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Things Children Do That Are Unacceptable For Adults2m08s

Things Children Do That Are Unacceptable For Adults

This is hilarious and very accurate! This dad re-imagines what it would be like if he was the one doing all the "annoying" things kids do everyday. It is so weird to watch him do all these crazy actions because he is an adult, you usually don't see adults acting like this, so funny! It is best if adults avoid this behavior. It might be embarrassing when other adults try to question what you're doing! Many kids act the way this dad does in the video, especially when he complains about the color cup he has, if the kids don't get their favorite color, they will be very sad! It also must not be very pleasant when kids wipe their snot on you! Parents do so much for their children, they will try to make sure their kid is happy no matter what, even if that means getting the proper color cup from the dirty dishes and washing it! What an awesome video! It is hilarious how this adult man tries to mimic the behavior of a child, from taking a big bite from the apple and spitting it out to his girlfriend's palm to inviting her to enter inside his fortress which is under the covers on their bed. Watching a grown up man behave in such a childish manner is absolutely hilarious! Check out these cool assortments of cups for your kids to drink out of, hopefully the color they want is clean! Do you have funny moments to share about your kids? Let us know in the comment section down below! Credit goes to 'epoddle'.

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South African Girl Catches A Speedy Cobra With Her Bare Hands9s

South African Girl Catches A Speedy Cobra With Her Bare Hands

Lots of pranks show up on the Internet on daily basis. They vary wildly, from pouring water on somebody’s head, to snake attacks. You have to be unafraid of snakes if you want to watch this video. This stunt happened at a lake in Robertson Western Cape, South Africa. A young girl is sun tanning and chatting to a friend off-screen. A cobra seemingly makes a beeline for the girl and unexpectedly strikes. In the last second, the girl turns around and captures the snake right behind the head. Then she throws it back towards the lake. This video was ridiculous from start to finish. The obviously rubber snake was moving too fast up the slope and to the right of the video you can see a guy reeling the snake in with a fishing rod. Thousands of Youtube viewers were caught up in the latest reptile prank. You either have to be an expert prankster or an avid fisherman to notice that something is pulling the obviously fake snake along the ground. According to the anonymous prankster, he and his brother intended to scare their sister, but it didn’t really work, as our heroine was prepared. "It was a prank on my sister. Yes it was pulled via fishing rod with fluorocarbon line," the prankster told the Daily Mail. "My brother and I was [sic] trying to scare my sister but it seems that she was prepared, seeming that I grew up catching snakes along that river since I was just a boy and she would sometimes join me. She did not handle it as we expected her to, very much impressed!" Watch for yourself!

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Amazing Marines Perform Flawless Trick Drill 2m35s

Amazing Marines Perform Flawless Trick Drill

What an honorable video this is. The platoon of Marines is practicing their "monkey drill" the day before graduation. They call it a "monkey drill" because it is improvised. Even though it is improvised, it takes a lot of coordination. You need to be comfortable with just about everything. You need to be comfortable with your equipment, many different moves, and tricks, and of course, there can be no hesitation. There has to flow to the routine. This monkey drill was performed quite well. They make it look easy, but it is actually a very difficult task to achieve. Even with all their heavy gear, they performed the drill very well. It takes a lot of practice to get as good as these marines. They look like they are very close to each other and will make the audience very proud. What an exciting moment for them! Anyone who knows someone in the Marines will easily agree that they’re some of the most incredible people on Earth. The choreography they learn for the drills is l is practiced just like the marines train their muscles to perform at maximum efficiency. Really cool! The marine instructor would stand before the recruits and slowly execute a drill movement. Each marine must remember the calls and move instantly guided by the voice of the drill instructor! Amazing! What do you think did they pass the "monkey" drill test? Hooray!

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Man Has A Field Trip Playing With Lionesses At The Zoo1m15s

Man Has A Field Trip Playing With Lionesses At The Zoo

User 'ShareBear' claims that her husband makes everything more fun, as is evident in this video. Watch as he gets on all fours and runs back and forth, causing several younger lions to chase him around. How awesome is that? Usually when we go to the zoo we just observe the animals, rarely engaging in fun stuff like this. That makes this moment a very special one, and also very fun! The lionesses clearly have fun watching the man imitating them, and run around following his every move. One of them is even trying to say hello by jumping at the window. Cats will be cats and this video is proof. Everyone, human or animal alike, likes to have some fun and play. And if someone manages to make you giggle at least, then you might say that they have actually made your day. The dude in this video's wife says that he is the life of the party, and apparently of the zoo as well. The man creates quite a stir, but the visitors are unharmed by his 'playdate' with the big cats. Some viewers might say that he is taunting the animals for being held in captivity, but with so little to entertain the giant cats, we think it is quite okay that he tried to have some harmless fun with them.

