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Heroic cows help police corral suspect1m07s

Heroic cows help police corral suspect

This Alert team assisted Sanford Police on Sunday, tracking down two suspects who crashed a stolen car, bailed out and ran. A group of cows provided law enforcement a big assist, repeatedly following and helping corral one who strayed on to their turf! Credit: Pio Seminole Sheriff

Loyal Dog Helps Paralyzed Owner Push His Wheelchair16s

Loyal Dog Helps Paralyzed Owner Push His Wheelchair

A helping hand is always welcome, or should we say a helping paw in this case? Watch this cute clever dog going on a casual stroll with his owner, and even helping him push the wheelchair. Man's best friend is on display in its purest form as a dog loyally follows its owner in this inspirational clip. Good doggy! This heartwarming footage shows how the powerful bond between dogs and owners as dogs tend to be very loyal and show unconditional love and care towards their loved humans. Reportedly, Danilo Alarcon, 46, of Davao, Philippines, gets around the city streets with the help from his dog Digong. Watch as the seven-months-old canine pushes his paralyzed owner’s wheelchair with his nose. What a loving pooch! Passerby Faith Revilla captured one of Alarcon’s walks with Digong in this adorable clip. Shocked by the unusual encounter, filmmaker couldn’t believe their eyes and thought that such emotional scenes only happen in TV shows. Alarcon has been paralyzed since a motorcycle accident several years ago and his best friend Digong has been helping the man ever since! Revilla decided to film the obedient dog in the act of helping owner with his wheelchair as it is a kind gesture of dog’s loyalty and shows how big their hearts are. We bet this dog is helping Alarcon around the household as much as it is helping him on the streets. Maybe this dog-owner didn’t teach his dog to assist with the pushing of wheelchair and running errands for him, but the obedient four-legged friend picked it up all by himself. He lends a helping hand when it comes to carrying bags from the supermarket, that’s for sure. Talking about dogs running owners’ errands, an adorable video has emerged of a hardworking dog helping owner do the laundry. The obedient pooch is seen loading the washing machine with dirty clothes. Baron is one helpful dog! Watch as he gets to work and helps owner load clothing into the washing machine. Amazing! Footage shows the pooch standing on its hind legs next to the washing machine and using his mouth to pick up dirty laundry from the basket and drop it inside the washing machine. Baron repeats this process several times until he empties the basket and fully loads the washing machine. It will sure come in handy having such obedient pooch around the household! Cuteness overload! Further proving that dogs are man's best friend, this clever canine knows exactly how to lend a helping hand to owner. Watch him happily load the washing machine with dirty laundry! It is not often that we see our pets helping doing human chores or clean around the household. If you liked this video, you should take a look at another helpful pooch who likes to mop the living room floor just for fun ! After watching these talented dogs performing household chores, we wish we also had a pooch that would voluntarily help around the house! Unlike these pooches who would gladly help owners around, there are some dogs who cannot stand being around the strange-looking objects in the house . Take for example these two massive dogs who are afraid of the washing machine! Too funny! Usually folks like to ask their own kids for help around the house, because it is important to be an equal member of the union that is a family. Sometimes the kids will do any chore just to have it over with, while other times they will not only gladly accept the request, they will even offer themselves as assistance. But if you have not seen a canine companion offer a helpful paw to their owners, then this is your chance! Does anyone need groceries for the week? This cute little dog loves helping with the groceries and with the bags! Amazing little helper!

Rescue cow and dog become immediate best friends1m05s

Rescue cow and dog become immediate best friends

After being rescued at an auction, Bucket the cow instantly took to Colton the rescue dog and the two have been inseparable ever since. Next came Bailey, another rescued cow, and the three have become the very best of friends. Their friendship inspired this person to live out a dream and start Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary, hoping to save many animals in need just like Bucket, Bailey, and Colton!

Rescued sea turtles released back into the ocean1m12s

Rescued sea turtles released back into the ocean

These three young Green Sea Turtles were found at a beach and had to be rescued and rehabilitated. One is even missing a flipper, but with a lot of care from biologists and veterinarians, they were able to be returned to the ocean, where they belong. Awesome!

