SurrealPolitiks S01E037 - RIP Henry Kissinger

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Last week saw the passing of Henry Alfred Kissinger. The former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser to President's Nixon and Ford, was born in Germany. Being a Jew, had fled that country to arrive in the United States in the year 1938 at no older than 15 years of age. He has authored more than a dozen books, including World Order, On China, Diplomacy, and Leadership: Six Studies in World Strategy. 

Most notably for our purposes, Kissinger's name became inextricably linked to Realpolitik. Though he would go on to try and distance himself from this at times, it was a futile effort.

Kissinger was heavily involved in US foreign policy with the Soviet Union, China, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Argentina, Chile, Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many others. 

He helped bring an end to the Yom Kippur war, and the US war in Vietnam. He backed Augusto Pinochet in Chile, and the Argentinian Military Junta in their "Dirty War" against Leftist subversives.

He established "back channel" communications with leaders all over the world, and perhaps most famously, arranged for the meeting between Richard Nixon and Mao Zedong. 

During Episode 1 of SurrealPolitiks I said Henry Kissinger was in no small part the inspiration for this production, and I'll have much more to say about this when SurrealPolitiks airs at 9:30pm US Eastern, as we do every Monday, on Rumble, and on Odysee, and on the GetMeRadio App for Smartphone, FireTV, and Roku. 

I'll have much more

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