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Woman Tries To Fuel The Wrong Car At Gas Station2m07s

Woman Tries To Fuel The Wrong Car At Gas Station

It is just another item on the list of chores that need to be done, but you don’t fuel up your car, you might get stuck in the middle of nowhere. It can be a tedious task altogether, from the long lines to the pump, to the long lines at the register, but every once in awhile something ridiculous might happen while you wait for your turn that just might get you viral fame! A dash cam footage from someone waiting at a gas station somewhere in Russia got to witness a mishap so ridiculous, we think it is only possible in the motherland! A man pulls his SUV up against a pump, picks up his preferred fuel type, pops the nozzle in and goes away. That would have been nothing out of the ordinary, if an elderly woman didn’t appear right next to the same car, thinking it was her own, notices that someone is pumping the wrong fuel and SWITCHES the nozzle! We can’t get a break to catch our breaths, because they go like this back and forth for a few times, before the man realizes that this woman has mistaken his car for her own. She thinks it is some kind of prank, but soon realizes that she was indeed filling up the wrong car and that the silver SUV was definitely not hers. This stuff is gold!

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He Shaves His Beard And Can't Believe The Reactions He Gets 3m35s

He Shaves His Beard And Can't Believe The Reactions He Gets

After growing out his beard for a very long time, this father decides to shave it all off - much to the shock of everyone in his life! Their reactions are priceless. Once everyone is sleeping, this father records himself shaving his beard off, he looks so different without a huge beard. When he wakes up his wife in the morning, she is completely shocked, she thinks she is still dreaming, so funny! This transformation will probably take a lot of time to get used to! His wife had never seen him without a beard. What a hilarious moment to get on camera! It is crazy to see how much a beard changes someone's face, you might not even recognize the person! The beard trend has been very popular for these last few years, and almost every guy is rocking it, but sometimes all you need is a clean-shaved baby face. Or at least a stubble, but not a huge beard that covers your whole face. This dad's transformation is truly incredible and he looks like a totally different man in the end. That's 1.5 years of growing a beard gone in just 1.5 minutes of shaving. Awesome! When he slips into bed next to his wife, she is too sleepy to notice something is off about him...he seems lighter! But reality strikes her when she sees something odd in the camera and then turns to face his freshly shaven profile. It is like love at first sight all over again! Have someone you know ever cut off their long beard? Did they look completely different? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Guy jumps into pool of motor oil, immediately regrets it1m39s

Guy jumps into pool of motor oil, immediately regrets it

Jumping in a pool to get likes is acceptable. But when that pool is filled with motor oil, that may not be a good way to become internet famous. A mechanic made a bet that he would jump into a pool filled with old motor oil. Yet another video confirming that Russia is not a country, Russia is a state of mind! He immediately regrets his decision when he finds out that motor oil is very hard to remove from the skin. His appearance is cringe-worthy and we just home that that bet was worth it, and that he safely managed to get that icky stuff off his body.

MiG-29K Fighter Jet Pulls Off Incredibly Short Takeoff1m48s

MiG-29K Fighter Jet Pulls Off Incredibly Short Takeoff

The original story behind airplanes is to make getting from point A to point B easier and more practical. The invention of airplanes is considered as one of the greater human inventions. The possibility to be able to board as many as 500 people and take them across great distances is quite the miraculous invention. Over time people have found many ways to evolve the air travelling, make it better and even Chance it so it could be used for several occasions. While originally oriented towards combat against any enemy aircraft, many MiG-29s have been furnished as multi-role fighters capable of performing a number of different operations, and are commonly outfitted to use a range of air-to-surface armaments and precision munitions. The MiG-29 has been manufactured in several major variants, including the multi-role Mikoyan MiG-29M and the Mikoyan MiG-29K, the most advanced member of the family to date is the Mikoyan MiG-35. Later models frequently feature improved engines, glass cockpits with HOTAS-compatible flight controls, modern radar and IRST sensors, and considerably increased fuel capacity; some aircraft have also been equipped for aerial refueling. Take a look first hand at what a takeoff of a fighter jet looks like from up close. The roaring sounds of the engine, the powerful looking exterior and the fearful extravagance is just enough to show you what is strength at its finest.

