Stupid Criminals

Defendant lunges for officer's gun in courtroom1m03s

Defendant lunges for officer's gun in courtroom

On October 10, 2018, two Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Corrections Deputies were assigned to provide court security in room 305 of the Lincoln County Courthouse. At approximately 1010, an altercation took place when the defendant, an inmate, in custody of the Lincoln County Jail, made an attempt for a Newport Police Officer's service weapon. The police officer, who was present at the counsel table to testify in the trial, was able to create separation from the attack, while jail deputies quickly intervened and took the defendant to the ground, he was secured and returned to the jail. Due to the swift actions from the officer and deputies involved, none of the parties sustained any serious injuries, jail medical staff treated one of the deputies for minor scrapes and abrasions. The defendant was un-restrained during this court appearance. Credit: facebook/Lincoln County Sheriff's Office - Oregon

Deputy stuns man pulled over on stolen tractor1m56s

Deputy stuns man pulled over on stolen tractor

A Florida sheriff's deputy used a stun gun on a man who tried to flee after he was pulled over while riding a stolen tractor. The dash cam video was posted on Facebook by the Washington County Sheriff's Office. Credit: Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Security camera captures footage of brazen thieves1m11s

Security camera captures footage of brazen thieves

When we are sleeping peacefully, assuming that our property is safe and secure, there are people who roam neighborhoods looking for opportunities to take our valuables. Some people do this nightly, making a living from robbing people of their change, their electronics, their vehicles, even their prescription medication. It is called many things; "Boosting Cars", "Night Shopping", "Marauding", but no matter what it is referred to, it is theft. Some people do this nightly, targeting open vehicles, spending only 1-2 minutes, often less, stripping the cars of any spare change or anything that can be sold. These thieves completed their search of this car in one minute and moved on to the next. Frustratingly, these people often recover only a fraction of the value of your belongings. That laptop that your student daughter forgot in your car might have cost you over $1,000 but they will sell it for $50. And we also know that many of these thieves are stealing from us to finance costly drug habits. Another threat that we face due to these bandits is that some of them are armed with weapons of all sorts and they will assault a homeowner who is unfortunate enough to venture out of the house and discover them in their vehicle. This team of criminals is working together in a quiet neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario. As two enter the vehicle, a third drives the car, and a fourth walks along and keeps a lookout. We see the car rolling slowly along on the street while the other three check cars. There are many things we can do to make the job harder for thugs like this. We can ensure that our vehicles are locked at all times, spare keys must never be left in the vehicle, valuables should be brought in the house, and important documents should be locked up. This clever homeowner has installed security cameras and the footage that they captured shows them in action. Even though they are wearing hoodies, perhaps somebody might recognize them and contact the Toronto Metropolitan Police Service. These are organized criminals and they might come to your neighborhood before you know it.

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Robbers try to snatch $75,000 from woman2m03s

Robbers try to snatch $75,000 from woman

On August 17, 2018, a deputy with Constable Mark Herman’s Office was on patrol in the 23200 block of US 290 and observed several citizens struggling with a male suspect on the ground in a parking lot. The Constable Deputy quickly responded and apprehended the suspect. The suspect, later identified as Davis Mitchell attempted to rob a victim. Further investigation revealed the victim had just withdrew $75,000.00 from a local bank and was followed by a group of suspects to her location. Video surveillance indicated the victim exited her vehicle and a black male suspect attempted to steal her purse. The victim fought hard and refused to give up her purse containing the money. The victim’s husband observed the struggle and physically engaged the suspect. The second suspect then fled the location in his vehicle after running over the victims. The female victim was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. Credit: Mark Herman, Harris County Constable Precinct 4

Traffic cheater gets dose of instant justice37s

Traffic cheater gets dose of instant justice

This driver thought it was a good idea to ride on the shoulder of the highway in order to skip the traffic jam, but this risky move proved not to be worth it. Trying to cut 2 minutes of the commute costs an extra 10 minutes and a nice hefty fine!

