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Parrots talk to each other in English52s

Parrots talk to each other in English

Fabio and Gabriel are Indian Ringneck brothers and love to kiss each other and spread the love. Enjoy their adorable kisses and cute phrases including "Are you okay?", "I love you", and "You be good!"

Romantic parrot loves himself and others27s

Romantic parrot loves himself and others

We might all be guilty of a little self praise from time to time, but Einstein the parrot will tell you how much he loves himself! "I love da bird!" is what Einstein will often say when expressing his heart. He didn't come up with this saying on his own. This is what his owners often tell him. It's just so cute when he says it! He will also confess his love for others by saying, "I love you!" He then complements himself with, "So pretty bird!" Now that he is in an amorous mood, it's only natural that he'll say, "Let's go Cuddle". Parting is such sweet sorrow when he says, "See you later" waves a farewell good-bye and asks for a final kiss! Until we meet again sweet Einstein! Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking and acting silly, and doing animal sound imitations. Watch him sing and dance in his video compilations! With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein the talking parrot's videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms. Einstein's favorite places to talk at home is perched on the shower wall, in the kitchen on his drawer, and on his screened in back porch. As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: "To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship." Einstein's website ( is designed to inform you about the care of parrots and also entertain you. Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. They require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive. It is often said, Having a parrot is much like raising a 2 or 3 year old child for the rest of your life!

Dizzy Squirrel Keels Over While Trying To Watch Circling Crows43s

Dizzy Squirrel Keels Over While Trying To Watch Circling Crows

When Dr. Kristy Hiltz set up her back yard bird feeder, it was really her crows that she was intending to feed. But the squirrels in the yard have been her most frequent visitors. Each morning, she puts a scoop of peanuts on the platform in the tree and watches with delight as the crows sit in nearby trees and swoop in when she steps back. The squirrels seem to dominate and the greedy little creatures will sit and eat their fill while the birds wait patiently for a chance. The crows are smart enough to know that the squirrel isn't afraid of them. He might even lunge at one of them if they land beside him, but if they arrive in a group of three or four, he has gets nervous enough to scamper away and wait. These crows have called to the others and now there are at least five making an approach or circling over the squirrel's head. He knows time is running out and he stands upright to get a better look as she munches on a peanut. He will have to make sure one doesn't attack from while he's not looking. Watching the action above him suddenly makes him dizzy and he rolls backwards, into the camera and almost falls off the platform. Luckily, he catches himself on the edge of the precipice and manages to hang on. He looks right into the camera with a comical stunned look as if he's asking us what happened. His drunken roll and dazed expression are hilarious! The feeder also attracts its share of blue jays, chickadees and even a few woodpeckers. All of these beautiful birds put on a colorful performance as they fly in and out, carrying off a peanut or two with every landing. Seven years ago Dr. Kristy raised five orphaned baby crows whose nest had fallen and the parents did not return. That summer, she and her family fed them and taught them how to forage for food. The family inadvertently taught them to say "hello" and now they occasionally speak to her. They even speak to the squirrels. They were named "the Freds", but became known as Russell Crow, Crow Magnon, Baby Fred and Adventure Fred. The rehabbed crows joined a family of wild crows and became completely self sufficient, even migrating south each winter. They will always enjoy a peanut treat in the morning, but they are truly able to care for themselves now.

Mean Cats Will Not Befriend Curious Doggy For The World45s

Mean Cats Will Not Befriend Curious Doggy For The World

We all know and love those adorable videos where seemingly sworn enemies are actually beast buddies. Animals have always been able to set aside their differences and get along, even though their species do not agree with each other. Seeing one such incredibly unusual friendship, like the one where a rat made friends with a cat and a dog, really melts us into a puddle on the ground. But usually these things need time and the right circumstances to make it work. You really can’t force friendship. But this little dog said “to hell with it” and went all out to befriend two adult cats who, apparently, have never seen a dog so eager to make friends. Pixie the Eurasian dog really wants to make friends with these cats, but the two felines are not impressed at all. Typical! Pixie goes from one cat to the other, sniffing them to say hello, but as soon as they realize this big little animal is not of their own species, the cats hiss back and even try to swat her on the nose! What the heck are they doing? So impolite! What is even less polite is how they are far more interested in watching the birds outside of the trailer, sitting casually at the window sill and ignoring the poor pup altogether. In the end, sweet little Pixie gives up on her endeavor to beat them and decides to join them instead, by climbing on the sill next to the cats. Will she fit?