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Daughter Has A Hilarious Selfie Session Without Realizing That Dad Is Filming Everything 58s

Daughter Has A Hilarious Selfie Session Without Realizing That Dad Is Filming Everything

Ever since the cell phone has been around, selfies have been the biggest thing. Whether it is one Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook, selfies are virtually everywhere. It is the funniest thing when you catch someone trying to pull off a selfie. That seems to be exactly the case in this clip here! Dad and daughter go for a ride together, and it seems that everything is running smoothly. However, this daddy's little girl has some other plans before getting to the place they're headed, and when you see what it is, you'll be in stitches! She's doing some selfies, and the dad has to have this moment on camera! Of course, his daughter has no idea she's being recorded, so her reaction is both genuine and hilarious! Don't forget to give this dad a medal! What did you think of this video? Have you ever caught someone doing this before? We would love to hear what you have to think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it is sure to make them laugh and smile almost as much as it made you! This is one video that no one should ever miss out on! Don't know if you knew, but you can't just take selfies of yourself alone. You can do it with dogs as well! One cheerful UPS deliveryman was caught on camera stopping for a quick selfie with some friendly neighborhood dogs! Now that is a solid selfie game!

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Never-ending jar spin on a frozen lake1m01s

Never-ending jar spin on a frozen lake

The never ending spinning bottle. Some would say that the best entertainment is free entertainment, and here is some evidence to support that. All you need is an empty jar, and a frozen lake. You can tell that these men spent a ton of time enjoying making the bottle spin while trying to pass the time. This would definitely keep the majority of us occupied for quite some time. This video has got to make you wonder how these men came across this phenomena. And why did they have a jar on them at the time they went to the frozen lake? It makes you wonder. For all we know, he could have a skill when it comes to spinning jars, and he decided that showing off his talent at the lake would result in a cool outcome (which it did). Check out the odd skill this guy shows off as he spins an empty jar bottle on top of a frozen lake in Russia, only using his foot! It's so mesmerizing! Now that takes some serious talent! Credit to 'seilovtim'.

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How Many Hidden Bull Tahr Can You Spot In This Video19s

How Many Hidden Bull Tahr Can You Spot In This Video

As kids, we all loved the eye spy types of games. Whether it was actually playing eye spy in the car during a long road trip or reading our favorite 'Where's Waldo?' book, we really did love those games! This video seems to have taken that game idea and raised it to a whole new level! While hunting Himalayan bull tahr on New Zealand's rugged West Coast, user 'brettlangford' filmed a sight that has to be seen to be believed! This is one mesmerizing video that you do not want to miss! This is one strange clip! At the start you could only maybe see a few of these animals but as they start to run away, they appear out of places that you had no idea they were hiding there! There are so many of them! Good luck counting them all as they move in a split second! Who knew that bull tahr could be so much fun to watch? Doesn't this bring back great memories from your childhood of playing those eye spy games? If you ever want to relive those moments or pass it on to a new generation, you could always purchase some awesome Where's Waldo books from Amazon! Can you spot the animals in this video? How many did you count? Let us know down in the comments!

Incredible Ping Pong Shot Stuns Opponent12s

Incredible Ping Pong Shot Stuns Opponent

During a table tennis competition in Turku, Finland, Roger Soderberg pulled off one of the most incredible shots you'll ever see while playing against his opponent Anders Lundstrom. As Anders makes a nice serve to Roger, Roger hits it back but it goes a little higher than expected. They both can't see the ball anymore and are waiting for it to come back down, both expecting it to fall no where near the table. A few seconds later, the ball actually lands on Anders side of the table but he was too far away to hit it back. The look of surprise on his face is priceless. The last place he thought it was gonna land was on his side of the table. Rogers definitely pulled off a crazy shot, it was a shot both were surprised to see occur. It's not every day you shoot a table tennis ball miles high in the air and it comes right back down where you want it to, amazing! Roger is one lucky guy! What are the chances of that happening again? Do you want to play table tennis with your friends? Check out these table tennis sets and maybe you can pull off an incredible shot just like Roger did! If you want to check more ping pong shots, then you have to check out the Tumba Ping Pong Show channel! They have an abundance of videos where they showcase their insane ping pong skills...or is it video editing skills? You decide!

