Unreal Animals

Cockatiels trained to fly free, return on command1m23s

Cockatiels trained to fly free, return on command

Fred and Ebe spread their wings and fly around the neighborhood. They are trained for free flight and are free to fly outside for a few hours everyday. How cool is that? https://www.youtube.com/user/Mellforce

Published: December 9, 2017Updated: December 12, 2017
Cute baby octopus lets divers pet it4m30s

Cute baby octopus lets divers pet it

During a dive in Maldives on the lookout for Manta rays, these people came across a tiny little octopus that showed interest in them and their camera. They stayed with it for about 20 minutes and after some time it became very curious about the divers, letting them pet it like a doggy. It could have gone away easily but it didn't! So cool!

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Rescue cat raised by pet monkey37s

Rescue cat raised by pet monkey

This monkey named Angel Bullock raised Scruffy the kitty after his mother was hit by a car. Scruffy now believes he's part monkey, often acting just like Angel!

Published: November 26, 2017Updated: November 28, 20172,865 views
Wild Deer Knocks On Cabin And Asks For Chips1m47s

Wild Deer Knocks On Cabin And Asks For Chips

A wild white-tailed deer comes knocking at a cabin door looking for Doritos and other goodies. A video emerged of a wild deer, shamelessly banging on the door of a wooden cabin, in search for some potato chips. This deer must have heard about the tradition of trick-or-treating, going from door to door, begging for food, and he decided to give it a try! This hilarious moment was caught on camera and is filmed in the north woods of Wisconsin. The amazing footage shows self-domesticated wild deer on a quest for Doritos. Look at her bang on the door, begging for food. The hospitable humans, invited the deer into their cabin and fed her with chips. Well, this is something you don’t see everyday! Deer eating Doritos right out of human’s hand! This video is proof that deer love potato chips, but that doesn’t mean it is good for them to feed on them. The young deer in the video can’t seem to get enough of the salty snack. We do not approve feeding deer chips because it can be bad for their stomach! Of course, it seems kind of cute and funny, but feeding wild deer with chips has negative consequences because they have complex digestive systems. Foods that deer aren’t used to eating can make them sick and die.

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Are these moose praying at a cemetery grave site?16s

Are these moose praying at a cemetery grave site?

While driving down a remote road outside Delta Junction, Alaska, this person happened upon two moose who appeared to be praying at a cemetery. It was a warm spring day and the moose were actually down on their front legs in the cemetery, munching on new spring grass. Moose are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants and not other animals. It gets down to -40F below zero and colder in this part of Alaska in winter. Moose cows (or mamma moose) and their calves struggle to find food during the harsh winters. During the long, cold winter months, when everything green disappears, moose will dig in snow for frozen grasses and usually end up eating bark off trees and saplings, just to stay alive. In spring, when fresh grasses and leaves on trees appear, you can often find moose cows and calves enjoying the banquet. An adult cow moose can weigh about 800 lbs, so you can imagine it would take a lot to keep her going during the winter months. That is why they eat almost constantly during the short spring and summer months, so that they fatten up before winter again. Fresh green leaves are a delicacy! Moose calves are typically born in Spring, and stay with their mother for up to 2 years. This calf (left) is not a newborn and obviously was born the previous Spring. His mamma will probably encourage him to be on his own this fall, but may tolerate him up until the next spring, depending on whether or not she becomes pregnant again. Moose will sometimes kneel down like this in order to get closer to very short grasses. Undoubtedly, the calf has learned this from mamma. This quiet little cemetery, with it's fenced in area, provided a safe respite for cow and calf. They seemed totally unconcerned about this person's presence as they munched away on the greens. No doubt they were praying, thankful for the bounty of fresh food after a long hard winter!

