Guy Notices Something In His Frozen Pool, Then Breaks The Ice  1m21s

Guy Notices Something In His Frozen Pool, Then Breaks The Ice

Winters can get excruciatingly cold especially living up north. The winters are merciless when the temperatures drop way below the zero. Starting from lakes, to creeks, to all the small water resorts always seems to freeze. This can for bring many problems into one society. Such as pipes freezing and bursting, leaving many people without water for days. Sometimes, the cold, even has an impact on the electrical wires that run through the town and generate electricity for it. All and all, winter can be really scary and dangerous and it is specially important that we remain in doors and keep warm. However for this guy its all about fun and games. As him and who ever is filming this video walk out into their backyard and to the pool, they realise that their pool is completely frozen. The guy mentioned that earlier he saw something beneath the frozen waters of the pool that he just could not identify beforehand. So, as anyone of us would do he went, took his ice pick and started jabbing it into the ice. North Carolina obviously has some intense winters, and this one was surely no exception - I mean, just look at how deep that ice cover is! The whole pool was one big icy pond, and this guy made it his mission to find out what lies beneath the thick ice. It took him some effort and hard work to find out what's lurking in the unknown. As you can see in the video, he's gentle enough as to not hurt the giant rubber duck that probably remained on the pool's surface since last summer (hey, no questions asked), and as he jabs away, the suspense grows. Now we get to a point where we're on the edge of our seats - what can it be? What creature is going to emerge from that tiny hole that barely fits this guy's hand? Frankly, the end is a real twist. Who saw it coming? Nobody, not even us! As the video comes to a conclusion, we see something pinkish emerging from the icy waters - a hand. And it's alive! I definitely wouldn't have placed my bets on a hand in the frozen pool. The situation got really tense as he was digging through. And to make it worse, the ice wouldn't break through for a longer while. To be frank, it actually gave him a bit of trouble. However, he stuck by it and after a while of stabbing and poking he managed to break through. You will definitely not expect as to what he finds inside. Check out what this dude finds hiding below the frozen ice in his backyard pool. Let's just hope that he managed to warm that hand up when he got back in the coziness of his house. What were your guesses? Did you expect the end to be like that? Share this video with your friends, it might just turn out to be a cool guessing game. And yes, pun intended.

This Prankster Teaches A Gold Digger A Lesson She Will Never Forget2m32s

This Prankster Teaches A Gold Digger A Lesson She Will Never Forget

Welcome to another excellent prank, starred and directed by Josh Paler Lin. The goal of the prank is not only to make us laugh, but as always through something similar to a popular version of a social experiment , to make us draw some very valid conclusions about human nature. Yet again, Josh has devised an incredibly well thought of scenario: a blond beautiful-looking girl is sitting on a sidewalk table. Two men approach her showing the same level of politeness and respect. The first one is your boy next door type, cool yet dressed funny. The other one arrives in style, having the look of a very well to do businessman. Who will she choose? Check out what happens when Josh Paler Lin pranks this gold digger like a boss! It's amazing how fast this woman goes from "being in a serious relationship" to "it's not that serious" in a matter of minutes! This is what they call “poetic justice”. For those unbelievably few of you who still haven’t heard of Josh Paler Lin Known, the crazy Asian prankster on YouTube, he is the guy who has accumulated more than 2.7 million subscribers. His " How does a homeless man spend 100$ " video was viewed more than 30 million times in less than 3 weeks. He used to be a background dancer in music videos, including the video for "Teach Me How to Dougie" and now he is an aspiring actor and entrepreneur. Are you still standing with your jaw open? Yes, we know.

Check Out This Hilarious Uber Driver Dressed As Batman2m50s

Check Out This Hilarious Uber Driver Dressed As Batman

One of the biggest superheroes of all time is Batman. Batman is without a doubt one of the world's most iconic superheroes. It was every little kid dream to become Batman and to fight crime and bad guys. Why do men admire Batman so much? Perhaps it's because under all of the expensive gadgets, the Caped Crusader is just a man. He can't fly and he's not super strong. He goes out there every night and puts his life on the line to protect the city he cares about and the people who live in it, no matter the cost. That’s inspirational! However, we all know what’s the coolest thing about Batman. Of course his Batmobile ! In its place is a two-seat coupé outfitted with a turbocharged engine, bulletproof chassis and body panels, hydraulic impact absorbers built into the front end, and a smokescreen generator. Wow! However, what happens when you order an Uber and a Batman driving a Lamborghini picks you up? It's all sorts of awesomeness in this hilarious prank, brought to you by Josh Paler Lin. John decided to make some people’s day, dress like Batman and drive them in his Uber and just enjoy and have fun time. Amazing video that shows us, that people care about making somebody’s day. A smile is a light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside!

