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Guy Throws Returning Boomerang Straight Into A Basketball Hoop22s

Guy Throws Returning Boomerang Straight Into A Basketball Hoop

Most people have seen a boomerang only in the movies. You remember the typical plot of the old movies: the hero of the film throws a boomerang, which flies in the air making a characteristic whistle, hits the villain oh his head, and then, as of on command, obediently returns to the hero. The hero smiles: the day was not spent in vain. There is one fatal mistake in this movie plot: if you throw a boomerang and it hits anything, it will never return to the person who throws it. In fact, a boomerang is one of the varieties of a throwing baton. These batons are known for 10,000 years. Archaeologists find them in the burials of Ancient Egypt. The Hopi Indians from Arizona used throwing batons to hunt rabbits and they still use them today in their traditional dances. The Australian Aborigines were the ones who invented the boomerang, which, after a throw, returns to the person who threw it, the world's only returning projectile. The Australian aborigines, who used to live in a primitive tribal system (the first inhabitants of the Green Continent), also used ordinary non-returning projectiles for hunting. The Dutch physicist Felix Hess got concerned with the question of what makes the boomerang return. A Math and Physics graduate, he wrote a 600-page book on why the boomerang returns to the shooter. Hess believed that the boomerang returns for two reasons. The first is in the shape of a boomerang, the second is in the method of throwing. Today, we see a revival of the boomerang . One of the key responsible figures for this trend is Victor Poulin, form New Hampshire who is not an Aboriginal Australian but manages to produce and provide the world with exceptionally designed and crafted boomerangs since 2008. Vic boomerang story is exceptional: he threw his first plastic boomerangs when he was only 10, but his dad took it away from him because he feared Vic is bound to hit somebody on the head with it. Almost 30 years later, his wife gave him a boomerang as a birthday present. He got hooked and wanted to find out what makes the boomerang return to the shooter. After unravelling the millennia old mystery, Vic started to build his own line of boomerangs. After posting a few videos on YouTube, his new hobby turned into a blooming business. In the video on the top of the page, you can see Vic showing his dexterity and skill when throwing a boomerang. The boomerang in the video targets the basketball hoop. You can follow the awesome curvature of the boomerang flight trajectory. It does not go straight, like a ball or other projectile would, because of its shape and the aerodynamics of its wings. You really need to have some training and experience when throwing it, like Vic does in the video: It actually returns in this epic flight into his basketball hoop ! What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

World record boomerang throw into basketball hoop17s

World record boomerang throw into basketball hoop

This is the first person to ever throw a boomerang into a basketball hoop. Vic, owner of BoomerangsbyVic, shows us here how he does it. After several attempts he finally nails it. The boomerang stayed in flight for a full 8 seconds before landing in his basketball hoop!

This Toddler Nails His Basketball Trick Shot Like A Pro14s

This Toddler Nails His Basketball Trick Shot Like A Pro

If you ask a parent, any parent out there, about their small child and how the tiny human is progressing through life, they will probably say the exact same thing. That their baby is the smartest, cleverest, most talented kid the world has ever laid eyes upon. In a parent’s eyes, this is always the truth, single and universal and it would be rude to assume otherwise. But every now and again a clip comes to the light of day that proves that yes, there are immeasurable talents out there, wrapped in tiny clothes and probably still wearing diapers. When we saw this toddler nail that basketball trick shot, out mouths fell open with amazement! Check out Jaxon Maverick Eastey shooting a basketball off the second story and making it in the hoop on ground level. Keep in mind, this boy is just one year old! He only just started walking yesterday! Well, not literally, but we hope you know what we mean. Jaxon kind of remind us of Enzo Lee , who we have been following through his junior basketball career since he was six years old. With elite ball-handling skills and a formed jump shot, complete with a natural love and understanding of the game, the sky’s the limit for this talented young athlete! While on the subject of young athletes, we also must mention this Filipino kid that has been swishing ball after ball at the arcade in Marilao in the Philippines, making just one miss during his 4 minute reign!