Rescued jaguarundi wants to befriend caretaker51s

Rescued jaguarundi wants to befriend caretaker

This beautiful and unusual wild cat had to be rescued and rehabilitated. He is humanized, which means that he is used to people, but he is not tame. He won't bite anyone, but he also doesn't let anyone approach him or pet him. The big surprise was when he decided to approach the carer, wanting to befriend her, even though he was still pretending not to care! Animals are so interesting!

Monkey knows fresh breath means a clean tongue30s

Monkey knows fresh breath means a clean tongue

Angel Bullock the Java Macaque finds it so important to keep her breath nice that she scrubs her little monkey tongue with two different brushes to ensure she gets it twice as clean. Such impeccable hygiene!

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Adventurous Scuba Divers Swim With The Giants Of The Sea1m20s

Adventurous Scuba Divers Swim With The Giants Of The Sea

Stuart from Vancouver has had an incredible year of diving with the monsters of the ocean. From great white sharks to giant manta rays to the enormous whale shark, this footage captures it all! It is a diver’s dream experiencing the ocean’s wild animals, from great whites to massive whale sharks, like this whale shark of Socorro Island to this great white of Guadalupe. These magnificent animals were caught on camera for us to enjoy their graceful movement. The amazing Giant Manta Ray of Socorro Island with over a 20’ large, soaring through the water with such grace. We know so little of our planet, and naturally it makes us curious as to what else is out there. This thirst for knowledge makes us push our boundaries and reach for the unknown. So far we’ve been able to see almost everything that’s above ground but there are many wonders lurking in the water’s depths and the inside of our mysterious planet. It seems that a lot of people want to learn more and more about marine life, if diving expeditions are anything to go by. We hear of countless interactions between divers and marine giants and it all sounds so magnificent. This footage shows us the beautiful and enchanting moment divers near Socorro Island caught sight of gigantic manta rays and whale sharks. Socorro Island is a small volcanic island in the Revillagigedo Islands approximately 370 miles off the west coast of Mexico. We are reaching for the stars, but we know only a few percents of what the ocean waters hold. There have been many expeditions in the darkest parts of the sea, but we have yet to reach the bottom of the abyss. We have gone down to 35,858 feet below the sea’s surface. The expeditions thus far have proven to be very fruitful, bringing knowledge of life in complete darkness in excruciating conditions. Just imagine what the waters hold even further down!

Kitten runs out of patience with overly attached dog58s

Kitten runs out of patience with overly attached dog

Filo the Golden Retriever is looking for attention from Chilly the 6-month-old kitten. Chilly does not want to be disturbed during her afternoon nap, so she smacks Filo with her paw and proceeds to hold on to his face! Filo decides to keep his distance before another smack comes his way!

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Beautiful Duck Greets His Best Buddy Everyday After School 40s

Beautiful Duck Greets His Best Buddy Everyday After School

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but we think it might be time to consider adding ducks to the list too! Ducks are some of the funniest and feistiest birds around that are just so adorable. They can also be surprisingly soft-hearted and really friendly. Given their affectionate, inquisitive, and slightly sassy personalities, we aren’t surprised that a whole horde of ducks instantly took over the Internet. However, like every other animal on this beautiful planet of ours, ducks play plenty of roles in our lives. Nowadays, a lot of people have ducks as pets and they have shown us a lot of videos of their incredible friendship and loyalty. This is the story of a very unique and incredible friendship between a duck and a boy. Now, this is an absolutely precious moment that you will absolutely enjoy! Nibbles the duck greets his best friend Johny after school every day. Nibbles make sure that his best buddy Johny gets safe home so he greets him at the school bus and they both walk home together. They like to spend time together and just enjoy each other’s company! They probably have a lot of fun together! We never thought ducks could make such great pets, but after seeing how fun and loving they are, we are definitely considering that idea! They’re just like dogs — so excited that their human is home! What a great little family!