Employees Prank Doctor With Water Breaking Prank36s

Employees Prank Doctor With Water Breaking Prank

When people are expecting a child, they find the whole thing so romantic and fairytale like They pick out the clothes, the color for the room, the furniture, toys, then names… it all can be very sweet. That is, until the moment of truth arrives. The mom’s water breaks and it is time for the new member of the family to come out into the world. The moment can spark a full blown panic among people, and by people, we mean the dads. Moms have nine months to prepare physically and mentally for what lies ahead. But dads feel the rush of adrenaline when they understand that their life as they knew it thus far is over and they had absolutely no way to prepare for the tiny member of their family. Reactions depend on the dad’s character. Some fall in shock, others panic and black out completely, mumbling world and tripping over their own feet. This doctor did what he knew best - he ran as far away from the <a href=" " target="_blank">expecting mom</a> as possible. Only it wasn’t her due date yet. The team at Comella Orthodontics in Rochester thought it would be funny to <a href=" " target="_blank">prank</a> Dr. Comella with Catrina's water breaking! He never looked back, he just ran! “Oh no, her water!” the women can be heard shouting, while the doctor shot up from his chair and ran, holding his head in his hands. When he saw how everybody else was rolling around on the floor laughing, he stood where he was, asking: “Are you serious? That’s not even funny!” says the poor doctor, while the ladies were struggling to catch their breaths. Was it funny? We’ll let you decide.

Prankster Pulls Giant Spider Trick On Unsuspecting Victims2m10s

Prankster Pulls Giant Spider Trick On Unsuspecting Victims

Prankster Josh Paler Lin clearly enjoys annoying people. This internet joker got his hands on a giant spider, and used it to terrify people as they went about minding their own business. Josh went out of his way and hid the spider in lifts, on street corners and on bridges, making it ‘leap’ out at unsuspecting members of the public in California. Paler Lin is back again with this priceless giant spider prank and just in time for Halloween! How would you react if a giant spider crawls out of nowhere giving you the creeps? Footage shows that this prankster has mastered the technique on how to terrify the public with his realistic pranks, this time featuring a giant spider that jumps out in front of people and dangles from a bridge. This is one hilariously cruel video that is a must see even for those suffering from arachnophobia. Lin invaded the streets of California with his giant spider prank, and caused many unsuspecting victims to scream their lungs out . In the clip, Josh hides his giant fluffy spider behind walls, in elevators and on bridges and uses it to surprise members of the public by having it make a sudden appearance in their path. First, the spider is positioned in front of a shop, making a sudden move forward approaching victims. As a woman walks past without paying too much attention to the road ahead, Josh pulls on the string and the spider runs out into the pavement. Later, the trickster hides outside an elevator and waits for a woman to walk out from it before pulling the spider into her path. Of course, she reacts by screaming in fright and jumping backwards out of the way,nearly stumbling over Josh’s hand. However, the best part of the prank features Josh hiding on a bridge and waiting for people to walk or cycle underneath it. Moments later, two men can be seen jogging past when suddenly the spider is lowered into their path, giving them the fright of their lives. Credit to 'Josh Paler Lin'.

Playing Spelling Prank On Dad1m52s

Playing Spelling Prank On Dad

The rules of English grammar can be a little tricky to grasp at times, as this man found out. But his reaction when he finally figures out this lesson on spelling is too precious to hold it against him for long. This video is sure to bring a lot of laughter to you and this family for a long time.

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Boat Owner Pranks Sun Bathers24s

Boat Owner Pranks Sun Bathers

A bunch of sunbathers were enjoying a hot day when they were surprised by a boat owner with a sense of humor. Check out what happens when he decides to pull a prank on the unsuspecting people. The prank, of course, was turned into a video that made us all laugh. Well at least that cooled them all down! The laugh alone will bring a smile to your face!

