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Playful baby zebra starts chases bird on mom's back33s

Playful baby zebra starts chases bird on mom's back

One of the highlights on any African safari is finding wild animals with their young. The offspring of most mammals are normally adorable and very cute. Watching baby animals in the wild is always a heart-warming experience while their playfulness and clumsiness makes for very entertaining viewing. Baby zebras fit this description very well and these little stripy foals seem to amaze us more and more by the day. During a safari in the Kruger Park, we came across a small herd of zebra, busy feeding in the distance. There was a number of baby zebras seen in the herd. We spotted one specific foal that looked very playful and full of energy. It was then when the young foals became the center of our attention. The young zebra suddenly seemed pretty amused by one specific bird that was flying around between the baby zebra and its mother. The bird landed on the mother zebra and started moving around on her body. The playful zebra then decided that the bird can no longer stay on its mother and had to go. The only problem was that the bird sat on its mother’s back, too high for the little zebra to see the bird. The baby zebra wasn’t going to give up and jumped up against its mother with its front legs while standing on its hind legs in an attempt to chase the bird away. This made for very entertaining viewing as we have never seen a baby zebra standing on its hind legs. The bird didn’t look too bothered by this. It would just lift itself into the air for a short while before landing again on the mother zebra. It was really funny to see how obsessed and amused this baby zebra was with one single bird. In the end the baby zebra gave up and the bird was left to continue searching its mother’s skin for a tasty snack such as ticks and parasites hiding between the hair on her body.

Young elephant dunks brother's head under water during play fight31s

Young elephant dunks brother's head under water during play fight

In my opinion, there are no other terrestrial mammal species on this planet that loves water more than elephants do. Watching the largest mammal on earth enjoying itself in water is always a very amusing and entertaining experience. Splashing and swimming around during a hot day is the elephant’s favorite day time activity besides eating. Lacking respiratory glands, elephants can not sweat to cool themselves. Elephants have to cool themselves by using different methods such as flapping their ears, standing in the shade during the heat of the day or go for a swim. It was during a safari on a hot summer afternoon in the Kruger National Park that we came across a herd of elephants swimming in a river. It looked like they were having so much fun. The young elephants in particular were very energetic with many ongoing play fights in the water between siblings. Our attention was drawn to a group of young males busy playing and wrestling in the water. One young male elephant was chasing his smaller brother around in the water. The young elephant caught up with his smaller brother and decided it was time for him to understand who was the big brother in charge here. We were totally amazed by this hilarious and typical sibling like behavior. The young elephant went on to climb on top of his smaller brother and dunked his head under the water using his two front legs to hold him down. We were getting worried there for a few seconds as he kept his brother’s head under the water for longer than what we thought he would, seeing that they are only playing around. After a number of seconds, the smaller brother pulled his head out of the water, pushing his brother off him. Luckily elephants do have a large lung capacity and the youngster was just fine. It was such an entertaining sight to watch these play fighting siblings We all agreed that it was a typical ‘boys will be boys’ scenario with two brothers settling the ranks dominance while having fun at the same time.

Baby zebra humorously struggles to remove bird on its ear1m03s

Baby zebra humorously struggles to remove bird on its ear

It is always special to see the various relationships that exist between two or more different species of animals in the African wild. One great example of this is the relationship of a bird called the oxpecker and wild mammals in Africa. Their relationship is specifically known as a symbiotic relationship where both or all species involved benefit from the relationship. In this case the bird is checking the skins of animals for ticks and parasites they can feed on. In return the animals get rid of pesky bloodsucking parasites that can be detrimental to their health. This sighting was a great example of when baby animals don’t yet understand this type of relationship and is more seen as an annoyance than a benefit. During a late afternoon safari in the Kruger National Park, we stopped to watch a small herd of zebra busy feeding in the open. It was summer time which meant that there were many baby zebras around in the herds. Zebra foals are always adorable and they make for very entertaining viewing. We noticed one oxpecker bird jumping around the animals in the herd, looking for easy pickings between the hairs on their skins. The bird landed on the head of one baby zebra. It was not long before the little zebra became evidently annoyed with the bird continuously wanting to nibble in and around its ear. The ears of grazing mammals are one of those hard to reach places that is crucial to be cleaned. Only the bird can reach in the ear but it can clearly be a very annoying experience at the same time. It was so funny to watch the baby zebra shaking its head in an effort to get rid of the bird. The bird was relentless and kept going for the baby zebra’s ear the whole time. The bird simply would not go away while sticking to the side of the zebra’s head searching inside its ears for a snack. The pesky bird ended up annoying the little zebra so much that it hilariously started jumping around, kicking into the air while going a little crazy for a few seconds. The bird also became annoyed eventually and flew off to irritate another zebra in the herd.