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Husband On Anesthesia Cannot Stop Hitting On Wife After Realizing She Lost 77 Pounds4m30s

Husband On Anesthesia Cannot Stop Hitting On Wife After Realizing She Lost 77 Pounds

A hilarious footage has emerged of a man under anesthesia hitting at his wife after realizing that she had lost 77 pounds. It is amazing how the anesthesia made him forget all about her dramatic weight loss! Watch as he cannot stop staring at her with his hungry eyes and repeats that she looks hot. Silvia Caswell decided to film her husband post-sedation at the hospital. The man cannot stop hitting at his wife and has no recollection of her losing 77 pounds. He’s clearly smitten and immediately tries to get romantic! Footage shows as the sedated man insists that his wife joins him on the hospital bed, claiming there’s “room for her,” too. The poor guy is still groggy from the severe sedation, and asks Silvia if they came to the hospital to watch ESPN, when he actually was admitted for an MRI scan. He later returns to the subject of not being able to believe how hot his wife is,This is the emotional moment when this loving husband falls in love with his wife all over again, earning more appreciative snickers from Silvia and probably a few extra brownie points for after he fully recovered! Silvia Caswell’s husband had a traumatic brain injury in 2013. Thankfully, he survived his injury but had to follow up in the following years with tests and scans. In 2014, he went to the hospital and was put under general anesthesia so that he could have an MRI with an angiogram. Even though the procedure went well, the anesthesia caused her husband to forget something major about his wife, as he was barely able to recognize her. How dare he forget that she dropped a ton of weight! You have to admit, watching someone wake up from anesthesia can be really funny. Who knows what is going on inside their heads, all drunk and drowsy and barely aware of what is going on around them. Everyone reacts to it differently - some are a bit violent, while others are completely hilarious! Just remember all the video shot post wisdom teeth removal, where kids and adolescents have been behaving like the world is ending and there is nothing that can be done. Having your wisdom teeth removed is not an easy experience. It hurts like hell, but it also can cause a laughing fit. Doctors give you a shot of anaesthetic, so that removing your teeth can pass smoothly without you feeling any pain. Well, at least during the whole procedure, because after the anaesthetic’s effects wear off and in most cases, they produce tons of funny videos of people coming out of their slumber in complete confusion! For example, this girl had a complete Christmas meltdown after her wisdom teeth removal. Her mom had bought her a shake for her to drink, while she recovers completely from the removal surgery. Unfortunately for Addie, she now has to drink that shake that is made of blended reindeer, or at least that is what her imagination is telling her. We should not be laughing this hard, but we are sorry Addie, that was just priceless!

Man Opens Car Door While In Car Wash, Regrets It Immediately 34s

Man Opens Car Door While In Car Wash, Regrets It Immediately

Automatic car washes can be pretty frightening when you think about it, with all those mechanical parts whirring and spinning around very quickly. Sure, they were made to be quick and useful, they need way less manpower to function than your run of the mill car wash, also making them cost effective. There might not be a bikini clad blond to rub your hood with wax, but the car will surely be clean! This guy went to one such disaster waiting to happen! His pickup truck has just been rinsed, looks squeaky clean and shiny. But looks like the brush on the top broke one of the windshield wipers, so when the brushes move away, the dude gets out of the car to fix the wiper! Who does that, while in an automated machine? Do we have to tell you what happens when you open your car door, while inside an automatic car wash? There is a very high probability that the brushes will come back and butterfly your open door all the way to the other side. You know, the way which it is not supposed to go! We just hope that this guy's head hurts more from the stress and the pain to pay for the damages, than our do, from that face palm we just hit ourselves with! How on Earth...

