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Newfoundland And A Little Girl Up For A Pillow Fight 25s

Newfoundland And A Little Girl Up For A Pillow Fight

If you ever considered keeping a dog that would make your life entertaining on so many levels then Newfoundland, also known as "Newfie", is the right choice for you. Not that it is only generally quiet but it is also good-natured with everyone especially with children and since it is well-behaved, it has a strong positive influence on children’s personality as well. It may look large and strong on the outside but its mind and heart are sensitive. And the video proves that. One look at this adorable bedroom scene, be sure to melt your heart straight away. Samson and his bestie Sierra engage in a playful wrestling match. And from the beginning to the very end they both enjoy their play. Far from being afraid, Sierra looks comfortable with Samson around her. As satisfied as one can get, this little girl feels so blissfully happy around her dog. Though trying to hide his pillow, Samson cunningly circles his way round Sierra knowing that he will win the match at the end. But it seems that this adorable girl does not want to give up the battle or maybe just like every other child her appetites for a unique game grow bigger and bigger as long as she adds more time to the game. No matter how persistent she is, this thick hairy dog claims his rights over his pillow and what is his must be regained. With its strong jaws, firm bite and a soft muzzle, he snatches the pillow out of the girl’s hands and proudly gets off the bed. However, Sierra is still happy with her extra pillows.

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Man Gives Generous Tip To Unsuspecting Fast Food Employee1m47s

Man Gives Generous Tip To Unsuspecting Fast Food Employee

Christmas is a big day for everyone who celebrates it, but unfortunately not everyone can celebrate it the right way! Many out there struggle making end meet, despite working several jobs to do it. In the spirit of giving, this man decided that he should make someone’s Christmas a lot more merrier, by bestowing them with a $100 tip for their service! Jason Asselin, a YouTuber and vlogger from Michigan, pull up to the drive-through of an unnamed fast food restaurant and gives his order to the attendant on the other side. He rounds to the other side of the building, where a young woman comes, hopping in the Michigan snow, to gives Jason the check. He hands her $6 for a $5,30 bill and waits for his order. When the server, whose name we learn is Jessica, brings Jason his order, he asks her why is she working on Christmas eve, to which she answers “Cuz we’re open”. But when asked if they accept tips, the woman’s face changes to a bland expression, as Jason whips out a $100 bill to tip her with. Jessica says she just had a baby and this $100 'Pay It Forward' Christmas tip would come in very handy! She even wanted to hug this man through the window, but he thought she needed a proper hug. Awesome!

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Lucky Woman Is Reduced To Tears With Puppy Surprise1m42s

Lucky Woman Is Reduced To Tears With Puppy Surprise

Remember when you got home from work one day and there was a puppy waiting for you at the door? Yeah, we neither, but we sure as heck believe that we would react just as this woman did. Only her puppy is real. And she gets to keep it. Rumble user ‘jhmce92’ decided that it was now or never. His girlfriend Janie had always wanted a dog, but for some reason they were unable to get one. But things change and life moves forward, which ultimately means that yes, now Janine can have the puppy she always wanted. He films as he waits patiently by the door for Janine to open it and see what’s behind it. “Do we have a friend?” she asks, her hands full with grocery bags and totes. But then she spots the tiny ball of fluff on the floor, wiggling its tail at her, catching her by complete “Oh my god, what is that?” “That’s your new friend,” says the loving boyfriend. Janine falls apart at the seams, crying her eyes out, because she just had the worst drive ever and she can’t handle another prank from her boyfriend. “Are you serious? You’re not just borrowing it from a friend?” she cries out with tears in her eyes, because she can’t believe them! When the pup runs over to her, that’s when the waterfalls start! Now that is how you surprise your girlfriend! What an epic reaction!

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Golf Inspired Gender Reveal Party For Expecting Parents Of Twins 54s

Golf Inspired Gender Reveal Party For Expecting Parents Of Twins

A cool video has emerged from Canada of a couple revealing the gender of their baby to friends and family using a golf club. A golf ball is hit by each of these expecting parents to discover the gender of their twins. These parents came up with a very creative way of announcing babies’ genders! Footage shows the mum-to-be standing in a snow-covered yard, holding a golf club and preparing to hit the golf ball with the club in order to reveal the gender of the first twin. She swings the club and immediately strikes. Pink smoke is scattered on the snow and she is ecstatic to find out that she is having a baby girl! Moments later, it is the turn of the dad-to-be to throw some spice on the gender reveal party, as family and friends cheer from around. We can tell by the way the dad prolongs the ball hitting movement that he is nervous to find out the gender of the other twin. As he swings the club to hit and crush the tiny ball, blue smoke is scattered on the snow right next to the pink one! The father goes ecstatic to the news that he is having a son! He throws himself at the yard, frolicking in the snow. What a wonderful way to reveal the gender of your soon-to-be-born babies! Each parent released a cloud of powder into the air, the mom released pink cloud of powder and the dad released blue cloud of powder, indicating they are expecting a girl and a boy, respectively! Happy times!