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Murder suspects fire at officers during pursuit4m08s

Murder suspects fire at officers during pursuit

The body worn camera footage seen in this clip documents the final minutes of the chase as the suspects fire 34 shots at officers along busy streets near downtown Las Vegas, along with the conclusion of the chase in which officers used deadly force to stop the threat. One suspect died, the other was injured and now faces multiple charges including murder. Credit: facebook/LVMPD

Criminal tries to steal parrot, gets beatdown from 70-year-old shop owner1m54s

Criminal tries to steal parrot, gets beatdown from 70-year-old shop owner

After spending more than 35 minutes in this bird shop and chatting with the owner and leaving an address, this inexperienced burglar tried to kidnap a Severe Macaw. The shop owner Lloyd had a hunch that this guy was up to no good, so when he saw him enter the shop for the third time with an open bag, Lloyd reacted fast, eventually crashing the burglar into a parrot cage. However, the burglar still managed to get the bird in the bag so Lloyd did not give up. Lloyd chased him out of the store, tripped him multiple times and knocked him out with the parrot perch all while the poor bird was still in the bag. Lloyd and the bird snatcher battled all the way to the next main street until Lloyd eventually got not only the bird back but the bird snatchers shirt, hat and bag. When Lloyd came back in to the store with all of that, he found out that the bird was alive and doing well. Lloyd is 70 years old and as fit as they come, twice the burglar's age and half the size. The parrot community is crazy about Lloyd's heroism. Lloyd says he did it because he loves the birds and especially Snatch, who now has a great love for Lloyd. Snatch's owner died a few months before he came into the store.

Inglorious Burglars Caught Red-Handed On Security Camera 49s

Inglorious Burglars Caught Red-Handed On Security Camera

It is so hard to be a successful thief nowadays. Security systems in the modern age are so developed, that they can send push notifications via Wi-Fi to alert you about any unusual activity at your home. Two million house break-ins are reported in the United States every year, which is one burglary every 15 seconds. This failed robbery happened approximately 50 minutes after midnight on February 14th in Shanghai, China. The two burglars who failed in their mission, didn’t lack confidence or bravery – only brains. Their unsuccessful criminal attempt ended up being a viral laughing material. And you can see the reason by watching the video. Equipped with bricks in their hands, the world’s ‘dumbest’ criminals walk towards the building in Shanghai. You can see the first man throwing a brick at the window to break the glass, but as soon as the second man propels his brick, everything goes wrong. The brick accidentally hit the other burglar into his face, and he loses consciousness. His accomplice drags him away from the crime scene in such a hurry. Eventually, it all ended up well for the object they tried to break-into. This is the best instant karma , that's for sure! Shanghai police has uploaded this funny video fail and said: ‘If all thieves were like this, police department wouldn’t have to work overtime.’ This surveillance footage has reached over 12 million views in such a short period! If you have any video that captured thieves in the act by your security system, feel free to share it with us! Credit: Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Public Security

Idiot driver refuses to move for ambulance1m55s

Idiot driver refuses to move for ambulance

For whatever bizarre reason, this driver in a Hyundai Accent blocks the intervention of an ambulance team for a very long time. It's pretty infuriating to watch! Credit: facebook/Emplacement Photo Radar - Outaouais

Traffic dodger get a dose of instant karma16s

Traffic dodger get a dose of instant karma

This footage was taken in Manchester, Tennessee during heavy traffic caused by an accident ahead. There was an exit about a quarter of a mile up the road, and this driver noticed the red truck in his mirror slowly working its way down the shoulder for the exit. He knew there was a police car ahead of him, so he whipped out his phone and caught exactly what we were all hoping to see - swift and instant justice!

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Pedestrian Runs Into Traffic And Gets Hit By A Tesla Model X55s

Pedestrian Runs Into Traffic And Gets Hit By A Tesla Model X

Police are seeking a pedestrian who was hit by a car and ran off, because apparently, it can be a hit and run when the person who is hit runs off too! This incident happened in Bellevue, Washington at 148th Avenue Northeast and Northeast Eighth Street, where it was captured on traffic camera footage. The <a href=" " target="_blank">CCTV footage</a> shows the pedestrian, who seems to be a juvenile with a black hoodie on and holding a skateboard, waiting at the cross section for the light to turn green. The pedestrian patiently waits for a gap in the traffic, but decides “to hell with it" and charges across the five lanes of traffic. What he failed to see, though, was the electric Tesla Model X SUV in the fourth lane, driving right towards him The two traffic participants only graze each other, as the juvenile gets struck with the side of the black <a href=" " target="_blank">Tesla</a> SUV and is sent swirling to the ground. The young man doesn’t waste another moment on the road, he just picks himself and his skateboard off the tarmac and runs off in the distance The traffic camera footage is from Bellevue Police Case # 17-59469. If you know the identity of the pedestrian in the video, please contact the Bellevue Police Department at 425-577-5656 Credit: Bellevue, WA Police

