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Cute Labrador Hates Taking Medicine19s

Cute Labrador Hates Taking Medicine

Being sick is no walk in the park, but neither is the process of taking the medicine! This adorable black lab knows that it's that time of day for him to get his ear medicine, and he's not too happy about it. He makes the funniest face as he braces for his medicine to be over with.

Published: May 25, 2017
Baby Monkey Massages Cat37s

Baby Monkey Massages Cat

Looks like this cat is getting the complete spa treatment! All thanks to his adorable little monkey who is doing his very best to massage all of these cat's worries away! Talk about some great service! There isn't a cuter duo you'll see all week! Time to schedule our next spa day!

Published: May 24, 201714 views
Jealous Dog Won't Let Man Play Video Games24s

Jealous Dog Won't Let Man Play Video Games

Looks like this dog is quite the attention hog! Not only does he stop his human from playing video games, but he also won't let him change the channel on the tv! In this household, it looks like this pup is the alpha dog, and whatever he says is the law! No more video games for this pet parent!

Published: May 24, 201712 views
Baby and Dog Have Cookie Concentration23s

Baby and Dog Have Cookie Concentration

There's nothing like a tasty cookie to capture everyone's attention! This adorable little baby and his dog got one glimpse of this yummy treat and couldn't look away! Looks like this mom has developed the perfect technique for getting them to listen to her!

Published: May 24, 201717 views
Golden Retriever Gets A Hoverboard Ride22s

Golden Retriever Gets A Hoverboard Ride

This adorable dog has found a newer and improved way of getting around the house! All he has to do is wait for his human to fetch his fancy new hoverboard and then jump on board when he rolls by! What a clever dog! This is the future of transportation for all of dog kind.

Published: May 24, 201719 views
Cat totally ignores Great Dane climbing in bed28s

Cat totally ignores Great Dane climbing in bed

Sid the cat loves his afternoon catnaps and nothing is going to interrupt a good catnap, not even his 200lbs Great Dane buddy Max climbing into bed. Watch and laugh as Max quietly tries to climb into bed so as not to disturb the cat. Max politely uses the middle of the bed without his step, so no to bother Sid's nap time.

Published: May 23, 2017Updated: May 24, 201726 views
Impolite parrot makes slurping sounds24s

Impolite parrot makes slurping sounds

It's not polite to make slurping sounds when drinking. Einstein's owners must not have good table manners. Listen to Einstein imitate them. A parrot will always tell on you!

Parrot loves to sing in the shower 2m55s

Parrot loves to sing in the shower

Rocky loves to sing and his favorite place to sing is in the shower. When Rocky wants someone to sing, he will wave his leg furiously back and forth and scream until his demands are met. He likes to hear music just as much as he likes to perform. Rocky is a rescue parrot, and before he came to his current owner he lived with a sweet lady who thought Rocky would be better off in new home because he was very aggressive towards her, so it had come to a point where Rocky had not been out of his cage for ten years. Maybe the lady he lived with liked to sing in the shower!

Published: May 21, 2017Updated: May 23, 201730,568 views
Violet the baby goat thinks she's a puppy1m30s

Violet the baby goat thinks she's a puppy

Violet is a four week old Lamanche goat. She is being raised on a small family farm in Keene, Ontario, along with cows, horses, donkeys, chickens and pigs. Violet has become very attached to Alanna and the farm dogs and she follows them all around. Violet chases the dogs, running and jumping with them and she even jumps up, looking for a scratch behind the ear. The farm dogs accept Violet and include her in the fun. The border collie has been trying to teach her how to fetch sticks. Violet acts so much like the dogs that it seems she believes she is one of them!