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Lazy raccoons chill out on a hammock 1m21s

Lazy raccoons chill out on a hammock

Everyone knows that hammock naps are among the best kind of naps! Unfortunately for this guy, he had a bit of an issue when he went outside to enjoy an afternoon siesta.

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Kids React To Pet Reveals5m07s

Kids React To Pet Reveals

Anything that makes kids THIS excited, makes me smile. If you are anything like me, you will love this compilation of parents telling their little ones that they will be new pet owners. Check out the video and let us know which reaction was your favorite. Share the name of your pet below.

Published: October 20, 2017
Horses Jam To Music16s

Horses Jam To Music

These two horses are going in! as they Jam out to Big Sean. Every time their owner plays Big Sean for them, they go crazy for it. One day she decided to pick up her phone, record the jam session and sent the video to AFV. Ever since that day, these two horses one named Big and they other named Sean, became the coolest horses to EVER EXSIST.

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Pets Will Do ANYTHING For A Treat3m22s

Pets Will Do ANYTHING For A Treat

Everyone loves clips of needy pets, pets that can do awesome tricks or do human like things, and everyone loves pets doing things for treats. We took some of the cutest, funniest and most epic clips of cats doing cool things and struggling for treats. Watch the comp and comment below! Can your pet friend do any awesome tricks for treats?

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Puppy Destroys The House, Caught Red Handed31s

Puppy Destroys The House, Caught Red Handed

No, no NO no no No no No no no no NO NO! This video has trouble written all over it mostly because the puppy who destroyed the house is so darn adorable that you cant be mad. A woman walks into the house after a long day of volunteering and finds that her puppy got into the trash and sprinkled it across the whole kitchen. When she finally gets a hold of the excited puppy, you see that he has the evidence all over his white coat. It is also when you see how darn cute the puppy is and you instantly forgive.

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Cat Doing Human Things35s

Cat Doing Human Things

Watch this video carefully because you might be quick to think one of two things. First, you might think that it is so cute that this cat takes the time to figure out this water dispenser and ACTUALLY figures it out. And it is cute! OR you might think that this cat is a little to smart for its own good and figuring out the water dispenser is just the beginning. Next, world domination. Personally, I think this video is just cute but I am skeptical. Thoughts? Comment below.

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16 Dogs Who Are Better At Sports Than You4m13s

16 Dogs Who Are Better At Sports Than You

AS IF you needed 16 more reasons you will never be as good or as cute as dogs! I feel for you! But also, here are 16 dogs who are better than you at sports. AirBud has nothing on these doggos. Doggo number 1 is a baseball MVP and tackles like it is football. Doggo number 2 is a future FIFA Goalie. Doggo number 3 bullied you in gym because he was an all star volleyball player. Doggo number 4 and 5 can really swing a bat. Check out the video to see the rest of the all star pups in action!

Published: October 19, 2017Updated: October 20, 2017
Dog Plays Hide And Go Seek25s

Dog Plays Hide And Go Seek

Are you ready to be super impressed? Are you prepared for total cuteness? Are you okay with still loving your dog but maybe loving the dog in this clip a little bit more? Cool. Well this happy doggo knows how to play hide and go seek. Not joking! His owner says go hide and the adorable pup goes for it. Watch until the end because it is the cutest thing when he pops out of his hiding spot at the end!

Published: October 19, 2017Updated: October 20, 2017
Goat Rides Pony35s

Goat Rides Pony

Well this sure is a sight to see. A little tiny baby goat standing on the back of a pony. This video is super adorable and TRY not watching it until the end you wont be able to because clearly the goat is going to make moves. Will he fall off? Jump off? Or pull a parkour like move? You have to watch and find out, you might be surprised.

Published: October 19, 2017Updated: October 20, 2017
Dog Tries To Walk In Shoes27s

Dog Tries To Walk In Shoes

This is going to be the cutest dog video you will see today. It is also the most relatable dog video you will see today, Ill explain. This doggo is carried in by his owner and the first thing you see are his shiny shoes. New shoes. The doggo proceeds to try and walk down the hall and is clearly struggling. Seriously cute. Why is it relatable? Have you ever bought a new pair of cute shoes only to find out that they need to be warn in and are incredibly painful to walk in? Well, this is how you look when you first walk in them.

Published: October 19, 2017Updated: October 20, 2017
Curious Pack Of Bears Wander Up To Motorists On Russian Highway51s

Curious Pack Of Bears Wander Up To Motorists On Russian Highway

We have said many times that we sort-of envy the Russians for their wildlife opportunities. Some of the strangest and viral amateur videos on the internet have come from Russia, so it doesn’t surprise us that this clip also hails from the Great Motherland. A group of motorists had a chance encounter to come across a brown mother bear and her three cubs, since they were apparently curious enough to come close to the road. The people in the car can be seen throwing them food, which the cubs gladly accept. But why did the bear come down to the road? Bears have become a motorway hazard for drivers along a stretch of road in Russia where the hungry animals are literally begging for food. While the bears approach cars and wait for their next drive-by meal, motorists are throwing out treats to the animals along the highway, but officials are warning people not to feed them because there is a significant risk they could get attacked if they roll their windows way down. The mayor of one of the villages close by has said that sometimes it is impossible for drivers to pass because there are so many animals on the road.