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Gender Reveal Party Inspired By Jimmy Fallon’s Egg Roulette 4m06s

Gender Reveal Party Inspired By Jimmy Fallon’s Egg Roulette

A video of what might be the most intense gender reveal ever has emerged online. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's famous egg roulette game made its way to the gender reveal party! Dallen and Molli are expecting their first baby. They love Jimmy Fallon and thought it would be so fun to reveal the gender of their baby playing egg roulette. They have a dozen eggs, 6 of which are blue while the other 6 are pink, and 11 of the 12 are hard-boiled! The eggs are smashed on parent’s heads 1 by 1 until the raw egg is randomly drawn! The color of the raw egg represents the gender! A funny way to reveal the gender of your baby is by following the cheeky example of this creative couple. Namely, they are presented with a dozen of eggs, colored pink and blue. All eggs are hard boiled but only one egg is raw. So if an egg cracks open, i.e. if its filling spills on the floor, the color of that egg reveals the gender of the baby! A little bit messy, but very creative way, we must admit! The fun doesn’t stop here. Parents have to take one eff from the box and smack it against their forehead. If it drops down their face, it means the baby’s gender is revealed! If not, your head hurts because the egg is boiled and firm! Neat way, huh? Each parent picks one egg and smacks it against their forehead, after which they will probably have bumps but that doesn’t matter. Family and friends are gathered up, tape is rolling, everyone is having a nice time! The suspense is killing them, and so is the headache from taking in so many hard boiled eggs at their forehead! We bet they are dizzy already! After the seventh egg, the parents start to panic, knowing there are four more eggs to go, and they still don’t have a clue of what baby’s gender might be! Tension rises as there are only two eggs left in the box. One is pink and one is blue. They decide to each pick up one, and go at the same time, and solve the mystery once and for all! The mom goes pink and the dad goes blue, obviously! They both go at the same time, and it is a girl! Judging by mom’s yolk-covered face! It is definitely a girl! What a fun way to announce the gender of your first child!

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Overly Affectionate Feline Rubs Against Crawling Toddler 55s

Overly Affectionate Feline Rubs Against Crawling Toddler

An adorable footage has emerged of a needy Maine Coon feline obsessively rubbing her fluffy fur against the tiny body of her crawling toddler best friend. Joliet the Maine Coon absolutely loves little Uliana and they two always play together. However, this time Uliana was trying to make her way to the other side of the room, but Joliet unintentionally obstructed her crawling. Watch the adorable footage featuring the overly affectionate feline throwing herself at the little toddler, demanding to play! Cuteness overload! This cat just absolutely loves her little pal and cannot get enough of their time together. She follows him around the house all the time, even when he just want to be left alone! Cats and babies make friends all the time, but these two have a special relationship. As the toddler is crawling on the floor, this overly affectionate cat gives endless cuddles to the adorable tot. They are the perfect cuddling pair, even though after her dozen attempts to rub her fur against toddler’s body, the baby is annoyed by the needy cat and tries to push her away and have some space, but to no avail. The emotional cat continues to come back and tenaciously follows him around, engaging in long cuddles! In this heartwarming video we can see how desperate some felines can be for human attention. The fluffy cat has some magnetic attraction to the little tot, and wants to be near him all the time. Footage shows her compulsive behavior to be close to the ignorant toddler. There are no doubts that these two pals are going to stay close friends through thick and thin, and this little boy is going to always be able to count on his feline to stand by his side. Fortunately, this mom was there to film this special moment between her two babies. They both look so happy and comfortable playing together in the living room. However, after a while, it seems like the baby got annoyed by the needy cat fluffing her tail in front of toddler’s face, so in one moment we see the tot pushing the cat away, demanding some alone time! Hilarious! Judging by this video, it seems that cats can understand babies, because our furry feline friends have a motherly instinct to protect their little kittens, and apparently they feel the same with human babies as well!

