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Kitten Miraculously Rescued From Storm Drain After 33 Hours Of Intense Work 2m13s

Kitten Miraculously Rescued From Storm Drain After 33 Hours Of Intense Work

You can tell how happy this kitten became. Here are a few quick facts about rescue animals. Every year there more than 6 million animals admitted into shelters that are looking for homes. Apparentl,y some get adopted, but there is still a large number that doesn't. Over one million of these animals will be euthanized throughout the year. However, cats don't have nine lives. The main reason why cats got this reputation for reincarnation is their ability to jump and land. They climb high trees, run in front of cars and jump from high places, and yet they do it so well and nonetheless manage to survive. As the story goes, faint meowing was heard by customers in a parking lot, the kitten cries were coming from a nearby storm drain, the kitten was trapped, and some lovely bystanders launched a rescue effort, he was stuck in an 8-inch pipe with minimal access. After these guys tried everything they concluded that much bigger help was needed. The very next day a fire station crew was called on the spot to help the kitten get out of the pipe. After long hours of hard work and vast dedication the kitten was finally freed. Piper was trapped in a storm drain while rescuers worked for 33 hours to save him. A whole bunch of people banded together to rescue this little guy. This rescue operation is called Sierra Pacific Furbabies, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. What amazing people! These guys gave all their best to save this kitten. It’s incredible how these people dedicate their lives to protect animals, to provide them with beings that they deserve. We take these people as an example, people who can teach us a lesson, people who know how to make the world a better place! We hope this video will inspire you always to consider adopting, whether they are cats and dogs. Don’t let them out there on the streets. They deserve a soft bed, a warm meal and lots and lots of love. Just check out Jack the rescue cat is a happy cat and how much she enjoys her new home! A little over a year ago, Jack, the cat was living in the great outdoors until his forever family rescued him. Watch and enjoy as Jack takes a few steps back outdoors, but then listens to his Mom and realizes he is a happy house cat.

Fireman Demonstrates How He Puts On His Protective Equipment3m25s

Fireman Demonstrates How He Puts On His Protective Equipment

A fireman shows us how he gets ready for a fire and all the gear necessary for it during a little boy's birthday party. Informative and fun! There can be no shred of doubt that you have to be incredibly courageous to be able to work as a firefighter. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. These men and women know what is at stake every time they go to a burning building and they still decide to put their lives at risk to save others. But if there are still people out there that still believe firefighting is one of the safest professions today, just show them this video . After watching it, no one will able to convince you out of the fact that firefighters are, in fact, heroes. When the firefighting department receives a call about a building caught ablaze, firefighters have to act fast. They have a little time to put all their equipment on and go to the place of the fire as quickly as they can. Next they run up and down the street, rushing to rescue everyone in the building before dousing the fire with water, trying to extinguish it. As firefighters are busy tending to the blazing tongues, they have to be 100% certain that they are perfectly safe, so that they can lend a helping hand to the tenants and people in need. That is why they need to be prepared for the worst. Footage shows a young firefighter putting on a real show in front of the camera, during little boy’s birthday party. As he explains his daily routine, he tries to break his record in putting on his protective equipment as fast as he can, managing to get ready in 43 seconds. Then, he goes explaining to the children how firefighters act when they put on the compressed air breathing apparatus, for which the man jokes that weighs like the little boy!

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Quick-Thinking Kayakers Heroically Save Drowning Man's Life46s

Quick-Thinking Kayakers Heroically Save Drowning Man's Life

A video has emerged featuring the intense moment when a man is saved from drowning after he lost control over his kayak and fell into the quick-moving creek. This amazing video captures the moment that occurred last year on Wilson Creek, a National Wild and Scenic River, located in the Pisgah National Forest near Collettsville, North Carolina. During a sail down the creek, a kayaker toppled over and managed to pin his head beneath the surface of his kayak. Not being able to break free, his head trapped, he had expected nothing but the bleakest outcome. As it sometimes goes, what he also did not expect was the quick response from a nearby group of quick thinking kayakers. Markham Shuskey, Corey Edwards, Jake Matheny, Michael Barbre, and Matt Dolian were out on the water that same day. After hearing the muffled screams some yards behind, Michael and Matt quickly surged into action. What they found was that the angle of the toppled kayak to the rocks had trapped that unfortunate kayaker’s head under the flow the of the water, which meant that being stuck in the kayak would totally unable any movement and keep his head under water, utterly incapable to breathe, and started drowning . After giving it a couple of energetic tugs and somewhat of a struggle, they managed to pull the man out of the water in the end, in just a nick of time. Rescue mission successfully completed! A man lost control over his kayak and fell into the river, but fortunately he was saved by his friends. The water flow was too fast for him to manage to lift himself above so he stayed trapped, unable to move a muscle. Fortunately, his friends were here to lend a helping hand. They quickly rushed towards him, and joined forces to try and save him. Moments later, they pulled him up and his life was saved just in time before he fell unconscious. We bet this will be a moment they can never forget! Rivers of the Southeast define diversity, from bayous and rivers pushed by the tides to clear mountain streams with world-class whitewater. Wilson Creek, a National Wild and Scenic River, located in the Pisgah National Forest near Collettsville, North Carolina offers camping, hiking and bike trails, hunting, fishing, swimming, canoeing, tubing, and other outdoor activities. There is also a picnic area available and numerous visitors come here daily for recreational activities. The place is truly very picturesque, with majestic scenery, which is why this group of kayakers decided to go on fast-water kayaking. Fortunately, what could have been a tragic end to a story, finished with their happy ending after all. These brave men should be given a medal of honor for their quick actions and humane reflexes. The man is truly lucky to have friends like this by his side. Faith in humanity restored! Have you ever saved someone else’s life? Well, LeBron James did and was given the title "Aqua-Man”. Read here about his heroic story . What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy! All’s well when it ends well. Thumbs up! Credit to Matt Dolian.