This Dancing Little Lamb Loves To 'Baa Baa Boogie'!37s

This Dancing Little Lamb Loves To 'Baa Baa Boogie'!

You won't regret watching this fun video, which is starring this cute little lamb that ended up stealing the hearts of thousands of users in Facabook, thanks to his beautiful way of being and for showing people that despite being a lamb, she has a lot of style and can dance very well to the rhythm of the music. Hilarious! Her name is 'Ursula' and she was baptized like this by the personnel of Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texas. Ursula resided temporarily in this center, a time in which she managed to make everyone fall in love with her positive attitude and infinite energy that she never fails to demonstrate through her dance steps. Do you think these people have taught Ursula to dance? Well, no, Ursula has taught them to dance and teaches them that life is very beautiful, so you have to use any corridor to move a little the skeleton. As we well know, most animals do not like to visit the vet, but this video has shown us that the little lamb Ursula is the exception, we see her very happy jumping from one side to the other without anything to stop her, she definitely stole the whole show, so there was no lack who turned on the camera to capture the hilarious moment. It was one of the local workers who had the opportunity to record the adorable little lamb, which jumped down the aisles accompanied by his veterinarian, recording the euphoric reaction of Ursula was a sensational moment and the most surprising thing is that the dance of little Ursula became a trend after the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center shared it on his Facebook account, getting hundreds of reactions and positive comments full of love for this adorable little lamb that has captivated them completely. "I wanna dance with somebody, some baa baa baa body who loves me," is the song that Ursula loves and is the one that encouraged her to dance madly, she tries to invite everyone to dance and the one that ends up accompanying with his dance steps is her veterinarian Nina, she is a great friend of Ursula, like all the staff of the place, they love Ursula so much and wait for her with joy whenever she goes to visit them. Many people were totally captivated by Ursula, so there were many people who asked if the lamb was in adoption, so the workers have replied that Ursula already has a home and has only gone to visit them, as it still has a special bond with the people who looked after her for her during the time she was there. Don't you just come out of the astonishment ? Ursula has a lot of dancing skills, doesn't she? Maybe she should have her own space to upload videos, surely after that will rain followers, they do not stop asking about her, Fantastic! If you liked this funny video, don't hesitate to share it with your friends, maybe they will dance as much as this lamb does. You can have the most fun in your day. Enjoy it! Credit: Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center

Dog And Cat Expertly Showcase Instagram Vs. Reality31s

Dog And Cat Expertly Showcase Instagram Vs. Reality

People say that cats and dogs are the worst enemies, and in most cases they really are. While some cats and dogs might not get along, and honestly, that’s 99 percent of the time, but that 1 percent give us hope that there are plenty of other pairs who love each other very much! These buddies have their ups and downs, once they are best friends and other times they are the biggest enemies. However, with their love-hate-love friendship are here to demonstrate a significant truth about social media. Check out the video of them and see both sides of Instagram with this dog and cat who are cuteness overload. Check out Finn the German Shepherd and his feline friend as the perfectly demonstrate the difference between Instagram and reality. Too funny! First, they show us how our Instagram feed is, full of love, dogs, and cats getting along, everything is perfect, and it paints a picture that the world out there is is perfect. However, later the paint the real picture. You can see how Finn’s furry friend is a douchebag and love giving him some slaps even though Flinn does nothing. It represents how the world and life are not as perfect as presented on social media. Sometimes life will bring lots of slaps in your face, without even deserving them. What an incredible and creative demonstration of these two amazing buddies! Can we talk about the fact of how foxy they look? This precious video is what the Internet was made for! There are some people out there who believe that animals are just normal creatures, but the truth is the animal kingdom never ceases to amaze and inspire us, making us put all our differences aside! So adorable! We have a lot of proof that dogs and cats can be best friends, even if the cat loves to give them a few slaps now and then. Just check out this heartwarming playtime between dog and cat and see how much they can cherish each other. Bruiser and Bella are undoubtedly the best friends, and they know how to have fun anywhere and anytime. It only takes one of the two to stumble or swipe at the other to start the action and both roll on the carpet like two small children. These unruly pets are not the typical cat in the armchair sleeping all day and the dog that plays only with humans in the yard. Well, these two lovely pets get along very well, and they are the sweetest! @finnthelonghairedgsd