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Baby Cockatoo Gets Super Excited After Seeing Familiar Face Through Window1m28s

Baby Cockatoo Gets Super Excited After Seeing Familiar Face Through Window

Onni the baby umbrella cockatoo loves to bask in the sun and take in the scenery from the living room window sill. You can probably tell by how much the edge of that sill has been chipped off. He loves watching the birds, chipmunks and calls to the neighbors. However, on this day he was taken off guard by his human brother who climbed up two stories to say hello when he came home from work. He is confused at first but upon realizing who it is he could not contain his excitement! Chet is hanging from the sill on the outside of the window and the moment Onni realizes that it is his big brother, he spreads his crest and starts dancing up and down the window, with his beak wide open with excitement! The simplest things in life send this beautiful soul into tap dancing and hopping for joy! By the way, Onni is a common Finnish name that means “luck” and “happiness”, which is exactly what this little guy is. The white cockatoo, also known as the umbrella cockatoo, is a medium-sized all-white cockatoo endemic to tropical rainforest on islands of Indonesia. When surprised, it extends a large and striking head crest, which has a semicircular shape similar to an umbrella, hence the alternative name.

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2 Dogs Chase Laser Pointer27s

2 Dogs Chase Laser Pointer

We have all seen a ton of hilarious videos of cats chasing laser pointers but have you seen dogs chase laser pointers? Well check out this hilarious clip. These 2 doggos fell for the humans laser pointer trickery and it is a pretty cute video. Comment below!

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Weird Cat Cleans Kids Hair33s

Weird Cat Cleans Kids Hair

People say that cats are not friendly but check out this clip because this kid is clearly the family cats favorite human. Is your cat or any other pet friend attached to a certain family member? Watch the video and comment below. Feel free to share any funny cat stories too!

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Cats And Dogs Fight Sleep4m58s

Cats And Dogs Fight Sleep

You can stop watching videos after watching this compilation because it will be the cutest video you see today. Here is a compilation of the cutest cats, dogs, puppies and kittens trying to fight sleep to stay awake. Check out the clip and comment below. Does your pet try and fight sleep?

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Horse Bobbing For Apples35s

Horse Bobbing For Apples

Its fall time which means we unpack all of our favorite comfy sweaters, indulge in all things pumpkin spiced, and gather our horses to bob for apples. If you dont have a horse, watch this clip and enjoy because it is pretty adorable. Then you and your friends should bob for apples.

Published: October 12, 2017Updated: October 18, 2017
Inventive Parrot Creates His Own Version Of The Theory Of Relativity42s

Inventive Parrot Creates His Own Version Of The Theory Of Relativity

Listen to Einstein the parrot invent his own theory of relativity. E equals MC squirrels, sqweetie, and square-it are all close enough, but finally gets it right! E equals MC squared! E represents units of energy, M represents units of mass, and C2 is the speed of light squared. Your owners know you can state the theory of relativity right, Einstein! Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. They require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive. It is often said, having a parrot is much like raising a two or three year old child for the rest of your life! Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a very talkative parrot and often creates new words. He's a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking and acting silly, and doing animal sound imitations. With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein's talking parrot's videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings! Not only does this parrot recite the Theory of Relativity, but he praises himself for doing so! As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: “To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship.”

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When Your German Shepherd Thinks He's A Lapdog1m11s

When Your German Shepherd Thinks He's A Lapdog

The size of your dog doesn't always matter when he wants to sit on your lap. It's easier for you to enjoy a small lap dog as you sit together on the couch, but big dogs often crave the same type attention for similar reasons. This German Shepherd is so cheeky and he jumps straight onto his owner’s lap! Unfortunately for her though, he is not a little puppy anymore! However, that doesn't stop him from jumping up in his owner’s lap and just sitting there like he is a little puppy, while the human is getting crushed underneath him. A big OUCH! Big dogs seem to think they are still little puppies and want to sit in their human’s lap even when they grow up, without finding anything unusual about that. He just cannot realize that he is heavy! Finding the reason behind this behavior helps owners better understand whether they need to take action to change the behavior of their dog, and whether it is fine to cuddle. Your pup becomes part of your family and you are part of his pack. Getting higher than your feet allows him to interact more closely with you, he gets more petting and loving than when he's on the floor alone. When he jumps on your lap and you pet him, you reinforce the behavior and teach him that if he feels the need for some petting, all he needs to do is settle down on your lap. When this becomes a habit for your dog it is hard to break it!

