you have to be prepared! Next, you need to find out how far you are from the blast site. If you are too close, it is better to stay inside any kind of structure for the first hour. Then, make a run for a more ideal shelter. When you do venture out, pick up provisions. A 1950s study suggests that beer and soda would survive a radioactive blast with no ill effects. Once you are in a safe shelter with sustenance, wait to be evacuated by authorities. Emerging before the worst of the fallout has settled could undo everything you have been working for. Officials would know the best place to resettle, while society rebuilds. As with every catastrophic event, having a plan is key to survival. So in the midst of panic and confusion, you still know what to do to save your life and your loved ones. Besides, it is not too bad when science tells you to always keep beer and soda around!

A Mug at Auschwitz Kept a Secret Hidden for 70 Years1m50s

A Mug at Auschwitz Kept a Secret Hidden for 70 Years

The Auschwitz Museum has thousands of mugs as part of their historical collection, but the staff found a surprise when they were preparing one of the 70 year-old relics for an exhibit. The mug, which had been looted by the Nazis from Jews who were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau, held a secret....

How Becoming A Meme Can Ruin Your Life1m41s

How Becoming A Meme Can Ruin Your Life

Heidi Yeh had no idea that an advertisement for plastic surgery could destroy her career. This disturbing meme reading ‘plastic surgery, you can’t hide it forever’ went viral and the story behind it came to life! The story goes like this, the mother in this family portret lied to her husband about having had plastic surgery and the truth was eventually revealed in their children’s not-so-perfect faces. Surprisingly, the husband sued his wife over this lie and won. He filed a lawsuit over unattractive children, but waited until after the third child to do so? That is the logic that only an internet troll could love! Still, this insane story spread across the world! The truth is that Heidi Yeh was a Taiwanese model booking gigs with big companies like Sony and she never had a plastic surgery! The people in the photo were not her family. Actually, a plastic surgery company photoshopped kids’ faces and used the image without consent. The original caption read: “The only thing you will ever have to worry is how to explain it to the kids”. This meme and the false backstory ruined Heidi’s career, so she decided to speak out! She brought a lawsuit to the companies that published the ad and she remains the perfect example of how destructive instant internet fame can be. There is one last moral of this story and that is ‘don’t trust memes’!

A List Of Twenty Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat2m41s

A List Of Twenty Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

We are all guilty of treating our dogs more like humans than animals. This includes giving in to their doe eyes with table scraps and other people food. However, recent doggy deaths are due to our food that canines can’t stomach. You're probably feeding your pooch some things that are really bad for them so proceed this list and take note! Doctor Richard Goldstein of New York’s Medical Center gives a list of foods that your beloved pet should never eat. For starters, you might think that your canine might have to eat a lot of onions and chives, but actually they can cause anemia and upset their stomach. In addition, salt and salty snack foods cause excessive thirst and urination. More serious cases can lead to vomiting, hyperthermia, depression, seizures and death. Tomato plants, cause solanine toxicity which involves confusion, behavioral change, weakness and slow heart rate. The ingestion of potato leaves, stems, skin or green parts results in vomiting, anorexia, disorientation, seizures and cardiac arrhythmias. The artificial sweetener found in many sugar-free products like peanut butter and chewing gum has side-effects on our canine companions like vomiting, stupor, seizures, coma and liver failure. Apple seeds and cores can cause dilated pupils, difficulty breathing, shock and even death. Even the smallest amount of citrus fruit can upset a dog’s stomach. Larger portions can cause stomach pain and depression of the central nervous system. Large amounts of licorice can cause muscle and adrenal gland damage. Don’t add coconut oil to your dog’s diet because vets say it can cause stomach ache and diarrhea. Also, nuts are bad for your dog as they can cause weakness, depression, hyperthermia and pancreatitis. Many of you already know that chocolate is bad for your dog as it can cause abnormal heart rhythm, seizures and death. Also, dark chocolate is more dangerous than milk chocolate!