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Little Girl Pulls Off Hidden Camera Prank On Dad45s

Little Girl Pulls Off Hidden Camera Prank On Dad

Pranks seem to be the rage now a days on the internet and this little girl is no exception! Watch as this adorable 4-year-old girl steps it up in this scare prank on her cranky dad. Watch along as she brilliantly hides in the closet, waiting for him to grab his keys and jacket. As soon as he opens the door, he gets one of the biggest scares of his life. Well executed for someone so young! You cannot help but to laugh as this <a href=" " target="_blank">hidden camera</a> prank goes off beautifully. This is one video that you do no want to miss! This video is adorable! Sure, pranks on the internet are getting pretty overdone now a days, but this little girl is still managing to keep it fresh! Most people get called out for making fake pranks but this video seems not fake at all, as the father genuinely looked scared. Did you hear how the little girl said sorry to her dad at the end? Talk about cuteness overload! This is one precious moment that they will surely never forget! It seems that this little girl really loves practical jokes and pranks of that sort. Who knows how many <a target="_blank" href="">practical joke toys</a> she will have in the future?! What we do know is that she is one funny girl! Another kid also pulled a hilarious and <a href=" " target="_blank">innocent prank</a> on dad and several times too! It seems that this baby already knows how to play tricks on people and have a good laugh while they’re at it! He’s sitting on the floor with dad and playing with his toys, but dad has claimed his sensory ball as a pillow. Of course, baby wants his sentiment known, so as soon as dad turns away to watch a show, the baby reaches out and grabs dad’s “pillow” right for under his head!

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Woman Introduces “Boyfriend” To Her Parents, But She Has Something To Add3m00s

Woman Introduces “Boyfriend” To Her Parents, But She Has Something To Add

Meeting the parents for the first time can be nerve racking for a couple. What a better way to ease the tension than to pull the prank of the century? This is an absolutely priceless prank! A girl named Maiko brings her boyfriend Danny (disguised as an 85-year-old man!) to her family gathering and captures the experience all on camera. They even makes a pregnancy announcement! When Mariko introduces masked Danny as her boyfriend, the look on her dad’s face is the embodiment of uncomfortable! The adults all feel the same way, but Mariko’s young nieces all seem to think that there is something odd about this old guy. When Danny tries to smooth things over with the girls, he pulls up his mask and wobbles it around, which makes it pretty obvious that there is another man under there! When Danny bends over backwards in the yard, the entire prank was almost brought to a halt by one of Mariko’s younger cousins, because seeing an 85-year-old man bend backwards 90 degrees AT THE KNEE is definitely something to tip you off. You can see how relieved everyone in this girl's family is once her real boyfriend comes out of character. How polite of them to hold their reservations to themselves the whole time. The kids had a blast with the mask though. Definitely a hilarious first impression!

Son Waits Eight Years To Play The Same Xbox Prank On Dad4m23s

Son Waits Eight Years To Play The Same Xbox Prank On Dad

A son waited for eight years to get revenge on his prankster dad, and it was worth the wait. Namely, when this boy was 16-years-old he was given what he thought was an Xbox for his birthday, but when he removed the wrapping paper he found something different. A treasure hunt led him to his real present, and he was actually given the keys to his first car, Honda Civic, instead of an Xbox, which wasn’t that bad after all. However, this boy remembered this prank , and wanted to pull the same Xbox trick on his dad, years later. The boy remembers "I was elated and very grateful for the car, but until I saw it I was still a little disappointed that the box did not hold an Xbox. When presented with the car, I went to the trunk to see if the Xbox had been placed in there. I assumed they had still purchased an Xbox since they had the packaging box. However I later realized that my parents had merely bought the packaging on Ebay without the console inside. I purchased my own Xbox a few months later and the car served me well for several years." Years later, this boy decided to play a revenge prank on his dad for Christmas so he and his brothers went on a mission to trick dad. He added: "We decided that as a form of revenge, we should reenact the events of my 16th birthday, but with him as the unsuspecting victim ." So eight years later, he bought his dad his own console so that he can join him and his brothers in online gaming. As a form of revenge, they set him up with a reenactment of his 16th birthday and pulled the same trick. Maybe his dad didn't get a car, but he finally got the xBox he wanted, which was found hidden in the boot of his son's first car. Talk about karma!