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Farm Animals Follow Their Owner In A Single File Line37s

Farm Animals Follow Their Owner In A Single File Line

Well this certainly isn't something you see everyday! At first all the animals are minding their own business, enjoying their day, when all of a sudden, it becomes a parade of animals! Dogs, ducks, goats and chickens all come together to form a single file line. It is hilarious! We’re pretty sure it takes longer for kids to make a school lunch line! These animals are very cooperative and are very impressive. Once the dogs start to bark, the ducks are following close behind with the chicken and goats! This is so cute! They're so good at listening to the farmer! It looks like she's got some food for them! It doesn't matter how fast or slow these animals run, they are going to stick together. Animals are so intelligent, I think we sometimes forget this. Just because they view the world differently, doesn't mean they aren't smart! These little guys surprised us when they formed a line! This was so fun to watch! Check out this animal jigsaw puzzle if you have some time in your day! Puzzles are a great way to give your mind a little break! Did you find this video adorable? Let us know in the comments!!!

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Wild Catfish Loves To Be Petted By Human10s

Wild Catfish Loves To Be Petted By Human

If you go to a petting ZOO, then you will probably see a whole lot of animals, both domesticated and wild, that are docile enough to be petted. Commonly, you will see animals like sheep, guinea pigs, goats, rabbits, ponies, alpacas, llamas, pigs and miniature donkeys, and a few exotic animals such as kangaroos. But it would seem that these children’s zoo, as they are called in some place, need to open a new position for catfish! Kyle Naegeli, who presents himself as “the fish whisperer" sends us this very short clip of himself petting a wild catfish in a pond somewhere in the great state of Texas. He just splashes the water with the palm of his hands and out of nowhere a big catfish comes up and just sits there, letting Kyle stroke him on the head! What? Is this how catfish got their name? You just make a little noise in the water and they come running to yah, demanding a stroke and a treat? Do they have non-existent respect for people’s personal space too? Check out what happens when this dude sticks his hand in the water. A catfish comes right up to him to be pet! Amazing!

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Grouper has touching reaction to seeing his divemaster friend54s

Grouper has touching reaction to seeing his divemaster friend

Gary is a large Nassau Grouper who lives on the reef off the north side of Little Cayman Island. Far more intelligent and curious than most people would believe, Nassau Groupers can not only understand human behavior, they can also interact with people and try to communicate. Gary has learned that scuba divers often spear Lionfish, an invasive species that are a serious threat to the native fish populations and the health of the reef. Gary follows scuba divers when they conduct an organized cull of the Lionfish. Researchers and environmentalists have been trying to introduce the notion of Lionfish as prey so they have been feeding the Nassau Groupers under carefully controlled conditions. Gary is one of the fish that have learned not only that humans can be a source of food, but he has also learned how to help locate the Lionfish for the divers. Gary will lead them right to a ledge or crevice that shelters a Lionfish and he will look back and forth at the fish and at the divers until they come and spear them for him. In the process, he raises his fins with excitement while he waits for the diver to come over and find the invader. This is a surprisingly cunning form of cooperation that makes the Lionfish cull more successful. Gary most definitely understands that what he is doing is being understood by the divers. Gary is also able to recognize Craig as one of the divers who occasionally spearfishes. Craig was leading a group of recreational divers on this occasion and he had no spear, but Gary zeroed in on Craig and greeted him. When Craig sees Gary coming, he playfully turns upside down and performs an inverted spin while Gary comes right up to his face as if he is happy to see Craig. The two look right into each other's eyes before they continue to swim together happily over the reef. We seldom give animals credit for being intelligent, but this is a clear demonstration of how even a fish is capable of recognizing certain people and forming a bond with them, even if the relationship is based partly on food. Nassau Groupers are often curious about divers, but Gary has captured the hears of many here on Little Cayman Island. In some ways he is more like a dog than a fish.