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Drone in cow pasture discovers life-threatening problem1m33s

Drone in cow pasture discovers life-threatening problem

On a beautiful, sunny day in Millbrook, Ontario, some cows were grazing in a meadow and a few were cooling off in the pond. A drone was filming the farm and capturing footage of the scenery and the animals. The drone operator (Dave) was up a hill beside the farmhouse, half a mile away. He had filmed these cows before and wanted to make a video of the farm, the meadows and of the cows enjoying their huge expanse of pasture. This gorgeous farm provides a life for the cows that is exactly as it should be. They have room to roam and are treated extremely well. Dave was watching his large screen monitor and seeing what the drone was filming in real time. The cows were curious and some of them watched the drone with surprising interest, allowing a close pass around the herd. But something that Dave saw was very unexpected, and very concerning. One of the cows had a strange cluster of white on her nose. Initially, it looked like hair or fur. He brought the drone closer and closer until he could make out what it was. The drone was set on 4K resolution and it clearly showed that there were porcupine quills sticking out of the poor cow's snout. There appeared to be dozens of them. Dave brought the drone back and popped the SD card from the drone into his laptop computer. Zooming in on the image confirmed without a doubt that there were dozens of quills in the snout of the cow. She had to be feeling very uncomfortable with all those quills and eating must have been challenging for her. Dave could even see on the ear tag that the cow was named "Linda". Dave told the farmer what he had seen. Quills work their way into an animal and migrate to inner organs in some cases and can cause death. They can also become severely infected and cause life-threatening illness. They do not fall out on their own. Contrary to the popular myth, North American porcupines cannot shoot their quills. They swing their back ends abruptly at animals that come too close. The result is that the quills jab into the animal that seems to be a threat, and the quills detach from the porcupine. The cow must have tried to sniff the porcupine, and her curiosity must have appeared as aggression to the frightened creature. Porcupines are not aggressive and it takes a long time for them to grow their quills. They do not have any desire to waste them unless they feel they are in danger. It is also a myth that the quills should be cut before being pulled. This doesn't do anything to make removal easier. The farmer coaxed Linda into a pen where her head could be held still. He gave her a local anesthetic and waited until the quills could be pulled painlessly. He also applied an antibiotic to prevent infection. She was even given a big serving of oats and corn, her favorite treat. Linda was brought back to the meadow and she quickly joined her newborn calf. The next day, she was grazing happily and was feeling no after effects from her encounter with the porcupine. Linda is part of the same herd as Flo and "Sparky" the newborn calf that was born at the edge of this pasture. He slid under the electric fence moments after birth and couldn't get back in to his mother, Flo. Flo and Sparky became famous after the video of his rescue went viral. Dave filmed as he pushed Sparky back through the fence. It was this incident that prompted Dave to return to the farm with his drone for more footage, and ultimately led to the prompt discovery of Linda’s problem.

Officer Says Goodbye To K-9 Partner With Final Radio Call55s

Officer Says Goodbye To K-9 Partner With Final Radio Call

Humans are creatures of habit. We like the feeling of control we get whenever we repeat the same action. It is good for our mental health and it simply makes life easier. It gets things done faster and assures their successful outcome. Leaving this cocoon of safety can be really hard, but sometimes it is necessary to do it. Life consists of chapters and in order for one to start, another has to end. This footage shows us the heartbreaking moment of an officer that has to sign off his K-9 as this is their last ride on duty. After 9 years of service, this officer is making his final radio call regarding his best pal that has been by his side for the last 9 years. He takes the opportunity to to let the dispatcher know that the time has come where these two partners have to split up. He is barely able to finish hearing out the dispatchers speech and not break down in tears. And of course you can hear and see his best pal right there by his side crying and giving him kisses as he too feels it is time to retire. A local police officer has officially started his retirement after giving a final call at the end of his last shift in this heartbreaking video.BNSF Railway Police said farewell to Faust the K-9, who retired after eight years and one day on the job. Watch as Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer radios in his final goodbye! Reaching retirement is a thing to be celebrated, because after long years of servitude in your profession, you have finally earned the right to relax and enjoy life. This is especially true for the brave protectors of the law and order. But after decades of engagement, the moment can also be a sad one; a big part of your life is changing and you have to say your goodbyes to people who have been more than co-workers. Footage shows Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer finishing his last day on the job before retirement by announcing his final code for signing off. Together with him is his loyal canine friend who can be heard crying in the back, urging his colleague to stay. What a special bond these two share! It is adorable how this hard-working official tries to keep his eyes from tearing up after hearing the dispatch’s endearing words. His force is certainly going to miss having such an amazing man on their team. In another video, officer David Renteria of the Jackson Police Department in Michigan is making his final call and could not contain his emotion. Watch the heartwarming video as this servant’s career ends after 25-years. On hand was Renteria’s son Austin, a reserve officer with the Jackson PD, to record the moment as his father finished up. Renteria paid tribute to the ‘brothers and sisters’ he has worked with over that time, his voice breaking at numerous points. What a magical moment this is! He is going to cherish this for the rest of his life! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy! Credit to 'BNSF Railway'.

