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Goalkeeper's Penalty Blunder As Ball Bounces Back Into The Goal47s

Goalkeeper's Penalty Blunder As Ball Bounces Back Into The Goal

This is the hilarious moment a goalkeeper bungles a penalty shootout after celebrating a save - only for the ball to BOUNCE back into the net. The keeper ran away celebrating after the ball hit the crossbar in a tense 19-19 shootout in Bangkok, Thailand. But it turned into a freak goal and he was left devastated after losing 20-19.

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Rob Vs. Bunk Golf Ball Fail15s

Rob Vs. Bunk Golf Ball Fail

Occurred in June 2016 / St. Andrew's, Scotland Info from Licensor: "Rob takes on a bunker at the new course, St. Andrews. After a mishap on his first attempt, the bunker fights back, and sends Rob a message. Not only is Rob's attempt at a bunker shot a fail, Mike's attempt as a Scottish commentator is equally as bad! St. Andrews, the birth of golf, does not take lightly bad bunker shots." - Mattias Dunne

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10 hilarious fails that will make you think twice about sports1m03s

10 hilarious fails that will make you think twice about sports

These 10 hilarious fails are sure to give you the midday moodboost you need and in the process make you think twice about trying any crazy stunts after work! These people could have done a double check before trying some of these stunts that led to their epic fails.

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People Failing At Sports | Fail Compilation1m09s

People Failing At Sports | Fail Compilation

This video is owned by TheLADbible Group. Please do get in touch with regards to licensing - Or please visit the website - This video was submitted by one of our community to our editorial teams, reckon you've got a video that could go viral? Send it to us and you could feature on one of our many platforms - Original Videos - In Chronological Order: Callum Neve - Lewis Wiliams - Joey Pechey - Nathan Jones - Aaron Kelly - Anthony Renwick - Aman - Jack White - Luca Citro - Music by Justin Stone - Look At Me Now

MLB 2016 is going to make your head spin1m13s

MLB 2016 is going to make your head spin

To commemorate another electrifying season of Major League Baseball we're bringing you baseball falls, fails, and flubs as a ballad of the uncoordinated. These people gave up swinging the bat years ago, now they fix it to their foreheads and spin in circles in an unforgettable phenomenon called dizzy bat. Watch them spin and then epically fail at running from point A to point B. This beaseball compilation may not be major league, but it is too funny to miss.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Penalty Shot Hits Camera Holder In The Face17s

Cristiano Ronaldo Penalty Shot Hits Camera Holder In The Face

Sarah Arcand, the woman that filmed this video, explained the whole situation: "On a family trip to Spain, we a soccer family, decided to go and see Real Madrid vs Sevilla in a La Liga game. Purchasing tickets for the lower bowl, we were unaware that we were in row 12 behind the net until we got into the stadium. In the second half my husband and I switched seats. Thrilled to have the opportunity to see Rinaldo take a penalty kick in our end, I decided to film the once in a life time view. Needless to say, one of the world's best missed his mark. With the ball sailing over the bar, it hit me in the face. Just a black eye for the rest of the trip left this soccer fan with an exciting memory created by one of the games' best." Ronaldo is one of the most famous soccer players in the whole world, and there is not a single person that hasn't heard of him or see him play. He's a household name and a legend. But still, even legends miss sometimes. Location: Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid, Spain Occurrence Date: March 20, 2016 Credit As (If Applicable): Sarah Arcand /

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The Cutest Soccer Fail You'll See Today31s

The Cutest Soccer Fail You'll See Today

It seems like kids are becoming more and more talented in sports these days and it may have to do with the fact that kids are starting to join sports teams at a much younger age now. Well this adorable little tot is practicing his goal kicks when one kick ends up sending the ball right back at him!