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Creepy Snowman Pranks Unsuspecting Victims3m27s

Creepy Snowman Pranks Unsuspecting Victims

Freaky the Evil Snowman has made his way back to Newport, Rhode Island again this year to harvest some more screams for his collection. Everybody's reaction is simply priceless! If you haven’t seen the “Scary Snowman” pranks by now, you might just be living under a rock. A man hides in a scary-looking snowman costume and scares the guts out of unsuspecting people passing by . Now he is back and as startling as ever. Freaky is creating some hilariously funny scares and fortunately for us, we get to experience it all on camera! Freaky stands on a busy street corner, as customers hit all its quaint little shops nearby. Described as Frosty’s evil twin, the snowman can be seen terrorizing people who all seem to scream out at the evil one. Some of the innocent pedestrians are minding their own business while others seem intrigued by the strange presence. Almost all belt out when the still costume makes a sudden move. He even puzzles some with the noise of flatulence that is equally funny. The prankster is Jay Karl and is part of the Scary Snowman YouTube channel, which has apparently been going for six seasons. This isn’t the first time Rhode Island has been pranked by this evil snowman . No matter how many times he revisits, the laughs get funnier and funnier. Watching this man, dressed as a snowman, standing motionless until unsuspecting shoppers approach, and suddenly scaring the sugarplums out of them is indeed freaky.

Brother scares the life out of his sister!10s

Brother scares the life out of his sister!

Siblings are the best! Sure, you get your occasional rivalry and some jealous outbursts, but at the end of the day, everyone will admit that they are glad they had a sibling or two in their life. They teach us some of our first very important lessons, like sharing, patience and the ever-so-important watch-your-back routine, like the girl in this video learned! According to big brother Matt, he's spent the last 2 years tormenting his sister Reid . This clip is no exception as he scares her half to death! Siblings will be siblings! Love your siblings, kids, because even when they are angry with you, they can’t help but love you in the end! :)

Hilarious shampoo prank at the beach3m18s

Hilarious shampoo prank at the beach

Check out this funny prank from RobbyTv where he goes around putting shampoo on people's hair as they take a shower at the beach. Just wait until the end!

Published: August 24, 2016138,536 views
Check Out This Funny Video Of An Apprentice Pranked Into Taking Wheelbarrow Proficiency Test 3m50s

Check Out This Funny Video Of An Apprentice Pranked Into Taking Wheelbarrow Proficiency Test

Calling all savvy site managers, ahead of the game HR personnel and trusted trade leaders, let’s be honest and tell how many of you had made pranks at new guys at work? However, gone are the days where you can send the new lad to the local merchants for a long weight or the new lass to the trade counter for a glass hammer. You need to up your initiation game and we’ve got the perfect run-down of apprentice prank that will make you laugh a lot! And we say a lot we mean a lot! These employees told their apprentice that it was required of him to take a wheelbarrow test around the site. He also filled out a multiple choice test! In the construction sector, it’s all about upskilling, developing your apprentice from intermediate to an advanced level. It’s an ongoing learning curve which covers all aspects of construction within the apprentices available; from bricklaying to site carpenter, the opportunities are almost limitless. However, this one is by far the the greatest prank of all time ! This poor guy had to take the wheelbarrow all around the constriction site just so he can prove that he is right for the work! Well, one major way to lessen 'new guy' woes is to make sure you learn as much as you can about your new environment and the role you will serve before accepting a position, And don’t worry about the pranks, those are just one step closer to be being part of the group!