Man In Los Angeles Damages Three Cars In A Hit And Run Crash 3m30s

Man In Los Angeles Damages Three Cars In A Hit And Run Crash

Many things in life are hard to explain. This video cannot be explained with a logical explanation. For unknown reasons, this guy hits three cars while struggling to shift gears. It was not necessary to hit any cars while he was having trouble with the gears. He should have put the car in park, not causing harm to anything or anyone around him, but he did the complete opposite. As people start to approach him, wondering what he is doing, he doesn't stop. More people continue to show up and watch in disbelief. What is this man doing? Even after he has got back onto the main street, he continues to hit another car. This man is crazy! Why is he putting everyones lives in danger? Eventually he finally speeds off down the street, but not until after he has caused huge amounts of damage. Right after this footage was filmed, police officers showed up to find his license plate on the street. Who knows what will happen to this criminal, hopefully he pays for his actions. So ridiculous! Check out this video of this man taking place in a hit and run crash! Have you ever seen someone pull off something this ridiculous before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Intense head on car crash in Marbella, Spain3m01s

Intense head on car crash in Marbella, Spain

A police hit and run chase in Marbella ends in a head on collision that caused many injuries. According to police reports, two men from the UK had a fight in nearby Puerto Banus, entered a vehicle, and started driving into pedestrians in a drunk state. They drove to Marbella while being chased by the police where the crash occurred.

Grown Man Throws Tantrum After Request For Free Stuff Got Denied By Cashier23s

Grown Man Throws Tantrum After Request For Free Stuff Got Denied By Cashier

Police in Detroit are on the lookout for a man who went on a destructive rampage inside of a BP Gas Station after he demanded freebies from one of the employees but was denied. The bizarre incident occurred in the early evening and was captured on surveillance footage that clear shows the man’s face. For whatever reason, the suspect decided that he did not want to pay for his goods but the cashier was not in a charitable mood. That’s when things got ugly. The clip shows the man locked in a heated exchange with a person out of frame when he suddenly grabs a rack containing miscellaneous food items and hurls it to the floor. The employee then activates the electronic door lock in an effort to prevent the deranged man from fleeing the premises, but he simply breaks the door open with a powerful kick. Witnesses told police that he then walked away from the gas station on foot.

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Crazy Police Chase In New Jersey Ends In Violent Crash5m59s

Crazy Police Chase In New Jersey Ends In Violent Crash

A routine traffic stop in New Jersey suddenly turned into an insane chase across the county that saw both a police officer and the suspect crash their cars in the process – and it was all caught on the dash cam. Video from the bizarre incident shows a police officer pulling over a black 2011 Volkswagen Jetta driven by 24-year-old Nicholas Vizzone. An incident earlier in the day had caused a Be-on-the-Lookout alert to be issued for a vehicle matching that description. The cop approaches Vizzone from the passenger side and tells him that he smells marijuana, but as he round the vehicle to apprehend him, Vizzone speeds off, hopping a curve and veering into the busy roadway. The subsequent chase shows Vizzone weaving in and out of traffic until he reaches the Turnpike, the officer in hot pursuit the entire time. Several other officers got involved as Vizzone made his way throughout Bergen County and into Essex County, a path of destruction that saw him destroy property, collide with at least one civilian vehicle, and ram at least two police cars. Eventually, the culprit’s car can be seen spinning out of control and slamming into a guardrail, giving the chasing officer a chance to arrest him. Vizzone was taken into custody and charged with reckless endangerment, eluding police, violation of parole, and criminal mischief. An officer was hospitalized with neck and back injuries as a result of the chase but was said to be in improving condition.

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Women lets random stranger throw her child off bridge10s

Women lets random stranger throw her child off bridge

This is what happens when some parents just don't care. This is a woman me and all my friends witnessed letting a "stranger" throw her 4 1/2 year old son off the bridge on 8-24-16 into the water for fun! He landed straight on his upper back so the the police were called and I hope this isn't just waived by and looked over. And shoutout to the hommies that took a stand and called them out.

Robber Face Plants into Glass Door41s

Robber Face Plants into Glass Door

Occurred on June 26, 2016 / São Paulo, Brazil Info: A robbery rummages through store and on his exit, he face plants his head into the glass door, falling backwards. He escapes. 1. Did the robber get arrested? - The police didn't arrest the robber yet. 2. What didn't the rest of the robbers come inside the store? - He don't know why they didn't come inside. 3. What was the damage/stolen goods by this robbery? - Bruno lost R$1500 reals ($500 USD) by the glass door, also was stolen a few headphones and some cases for smartphones.

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