Man Explains Why Pets Mean So Much To Those Who Are Homeless3m11s

Man Explains Why Pets Mean So Much To Those Who Are Homeless

James has been living without a home for four years. In that time he has relied on his dog, Envy, for love, protection, warmth, and companionship. She is not only his dog, she is his best friend and family. His relationship with her has been more stable and consistent than any other relationship he has had for a long time. James is one of a staggering 6,000 homeless people who survive on the streets of Toronto. At least 300 of these people care for pets. Their bonds with their animal companions is profound and they will often go without food, sacrificing their own needs to meet the needs of their pets. Paw it Forward is an organization that understands this bond and they know that the relationship between homeless people and their pets runs deep . They also understand the challenges of pet ownership on the streets. Volunteers, supported by Paw it Forward and VCA Animal Hospitals took to the streets of Toronto one very cold night to deliver pet food, gift cards, and comfort items to those in need of help. What they discovered that night was something that they didn't all quite expect. These volunteers spoke to the people and heard their stories and their challenges and listened to them explain the difficulties of making a life on the city streets. James explained that mental illness and being victims of abuse is a common thread among the homeless. He talked from the heart about what his dog, Envy, means to him and how she changed his life. He said that he is much safer since he got her and that she is more than family to him. Anne talked with pride about how she rescued her dog, Lucky, who is 11 years old. Cory lovingly spoke about his wonderfully intelligent dog, Molly, and what a great companion she is for him. Spero and Charles shared their concern about how the streets are dangerous in ways that we might not fully appreciate. "At night,it's never safe". Holly and Berry are two affectionate cats who are adored by their owner, a person wishing to remain unnamed, but who says the cats are a bright spot in very difficult times. The volunteers walked the streets and visited shelters to meet the folks in this video. What they learned was that Toronto, like most major cities, has more homeless people than most of us realize, and that each one of these people has a face and a story. Each one also has a heart full of love for the pets that they care for. Most pet owners feel a profound bond with their animals, but for those living on the streets, relationships with other people can be difficult to find and the relationship with their pet can take on an even more crucial role in their lives. For some, it is all that they have. All proceeds from this video will be provided to James and Envy and Paw it Forward. Please share the link. Support for James and Paw it Forward can also be provided directly through David at mojo_videos@hotmail.com

Three Legged Sea Turtle Thrives Despite Amputated Flipper44s

Three Legged Sea Turtle Thrives Despite Amputated Flipper

This massive Green Sea Turtle lives in the waters surrounding Akumal, Mexico. Translated from Mayan, Akumal literally means 'Place of the Turtles'. It is here that an unusually large number of sea turtles come to feed, mate and nest. Despite the haven that Akumal provides, sea turtle populations worldwide are declining at a staggering rate. This turtle was found lying on the coral reef in 50 feet of water right out in front of one of the region's largest sea grass beds. The turtles feast on the vegetation and then swim out to deeper waters to rest on the bottom for as long as 30 minutes at a time. They will then surface for a few breaths of air before before returning to find a crevice on the ocean floor to rest some more. This sea turtle is missing most of her front, left flipper, an injury that will greatly affect her ability to swim and possibly her ability to crawl up on the beach during nesting season. There are many possible reasons that the turtle is missing a limb. They are often injured when struck by boat propellers. They are also commonly preyed upon by Caribbean Reef Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks . One might expect that such an injury would be fatal to the turtle, but it appears to have healed well and the turtle still appears to be thriving in spite of it. Mexico is one of many places that have started implementing crucial conservation measures to limit habitat destruction and lessen the impact of humans on their wildlife. Nesting areas are being protected and the importance of their survival is being more widely recognized. If we don't protect our reefs and the creatures that depend on them, the health of our oceans and our entire planet will suffer.