Dog Forms Unlikely Friendship With Pig3m01s

Dog Forms Unlikely Friendship With Pig

It's amazing how this little piggy has formed an improbable beautiful friendship with a dog with a deformity defect in the face, the two couldn't be happier to be together and share with other dogs, who are in the same condition and to the care of the animal shelter in Oregon, USA. One-year-old Pax was rescued from the hands of a breeder when she was only 12 weeks old. Pax was on a farm that wasn't properly cared for, lived on top of each other and didn't have clean water or containers for consumption, but thanks to the successful rescue work this little pig is living in a dog shelter, where she has been raised for the last 9 months, especially with her friend Picasso who has become very special in her life and with whom she shares walks around the shelter. It has never been considered to have a pig in the shelter, but you only have to see how quickly Pax has adapted since she arrived, she behaves like another dog, she has even learned dog commands and does all the routines that are taught by the caregivers, to keep the dogs active and healthy. Two-year-old Picasso jumped to fame on social networks for his twisted upper jaw, which makes his face look noticeably crooked. Its owner is Leisl, the owner of the dog shelter, she is very happy with the friendship that have achieved their puppy and the pig Pax. Leisl says Pax has been with them since she was practically a pup and for that reason she has not spent time with other pigs, now she thinks she is a dog. Yes, as well as the famous film "Babe", the little pig who thought he was a dog and wanted to be a shepherd. Very funny! The owner of the shelter says that she fell completely in love with Pax and that she fits perfectly with her dogs. Pax is so friendly that at no time did any of the dogs reject her, they all welcomed her with open arms, especially Picasso. Pax has lived almost all her life surrounded by dogs, there are exactly ten dogs that live with her day after day, they all share walks and activities together. This makes it even more difficult for someone to get Pax out of her head that she is not a dog. Wacko, eight years old, is another of the dogs with which Pax shares more, he also has a problem in his jaw, which has been cut and healed after his rescue, but also his face is deformed, something that does not make him very different from Picasso. Unfortunately, it is alarming the number of pigs that are raised in precarious conditions, only to be sold for consumption, these animals do not enjoy their lives at all, they only see in them money to earn. Therefore, we are encouraged to see that there are shelters that seek in the farthest corners animals that are suffering similar situations, to support them and make their world a happier place.

Tiny Orchid Mantis Invasion Is Surprisingly Adorable!22s

Tiny Orchid Mantis Invasion Is Surprisingly Adorable!

Why is nature so beautiful? Why does a short walk amidst nature have such a calming influence on our mind? Why does the sight of flowers, butterflies, rainbows and animals fill our hearts with joy unspeakable? While evolution and science can explain many facts of our daily existence, the answer to this profound puzzle lies a little beyond the reaches of present day science, and in the realms of the super-conscious. Nature is beautiful because it is a manifestation of everything that is fervently pulsating with life on this planet. In the midst of nature, our minds become calm because we feel the pull of this joyful cosmic consciousness. Before you cringe at the close-up photographs of the insects, give this information a shot. It is very important. We all know that we are fighting a war against time to save our planet. Ecologists are warning us every day that our planet is dying, and it is all our fault. We hear stories about the rise of the ocean levels due to climate change, we read about PM10 and PM2.5 particles in the atmosphere, about floating islands of trash in the middle of our oceans, about holes in the ozone layers, about deforestation. But it doesn’t really get to us. Civilization has grown a lot in the past few centuries. We’ve managed to evolve from being nomads to flocking just one place and creating traditions that last centuries. The new millennium found us living in concrete jungles, totally unaware of what is happening in the world around us. We hear the warnings but we don’t really understand what they mean. It almost looks like it’s happening to someone else living on a planet far, far away. The expansion of humankind is inevitably the downfall of nature. We constantly tear down ecosystems so that we can build our own, eradicating whole species in the blink of an eye. The animals living in these areas are forced to live inside of our system, or perish. Here we have a case of a beautiful human being that instead of being disgusted and possibly spraying these wonderful creatures and wiping them from the face of the earth, they decide to indulge into their beautiful nature. This person has let out their humane hand and let these Orchids land of his hand and explore the human species. We are not certain as to what they found so fascinating but the fact that they have come so close to this human is fascinating itself. What a beautiful scene. Take a look and enjoy!