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Playful Baby Goats Find A Fun Toy In The Farmyard1m05s

Playful Baby Goats Find A Fun Toy In The Farmyard

Millie and Mocha are one-week-old baby goats who romp and play at Hamish's Farm in Indian River, Ontario. Their mother, Hazel, keeps a close eye on them as they climb, run and jump in the farmyard. Mocha has discovered a mesh bag that hangs near the shelter on which they love to climb. It holds fresh green hay that the young sisters love to nibble. The bag makes getting at the treat a challenge and it provides stimulation and entertainment for them. These two adorable goats enjoy nibbling at the hay and climbing on each other in between bites. The pair are high energy and full of mischief. They will thrive and grow quickly, but for now they look as cute and fluffy as plush toys. Hamish's farm is home to goats, pigs, sheep, horses, cows and even a hilarious cockatoo named Syd. After the house and the barn were lost in a fire last fall, Hamish and Gertrud have rebuilt and the animals are thriving. New babies are being born and the farm is returning to normal. These goats, along with the other animals are loved and treated more like family than farm animals. They follow Hamish and Getrud around, looking for affection as well as food.

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Mini Pig Can't Escape Bath Time Fast Enough2m19s

Mini Pig Can't Escape Bath Time Fast Enough

For most of us bath time is one of the things we look forward to after a long day. We just love the calm trickling of water on our skin and the fresh scent of our favorite shampoo. To sum it up, baths are the things that revive us after working away our days. This piggy however at first struggles with the term "bath" all together. To say that he is hesitant to step inside the kitchen sink would be an understatement. The mini pig is so afraid of the water, you might think that he is screaming murder. The owner has a tough time lowering him inside the water, but eventually, as he does, the pig is inside and appears to be calm. But we shouldn’t be so relaxed because little piggy isn’t giving up. It starts to push at anything and everything just to get out, and he isn’t even wet. The squeals are so terrifying, you might really start to wonder about the wellbeing of the lad. However, after a while, its owner's persistence eventually pays off though as the piggy starts to let loose and enjoys it. Who doesn’t love feeling clean? Bath time for piggy, it is!

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Two Monkeys Hitch A Ride To Town On The Back Of A Motorcycle30s

Two Monkeys Hitch A Ride To Town On The Back Of A Motorcycle

It looks like these two monkeys have had enough walking for the day and decided to snatch a free ride to town. Their nonchalant behavior will warm your hearts! This footage shows two adorable monkeys hitching their ride back to town on the back of a man's motorcycle. They are very playful and seem to be enjoying the ride. The man is driving his motorbike down the street while two monkeys are playing on the back of his seat. The man is very calm and unalarmed by monkeys' game. First they snuggle and kiss and then they chase each other around the man, who is still driving his bike with complete ease, not minding his cheeky friends on the back. How adorable is to see these two monkeys act like children in the back of the car, while they are constantly hanging onto man's shirt, gripping it around with their tiny fingers. These fellows are intact by the surrounding, they are not afraid of driving in the open, they don't mind the speed or the traffic, they are just having fun and minding their own business, while having a great time. They are chasing tails on the motorcycle like they are in the circus. It is very pleasing to watch!

Sweet Foster Kitten Showers Dalmatian Dog With Kisses1m15s

Sweet Foster Kitten Showers Dalmatian Dog With Kisses

Sometimes, cats and dogs can be friends. In fact, they can be best friends indeed and enjoy their nap time together in the coziness of their shared mattress. These little kittens have tucked in so closely to the Dalmatians and enjoy their afternoon purr lying next to their cute, dotted friends. The handsome trio of Dalmatians that are Louie, Lady and Zoey have had the ultimate pleasure to act as foster siblings to a litter of kitten that their humans took from a local shelter. The kittens needed some tender love and care from good people, but the love and affection that these tiny furballs got to experience from these spotted hounds is far too much to bear! Zoey, the youngest, 5-month-old pup in the family became quite famous recently, when she imprinted on Calypso, one of the kittens they were fostering, and tried to teach her how to play like dog! Even though so incredibly young, it seems these kitties know exactly how lucky they are to be in this huge family, so one of them has been caught showering Louie the Dalmatian with kitty kisses! Awww! These interspecies friendships is what we love most about our job here. Watching endless hours of videos with all sorts of different animals cuddling and playing in harmony warms our hearts and makes us wish we had such pets around.

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Cheeky Monkey Doesn't Want To Share His Sandwich1m17s

Cheeky Monkey Doesn't Want To Share His Sandwich

You'll never be as relaxed as this cute little monkey is while he eats a massive sandwich sitting on a tree branch. It is very amusing to watch this monkey enjoy his food so much. This footage shows a monkey sitting on a tree branch and enjoying his alone time with a gigantic sandwich. While he digs deep into his delicious treat, suddenly another monkey rushes in and wants to have a piece of the delight. However, he didn’t know that monkeys don't share food, and he is ignored as the first monkey swings away with the sandwich, where he finds a new quiet place to fill his tummy with joy. It is so adorable to see that he is constantly on alert, clutching the sandwich so tightly with his little hands, as he munches and chews on it. The poor thing is so afraid that another monkey will find his treasure and steal from him. This fellow must have stolen somebody's lunch and is now lurking from the inside of the tree, hiding in the crown while enjoying every piece of his precious prey. This cheeky little monkey is having a tasteful lunch break and doesn't want to be disturbed. Now this is one hungry monkey, watch as this Capuchin eats every bite of a giant sandwich. He even knows that the inside is softer and better, and so he eats it first! After a while, he feels like he is being watched, so he decides to make another branch-switch, and goes even deeper into the tree. He wants to be left alone and peacefully finish his food.

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