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Girl Manages To Shoot A Straw Into Dad's Mustache42s

Girl Manages To Shoot A Straw Into Dad's Mustache

CCTV footage captured the amazing moment when a little girl pulled off the shot of her life while playing around with a drink straw. Usually it's a head shot, but this time the straw lands in an unbelievable place! It's always fun to discover your secret talent in this way, totally unexpected and by doing a menial thing like messing with friends. But either this girl has a very sharp eye, or the man has very thick (and straw-inviting) mustache. Whatever the case is, this is a hilarious moment that was luckily caught on video, otherwise no one would believe that this actually happened. Cool! This was really one shot that was one in a million. Everyone in the room seems so surprise, even to the point where the man goes out of the room to show another person! Talk about being one hilarious clip! Have you ever seen a trick shot like this? Do you think this was luck or skill? We would love to hear your opinion down in the comments section so please do not hesitate to leave a comment. Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely surprise them! This is one video that no one should miss!

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Jim Cummings Reads Star Wars as Winnie the Pooh2m24s

Jim Cummings Reads Star Wars as Winnie the Pooh

What an awesome video! Not only do we get to hear American voice actor Jim Cummings voice two of his most famous characters, Winnie the Pooh and Darkwing, but we get to watch him perform the voices reading dialogue from Star Wars. This is hilarious! The crowd loves it! What a fun and unique combination! No one would ever expect to hear the Winnie the Pooh and Darkwing voices reading Star Wars, cool! I think it's safe to call these two Darth Pooh and Darkwing Daine Jir! Jim Cummings is an amazing voice actor, how can you not smile watching this video? It gives you a great laugh! What a great way to brighten up your day! These two are not the only roles Jim has done, he has voiced over 400 roles, incredible! He has some amazing talent! He is also a singer, wow! It doesn't get much more awesome than that! Are you a big fan of Winnie the Pooh? Check out these adorable Winnie the Pooh Products ! What a great gift idea for any Winnie the Pooh lover! Are you good at imitating cartoon characters? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Two Cars Race When Totally Unexpected Sleeper Car Spoils All The Fun37s

Two Cars Race When Totally Unexpected Sleeper Car Spoils All The Fun

This is hilarious! A 350Z Procharger driver decided to challenge a Porsche 991 GT3 on the Autobahn in Germany. The Procharger moves to the left lane speeding up past the Porsche. What other way would they get this Porsche's attention? He isn't going to let the Procharger speed up without making a statement himself. As soon as the Porsche speeds up and moves ahead of him, something unexpected happens. A sleeper car comes out of nowhere and shows off his speed! He speeds up behind the Porsche and makes a lane change. No one was expecting this, he quickly moves ahead of both cars unexpectedly. I guess the saying never judge a book by a cover is very accurate in this situation. Maybe a street race isn't the safest idea when it comes to being on a highway, but it is definitely entertaining to see this plot twist! Would you expect that Volkswagen Rabbit to come out of nowhere and make both hotheads eat his dust? That old-timer was probably pimped or something, because that was a family car when it came out in 1974! Please share this clip with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile! This is one video that no one should miss!

Prankster Dad Tricks Children Into Getting Splashed By Water37s

Prankster Dad Tricks Children Into Getting Splashed By Water

Parents are the best and we all love them very dearly, but given how they know us better than we know ourselves, they can be the worst tricksters in the universe at times. All parents will agree with this statement, and their kids will agree with it too. Sometimes our parents morph into our least favorite older cousin that likes to play tricks on us, and we’re not too sure that they deserve any brownie points. We have all suffered a prank or two from our own parents and at the time it wasn’t funny at all, but today we all laugh at it with a slight cringe on our faces. Who wants to remember those embarrassing moments anyway? Whether we love them or hate them, memories are here to stay, forever, probably even after that. We know it might sound ominous, but it isn’t all that bad. Just remember that someone, somewhere is thinking about what you did when you were little and your antics plaster a wistful smile on their faces. One such trickster parent managed to convince his sons into being the subjects of his prank. He thought that it would be funny to tell his sons to stand on a bridge above a log flume ride, right in the middle of the splash zone. It is one of those adventure rides where you get to pass through a body of water, where you will definitely get soaking wet and laugh it off, but these kids didn’t think it was all that funny. After all, they weren’t the ones riding inside the log coach, they were just the innocent passersby that wanted to watch the spectacle. Chances are, they wouldn’t have finished off their day on such a sour note if it wasn’t for their dad’s funny bone. So the dad is there with the kids, plotting a conspiracy plan against them, telling them all to watch carefully as the log descends down the hill. The kids listen to him obediently and focus on the coach that is perched at the top of the slide. But as soon as the ride starts, the dad cleverly runs away, fleeing the scene of the crime. He just knows what’s coming, but he deliberately left the kids screaming in shock. Each kid got soaked to the bone, leaving them confused and confusion leads to tears. Their clothes are wet, their faces our sour and betrayal burns like a hot blade in their backs. It seems like this dad might be going to the doghouse. “Isn’t that fun?" asks the dad, to which the boy shakes his head and says what is on his little mind. “NO!" Aw, come on buddy, you’ll hopefully laugh at this some day. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Thrash Metal Played On Children's Musical Instrument Set3m05s

