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Pet owl befriends husky puppy31s

Pet owl befriends husky puppy

N'usha the owl has become fond of Ilona the husky. Such rare animal friendships are always incredible to witness!

Published: February 14, 2017Updated: February 16, 2017101 views
Golden Retriever Fails At Fetching28s

Golden Retriever Fails At Fetching

This may be an epic fail, but it sure is an adorable one! This confused golden retriever thought that he's about to enjoy a fun game of fetch, but when the ball goes flying, he goes in the wrong direction! He's got a lot of energy, but not a great sense of direction!

Published: February 15, 201766 views
Dog Fails To Guard Treat30s

Dog Fails To Guard Treat

It's not easy to play keep away with your hungry sibling, when what you're trying to keep your sibling away from a treat! While this lab does a good job of keeping his little brother away for a while, he didn't expect what happened next which ended up costing him his treat!

Published: February 15, 201721 views
Golden Retriever Hops Through The Snow32s

Golden Retriever Hops Through The Snow

While fresh snowfall is quite beautiful, too much of it can turn out to be quite the obstacle to get through! Just ask this sweet golden retriever who is having a blast hopping through the mounds of snow like a giant bunny rabbit! This is one adorable snow bunny!

Published: February 15, 201751 views
Smart Dog Learns To Count33s

Smart Dog Learns To Count

This is not your average dog! This smart pup loves to show off her smarts by counting out loud to how ever many fingers her human shows her. Get ready to be amazed by this sweet pup's counting abilities and she gets it correct every single time!

Published: February 15, 201730 views
Cat Drinks Water From A Fishbowl35s

Cat Drinks Water From A Fishbowl

Who doesn't love some flavored water? Well this cat very much prefers to drink fish flavored water straight from the fishbowl! It doesn't seem to bother the residents of the bowl all too much and the cat gets a tasty drink out of this strange relationship!

Published: February 15, 201717 views
Cute Kitten Plays With Fish Pond35s

Cute Kitten Plays With Fish Pond

This cute kitten loves to play with her friends in the pond! It's winter time and the top layer of the fish pond has frozen over, but that doesn't mean that this cute kitten can't keep playing with her fish friends! It's just a whole new way to play tag in the winter!

Published: February 14, 2017889 views
Black Labrador Befriends A Deer35s

Black Labrador Befriends A Deer

We don't know if this black Labrador knows that his new friend is a deer, or if he just thinks that he's a strange looking dog, but this new animal friendship is the sweetest thing ever! It just goes to show that friendships can be forged beyond any boundaries!

Published: February 14, 2017974 viewsVirality: 5%
Dog vs Snowman35s

Dog vs Snowman

This adorable little dog may be small, but she has all the spunk and spirit of a german shepherd when it comes to her duty as a guard dog! This snowman doesn't stand a chance against this fierce little dog! All snowmen beware, there's a guard dog on duty!

Published: February 14, 2017904 viewsVirality: 2%
27 Cats Who Love Fish2m17s

27 Cats Who Love Fish

These cats are willing to do just about anything to get up close to their fish friends! If there's anything that becomes clear after watching these cats is that they really really love fish! If you were looking for a midweek mood boost, you need not look any further!

Published: February 14, 201721 views
18 Animals Who Hate Baths5m35s

18 Animals Who Hate Baths

It's bath time, but these adorable kittens and pups are not too happy about the news! These cats and dogs will pull every trick in the book to get out of getting cleaned and bathed! Best of luck to these pet owners in their endeavor to have some clean, happy pets!

Published: February 14, 201737 views
9 Reasons Why We Love Our Siblings1m53s

9 Reasons Why We Love Our Siblings

We love them and sometimes we can't stand them, but never the less, they are our siblings in the end. While there are some ups and downs in our relationships with our siblings, here are nine reasons why we couldn't possibly live without them! What would we ever do without them?

Published: February 14, 201745 views
9 Funniest Angry Babies Of All Time1m16s

9 Funniest Angry Babies Of All Time

We're not sure exactly what these babies are so upset about, but boy do they have a great angry face! Even if it's just to make their parents laugh, it's hard to resist the adorable anger behind these sweet little faces! Can you keep from smiling or laughing at these cute kids?

Published: February 14, 2017320 views
CAT Surfing on Swimming DOG1m14s

CAT Surfing on Swimming DOG

It's a hot day in the land Down Under but Didga and Ice know how to keep cool... A little "Ice surfing" anyone? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more @CATMANTOO Thanks for sharing.

Published: February 14, 2017549 views
Fishing for Raccoons!! Whattt??3m30s

Fishing for Raccoons!! Whattt??

Never thought it would be so fun to fish for raccoons!! All you need is a rope, a tree, a light, the bait (ham), well and of course the raccoons! Those big rodents are much heavier then they look! That's why when they grab the meat it seems like we are just letting them feast. In reality it feels like you are pulling up a bag of bricks. When you finally overpower it, the ham just goes flying! This contraption even lured in the neighbors cat. Eventually, persistence prevailed and the raccoon was able to yank the ham out of the rope. Silly raccoon. Enjoy the show! No raccoons were hurt in the making of this video.

Published: February 11, 2017Updated: February 13, 201723 views