Curious Ram Joins In On Playtime With Guard Dogs1m02s

Curious Ram Joins In On Playtime With Guard Dogs

There’s a very curious and brave ram that resides in Nova Scotia, Canada. Nova Scotia is a small province off the coast of Atlantic Canada that is home to one of the most interesting rams out there. You see, there is something very special about this ram. This fluffy sheep with long fur and split hooves has a desire unlike any other: just to be one of the dogs. So, with that in mind, when he spots a group of guard dogs, he cannot help but walk up and try to ease his way into the ‘conversation, making attempts just to fit in. And by that, we mean playtime. It is funny that in the animal kingdom we have seen some very interesting interspecies animal friendships before, we have seen a lot of unlikely best friend pairings: like a monkey and a lion cub or a dolphin and a seal but this has got to be one of the cutest! Well, these animals are connected, nonetheless. The reaction that follows by the three pups as they invite their furry friend in is classic animal love. This unusual interaction is adorable. At first, the ram is standing on the outside, getting ready to approach the dogs by making some marks with the hooves in the snow. Then, he steadily advances towards one of the dogs and wait for its reaction. When he realizes that he can have some fun with the dog, he does not want to spare a second anymore and goes closer to it. The dog gets to know his ram friend by sniffing his fur and only when there are no imposing threats on either side, the hopping game may start. And with a jump they move forwards and backwards, the dog extending its legs like it wants to say hi. With one final playful bite, the game is over. Filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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 Lucky Guy Gets To Feed A Rescued Baby Crow By Hand4m12s

Lucky Guy Gets To Feed A Rescued Baby Crow By Hand

Any animal deserves a chance at a good life, no matter the species. Even if it is a species that humankind considers a pest, when you find one that is injured or abandoned, removing it from its dire straits is a noble thing to do. Usually, a wild animal needs to be taken to a specialized shelter, but many take the responsibility on their own, most of the times resulting in a healthy adult animal that will never be able to survive on its own in the wild. You probably remember the story of the group of crows that kept returning to the people who rescued and raised them. They learned to say "hello" and, luckily, how to become independent. Eventually they were accepted by a family of wild crows. Even though they fly south each winter, the baby crows always return each spring to literally say hello to the family that saved them. This guy found one crow hatchling of his own and decided to keep the little bird in the comfort of his own home. He had a cage set up for the baby bird and, after gaining its trust by making the bird imprint on him, he now has the utmost privilege to feed his feathery baby by hand! The crow recognizes its savior and squeaks, beak open, waiting for his food. We are curious as to why does he feed the birdie white bread, when he should be feeding it all sorts of stuff, like fruits, nuts and bugs. In the end, it doesn’t matter, as long as he makes sure the bird grows up to be independent from him. Hats off, sir!

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Playful dolphin takes extreme liking to young man1m33s