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Hockey Fan Wins $1,000 After Scoring Almost Impossible Goal1m19s

Hockey Fan Wins $1,000 After Scoring Almost Impossible Goal

Whether you are a hockey fan or not, you just have to admit that this goal was pure perfection! It takes a lot of skill and probably a bit of luck to manage to drive that tiny little puck inside the goal from such a distance. Check out this guy nail a ridiculously tough hockey shot from the far blue line during intermission at an Air Force Falcons hockey game. It is quite a feat for this novice to achieve the shot under the watchful eyes of the audience. No one was expecting this goal to be successful, but he proved them wrong. This hockey fan managed to awe the audience all the while snagging the $1000 reward. You might want to lower the volume of your headphones because the incredulous roar of the crowd might come as a surprise. They definitely weren’t expecting him to make it. The icy surface of the hockey rink can easily change the trajectory of the puck, the contestant did a good job of not using too much force to kick the puck, he merely pointed it in the right direction, and the puck was well on it’s way to gaining him a $1000. Do you have any similar experience in any sport? Have you ever won something during a competition? The feeling must have been sublime! We would like to hear everything in detail in the comments down below!

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Incredible Golf Trick Shot On The First Go 14s

Incredible Golf Trick Shot On The First Go

It seems like these people have just come to a large open field in which they decided to wack some golf balls, or it seems. We cannot tell if this is a legitimate golf course or if these people are just golf enthusiast, as this lady happens to hit it like a pro on the first time around. Golf , unlike most ball games, cannot and does not utilize a standardized playing area, and coping with the varied terrains encountered on different courses is a key part of the game. The game at the highest level is played on a course with an arranged progression of 18 holes, though recreational courses can be smaller, usually 9 holes. Lets not forget that golf is a professional sport which people make a lot of money doing. For some however it is just a hobby, something like these guys in the video. So, the men, obviously stand around and wait for this lady to perform the epic fail as she tries to hit the ball. Ether fall down, dig a huge pot hole into the grass or who knows what else. Even though the odds are on their side, somehow the odds choose to play in favor of this woman with the golf driver. On the very first try these women pull of an epic trick shot in front of a clinic of a local high school! Awesome!

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Two Basketballs Enter The Hoop In Unison Mid Trampoline Stunt1m04s

Two Basketballs Enter The Hoop In Unison Mid Trampoline Stunt

This is the incredible moment when a talented youngster manages to pull an amazing basketball stunt, making two basketballs enter the hoop in unison, making for a double score! You have never seen something like this before! Check out this video as Kevin Libertowski performs a trampoline shot involving two flips and two basketballs and passes with flying colors! How many attempts do you think this took to pull off? How did he manage to pull something off so amazing! Two flips, two basketballs, one epic shot and a unison score! Voila! Kevin Libertowski of Cleveland, Ohio, submerged a marvelous duo of stunt shots back-to-back while jumping on a trampoline in his lawn. The first shot was already amazing as it is, but the second shot that he did was the icing on the cake. He must have practiced so long to pull of a shot of that caliber. Even he seemed so surprised and hyped as he made those shots! An Ohio youngster known for his skills of basketballs shots may have beaten himself with his most recent trick. Watch as Libertowski jumps on a trampoline and throws off one basketball at the hoop with a back-flip maneuver while holding another basketball in between his legs, before flinging the other basketball with the next front flip. Insane skills! Not only did Kevin score, but he calculated the distance so that both of the basketballs enter the hoop in unison, making for a double score! What a priceless stunt! Not many people can do flips, and certainly not many can make two baskets enter the hoop at the same time, while jumping on a trampoline and doing back and front flips! Incredible! Have you done any cool trick shots before? Kevin Libertowski sure did pull off an amazing trampoline trick shot involving multiple flips and basketballs and proved that he really is something, given his unique and awesome skills! The next NBA star is born! How many attempts do you think this took to pull off? We are guessing plenty!

Player Performs Amazing 'Round The World' Snooker Trick Shot16s

Player Performs Amazing 'Round The World' Snooker Trick Shot

A trick shot is a shot played on a billiards or snooker table, which seems unlikely or impossible or requires significant skill. Trick shots frequently involve the balls organized in ways that are unlikely or impossible to appear in normal play, such as balls being in a straight line, or use props such as extra cues or a triangle that would not be allowed on the table during a game. In this clip, an amateur snooker player has arranged the red ball in two opposite diagonal lines, with found more in the back arranged as a gate. He hits the cue ball, which ricochets off all the walls on the table, then comes straight down to hit the round ball waiting by the corner pocket. The trick shot is executed with some remarkable precision, it really gave us some snooker envy. We struggle to remember which balls to hit, let alone perform tricks like these! As an organized cue sports discipline, trick shot competition is known as artistic pool. The word " snooker " was a long used military term used to describe inexperienced or first-year personnel. In the 1870s, billiards was a popular sport played by members of the British Army stationed in India. Snooker gained its own identity in 1884 when officer Sir Neville Chamberlain, while stationed in Ooty, devised a set of rules that combined pyramid and life pool.