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Joyful Horse Smiles While Getting Scratches From Her Human 28s

Joyful Horse Smiles While Getting Scratches From Her Human

Some kids have dogs, and others have hamsters. Whatever the species of pet, they are kids’ best friends, someone to confide in and keep them company. They stay with them for as long as they live, but things happen in life that sometimes cut that time way shorter. Kids usually find friendship and companionship in animals. Some kids have cats, and some people have dogs. They want someone to confide in and keep them company. This woman has a horse for a best friend, and by the looks on the video, they have such a great time together. She loves to give her horse belly rubs, and the horse absolutely adores those rubs. Check out this video and you can see almost a big smile on the face of the horse . She is really enjoying the time spent with her human, and she really likes how her best friend is treating her. So amazing. You can clearly see that this horse is literally smiling during this scratching session! So cool! This horse loved his back scratch session so much that he couldn’t help but bare his pearly whites for the world to notice! What a fun and cute video this is, horses are such majestic animals, and they know how to enjoy life and how to spend quality time with their buddies! So incredible! Horses are such incredible creatures and beautiful companions. There really is no bond quite like the one between a person and their horse. There have been stories about horses for centuries. People worshiped them for hundreds of years, and they will be hundreds more. They are beautiful to look at and even more amazing to spend time with them. Did you know, that horses have different expressions on their faces to express their moods just like humans have? Just like this horse on the video, you can clearly see the smile on the face, and you can see her happiness and love for her human on her face. Horses are very emotional animals, and they love to show off their emotions especially when they fell happiness. They love to show their feelings just like humans do. Humans may have changed the way horses express emotions as they domesticated them through the years, but they are still very emotional, very unusual and cool animals that every person would be lucky to have them as their best friends. Would you like to have a horse as a best friend?

Parrot Plays Peek-A-Boo With Neighbors Cat23s

Parrot Plays Peek-A-Boo With Neighbors Cat

This is the hilarious moment a playful parrot teases the neighbor's hungry cat with a game of peek-a-boo through the glass window. Oscar the parrot pokes fun at the cat repeatedly ducking under the window pane as the cat looks ready to kill. Oscar actually hides under a window glass before popping up to say “peek-a-boo” with his playfellow, how adorable is that? The game between friendly neighbors took place in New Zealand between Oscar the 2-year-old Indian Ring neck parrot and the cat who lives across the street. Oscar repeatedly tantalized the cat by appearing to disappear while he hid under the window frame and then reemerging with a squawked 'peek-a-boo'. While the cat is certainly mesmerized by the game, he does not seem very amused. Oscar’s playfellow is the neighbor’s cat, which makes it all feel like a cartoon the Roadrunner bits from “Looney Tunes or in the ilk of “Tom and Jerry”. The cat's concentrate face and low position show that it may have been ready to pounce on the parrot had the glass not been there. Oscar the clever parrot seems to thoroughly like the game whether he is aware of the potential danger or not. The parrot seems to not only mimic human speech but also recognize its meaning as it shouts 'peek-a-boo' at the opportune time, revealing itself to the frustrated feline. The cat look fed up by the infuriating match of peek-a-boo played by the parrot behind the safety of the window pane. Everyone loves a talking parrot no matter what they are saying. Some parrots have colorful language, by human standards. But the fact that parrots “talk like humans” will always be an anthropomorphic delight. Because of that delight, Indian ring neck parrots seem to be having a viral moment on social media right now. Oscar is saying “peek-a-boo,” which is a game we associate with sweet kids, so our collective automatic reaction is “aww.” The video is 13 seconds long and you can see, it is the perfect storm for a viral video, and the facts and reality will not disappoint. This hilarious bird reminds me of a cockatiel we used to have named Piper. He figured out that before we let him out of his cage we called the cat and put him up. He learned how to say kitty and whenever he wanted to get out you had heard ‘kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty’ Occurred on March 12, 2019 / Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand Info from Licensor: "Oscar the two-year-old Indian Ringneck parrot playing peekaboo with the cat from across the street."