Thrash Metal Played On Children's Musical Instrument Set

Musicians and bands alike are always looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes they're even just looking to have some fun by incorporating a different and interesting aspect to their live performance. Musician Drew Creal and his friend perform a spot-on instrumental cover of Slayer's 'Raining Blood', using only children's instruments! It all started off as a joke, but the music they produced was so amazing, the video went viral so quickly! Using only a pair of pink instruments for preschool kids, these two men make an awesome cover of Slayer’s famous song ‘Raining Blood’. The three-piece drum set and the tiny guitar still manage to make some pretty good sound though. As they put together pieces of Slayer songs, they prove that trash metal can be raging, even if it’s played on preschool music equipment. If you thought that kid’s toys can’t rock, then you should think again! How awesome was this performance? Although the kids that will use these instruments typically won't rock out as hard as these guys, their instruments do make for an interesting and entertaining performance to say the least. If someone invented custom thrash guitars for young kids, their parties would be much cooler! Who knows, maybe there will be a concert in the future with using only kid’s instruments! Check out this awesome performance on children's instruments, and let us know what you think! Video by Alex Hoffman of Rocketown Productions in Nashville, TN. Check out Drew Creal for more!

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Police Officers Lay Down Amazing Beat During Elevator Ride1m27s

Police Officers Lay Down Amazing Beat During Elevator Ride

Police officers are responsible for keeping law and order in the society. Every day they face with very difficult tasks battling corruption, drugs and violence, and for that we're eternally grateful to them. They are heroes and have been responsible for the positive outcome of otherwise dangerous situations. And it's not like they only care for people. Many brave and kind-hearted police officers have lent a helping hand to animals of different shapes and sizes and rescued them from danger. They are truly selfless people with big hearts, and yes - they make all the difference in the world. But when they're not on call, police officers have an entertaining side as well. Take for example the officers from the NZ police department who decided to create a sick beat to make their boring elevator ride more interesting. At first there are only two, but as the elevator gets filled with people, the beat gets even sicker and everyone participates, either by dancing or by clapping. They seem to be having a very good time, and it's very heart-warming to see that at the end of the day, they are just regular people as we are. Well the police officers from the video obviously have a musical talent as well, so that's a huge plus! If you find elevator rides boring, then maybe you should try this entertaining technique, it will surely brighten everyone's day!

Trained Owl Flies Down The Aisle To Deliver Wedding Rings4m09s

Trained Owl Flies Down The Aisle To Deliver Wedding Rings

Owls are birds from the order Strigiformes, which includes about 200 species of mostly solitary and nocturnal birds of prey typified by an upright stance, a large, broad head, binocular vision, binaural hearing, sharp talons, and feathers adapted for silent flight. Exceptions include the diurnal northern hawk-owl and the gregarious burrowing owl. Owls hunt mostly small mammals, insects, and other birds, although a few species specialize in hunting fish. They are found in all regions of the Earth except Antarctica and some remote islands. Owls are divided into two families: the Strigidae family of true (or typical) owls; and the Tytonidae family of barn-owls. Who knew that owls could be such a help and a wonderful attraction when it comes down to such events. Their majestic wings and beautiful appearance could make any occasion just that much better. This has got to be one of the most unique ring bearers you will ever see! Who would’ve thought that an owl can be trained to carry the rings down the aisle? This will definitely be a wedding to remember! Shaun Palmer of Sunderland, England, surprised his bride Adele with a very unique ring bearer! It might not have been a traditional wedding, but this practice is seeing a growing trend in the UK, with several companies specializing in training barn owls to deliver wedding rings down the aisle. Harry Potter fanatics will go ecstatic if they were to witness this incredible show! A living, breathing owl delivering rings at their wedding! That must be a dream come true for the real fans! In another clip, we witnessed an owl delivery of a high school diploma, and the girl who received it was crying happy tears and couldn't contain her excitement! What an event twister this is! Incredible!