Man frees toad trapped in mouth of dead snake6m20s

Man frees toad trapped in mouth of dead snake

***WARNING: This might be too gross for the little ones to see!*** Mark and his mother went out for a hike in Centennial Park, and on the way back they found a dead garter snake about a foot out in the water, with a toad in its mouth. It appeared as if the snake had attacked the toad, and the toad was close enough to water to make one last desperate bid for freedom, and managed to drown the snake in the process. They found the toad floating on the surface of the water, with this snake's tail (about 1.5 feet long) trailing down through the water and resting on the bottom of the riverbed. THE SNAKE WAS ALREADY DEAD, but the toad looked like it was still moving, and maybe Mark had a chance to save it!

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Dog Practices Saving Owner From Drowning And Passes With Flying Colors42s

Dog Practices Saving Owner From Drowning And Passes With Flying Colors

This dog is a true hero! He thinks that his owner is drowning in the lake, and he instantly jumps in the water to save her life! He drags her body and pulls her out! Simply amazing! These people have been training their dog Nya to save dogs and people who might be drowning in the water. Check out Nya's training in this clip as she heroically saves a person! This is the incredible moment that best depicts why dogs are truly man's best. A trained dog <a href=" https://rumble.com/v3ccb3-elephant-family-saves-drowning-calf.html " target="_blank">saved a person from drowning</a> by pulling its body from the pond to safety during a mock drowning exercise. At the beginning of this heartwarming clip we see dog Nya waiting on the shore, eyes on her owner who is swimming in the distance. Moments later, the human starts yelling and splashes its hands in the water, to which the dog rushes head over heels to get to her in no time. Watch as Nya starts dragging the seemingly drowning person by dragging the rescue rope with his teeth. Obviously, the dog's owner was not actually drowning but it was just a trial exercise to see dog’s reaction to the situation. It is adorable to watch that the moment this woman started screaming and looking for help, the dog didn’t even hesitate and jumped into the water and swam to her rescue. The poor pup must have assumed the worst as he <a href=" https://rumble.com/v33let-dog-saves-friend-from-drowning.html " target="_blank">panicked and automatically turned into a puppy superhero</a>. Great job buddy!

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Hippo Decides To Intervene When He Sees An Antelope In Distress3m49s

Hippo Decides To Intervene When He Sees An Antelope In Distress

You never know when you’re going to meet a new friend when in need. Life has a strange way of giving us support and showing us that we are not alone when we least expect it. There have been numerous cases of discovering who is friend and who is foe, and it might take us by complete surprise. Unfortunately, many people find that the ones we thought of as friends were actually the ones to turn their backs, and a random stranger on the street was willing to give both hands to help us up. Life in nature isn’t that much different. Although unlikely, we’ve seen it a few times, mortal enemies becoming best friends in the face of danger and being joined at the hip from that point in time. It seems that animals too have the same sense of right and wrong and good and bad as we do. Just look at this footage, and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. Photographer Vadim Onishchenko captured this incredibly rare moment while on a photo safari on the Mara River in Kenya. After a crocodile had caught a gnu (a type of antelope) crossing the river, a group of hippos observing the scene quickly made their way over, with one hippo in particular scaring off the crocodile. The situation became even more amazing after that same hippo escorted the gnu back to shore!

