Sister pranks older brother as he attempts to pull off disappearing trick51s

Sister pranks older brother as he attempts to pull off disappearing trick

This brother-sister pair looks like they've got quite the sibling rivalry going on. 20-year-old Dale is always tricking and scaring eight-year-old Shiann – and Shiann's decided she's finally had enough. This video, filmed in Monaghan, Ireland on November 17, shows what happened. Orchestrating the prank with the help of her mother, Shiann hid in the corner of the room while Dale came downstairs to show off a vanishing trick. Shiann then then quietly closes the door behind him. "I will disappear in three... two... one," Dale announced as he held up a cloth. He then drops the cloth and turns to run out the room, slamming hard into the door that he didn't realise was shut. Dale's head and knees were sore after the prank, but it was all in good nature as he agreed to let his mother share the video online and admitted to Shiann that she had "got him back very badly".

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UK prankster sets up rave on petrol station forecourt4m36s

UK prankster sets up rave on petrol station forecourt

Infamous British prankster and funny man Disco Boy holds a rave on a petrol station forecourt near Salford in Greater Manchester. Disco Boy, whose real name is Lee Marshall, is no stranger to hosting events in the most bizarre places. Usually, he can be found in supermarkets, takeaways and even on public transport such as the London Underground. On this occasion he performed his new set of moves "Petrol Pump, Body Pump" at a petrol station on Fitzwarren Street on October 7. The routine uses the pumps in time with the music. "The security guard wasn't even from Sainsbury's," Marshall said. "He was from somewhere else but came over to see what was going on."

Mom pulls off the worst prank ever1m12s

Mom pulls off the worst prank ever

Is there a better way to be welcomed then with a little prank? Nope! This father hasn't had the best day at work and to top it off, his family was plotting a prank against him at home! This wife and son decided they were going to put silly string on him as well as a throwing a water balloon at him. As the mother started to spray the silly string all over him, his reaction was priceless. At first he didn't budge, he was in shock and was not expecting his family to do this to him. Once it gets right in his face, he quickly turns around and slams on the door. I don't think he is enjoying this prank very much. The prank isn't complete yet, his son has to finish it off with a water balloon. I don't think this was the reaction they were expecting from him. It's a good thing they got it all on video, this is definitely something they are going to want to watch together as a family. Such a hilarious moment! Do you want to pull off a good prank on someone? Check out this colourful <a target="_blank" href="">silly string </a><img src="//" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" /> product! Hopefully the person you want to prank is in a good mood!

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A Christmas Surprise Prank27s

A Christmas Surprise Prank

Occurred on December 21, 2018 / Durham, North Carolina, USA Info from Licensor: "This is Josh, the general manager of a car dealership. Earlier in the day, Josh recommended that we wrap our sales managers desk as a prank. After Monica, Josh's executive assistant, completed the work of wrapping the sales managers desk, Josh made a comment that she did not pick ugly enough wrapping paper. Monica didn't take criticism well and waited until Josh left and came back in her off time with the ugliest paper she could find. Here is Josh's reaction the next morning. Josh was a good sport about it."

Karma strikes back as dog is about to be pranked23s

Karma strikes back as dog is about to be pranked

Aitor and his girlfriend went for a walk with her dog, Junior, at Urkiola Natural Park in the Basque Country, Spain. The dog got distracted with a branch and Aitor thought it would be the perfect opportunity to prank the animal. But karma struck back...

Say It Ain't Snow: Married Couple Perform Stunt in Virginia Snow1m10s

Say It Ain't Snow: Married Couple Perform Stunt in Virginia Snow

Kyleigh and Joe Weddle are among many Roanoke, Virginia residents who received record breaking snowfall on December 9. The Weddles decided to have some fun with the snow and recorded a video of Kyleigh pushing Joe onto their snow covered porch. According to Kyleigh, the prank was Joe’s idea and no one was injured during the making of the video. Credit: Kyleigh Weddle via Storyful

What's in the Box?13s

What's in the Box?

Occurred on August 23, 2018 / Detoit Lakes, Minnasota, USA Info from Licensor: "We had received a large shipment of paper towels and the boxes were definitely large enough to fit a person, so my coworker decided to hide in the box in an attempt to jump scare another coworker."