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Tail-Wagging Raccoon Visits His Canine Friend18s

Tail-Wagging Raccoon Visits His Canine Friend

These interspecies friendships is what we love most about our job here. Watching endless hours of videos with all sorts of different animals cuddling and playing in harmony warms our hearts and makes us wish we had such pets around. Seeing how even sworn natural enemies can learn to love and respect each other really makes you put a finger to your forehead and think some things through. Now, this might not be your run of the mill friendship, but we would like to think that this rare breed of dog that looks very much like a wolf will eventually grow on to this uninvited guest. Sparta the Northern Inuit has always wanted to befriend the neighborhood raccoon, but the trash panda has always stayed on the roof... Until today. The chubby masked bandit decided to come a bit closer today, so he perched himself on the balcony railing, right across the door, where good old Sparta was waiting. We can see the coon wagging his tail outside and our immediate response would be that the wild animal is happy to see Sparta, but raccoons are more like cats that dogs when it comes to wagging their tail. Sorry Sparta, this guy doesn’t want to be your friend, he just wants your kibble! Not all coons are scared of dogs though! In this adorable video, the raccoon really loves to play wrestle with the dog. Every coin has two sides and these two are the opposite of Sparta and her un-buddy.

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Huge Swan Confronts Unsuspecting Dog At The Park59s

Huge Swan Confronts Unsuspecting Dog At The Park

A conflict arises between a dog and a swan in Strasbourg, France that is captured on camera. The dog's owner makes the right decision in not fleeing from the swan. Showing an act of dominance may have prevented the swan from physically attacking them. Luckily the situation didn't escalate and the swan retreated, but the pooch remained curious. It's not uncommon for dogs to be curious about other animals, especially when it's the first time they see them. The owner strokes the dog to keep it calm and keeps him on a leash, which is very considerate of her. If the dog was able to run free, than this video would have been one of a dog-swan quarrel. Swan attacks are rare but not uncommon, and there have been instances in the news where swans attack even humans that entered their territory. This swan had other things in mind, including showing off his grandeur and huge wings, so you can say it was more of a boasting situation that one of a threatening kind. The swan then leaves the scene to mind its business and all is good again. Although we're accustomed to seeing white swans, there are also black swans that are much rarer and even more beautiful. These creatures do exist, it's not just a famous movie title.

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Monkey demands to be gently brushed by caretaker5m30s

Monkey demands to be gently brushed by caretaker

This Java Macaque named Angel Bullock is 20 years old and knows what she likes, with the abilities to make her human understand what she wants! She gets her hair brush and brings it to the counter top, puts the brush to her head, and then slings it towards her owner. Java Macaques are extremely smart, old world monkeys with great reasoning and communication skills.

Published: October 10, 2017Updated: October 24, 20173,077 views
Intelligent orangutan flosses with rubber band42s

Intelligent orangutan flosses with rubber band

Sprout has clearly heard about the importance of dental hygiene as she tries her hand at flossing with a rubber band. She seems to be having a lot of fun playing with the band, by pulling at it with her teeth and twisting it around her little finger. Whilst there are playful similarities to a human child, getting kids to floss is not so easy. Dudley Zoological Gardens is a 40-acre zoo located within the grounds of Dudley Castle in the town of Dudley, in the Black Country region of the West Midlands, England. In the past couple of years more and more has been done to improve the zoo with some great new enclosures.

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Rare albino lobster forages for food45s

Rare albino lobster forages for food

It is estimated that only one in one hundred million lobsters are albino. This is an American lobster, also known as an Atlantic lobster or Canadian lobster. They can reach a length of 25 inches and a weight of 44lbs. Lobsters vary in color due to pigmentation and they can be bluish green to brown. It is a lack of pigmentation that causes albinism, a rare genetic condition that leaves an animal lacking color completely. This albino lobster explores the rocks on the bottom, looking for food. They eat live prey such as fish, mollusks, other crustaceans, worms and some plants. Lobsters are scavengers, using their claws to tear food apart and feed it into its mouth. They have no teeth in their head, but they do have three teeth in their stomach and this is where they actually chew their food. It is believed that lobsters can live as long as 100 years!

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Vast number of farm animals walk in single file line1m33s

Vast number of farm animals walk in single file line

At first all the animals are minding their own business, enjoying their day, when all of a sudden, it becomes a parade of animals! Dogs, ducks, goats and chickens all come together to form a single file line. It is hilarious! I'm pretty sure it takes longer for kids to make a school lunch line! These animals are very cooperative and are very impressive!