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Adorable Baby Girl Wakes Up To The Wet Smooches Of Her Loving Pup15s

Adorable Baby Girl Wakes Up To The Wet Smooches Of Her Loving Pup

Many parents first decide to have a dog before they are ready to have children, so technically dogs are their first “trial” child. So, when the baby comes along, dogs have to get used to the new addition to the family and learn to get along with its ‘sibling’. The bond that children and dogs share growing up together is something extremely special that cannot be replaced. Footage shows the heartwarming moment when a cute baby girl found herself in a very happy predicament when she woke up to find her canine companion lying in her bed and showering her with thousands of kisses. Is there a better way to wake up in the morning than to the wet smooches of your best friend? A heart-melting moment occurs on camera when a friendly puppy delivers plenty of kisses to a loving baby. This adorable little tot has the most loving and gentle babysitter in the world! Watch how gently this adorable pooch delivers smooches on baby’s cheek! Observe baby’s priceless reaction after she gets them wet doggy smooches all over her face! At first, she is a bit confused about what is going on, but after a moment or two, she gets used to the love and affection her pooch is giving and stretches a fine smile on her tiny face! Watch the precious moment when a baby girl wakes up to the wet kisses of her best buddy. As the dog gives his favorite human kisses on the cheek, he catches the baby totally unprepared! This little girl is lucky enough to grow up with such a caring companion. Of course, when the doggy gives dozens of giant licks all over baby’s face, it results in giggles of excitement. Cuteness overload! We get the tingling sensation of what this experience feels like, only by watching this video. We can see how baby is being covered in puppy kisses, and we are so glad that someone captured this adorable moment on camera!

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New kitten surprise sends girl into crying fit1m11s

New kitten surprise sends girl into crying fit

One week ago this 9-year-old girl wad choking, and after 4 attempts at the Heimlich maneuver she was breathing again. Her mom, traumatized by the incident, realized that her daughter has wanted a kitten her whole life. So here she is meeting her kitty for the first time! Priceless!

Girl Gets Surprise Reunion With Her Horse After 4 Years Apart7m24s

Girl Gets Surprise Reunion With Her Horse After 4 Years Apart

Some kids have dogs, others have hamsters. Whatever the species of pet, they are kids’ best friends, someone to confide it and keep them company. They stay with them for as long as they live, but things happen in life that sometimes cut that time way shorter. After being forced to sell her barrel racer four years ago, this girl has no idea that her parents bought him back and she's about to be reunited with her horse. Have your tissues ready, because this one is a tearjerker! Bay had a best friend in her barrel racer Spook. When her parents fell in some financial troubles four years ago, she was heartbroken, because she had to give up her best friend. But the girl understood the situation her family was in and she had to let him go. Her parents didn’t want to separate them either, but circumstances demanded it. Little did Bay know that today she will be reunited with her best friend once again! Her parents never lost hope that they will be able go get Spook back with them. Eventually, they were able to gather the money and reunite their daughter with her horse once again. In this highly emotional video, we see how “operation Spook” came to be. Bay has no idea what is brewing behind the curtains; she is told to flip the cards her mom made for the camera. But the last card faces Bay instead of the camera, saying “Bay, look around” and there Spook is, waiting with her dad to be reunited with his human once again. We hope that bay and her best friend have many years together, because clearly they were meant to stay together!

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Son Gives His Mom The Surprise Of A Lifetime After Being Away From Home1m07s

Son Gives His Mom The Surprise Of A Lifetime After Being Away From Home

They say that there is no stronger bond that the one between a mother and her child. It forms during those nine months in which the tiny bundle of joy grows inside her body. From a tiny dot to a grown human being, the mother never stops loving her children. However, there is a time in their lives when the children have to say goodbye to their mothers and start creating a new life for themselves. Although it is not the end of the world and they would always keep in touch, the separation is really painful. Breaking the continuous support of your loved ones comes at a very high price. This footage shows us an incredible moment when a mother and a son are finally brought together after being years apart. Harry McGurk decided to surprise his mom with a visit and wanted to film her reaction. This is why he called a friend to take the footage of the heartwarming surprise. The video starts with Harry telling us that he’s been traveling for the past two years, and the last thing he told his mom was that he’ll be off to Australia, then to New Zealand. Little does she know that he’s right in front of her door. The surprise comes to culmination when he opens the door to his childhood home and greets her. She starts yelling from the top of her lungs, literally crumbling to the ground. She then gets up and flungs herself in his embrace, holding for dear life. Now, that’s love!