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Phone VS Hockey Puck29s

Phone VS Hockey Puck

Info From Licensor: "I've been practicing to join a recreational hockey team. I like recording video so I thought it would look cool getting some video of myself practicing. I did think about the risk momentarily but I opted to ignore my intuition and shoot some video anyway. I tried to get fancy with a little spin move and sent the puck directly into my phone. The screen went black and stayed that way. Luckily I was able to get the files off of the phone before sending it to the recyclers." Location: Longfellow Park, Oak Park, IL Occurrence Date: January 25, 2016

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WHL hockey team celebrates win with EA Sports NHL 94 tribute26s

WHL hockey team celebrates win with EA Sports NHL 94 tribute

Players from the Kamloops Blazers of the Western Hockey League celebrate a victory with one of the most priceless tributes you'll ever see! For those who've played NHL 94 during their lifetime, you'll definitely get a smile out of this. If you've never played before, you'll quickly notice (as demonstrated by the players) that the graphics weren't quite as advanced as they are today!

Football Player Makes Touchdown Despite Wardrobe Malfunction29s

Football Player Makes Touchdown Despite Wardrobe Malfunction

We've all had the nightmare about being in a public place with a wardrobe malfunction. But in the case of this football player, it might have actually added to his cool factor. This football player managed to finish the play and score a touchdown while his pants started to sag to the floor.

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Peewee Football Team Demonstrates The Domino Effect17s

Peewee Football Team Demonstrates The Domino Effect

The start of every game is always the most exciting as the player rush onto the field for the first time. These little football stars have a little more to learn about how to make a proper, pro football entrance. With just a little bit of practice, I'm sure they'll get the hang of it soon.

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Euphoric Kid Fails At Football Entrance15s

Euphoric Kid Fails At Football Entrance

One of the most important things to do as a parent is to instill healthy habits to your child. Imagine living in a world where all of the kids, everywhere on the planet decided to do more sports, eat healthy food, work through their problems without the help of the common vices. Their happiness level would skyrocket. Of course, it can’t be all 100% perfect. Take this kid in the video for example. He decided to do sports, but, because of his blinding happiness, he also made an unpleasant memory to listen to on each family occasion, each birthday and even graduation. This peewee football game started out on a wrong foot when a tiny tot opted for a head-on collision with his teammates during the entrance of his football team. They all started running out on the field as a group, but moments before they ripped the banner in half, the young boy took a turn to the right and changed his trajectory. He propelled into the banner, colliding with one of his teammates and falling on the ground. But that’s okay, that’s how kids grow.

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Have you ever heard of 1m35s

Have you ever heard of "bubble" soccer?

Filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, 'jonathanbotha' captured on camera a game of bubble soccer. Now that looks like fun! Check out the big hits in this very friendly and fun game.

Published: July 13, 201532,109 views
Courageous Squirrel Dive-Bombs Mid-Game And Scares Players Away53s

Courageous Squirrel Dive-Bombs Mid-Game And Scares Players Away

The Philadelphia Phillies were hosting the St. Louis Cardinals at Citizens Bank Park when a squirrel suddenly climbed across the netting behind home plate and dive bombed straight into the Phillies dugout. According to spectators, the squirrel ended up landing on Chase Utley as several players scrambled out of the way. The little guy quickly scurried out of sight. This is the world's most epic squirrel, she decided to drop by and say “hi", and then quickly disappear James Bond-style. Judging from its epic stunt, this squirrel probably moonlights as a spy. It apparently landed on one of the players while the others scrambled in trying to get away from the little guy, however by the time they realized what happened, the little <a href=" " target="_blank">squirrel</a> was gone. The crowd gasped when they saw the little guy fall from the net, but broke into laughter after watching it escape unscathed. Most of the <a href=" " target="_blank">players</a> shuffled out of the way to avoid getting hit by the rodent. This squirrel, of the non-flying variety, stole the show with his aerial act, and the final score was one to zero for squirrel, leaving players freaked out. Super squirrel strikes back, this is something you don’t see everyday!

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