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Bull Manages to Upstage Horse in Show Jumping1m18s

Bull Manages to Upstage Horse in Show Jumping

Anything a horse can do, Aston the bull can do too, whether dressage or show jumping. Here, he’s put through his paces in rural east France by owner Sabine Rouas alongside his pal Samy the horse. Aston may not be quite as graceful as his equine partner, but, as Rouas wrote in his praise on Facebook, “he did things even my competition horse did not.” Poor Samy, however, looks decidedly nonplussed after being upstaged by a bull. Credit: Sabine Rouas via Storyful

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Respectful Deer Adorably Bows For Treats18s

Respectful Deer Adorably Bows For Treats

Wow! Now you can say you've seen a deer do tricks. Who knew! It is all too often we write off animals not commonly considered as pets. We write off not only their ability of affection but also intelligence. Whilst in Nara Park in Japan this group came across a sincerely polite deer. The park is famous for having very polite deer who have adapted to theur surroundings and picked up on the fact that when they approach visitors calmly and gently, they will receive treats. Very, very similar to training a dog. I wonder if one day they will understand the command to "sit!". In most cases, it is against protocol to touch deer in the wild. This park specifically inhabits deer that will not be rejected by their mothers of family if they come into contact with human scent. The park has created a sanctuary for these animals, where they feel safe and have learned the ability to trust humans and eat from their hands. Nara Park in Japan, where these miraculous encounters occur, is considered to be religiously sacred land and is protected. The deity emerged and is historically believed to have appeared riding a white deer on Mount Mikasa. The deer that have since come to the area, are considered sacred. I got to admit, I've got chills! What an incredible place on this earth to exist with such religious relevance incorporating the care and protection of our wildlife animals. Killing one of these sacred deer was considered a very serious offence and was punishable by death until 1637. After world war two, the deer were stripped of their sacred religious status and are now considered national treasures that are protected. These deer appear to be uncommonly friendly, but everyone has their sassy side! This park is not without accidents. In fact, in 2016 over 110 people were injured through these deer encounters. When coming into contact with any animal, you need to approach with caution. Remember, if you have food, that's what they want. Don't hold out too long for a selfie or they may snip the snacks right out of your hands! According to 2018 records, the deer community has raised to an incredible 1200 locals! Unfortunately, the deer do have a natural tendency to cause damage to the greenery, and for this reason the organization is considering monitoring the breeding to ensure they do not end up dealing with the effects of overpopulation. Incredible. I'm putting this on my list of places to visit! I want to see a deer bow for treats! Don't you?

Young elephant refuses to share mud bath with brother52s

Young elephant refuses to share mud bath with brother

While on safari in the Kruger National Park, we found a small herd of elephants standing a riverbed. The sun was sitting high already and it was getting very hot. We saw some of the elephants took the opportunity to go lie down in the mud, cooling themselves down in the process. At the same time the elephants can get rid of any pesky insects and ticks sitting on their skin. Watching elephants enjoying themselves while having a mud bath is mostly a very entertaining experience. Unlike any other animal, elephants really do have fun in all sorts of ways when they are in the mud or water. We were watching two young male elephants lying in the mud when a third young male appeared. The young male wanted to join his two brothers for a cool down in the mud. When the elephant decided to go lie down in between his two brothers, the one brother was having none of that. He simply stretched out his one leg and pushed his brother away, making it clear that he cannot come closer to share the mud bath. At one stage the young elephant kept his brother away from him for quite some time using his stiff leg up in the air, pushing against his brother’s side. The middle elephant eventually realized that he was not going to get comfortable in the small space between his two brothers. He leaned against his brother for a short while before getting kicked again repeatedly. The young elephant got the message that he was not welcome and decided to move on and find his own mud bath. It was really funny to watch these two young males fooling around in the mud. As they say, ‘boys will be boys’ and these two elephants displayed the typical behavior of two brothers not preparing to share much at a young age.