Published: September 20, 2017Updated: September 22, 20173,524 views
Wild Deer Enjoy Storytelling In The Forest1m30s

Wild Deer Enjoy Storytelling In The Forest

There is a protected forest in Northern Ontario where a herd of wild deer are protected and are safe to wander freely, without being in danger from hunters. Even predators are scarce there. If you wander in the woods you will almost definitely see wild deer roaming and foraging for food. If you sit quietly for long enough, the deer might even wander over to look curiously at you as they graze and explore. This animal lover was curious to see how the deer would react if he read them a story and there seemed to be nothing more appropriate than reading "Bambi" to them. Although nervous about being so close to a person, the deer were sure curious about the book. They moved closer to get a better look and seemed mesmerized by what was being read to them. What was very unusual is that the fawns were comfortable enough to also come close to the storyteller. These fawns are so young that they still have their spots on. Fawns usually hide in the grass or behind trees, closely watching their mother from a distance. At one point even a large buck with antlers wanders close enough to hear the tale of Bambi. Judging by their reaction, these deer most certainly enjoy storytelling.

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Eager Young Deer Really Wants To Play With Humans2m02s

Eager Young Deer Really Wants To Play With Humans

Every animal wants to play and why would a fawn be any different? One young deer wandered into this family’s back yard, where two brothers noticed the baby animal in the shades on the other side of the house. Of course, the older brother would send the younger one to investigate, because that is their job on this world and Tyler obliges. The boy isn’t quite sure if he can trust the wild animal, so he approaches the fawn slowly, but the moment he gets in the same shade as the animal, the fawn loses its marbles and starts running around itself in circles. Tyler reacts like anyone of us would, running back to the safety of his brother. But big brothers are trouble makers and this one even encourages his baby brother to go back to the fawn. It’s only behaving like a dog that hasn’t seen its human buddy for ages, nothing bad about that. The kid says that the fawn didn’t hiss nor growl when he approached him, just started jumping around on joy of the new acquaintance. It sure looks like it was searching for a buddy and it found two! This young deer was also very eager to start playing with his newfound friends at the park. Fonzi even got to play some soccer with his friends, losing its wits at the sight of the ball!

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Couple in canoe have unforgettable conversation with curious loon1m36s

Couple in canoe have unforgettable conversation with curious loon

Loons are a very beautiful sight for cottagers throughout North America. They are a gorgeous bird with a graceful presence while on water or under it. Extremely capable swimmers, they can catch fish using their webbed feet for propulsion. They are also extremely strong fliers, able to migrate up to 600 miles in a single day. Because they are designed for swimming, their feet are located so far to the rear that they are barely able to walk on land. This, together with their high body mass, makes it impossible for them to take off from land. They must run across the surface of the water into the wind to get liftoff. It is this clumsiness on land that got them their name. Their bright white plumage on their underbelly and neck make these birds unmistakable, but the most striking and recognizable characteristic of the loon is their haunting call which echoes for miles across lakes and brings chills to those who hear them. These two canoeists, out for a quiet paddle and a few photographs, were fortunate enough to meet up with a young loon who showed very little fear. He called out with his signature howl and watched them as they drifted towards him. When they did their best to imitate his call, he actually swam much closer to investigate. He watched them curiously, preened his feathers, stuck his face under water to look for fish and answered them back each time they called. It seemed that he was as curious about them as they were about him. Kristy, at the front of the canoe, was able to snap the pictures of a lifetime as he posed and conversed with them. The loon dove repeatedly but always surfaced nearby, venturing back each time to get close to the canoe. Being so close to a curious wild loon is an unforgettable experience.