Dumped In A Trash Bag, Sweet Senior Dog Gets Second Chance 1m25s

Dumped In A Trash Bag, Sweet Senior Dog Gets Second Chance

Just when we think we have seen the worst possible scenario when it comes to abandoning one’s pet, a story like Blackie’s comes along that bring tears to people’s eyes; that includes the volunteers and shelter staff at Carson Animal Care in Gardena, California. A family surrendered Blackie, an elderly Welsh Corgi mix dog about 10 years of age, partially wrapped in a garbage bag and placed in a cardboard box. The heartless humans claimed that Blackie had a tumor that was bleeding profusely, yet when they were offered medical assistance, they refused it. Instead, the people just left poor old Blackie with the shelter. When they released a video of Blackie online, a senior dog rescue group from San Diego named Frosted Faces Foundation came to pick up Blackie. Despite being left by the only people she knew and loved, Blackie remained a happy dog and finally rid of that nasty tumor on her tail. When executive director of Frosted Faces Foundation Kelly Smíšek picked up Blackie, the dog knew right away she was in loving hands. "She slept for the entire car ride, and when she arrived at FFF, she wanted to sniff everyone and everything," Smíšek said. After receiving a proper bath, a mani-pedi and a hearty meal, the FFF proceeded to find a doctor who will treat Blackie’s tumor, before she is sent to a deserving forever family!

Veterinarians show touching compassion for miracle dog1m52s

Veterinarians show touching compassion for miracle dog

Rory is a beautiful Golden Retriever with a sad, but uplifting story. He needed expensive surgery and a lot of care. He began life in a northern Ontario community called Big Trout Lake. The town had become unable to care for a growing population of stray dogs and they reached out for help. A massive airlift rescue was carried out and 58 dogs were brought to Peterborough where veterinarians and other volunteers were ready to work a minor miracle with these poor animals. Rory is a beautiful Golden Retriever who was among this group of rescued dogs. He had more than his share of medical trouble. His hip was broken, rendering his hind leg unusable and leaving Rory in tremendous pain. He also had a bullet lodged in his abdomen and a serious parasite problem. Dr. Noble and Dr. Fortune quickly realized from the x-rays that Rory needed the help of a skilled specialist. Dr. Faessen, an orthopedic surgeon, was called to surgically remove a chunk of bone in Rory's hip socket. Dr. Lightbody removed the bullet in his abdomen and even neutered Rory while he was under anesthetic. Rory was treated for parasites and was soon feeling like a new dog. He adopted one of the technicians at Champlain as he began the long process of recovery. This video shows Rory when he arrived and Rory after his miraculous transformation. He now runs joyfully, with barely a limp and his pain is now just a memory. If not for the incredible dedication and compassion of the doctors and staff at Champlain Animal Hospital, Rory would not be the happy dog that he is today. He was literally given a new life and a new chance. Rory is one of the friendliest and most affectionate dogs ever and he is a very deserving soul.

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Orphaned squirrels travel hundreds of miles before being rescued1m01s

Orphaned squirrels travel hundreds of miles before being rescued

Shania and Redneck are two baby squirrels that found their way to a very caring home where they were fed and cared for until they could be taken to a proper animal rehab center. But the journey that they unknowingly embarked on was a very long one. These two were living in a nest in a mobile camping trailer, along with their mother until the trailer was moved by the owner, Bowen, who didn't realize he had a squirrel family on board. The trailer was driven over 250 miles to the Havelock Country Music Jamboree in southern Ontario. The mother was left behind and was separated from her babies. Once Bowen arrived at the massive country music festival, he set up his trailer and fell asleep. He awoke the next morning to find a tiny male squirrel snuggled in his sleeping bag with him. He had obviously come out of the nest looking for food and warmth when his mother did not return. More than 24 hours without the mother squirrel left this little guy dehydrated and hypothermic. The little baby was named Redneck and was turned in to a police officer who knew a local veterinarian, Kristy Hiltz, who had a soft spot for tiny creatures. Later that night, a second squirrel, cold and hungry, came out into the open and Bowen's friend, Kayla went back to the police with the second stowaway. This little female was named Shania (after Shania Twain, country music superstar). The veterinarian made the two hour journey to pick her up and reunite her with her brother, Redneck. The two babies were given electrolytes to treat their dehydration and then they were fed a special infant formula from a syringe. Hungry little squirrels need food every few hours and caring for these two is a big commitment, but who could resist such adorable little faces? Luckily, they caught on quickly and drank eagerly from the syringe. After each feeding, Redneck and Shania instantly became tired and they curled up and fell asleep, in a warm armpit if one was available. They are only a few weeks old and had only just opened their eyes the day after they were found. These squirrels are about to embark on another long journey to the rehab centre where they will be cared for until they can be released into the wild.