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Forget The Fidget Spinner, This Is The Latest Internet Craze11s

Forget The Fidget Spinner, This Is The Latest Internet Craze

Just when we thought that nothing will ever take the throne right from under those insufferable fidget spinners, something like this happens that made us think that we should have kept our pie holes shut. It is a game that has been around for quite some time. We get to blame Malcolm In The Middle for its widespread sensation, but the game goes way back. No one could tell for sure how far back does the game come from, but the earliest someone could remember playing it was in the 1980’s. It used to be a silly game of making a circle with your thumb and forefinger and whoever got to notice it received a nice smack on the arm. Today it is a trend so stupefying, we all just want to look straight ahead and not show any signs of humane curiosity. Because you never know when someone will knock the shoulder off it’s joint. So here's the golf trick of the day with a surprise special ending! A guy has some 30 golf balls lined up next to each other. His friend, who is on the ground recording the whole htng, gives him the que to strike and our patient golfer makes his gentle swing. Each of the golf balls hit the next and fall to the ground, with the last one making it in the hole. Is that it? Oh, no, dear friends, because our cameraman pans in on the hole, to reveal a piece of paper with the circle drawn on it. Now that you have been warned, we hope it came right on time before someone smacked you on the arm. Credit to @rich_sung

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The Breizh Mamba Scores Another Amazing 82 Foot Basketball Shot  30s

The Breizh Mamba Scores Another Amazing 82 Foot Basketball Shot

Yoann Simon, aka "The Breizh Mamba", is an instant Internet celebrity. Aged 28, the basketball player is a showman and the videos of his basketball feats have swiped the Internet, reaching more that 11 million views. This video is a proof of his love and devotion to <a href=" " target="_blank">basketball</a>. Yoann, running far outside the basketball court, jump climbs a <a href=" " target="_blank">massive</a> slab of rock and, taking a large swing, shoots the ball towards the net in the far distance. The net is so far away that he has enough time to make a gesture, jump down from the rock and slap his thigh while waiting for the ball to perfectly enter the rim! Originally from Camors, he started playing basketball at the age of 8. "I started by watching videos of Michael Jordan," he explains. "I liked his aestheticism and his aerial game." The idea of making his own videos came only later: after receiving a gift camera, he decided to film himself in order share his own feats. Finally, in June of 2015, success finally came for our showman. He was spotted and his videos were picked up by an American website, uploaded and promoted to make the buzz. ‘In all, I have more than 11 million views on Facebook, including a video that has made more than 6 million views’ says Yoann. Followed by NBA players and even approached by the Harlem Globetrotters, his success is mostly on the other side of the Atlantic. "In France, I am the only one to do that. There, they love my creativity and the fact that I do something different." Such success requires work, and it is not so simple as it seems: several hours of trying to get the ball into the basket are a must. He works 6 days a week, so it's hard to find the time. "I almost stopped. But I know there are kids who follow me so it motivates me to continue," explains Yoann.

Compilation of ping pong trick shots with a golf club41s

Compilation of ping pong trick shots with a golf club

How do you complete the best trick shots? Just combine equipment from different sports! This guy performs multiple trick shots using a ping pong ball, a golf club and of course, the famous beer pong cups. He is definitely the life of the party! It is incredible to see him pull off these crazy trick shots. Maybe he should become a pro golfer. He hits the targets perfectly! It is already hard enough to get the ball into the cups, but he completes some trick shots by first bouncing the ball on the golf club. Amazing! He makes it look a lot easier than it actually is. Hitting the ball frontwards, sideways, backwards, it doesn't matter. It is going into the cup! He even gets his friend to help out and they pull off an incredible trick shot. The ball is first hit with the golf club towards a bucket, and once it hits off the bucket, it flies in a perfect arch right towards the cup. Does it go in? Of course it does! What a crazy shot! Good thing they got this on recording or no one would believe them! Do you love to go golfing? Check out some of these best selling golf clubs . What a great way to start off your day! Have you seen other amazing trick shots? Let us know in the comment section below!