Lost Baby Leopards Rescued And Reunited With Their Moms In One Day1m48s

Lost Baby Leopards Rescued And Reunited With Their Moms In One Day

Wildlife officials managed to rescue two leopard cubs and reunite them with their mothers in western India. Sugarcane farmers in Vadgaon Anand village near Junnar stumbled upon a lone leopard cub, while out harvesting their crops on March 11. It is not uncommon for farmers in the region to see young leopard cubs taking up shelter amidst the tall, dense vegetation. On receiving an alert, Forest Department officials and a Wildlife SOS team operating out of the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center rushed to rescue the cub. But en-route to the location, the Wildlife SOS rescue team received a call about a similar situation that had arisen at Golegaon village, in Junnar. The villagers had sighted a leopard cub on the periphery of the sugarcane field, adjoining their village. Consequently, the team split up midway to carry out both rescues simultaneously. On-site medical examinations confirmed that both leopard cubs were healthy and ready to be reunited with their mothers. The cubs were carefully placed inside safe boxes, close to where they were found and the mothers returned in the night to collect their babies. Dr. Ajay Deshmukh, Senior Veterinarian at the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre said, ''Such reunions are of great importance in order to curb conflict situations. If female leopards are unable to locate their cubs, it is natural for them to turn aggressive and pose an immediate threat to humans in close proximity.'' ''It is also immensely rewarding to know that these cubs will now have a chance at a free life in the wild,'' he added.

Horse Catches A Ride In The Back Of A Pick-Up Truck47s

Horse Catches A Ride In The Back Of A Pick-Up Truck

Several motorists were shocked to see a horse standing up in the back of a pick-up truck and secured only by a rope as its owner drove 60mph down a Texas highway over the weekend. Horses do not usually ride in the back of pickup trucks, but at least one has before. Police spotted a Texas man with his horse in the bed of his pickup truck while riding on the highway in Corrigan, Texas, on March 9. The video shows the horse standing close to the edge of the bed of the truck, which was also missing a tailgate. The horse appeared to be secured only with a rope. Multiple people captured the bizarre sight over the weekend. A witness Ami Parbs took video of the incident and claims the vehicle was traveling at 70 miles per hour. "Not the best situation but occasionally you gotta do what you gotta do," witness Ami Parbs said."The horse did not look spooked, he looked all right, surprisingly he looked like he was enjoying the breeze blowing in his mane," Parbs said. "The only thing I wish he had done differently is put the eye covers on." "I do not know the man that was driving the pick-up truck but that may have been his only way to carry a horse that he just picked up," Parbs said. Shortly after the video was shot, police pulled over and ticketed him for having a taillight out. The driver explained the horse in the back by saying his horse trailer was broken and he needed to get the animal to work at the Stockyards. The man did not get a moving violation for it, because technically it is not illegal. According to Corrigan police, the driver was spotted on Highway 59 with the horse in the pickup. There was no side racks or tailgate. The driver told police he usually takes the horse to his job in Livingston in a trailer, but that his trailer was broken. So he put the horse in the back of his pickup. Police say the driver told them that after four or five miles, he thought it might be a bad idea. Police said The horse is well-trained and it is worth about $15,000. The driver was ticketed for a defective taillight, but the case was referred to the Polk County District Attorney’s Office for possible animal cruelty. It is up to the DA to determine if charges will be filed.Police said the horse is now safe and sheltered at the stockyards. Credit: Ami Parbs via Storyful

Parrot tries to charm his cockatoo crush41s

Parrot tries to charm his cockatoo crush

This vocal parrot doesn't care that his cockatoo crush is four times his size and three times his age. He loves her and hes gonna do whatever it takes to get her. Taking his wooing to the next level!