Playful dolphin takes extreme liking to young man

When Nic and Cameron took a trip to Cuba they both agreed that meeting dolphins face to face was a lifelong dream that needed to be fulfilled. But they had no idea just how thrilling the experience was going to be. Bea, a large female dolphin, took quite a shine to Nic and she repeatedly flirted with him, splashing water in his face, kissing his cheek, rolling on him and constantly trying to get as close as she could. Nic's friend, Cameron, watches from the side and Bea even gives Cameron a little attention, but it's Nic that she keeps coming back to. The rest of the people in the water laugh with delight at Bea's antics. They watch with a little envy as she keeps coming back to Nic. At one point, it becomes clear that Bea would like to push Nic off to the side, as if she wants him all to herself, away from the other people. Bea repeatedly squirts Nic's face with water in a playful bid for attention. Even the trainer seems amused by Bea's obvious crush on Nic and she asks Nic if he has any fish in his pocket. The trainer asks Bea if she likes Nic and Bea nods enthusiastically and squeals as if to say that she does. Bea circles the group, leaps out of the water into the air and cavorts with each of them in turn. Bea also enjoys belly rubs and they all took turns rubbing Bea as she rolled around in the middle of them. As the guests were leaving, Bea swam around them, showering them with kisses and making her adorable squealing sounds. Cameron was able to capture the final moments near the edge of the pool as Bea came up to him for to say goodbye. You can see the obvious delight on his face as she swims off. There are few creatures as endearing as dolphins and meeting one up close is a dream come true for almost anyone.

Woman Wants To Pet The Sheep But They Keep Running Away1m00s

Woman Wants To Pet The Sheep But They Keep Running Away

When you go and visit a foreign land somewhere, you will probably want the immersive experience, right? Going where the locals go, do what they do, eat where they eat? How about going to some remote area, where the folk lives privately, off the land, raising their livestock? It might just be the best way to experience this country you are visiting. But when you see their furry sheep, you don’t think of a farm worker. You think of the poodle you once had as a kid and just want to pet it and hug it and squeeze it. It would be like going to a factory line; you can’t hug the worker mid-job because he reminds you of your dear uncle Joe! This is exactly how these sheep felt when one tourist felt compelled to pet them because they were just. So. Fluffy! Up in the mountains of Switzerland, a tour group stumbled across a herd of sheep. This lady wanted to pet them but they kept running away from her. Eventually, her sister joins in but watch as the sheep run away for her as well! Notice how peculiar those sheep look? They are called Valais Blacknose Sheep, a breed native to Switzerland and Germany. There are several breeds of sheep that have a black face, but what distinguishes the Valais from the others, other than the unique texture of their fleece, are the black patches on the legs. To be honest, if we were in her spot, we would probably want to pet them too!

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Happy Horse Runs Around And Jumps Through Obstacle Course2m01s

Happy Horse Runs Around And Jumps Through Obstacle Course

This is the adorable moment when a joyous horse soars through air in breathtaking fashion during impressive free jumps. This young Dutch warmblood mare named Incredible C loves to play. Here she is caught on tape jumping Stal Wilten's indoor course by herself, surely practicing for her next round! Chances are you've seen plenty of videos of horses and riders conquering tall fences together, but in truth, horses don't need riders in order to jump fences. This video shows a talented horse free jumping over several fences while having a time of her life. The horse is well-balanced, moving naturally, and demonstrates beautiful form over the fences. Great joy girl! Free jumping refers to setting a horse up to jump fences on his own. Usually, horse owners set up jumping chutes which run down one side of the arena to direct the horse toward the fence, keeping him from running out around the side of the fence. Footage shows a young horse, playfully running around and jumping through obstacles just for fun! Judging by the way she runs and hops, this female is definitely well-trained! She soars in the air and scores with flying colors! Free jumping can be a useful tool for developing a horse's confidence and balance, since the horse must learn how to use himself over fences. However, it's very important that you properly set your horse up for free jumping. It may be tempting to ask your horse to jump higher and higher fences, but asking too much of your horse too soon can risk physical injury and may damage his confidence. Remember that jumping is strenuous on a horse. Jumping sessions need to be kept short in order to give the horse plenty of time for recovery between sessions. Some breed registries require that a horse be free jumped to assess their talent. This free jumping assessment is used when horses are young and aren't yet broken to saddle, but free jumping also allows us to see the horse's natural talent without the influence of a rider. There are many reasons to free jump a horse, but if you're going to give this practice a try, make sure you have an experienced equestrian to show you how to properly free jump your horse.