Awesome Teacher Trolls Students With Epic Bottle Flipping Trick Shots3m49s

Awesome Teacher Trolls Students With Epic Bottle Flipping Trick Shots

Coolest teacher in Canada has been found. On December 6, 2016, Mr. Marshall officially banned bottle flipping in class 6A. On December 7, he started making this video. On June 29, 2017, he showed it to his students. This video is one that Mr. Marshall and his students will truly remember for a long time! It really is epic! The teacher is so cool, he even bombs his students by saying that bottle flipping isn't all that impressive to begin with. "Just little air, little water, get the right ratio, the center of gravity low and the rest is just physics," says Mr. Marshall. He then proceeds to flip a water bottle in every place of his house, in corners, in cups, while eating a banana, on top of a projector, in his shoes, on the toilet...really, why is that such a big deal? Don't you wish that you had a teacher such as Mr. Marshall? He seems so cool and awesome, especially since he made this video for his students to watch. It is really funny how he banned water bottle flipping in his class, only to make this video to show his students. His calm, cool attitude during the whole video really does show how unimpressed he is about this whole water bottle flipping trend. Also, did you see how cute that baby he is holding is?! She didn't seem all that impressed though! Mr.Marshall's class probably will not attempt water bottle flipping in his class least until next year! They could always get more school supplies from Amazon to prepare them for next year, or even more water bottles! Do you remember and teacher from school that was wacky and fun? Let us know in the comment section!

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Skateboarding Meets Basketball In This Epic Trick Shot Compilation48s

Skateboarding Meets Basketball In This Epic Trick Shot Compilation

This is the incredible footage of one very talented young man who combined two of his favorite sports into one and created this new discipline. This is where skateboarding meets basketball! Eden Powers shares with us these incredible basketball trick shots all while riding and performing tricks on a skateboard. How cool is that? This talented young man has perfected the best of these two sports and put his skills into action all at the same time. Footage shows the incredible compilation of epic trick shots scored on a basketball performed by a man riding on a skateboard. The most amazing part is that he performs both basketball and skateboard tricks simultaneously! And of course, scores with flying colors! He does skateboard flips in the air while he slam dunks the basketball! Is this man from another earth or what? The new star is born! Check out this guy's talent as he keeps the tricks going in this amazing compilation. He is endlessly pulling one trick after another, as if he has abundance of skills up his sleeve. Take a leaf out of Eden’s book and combine your favorite sports! Who knows maybe the results will be amazing! This is the incredible moment when a talented man manages to pull some amazing basketball stunts, putting two different sports into action, making for a double score! You have never seen something like this before! Check out this video as Eden Powers performs a series of epic shots involving jumps and flips on a skateboard , and scoring with a basketball through a hool. In addition he passes with flying colors! How did he manage to pull off something so amazing? How many attempts do you think this compilation took to pull off? We are guessing plenty!

Breakfast Trick Shots Are The Most Important Stunt Of The Day1m07s

Breakfast Trick Shots Are The Most Important Stunt Of The Day

In order to keep yourself in top shape, there is but one advice that everyone keeps giving: do not skip breakfast! It is, after all, the most important meal of the day! A known phrase phrase says that you should “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper”, meaning that starting your day with a good, hearty meal will give you enough energy to get through a productive day, while you shouldn’t strain your body with a heavy dinner in order to have a nice, relaxing sleep. YouTuber Peter Bamforth knows very well how important it is to start your day with a good meal, so he goes a step further and does it with a twist. He prepares his breakfast using trick shots from one corner of his kitchen to the other! He comes down in the morning and starts to prepare his toast. He opens the pantry, takes a slice of bread and tosses it towards the toaster, which is on the far end. Score! Next is his breakfast tea. You think he wouldn’t be able to toss it in the mug on the table behind him? Think again! One lump of sugar or two? Peter likes his breakfast tea sweet, so he tosses two lumps of sugar into the mug with the tea bag. Water and milk can’t be tossed from afar, that would be a nonsense, so he pours them instead. But when the time comes for the milk to get back in the fridge, he does it by flipping it through the air and effortlessly slips in place in the fridge door, right in time for the toast to be buttered. Peter spreads his butter on the toast and just tosses the butter knife in the washing machine, conveniently waiting open to accept the utensil. With a quick hand, he tosses the buttered toast on the plate, brings his freshly brewed tea (no tossing, because that would leave a mess!) and sits down for a relaxing meal. Enjoy!

Epic vacation trick shot compilation 3m17s

Epic vacation trick shot compilation

Welcome to the California trick shots video, filmed in Palm Springs while on vacation. This compilation consists of multiple shots, each with a different level of difficulty. Lot's of golf, pool, and even shuffle board shots are used!

Crazy double golf pong trick shot with a pink driver36s

Crazy double golf pong trick shot with a pink driver

This is the DOUBLE golf pong shot featuring Bubba Watson's pink driver! Witness this athlete bounce a ping pong ball on the head of the pink driver and then juggle the ball through one of his legs before catching the ball on his neck. If that isn't enough, he picks up a sand wedge, juggles the ball between both legs before finally hitting the ball into the red solo cup!