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Prank Takes Unexpected Turn After Car Drives Into Lake1m16s

Prank Takes Unexpected Turn After Car Drives Into Lake

Best friends love to play pranks on each other, and by love we mean that they would do it at any opportunity they are given. It’s like a rite of passage for the club of best friends, something that comes naturally to you and solidifies your bond with your friends. Okay, it might sound a bit bad, but pranks aren’t always that bad, and more often than not, they end up making everybody laugh. But every once in a while there is that one prank that goes sour. Maybe the person being pranked isn’t in the mood for joking or maybe the prank isn’t turning out the way it’s been envisioned. That is exactly the case with this video. Looks like this prank didn't go exactly as planned. It all started with a group of friends explaining to the camera what they were planning to do. They wait patiently for their friend to arrive and then head outside of the house to greet his car with some egg wash. They start throwing the eggs at him when he suddenly opens the car door and starts running towards them. Now, if there is one thing that this video is teaching us it’s to always put our car into "Park" before stepping out of our vehicle! The driver forgot to do this and his car ended up sliding towards the lake. He went running to stop it, but to no avail. For those wondering, they managed to safely drive it back onto land. The silver lining in this story had to be the fact that the weather was cold so the lake was covered with a solid sheet of ice.

Fake Bear Attack Sends Construction Worker Running Head Over Heels51s

Fake Bear Attack Sends Construction Worker Running Head Over Heels

Sometimes you need a little fun to help you get through the work week. One way to put some energy and pep back into the work environment is to pull a prank every once in a while. Well this construction crew did just that, and one of their coworkers found out that he could outrun a bear the hard way! A fake bear, that is. Pranks can be hilarious when done right. One cheeky worker pulled a nasty prank on his unsuspecting co-worker, ultimately startling him to a point where he runs away! We bet he has never run so fast in his entire life before! This hilarious video is guaranteed to brighten up your day. Let's hope that bear costume doesn't go to waste, and more pranks like this appear in the future! Looks like the pranker is going to have to make it up to his fellow co-worker for this nasty joke. Don't you think that a teddy bear from Amazon would be the perfect gift for him? Just joking! In certain parts of America, seeing a bear in your backyard isn’t the most uncommon sight in the world, but it’s always going to be a bit of a shock. One construction worker was in for a big surprise when he stumbled upon a bear at work. The poor man was scared out of his socks immediately after spotting the grizzly beast! Funny thing though, it wasn’t really a bear. His coworkers decided to pull a prank on him, by finding a bear costume and meeting him when he least expected it - at work! How the man reacts will have you laughing for days! The poor guy 's so scared that he runs head over heels away from the beast as quickly as possible without turning back! It's probably safe to say that he won't be coming to work for a while! Animals are amazing creatures of nature that should be treated with the utmost respect. However, there are some animals that you should not get anywhere near as you risk danger to your life. One such animal is the black bear for which we don’t know if and when they might attack. In another bear video, a real black bear appears out of the woods and slowly approaches a friendly man sitting in the porch . The ignorant animal curiously investigates his human friend, but soon decides it is uninterested. Talk about an incredibly close encounter! It is amazing to see a black bear showing utter curiosity to befriend a human friend, much to our amusement. This is the intense moment when a dangerous black bear slowly approaches a man, showing no violent nature whatsoever. However, after sniffing his body in detail, the bear soon decides that the human is not her type and slowly retreats into the woods. What a lovely encounter! Admit it, you never expected this close encounter to end like it did! With a happy ending and a new friendship! Adorable! Who would have ever thought that a black bear would be so curious to become friends with a human? Maybe it is the fact that the man was sitting still and not moving a muscle, hence, not presenting any danger to the animal whatsoever. What would you have done if you were in a situation similar to this one? Run? Hide? Faint? Scream? Pet the bear? Have you ever had any similar encounter with a bear, or had your colleagues pull your leg? Have you ever pulled a prank on someone at work? Let us know in the comments below, we are eager to know!

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Dinosaur prank scares unsuspecting victims2m25s

Dinosaur prank scares unsuspecting victims

The crew that brought us the Scary Snowman last year are back again to haunt our dreams, but this time, it is something we all though is ancient and long extinct! The Prank Bros teamed up with KHAEntertainment to pull off this epic dinosaur prank. Using a nest with eggs in it as bait, a mother dinosaur jumped out of the bushes every time pedestrians got too close. Some of the reactions were absolutely priceless. There is a split second where every single person that fell victim to this heartless prank suspended all rational thought and believed that dinosaurs are back again. It's Jurrasic Park, people! Thankfully, that T-Rex mask is too ridiculous to look real, not to mention the pair of human legs on the bottom, even though they are clad in black. We are surprised that not one of those people that came across on their bikes or roller blades fell over! But the best victims have to be the two gentlemen who just stood there as the dinosaur emerged, looked at it for a moment and burst out laughing! Did you like this prank? Then check out the other clips on TheScarySnowman's channel! Filmed on the Bike Path in Barrington, Rhode Island. Check out Prank Bros Original Pranks and KHAEntertainment for more great content! Look up and follow 'TheScarySnowman'. Music, Intro: Enerjohn.