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Heartwarming Moment As Boy Finally Gets Reunited With His Missing Cat1m12s

Heartwarming Moment As Boy Finally Gets Reunited With His Missing Cat

Cat owners often complain that they can't get their cat to behave appropriately because cats just won't listen to them. They claim that their cat is particularly unintelligent, but that is absolutely not the case. Punitive training techniques that center on gaining control of your kitten by dominating them into obeying can damage the human/animal bond and cause your dog to mistrust you and essentially switch off. For so long people have been putting the emphasis on their dog’s need to be ‘obedient’ rather than ‘cooperative.’ We issue ‘commands’ rather than focusing on teaching the dog ‘cues’ by attaching these cues to actions or behaviors that we want. This cat must have been waiting for his owner and worried sick to where their little friend has gone and if ever he is to return. A home coming party is just what they have prepared to surprise their little friend. Both of them are very energetic and just can't wait for their friend to come back home. Clyde, an 11-year-old cat, had been missing for 12 days. 10-year-old Jared has always had Clyde in his life and so it was a devastating situation for himself and the family. Luckily, a neighbor spotted the lost cat after recognizing him from a 'Lost and Found' ad and returned him while Jared was in school. Check out the amazing reunion!

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Bebé, gatito y cachorro se acurrucan adorablemente16s

Bebé, gatito y cachorro se acurrucan adorablemente

No te pierdas a estas tres bellezas mientras se relajan juntas. Pebbles el gatito, Nelda la labradora de 8 meses y Elsarose, la beba de seis semanas disfrutan juntos de un rato de descanso que tiene un gracioso final. ¡No te lo pierdas!

Giggly Tot Disappears Under A Stampede Of Tiny Pups17s

Giggly Tot Disappears Under A Stampede Of Tiny Pups

An adorable moment was captured on camera when a giggling baby girl got buried under a stampede of excited little puppies. It's a cuteness overload situation as these Dogue de Bordeaux puppies create a puppy pile and wrestle the little girl down on the floor, trying to steal her treat! Mum captured the adorable moment when her baby girl disappeared under a stampede of tiny puppies, as the litter of adorable puppies decided to pile over baby’s face. It is amazing how the giggling tot named Lucy Raper becomes the centre of the puppy pile but doesn’t mind being the spotlight of attention. She actually loves having the seven tiny pooches around her, even when they are desperately trying to steal her biscuit. Lucy’s mom explains that her 16-months-old daughter was only gently bowled over by the beautiful pups and was not hurt when they started to stomp all over her face and body. Lucy loves spending time playing with the six-week old Dogue de Bordeaux puppies and often times crawls into their pen to nap. Lucy is always good to the puppies, she never pulls their tails or ears like you would expect a baby too because she was grown up around dogs and she really respects animals at such a young age. Having a moving ball of fur to greet you in the morning is probably the dream of every other person in this world. What is there not to be loved in that cheerful bundle of joy, wagging its tail and rushing to your side for a hug and a slobbery kiss? Can you imagine what it must be like to have a pile of puppies stomping all over you in unison? These adorable puppies enjoy giving love and affection. Watch the adorable moment when a little girl disappears under the cuddly blanket of warm puppies. Luckily, mom caught the gorgeous giggling tot on camera being in the centre of the puppy pile, struggling to get up as the pooches work their way out to steal her treat! We also want to join the little girl under the big furry blanket please!

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Charming Little Girl Shares Yummy Breakfast With Her Doggy  18s

Charming Little Girl Shares Yummy Breakfast With Her Doggy

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” It is one of most repeated quotes in history, meant to motivate workers to keep a close relationship, because, in the end, nothing can break down a tight-knit group. A team means things get done faster and better, or in the case of these two pup, things stay higher. Until they pop, of course. Our dogs are more than just our furbabies. They provide us with companionship and unending, irrevocable love; their tails wagging with joy every time we come back home is proof of that. But what we love most about our pets is the antics they are prone to while they are still just babies! Tiny and chubby little buggers, running around the house, making messes and knocking everything in their path, all the while discovering their surroundings and learning about the world. It is just too precious not to put on camera! Here we have quite the duo. This girl has decided that its time for everyone to have a treat. She cant help but share her with her puppy dog. Let alone the fact they look adorable, the doggy just cant seem to get enough. Take a look as these two wonderfully bond over eating together. A heart-melting moment occurs when this toddler gives some of her breakfast to her doggy. They are just too adorable!