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Tidy Orangutan Mother Puts Toys Away1m00s

Tidy Orangutan Mother Puts Toys Away

The Twycross Zoo is having an enrichment day for the animals by throwing lots of colorful balls and some boxes into the enclosure. The orangutan mom with her newborn baby in her arms decides it looks all a bit messy and, in classic mom fashion, she begins to tidy up after her offspring. She starts cleaning up by putting all the balls back into the box. Still with her newborn in her arms, she then carries the boxes with the balls in her mouth all the way up to the top of her climbing frame. She only drops one red ball! What a champ! Just how cute is this video? And we can all relate to the way mom takes care of the mess her baby made! It's just adorable! It's yet another proof that motherhood is the same with all the species out there, and an example that moms always have our backs - you won't find a better playmate or best friend out there, and this little baby surely knows this very well! Now for some background info: orangutans are among the most intelligent primates; they use a variety of sophisticated tools and construct elaborate sleeping nests each night from branches and foliage. The apes have been extensively studied for their learning abilities. There may even be distinctive cultures within populations. Field studies of the apes were pioneered by primatologist Birutė Galdikas. All three orangutan species are considered to be critically endangered. Human activities have caused severe declines in populations and ranges. Threats to wild orangutan populations include poaching, habitat destruction, and the illegal pet trade. Several conservation and rehabilitation organisations are dedicated to the survival of orangutans in the wild. (source: Wikipedia)

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Does and fawns come to investigate man crunching an apple1m06s

Does and fawns come to investigate man crunching an apple

There is a forest in northern Ontario where deer are protected from hunting and they have lost their fear of people. Sitting quietly in the woods, a patient person is likely to get a close look at a few. But sitting very still with a crunchy apple will evoke enough curiosity that the deer come to smell and investigate. This man sat very still on a log until the deer were close enough to see what he had. He then carefully tossed a few pieces to them and they became even more curious. What was the most unusual about this encounter was that the does brought their fawns out of hiding as well. Does often leave their fawns in long grass or between logs while they forage for food. They return several times each day to feed them. Using their tails, ears and other subtle body language, they can communicate with their young to tell them when things appear to be safe. These fawns are curious and they also approach to see what is going on. They are not yet weaned and have no interest in apples, but they are comfortable following their mother around while she nibbles on some pieces tossed in the grass. Few things are as peaceful as sitting in woods surrounded by wild deer!

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Racehorse Turned Therapy Horse Rolls With Joy At New Home54s

Racehorse Turned Therapy Horse Rolls With Joy At New Home

Prinz Harry is a thoroughbred Arabian horse who is a former racehorse. He collapsed on the track during a race and was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia. His career was over at that moment but a new life was beginning. He found his way to The Mane Intent, an incredible farm in Indian River, Ontario. The farm connects people with horses for opportunities for bonding, learning and personal growth. It is here that Prinz Harry works his magic and he is especially good at helping those who have suffered from emotionally traumatic experiences. In fact, Harry does his best work with first responders. Harry really enjoys working in the arena and he shows this as he rolls in the dirt after being led out to begin a session. It is here that people can find the human/animal connection and draw strength from the interaction. Harry loves people and he really seems to love his work and his new home. Despite being a very successful racehorse, Prinz Harry has definitely found a higher calling at this magical farm where he is accomplishing tremendous good for those helpers who could use a little help themselves. “Harry teaches us that unexpected set backs and life changes can lead to new directions. If your life is in transition, then this Prinz is ready to work with you to explore new opportunities and the art of reinvention,” his bio says on The Mane Intent site. But Prinz Harry isn’t all work all the time. In fact, he begins each therapy session in a very unique way. Watch to see what happens!

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Moose Calf Plays With Giant Toy Ball1m38s

Moose Calf Plays With Giant Toy Ball

Animals are amazing creatures that brighten up our lives. There is something about the furry creatures that seem to captivate us and entertain us. Sure, there are some animals that you would not want to go anywhere near, but then there are some that you just want to get close to and cuddle with. This adorable moose calf is one those animals! Watch as the moose calf plays with a giant toy ball! She seems as if she is having the time of her life! Then again, who wouldn't? She is just so adorable when she plays with the ball that you cannot help but to release a little 'aw' when you see it! Talk about cuteness overload! Who would have ever thought that a moose calf playing with a ball would make such an amazing video? What did you think of this video? Would you ever want to have a moose calf like this? We would love to hear your opinion so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this adorable video with your family and friends as it is sure to melt their hearts and make them smile! This is one video that no one is going to want to miss!

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