Realistic Paranormal Activity Prank Gives Guy Panic Attack2m44s

Realistic Paranormal Activity Prank Gives Guy Panic Attack

A funny footage has emerged of a guy trying to pull a scary prank on his friend for the upcoming Halloween celebration. Namely, this guy decides to pull a paranormal activity prank on his friend in the spirit of Halloween! Needless to say, the unsuspecting friend got a little freaked out! Jonny set up cameras to record the entire <a href=" " target="_blank">prank</a> on camera and arranged for someone to move things around in the apartment in order to make it look like something paranormal is going on inside. The prankster made up an excuse to step out of the apartment for a few minutes, leaving Adrian alone in the apartment for the show to take place! Footage shows Adrian sitting on a chair, browsing on his mobile phone when the scenario starts rolling. First, we see the hanging ceiling light in the kitchen slightly rocking from one side to another, as if someone moved it! At first, Adrian is ignoring the light and doesn’t get too scared, but when the broom falls down out of no apparent reason, the lad starts to get a little bit worried! Gazing towards the kitchen, Adrian stands up and starts looking around the apartment, trying to figure out what is going on. Moments later, he really gets scared and starts to freak out when plastic cups fall to the ground out of nowhere, causing the guy to curse! Many ghost hunters capture scary ghost videos and <a href=" " target="_blank">paranormal activity</a> in different haunted houses. These ghost caught on camera videos might be scary and spooky for viewers, make you want to jump and scream. Hadn’t we known that this was a prank set up, we would have reacted the same way he did! Poor guy, let’s hope he didn’t wet his pants! Credit goes to Public Prank

Prank Call Between Two Tech Support Agents Is A Success 3m36s

Prank Call Between Two Tech Support Agents Is A Success

Prank calls are hilarious when they are pulled off properly, especially when they are between two people from the same company! Check out this prank call made to Bell Mobility in Canada. A subscriber of the service managed to merge two different Tech Support agents onto one line and sat back as the two attempted to offer support to one another! Hilarious! This subscriber gave us a good laugh and showed off his impressive prank calling skills! Some people don't even know how to merge two different numbers. This is awesome. As the conversation between the two tech support agents continues we can't help but laugh. They have no idea idea what is going on and seem to be very confused. The first tech support agent is very confused when she hears the french speaking person on the phone, she thinks it's a costumer. The french tech support agent also thinks she is a costumer. She then tells the english tech support agent that she will transfer her to an english speaking tech support agent, but she already is one! Could this get anymore confusing? Thankfully they are able to end the call with a good laugh. They had no idea they were being pranked. This video definitely puts a smile on your face! Have you ever prank called someone before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Snowman Spreads Holiday Cheer By Scaring Unsuspecting Passersby2m19s