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Kid Wakes Up From Surgery, Hilariously Describes His Experience7m54s

Kid Wakes Up From Surgery, Hilariously Describes His Experience

We've all seen an anesthesia video or two in our time. This one is definitely up there for one of the funniest ones around! From climbing up the Statue of Liberty to thinking his father is a banana, this kid delivers a hilariously commentary about his experience after waking up surgery. It's absolutely fantastic! No wonder he had a mishap, the boy has been all over the place! He ran into California, then he ran into New York, then he climbed Lady Liberty, then he fell off, then his arm hit the ground...poor fella. This poor kids broke his arm and had to go in for surgery. You can only believe how scary surgery is for such a young person. Once the anesthesia took over, you can be sure that the fear was gone. Once they turned the lights off he started to calm down, but his delusions remained. The kid must have been super hungry, because everywhere he turns, he sees fruit. First his Dad was the banana, then his cast was a banana, bright yellow as it was, and he tried to take a bite off it! The n his finger is an apple, but dad says no, so now his dad is the apple, not his’s a rave in the little guy’s head, one we hope never to get into. This hilarious recap of his of his experience is one that will definitely tickle your sides and draw out a few giggles. According to the nurse attending the rascal, he is probably seeing double from the anesthesia, which just confused him further. Check out this hilarious kid after he wakes up from surgery!

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Clever Kid Shows How To Get Yourself Unstuck From Railing2m45s

Clever Kid Shows How To Get Yourself Unstuck From Railing

Kids and curiosity come hand in hand, sometimes so much so that it gets kids in all sorts of thick trouble. Toddlers learn stuff by touching and tasting, so if they see something hanging, they will surely pull it! Among the things that kids learn at that tender age is space and ratio, specifically how easily they can fit through crevices. If they see a slit or opening somewhere, you can bet your bottom dollar they will try and squeeze through. At first it is easy, but they don’t know how big they have grown until they get their head stuck between the bars in a railing, like this little guy did. Joey was curious if he can fit between the two thin bars, but now he has a problem. His ears are in the way of getting his head out and mom is having a great time laughing at her boy’s ingenuity. Joey looks like he can’t unstuck himself, so dad comes to the rescue. Dad tries everything he can think of, but that is some high quality steel right there. He tries pushing, pulling, stretching the bars, with no effect. Joey is getting frustrated and dad has all but given up on his son. Maybe a crowbar or a saw? But a kid wouldn’t be a kid if they told everything! Apparently, Joey remembered how he got there in the first place. Not from the porch side, but from the front side! He squeezes one shoulder out, then the other and before you know it, he is unstuck! A little genius, that one!

Published: April 11, 201611,731,619 views
Man Scolds His Husky For Stealing A Potato Skin1m48s

Man Scolds His Husky For Stealing A Potato Skin

Have you ever been caught with your hand in the cookie jar as a kid? We know we have been and the result wasn’t pleasant at all. We had to hear it time and again how we are not supposed to take stuff without asking and to always wait for our share. But we can’t help it when the cookies taste so dang good! That is exactly how this pup felt, when his owner left some potato skins out in the open. For all this Husky knows, he left them there for him, so that he might have some as well. Oh, how wrong he was.. “You stay out of my stuff! That’s mine! You don’t get to eat my stuff” yells the man at the pooch, lying guilty in his doggy bed, ears plastered to his head. The pooch lets out a whiny yelp, probably a sign of apology, but the human isn’t having it. “There's food in your bowl, and you are eating mine. That's my food,” the accuser makes his side of the argument known, while the dog keep whining and complaining about how unjust he is towards him. He just left those potato skins there and the pooch was hungry, how can he blame him? “No! You don’t get to say things like that,” says the owner, in a dead-serious tone, finger waving, while the dog gives his statement. “You are a dog, not a potato skin eating person!” The hilarious argument goes on for quite some time and at last, it seems the human’s potato skins are safe in the future. Or are they? This has to be one of the most priceless arguments you'll ever see! Watch as this father argues with his son's husky after the dog had stolen one of his delicious potato skins. Looks like dad won in the end!

Published: March 27, 201513,924,351 views