Beaten and abused dog saved from death4m39s

Beaten and abused dog saved from death

Rudy was saved from death two days before Christmas. He was neglected, beaten, sick and terrified. He had a total hip replacement in early December and while it was a complicated surgery, everything went well. It is supposed to be a 3 month recovery but during Rudy's follow up with his surgeon he has been given the all clear to start slowly mixing with a new pack and can begin to play and move freely. What an inspirational story!

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Amazing Transformation Of A Stray Dog Who Had Given Up Hope5m05s

Amazing Transformation Of A Stray Dog Who Had Given Up Hope

There are approximately 1.2 million dogs trying to survive on the streets of Houston. Sick, injured and abused dogs are simply discarded like trash and left to die. Pumpkin was an abused and abandoned young dog trying to survive on Houston's harsh streets. Watch this little dog's remarkable and inspiring story. Pumpkin now lives a very blessed life with six other rescued dogs who all had tragic stories of their own . Pumpkin was a stray dog and had chemical burns all over her little body. She had been shot with a BB pellet gun. A man took her photo and posted her tragic image on instagram with the callous caption “LOL… only in the 3rd ward, I see a burned up dog”. He thought her suffering was funny. It didn’t take long for such an offensive photo to make the rounds on social media. Local dog rescue volunteers were alerted and Pumpkin was found. It was Halloween so they named her Pumpkin. What the picture didn’t show was that that Pumpkin was not alone. She had a puppy who was covered in fleas, unweaned and struggling to stay alive. The doctors and nurses worked hard for days to keep them both alive. Pumpkin was barely a year old and one very sick little girl. Tragically, her baby was too weak and undernourished to survive. She crossed over the Rainbow bridge surrounded by love and warmth. Pumpkin was taken into the Corridor Rescue program by the wonderful Anna Barbosa, founder of Freddie’s Hope, Rescue Ranch. She is now a very playful dog and enjoys life with her big brothers and sisters.

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Newborn chick helps brother hatch from egg55s

Newborn chick helps brother hatch from egg

Guinea Fowl are adorable little birds that originate from Africa. These newborn chicks are breaking out of their eggs in an incubator. From the first few moments, they are fascinated by anything that moves. The chick in the egg is having trouble hatching. He gets one foot out but seems to be stuck. Luckily, his brother comes over and starts to peck at his feet. Whether it is a game or an attempt to help him is impossible to know. What is obvious though is that the irritation encourages him to make the final push from his egg out into the world. He takes a few minutes to get his balance as he rolls clumsily on the floor of the incubator. The other chicks make cheeping sounds and peck at his feathers, removing pieces of shell and membrane. The older chicks seen here have only been out of their eggs for an hour when their brother hatches, but they are dry and mobile, already exploring their surroundings. Guinea fowl grow to be beautiful, speckled birds about the same size as a farmyard chicken. They are vigilant watch dogs and will sound an alarm if predators approach. They are a welcome addition to farms as they are voracious eaters of pest insects. They are known for their ability to exterminate ticks, a serious problem on any farm. In addition to being useful and decorative, Guinea Fowl are famous for being delicious to eat. These chicks are fortunate enough to be members of Jim's farm in Peterborough. They will be treated more like pets than farm creatures.

Half-Starved Abandoned Baby Hedgehogs Get Second Chance at Life1m09s

Half-Starved Abandoned Baby Hedgehogs Get Second Chance at Life

Animals are truly amazing creatures. Throughout history they have helped human-kind develop into what we are today. They can provide us with so much joy and happiness that they can often pull you out of a dark place! Because of their amazing benefits, it is only fitting that we help and support animals that are in need! This seems to be exactly the case when these adorable hedgehogs get a second chance at life when a family finds them. The family found seven very hungry little hedgehogs who have been desperately looking for food. What happened to the mother is unknown. When they're big enough and can survive on their own, they will be released into the wild. Check out how cute they are in this amazing clip! Heroes are all around us. It does not take much to become a hero. Even little gestures and acts of kindness can go a long way, making whoever did those, heroes in our book. The people that found these adorable, little hedgehogs are definitely heroes that deserved to be praised! It does not take much to change someones or somethings life for the better! Please share this video with your family and friends as this is one memorable moment that no one should miss!

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