Snowman Spreads Holiday Cheer By Scaring Unsuspecting Passersby

The year is slowly drawing to a close and before Christmas comes, Halloween is around the corner. Time to put on a costume, relax and share some cheer with all of your nearest and dearest. Festive seasons are also the most wonderful time of the year to surprise somebody with a nice present, a trip or maybe a new house. With snow in the forecast, the mind turns to the innocent joys of wintertime like snowball fights, snow angels and building snowmen. Or if you're completely evil, obtaining a snowman costume and using it to scare the leaping skin off of unsuspecting pedestrians. Why not sweep somebody off their feet by putting on a costume that it apparently looks like a huge unmovable toy but it is actually a costume of a man hiding inside? It is the infamous ‘Scary Snowman’ who is back again for Halloween ! Set up outside of Style Newport on a busy pedestrian street in Newport, Rhode Island, the evil snowman scares countless individuals passing by! Check out some of the priceless reactions. Credit to 'TheScarySnowman'. Mr. Snowman jumps at the people who pass by him and stops the victim's heart for a few seconds. Hilarity is guaranteed. One would think Frosty the Snowman would be roaming the city streets to spread some holiday cheer. In reality, though, he is nobody else but Frosty’s evil twin who’s spreading some unexpected joy of unsuspecting passersby in Newport. This joker leaves pedestrians jumping in the air after giving them a sudden attacks of fright in this festive camera prank. Nobody gets angry at the Snowman in action. He looks scary but his intentions are pure - he just wants us to have some fun while watching the people yelp like little puppies. Our reaction would be probably the same, nevertheless it’s hilarious. None of the pedestrians snaps at him, they are actually having a nice laugh after realizing that a living man is hiding underneath. The video has us in fits of giggle and it is one of those that ensures to make your day! This isn’t the first time Rhode Island has been pranked by this evil Snowman , either. But no matter how many times he revisits, the laughs get funnier and funnier. Some of the innocent pedestrians are minding their own business while others seem intrigued by the strange presence. Almost all belt out when the still costume makes a sudden move. He even puzzles some with the noise of flatulence that is equally funny. Freaky also isn’t shy to take a selfie or two. We would be shocked out of my mind, what about you? Part of us says “don’t laugh”, only because we are sure we would scream our head off if a perfectly still decorative snowman suddenly lunged at us and growled. But then again, some of these reactions are priceless. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Unsuspecting Dude Gets Pranked During Wooden Spoon Game3m27s

Unsuspecting Dude Gets Pranked During Wooden Spoon Game

A group of friends decided to prank a member of their crew by cheating in one of their favorite games. The aim of the game is to hold a wooden spoon in your mouth and use it to smack the opponent with it without using your hands. With a little help, this prank is pulled off flawlessly. Watch the video and see for yourselves! This is the hilarious moment when an unsuspecting man is losing at a game of wooden spoon smacking, and cannot believe how the other opponent has so much strength to pull from his mouth and teeth. Adorable! Footage shows, two men sitting at the table each holding a wooden spoon in their mouths. The aim of the game is to smack the opponent with the wooden spoon on its head the harder you can without using your arms. When the game starts, everything enrolls smoothly and competitors start using their mouths to maneuver the wooden spoon and smack the opponent the harder they can. However, one of the men has agreed with a third party to help him get a head start in the game, by using a third wooden spoon to hit the unsuspecting opponent from the side, but make it look like the competitor did it. Once the third wooden spoon is unleashed, it makes a loud noise, bouncing off the head of the unsuspecting man, who jumps with pain and disbelief for what had just happened! Apparently, he cannot believe that the other competitor used his mouth and teeth to the extreme, much to inflict him that much pain that is only plausible if a hand is involved. However, the honest man continues to play, without noticing that the whole crew is on this prank and he still doesn’t have a clue on what is happening! After a long game of wooden spoon smacking, the unsuspecting man uses his own wooden spoon to inflict a little bit more pain to the opponent, given he is in so much pain, from all the previous attempts the prankster pulled. In the end, the third man lays the pranking wooden spoon on the table, and the look the unsuspecting competitor has on his face after realizing he has been pranked is priceless! Have a good laugh!

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Toyota gets stuck in mud, Jeep makes it much worse1m16s

Toyota gets stuck in mud, Jeep makes it much worse

Here's one that will get you howling! It seems that a bunch of guys decided to go off-roading in their vehicles, when things turned south. One of the guys driving the Toyota truck end up getting stuck in the mud, instantly putting a bit of a damper on the festivities. Boys being boys, the guy driving the Jeep decided it would be fun to make the situation a bit more interesting. While making it seem like he was going to help his buddy get out of the mud, he decides to floor it, causing the Jeep to kick up a bunch of mud onto the stuck truck. You can tell that the Toyota driver is not impressed with his friend's actions, but looking back, it would make for a funny memory. Watch as this truck undergoes a ridiculous transformation from silver to brown in a matter of seconds, fueled by the spinning wheels of a buddy's Jeep. What a considerate friend he has. When a bunch of buddies get together, it tends to be all fun and games with one another. Who else are you supposed to pull the funniest of practical jokes on? This Toyota is stuck in the mud, but not to worry - his friend in a Jeep has come to his aid. However, this Jeep has something else up its sleeve...

Published: November 5, 2016913,163 views