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Piglet Celebrates His Second Birthday As A Shark On The Beach14s

Piglet Celebrates His Second Birthday As A Shark On The Beach

This video is a real proof that the phrase ‘as greedy as a pig’ stands true as pigs’ appetite is simply unrelenting. Pigs will constantly be in search of food and their intelligence means they will soon learn to open cupboards and root through bins. This "rooting" behavior is natural to them and it is important they have the opportunity to display it even on a beach like this one. Pop the pig is celebrating his second birthday as a shark on the beach. With his funny outfit, he munches through the cake at the speed of light. Not even a tsunami will stop him. After watching this video, we are sure that you will move over Jaws since you have found the most terrifying shark attack ever captured on camera. You shouldn’t curl up in a ball and fear for your life because this is not just an ordinary shark. In this case ‘the shark’ stumbles its way onto dry land and comes across an uneaten cupcake. And when this opportunistic scavenger comes across food, he eats the whole thing and sometimes the plate too, as seen below. Pop is nothing less than gregarious, greedy and hedonistic. This determined little beast gives so much pleasure by watching it. It makes your mouth water and crave for something sweet. He is a voracious eater and he looks like it will virtually eat anything. And just in case you’re afraid of going in the water after seeing this vicious beast cover its face with blue frosting, keep in mind that there’s little to fear from sharks, as this piece will tell you.

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Red Squirrel Turns The Tables On Prankster1m03s

Red Squirrel Turns The Tables On Prankster

Peanut is a red squirrel who lives on a remote island in Parry Sound. He became very friendly with the cottagers who also lived on this island and he showed up every day, looking for peanuts. He became more and more tame until he would sit and eat peanuts while Dave and his family sat nearby. He will even take peanuts from their hand now. Dave decided to have a little fun with Peanut and he left a peanut that was held down with an elastic band. He also put a camera on the deck to record Peanut's reaction. But Peanut showed that he was not a fan of being pranked and he cleverly turned the tables. Peanut immediately began to chew the deck with his razor sharp teeth. Taking chunks of wood off quickly, he was determined to get at the bottom of the elastic that held the peanut fast. Dave saw what was happening and decided it was time to call a truce. He untied the peanut and left an even bigger pile for Peanut, hoping that all was forgiven. Red squirrels are a delight for cottagers because they are easily tamed and willing to come close to gather peanuts or other treats. Almost as adorable as chipmunks, they can easily be convinced to take food from a child's hand. They spend their days collecting and storing food for winter. Although they primarily eat seeds from spruce and pine cones, red squirrels also love peanuts, corn and mushrooms. Less than one quarter of the red squirrels born will survive the first winter. It's no wonder they take food gathering so seriously. Harsh winters and lack of food stores are not the only threat to a young red squirrel. They are preyed upon by hawks, owls, foxes and wolves. Hopefully Peanut will return to the cottage deck in the spring for more treats.

Mini Pig Throws Temper Tantrum While Waiting For Breakfast4m28s

Mini Pig Throws Temper Tantrum While Waiting For Breakfast

Check out how Sammy reacts when his breakfast isn't ready on time. So spoiled! No one wants to wait for their food, right? That is why going to a restaurant can sometimes be such a traumatic experience. You go there, you sit down, order your meal and then have to wait for the allotted amount of time for that meal to be prepped, while sitting in a room where other people are already deep in their dishes! Sammy here probably feels just like that. Sure, there are no piggies around him that make him slobber, but just the thought of the meal that he is about to down makes him foam at the mouth. He’s not hungry anymore - he is HANGRY! So much so, that he is even banging the coffee table in the living room in protest. His owner scolds him each time, but the pig is having none of it. Where is his breakfast? He looks like a rabid dog, saliva dripping from his mouth, growling at his owner. Faster, woman! She lowers Sammy’s placemat for him and serves him his meal, to which he doesn’t waste a second, he just jumps right in there. If any one of you ever wondered where the saying “eating like a pig” comes from, boy, are you in for a treat! Obviously you have never seen these animals eat, but you are about to! With that big, sloppy nose, Sammy keeps pushing the dish that holds his food and smacks his mouth in delight, sending chunks of grub all over. Thank goodness for that placemat and the towel beneath it!

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