'What's going on? I just saw a load of tanks!' Vlogger pranks Russians on Victory Day3m22s

'What's going on? I just saw a load of tanks!' Vlogger pranks Russians on Victory Day

Ahead of the World Cup, comedian and vlogger Alex Lynch takes to the streets of Russian city Yekaterinburg on Victory Day to test local residents on their English ability. When not being moved on by the authorities or challenged by locals, Lynch finds that although most locals seem to know what Victory Day is, they have serious trouble communicating what it means in English. They're not helped by Lynch's funny, deadpan interrogation techniques. At what point he sees a parade of armoured vehicles and, in mock alarm, says: "What's going on? I just saw a load of tanks!" Lynch later concludes: ‘’I guess most people I talked to did a good job although some failed. I will keep this language training with citizens of Yekaterinburg so they know how to answer my questions. ‘’World Cup 2018 is coming and you must be able to speak English.’’ May 9 is Victory Day, a holiday that commemorates the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. DOWNLOAD A LONGER EDIT HERE:

Son Plays Practical Joke On Dad Making Him Jump Off A Lawnmower52s

Son Plays Practical Joke On Dad Making Him Jump Off A Lawnmower

Have you ever wondered how do we get all these hilarious videos? Well, often, well-planned things, take a hilarious twist and major failures occur. That's how! And the video we have today isn't different. When it comes to lawn mowing, it can be really relaxing. Some people love doing all those chores, from planting flowers to mowing the lawn . It really helps them clear their mind, and even though it's hard work, it relaxes them. However, even those chores can sometimes go hilariously wrong. And today we have an example of that. The man in this video was mowing the lawn, and everything seemed fine. However, while he was on the lawn mower, his son decided to play a practical joke on him. His son and we, as well, believe that everybody watching the video can’t stop laughing at the funny sight. This is the guy’s story: "I have been scaring my dad and making pranking videos of him for years. I left to go to the store and on my way back I noticed him cutting the grass and I had this wonderful idea of pranking him. I circled around the block and snuck up behind him in the car while he was on the lawnmower and blew the horn. I wasn't expecting him to get scared that bad, but he jumped off, losing his beer, hat, shoe and lawnmower." The sneaky son gets to the field while his dad is mowing the grass totally unaware of what is about to happen to him. The engine of the mower is so loud that there is no chance his dad is ever going to hear his son’s car or any other sound besides his mower. So, mounted on the machine, he trims the grass completely relaxed with a beer in his hand while his son is driving slowly and approaches him from behind. At one moment, he “unleashes” the prank and he honks the horn so loud that comes as a complete surprise for his dad. He is so taken aback that he flips his beer, jumps off his feet, in fact he throws himself to the ground, falls on his back and we can see his lawnmower continues to do its job without its driver. The guy’s dad just wants to get to the mower as quickly as possible and he doesn’t even turn around to see what’s going on, We guess he is used to his son’s pranks so far and he knows that this time, too, his son made the most of the situation. However, his dad manages to stop the mower from going any further and we can hear how his son is laughing his head off, which is contagious and we are drawn to join him in the laughter. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Serenading random girls during university lectures3m31s

Serenading random girls during university lectures

The Model Pranksters are at it again, this time invading college life. Watch as these brave guys invade active classrooms and randomly select girls to serenade. Check out the video for some priceless reactions! Credit to 'zipkid99'.

The Perfect Water Office Prank18s

The Perfect Water Office Prank

This has got to be one of the most well executed office pranks that have come about in recent years. A man hides in the most unexpected places in the office by the water cooler and waits patiently for his victim to enter into the trap. And when an unassuming woman walks in to fill up her water bottle, she gets more than the bargained for.

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Gender reveal prank ends with a bang2m02s

Gender reveal prank ends with a bang

The time had come. Ryan and Megan had chosen that they wanted to know the gender of their baby. Three months into her pregnancy and she was getting eager to know whether the new little Ferguson was going to a boy or a girl. Of course either way that little baby is going to be loved more than anything. With both sides of the family quite close this was a very exciting time. Megan's sisters had thought hard and done all the planning of the type of reveal this was going to be. Ryan and Megan wanted this to be a big surprise for them. Kelly and Dana got very creative and even had rules. Upon the game commencing the noise and anxiety rose for almost everyone in attendance. Ryan had friends from elementary school, yes his kindergarten class, and Megan had many of her close friends as well. Elsa, Ryan's step mom had prepared an incredible meal for all the guests making this a wonderful evening of friends and family. Working their way through the first stage of the reveal was fun. Soon everyone was seeing the balloons showing this was going to be a girl.... but then there was a twist. You will see the expression on Megan's face when Ryan and her are down to the last two balloons. One boy and one girl balloon. Which will have the surprise inside? One, Two, Three... Now you will have to watch the video to see the outcome. Keep an eye on the picture in picture inset and catch the SUPER EXCITEMENT of Ryan's step mom, it is classic. What a great evening this was. Many were surprised which gender the little surprise was, all because many had the same "feeling" as to the gender. Very joyful outcome with tears of joy and many hugs for the soon to be new mom and dad. Ryan and Megan, here comes the most exciting time of your lives. Bella the family dog is sure to make for a great "big sister".