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Cute Poodle Rescued Just Hours Before Euthanasia 5m06s

Cute Poodle Rescued Just Hours Before Euthanasia

It is a terrible thing to think about, which is probably why most choose to look the other way, but there are so many animals at shelters that, if they do not find forever homes, have to be euthanized. It is the cruel truth of the world, which is why veterinarians and activists implore pet owners to neuter and spay their pets so that there would be less unfortunate homeless animals on the streets. Still, Eldad Hagar and his tireless rescue team at Hope For Paws do everything they can to save strays from this fate. When they heard about a dog named Edie who was just an hour away from being put down, they knew they had to move — and quick. But they didn’t get there quickly enough, because what they found was nothing short than a horror story. They found the Maltese poodle mix in a high-kill shelter just an hour before she was scheduled for euthanasia . The reason - Edie was absolutely terrified of human contact. The team speculates that the white matted pooch might have been terribly molested in her past, making her fear even the sight of a human being. That did not deter Eldad from his intentions to calm down the scared puppy and show her that there are kind spirits on this world that can love her the way she deserves. It didn’t take long for Edie to trust Eldad, so she lay on her back and let him scratch her tummy while wagging her tail, which is a true victory. One grooming session later and the dirty fur came down to reveal a beautiful puppy underneath, just begging for some TLC. Everything can be scary at the shelter when you weigh mere 10 pounds. Hope For Paws begs you not to overlook these animals when you are at a shelter, looking for a furry companion because all they need is a little hug! We are here to share the love towards animals. In this spirit take a look at the next video where a volunteer team rescues dog affected by California fires . A dog burnt in one of the fires raging across northern California was found and treated by a team of volunteers on August 5. This footage, filmed by Shelina Moreda, a volunteer with the NorCal Livestock Evacuation in Lake County, shows the dog, who appears to have suffered severe injuries from the blaze. “This poor boy was burnt all over, his paws crisped and smoking,” Moreda wrote. “He had walked up to this man, one of his neighbors. Ken made a little bed for him, and was caring for him even though Ken had earlier in the day watched his own house burn to the ground.” On August 7, the Mendocino Complex fire in Mendocino County, which borders Lake County, became the largest fire in California since accurate measurements began in 1932, Cal Fire said. It seems that it is very visible when humans suffer the consequences of large natural disasters, like floods, earthquakes, drafts, and fires. But rarely ever anyone speaks or counts animal victims. This is why they are often referred to as the “silent victims”. It seems very unlikely that anyone has the capacities or the interest to investigate how many critters have vanished into the fire blaze that swept North California in the latest catastrophe. The estimation runs in millions. What we can do is at least number the pets rescue teams found after sweeping the area and helped where help was possible. http://www.hopeforpaws.org/ Please help us save more dogs like Edie and make a $5 donation to Hope For Paws, and please share this video with all your friends. The amazing music for this video was created by Mr. Paul Collier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ7C1q1OyJQ - Thank you so much for letting me use this amazing piece! Thanks, Eldad

Man Saves Distressed Dolphin Trapped In Heavy Seaweed8m33s

Man Saves Distressed Dolphin Trapped In Heavy Seaweed

There is a multitude of clips in the world wide web where kind-hearted people have gone out of their way to rid a poor wildlife creature out of its misery. Whether it is a hedgehog all caked up in mud or a swan with a broken leg , humans have set their obligations aside to help a hapless creature live another day. Sure, most of us have seen the hedgehogs in our gardens and the swans in the park, but not many of us have been fortunate enough to come across a dolphin in the wild, let alone have the opportunity to rescue it from certain demise. A family out boating in Australia came across a dolphin that got caught up in some seaweed in a sandbar. The poor animal was whistling in distress, having been tangled up in the seaweed for who knows how long. Seeing how the animal is suffering, the man ties himself to a rope with the other end tied up to the boat and get in the chilly water next to the dolphin. Naturally, the poor thing is scared of the human, probably never having been so close to one before. But with a few gentle strokes on the back and dorsal fin, it is like the dolphin understands the man is only here to provide aid. Since the water is only up to just above the man’s knees, we can only imagine how hard it must be for the dolphin to get out of the shoal. The gentle human uses his left hand to push the seaweed away, as he guides the dolphin towards the deeper water. The dolphin still looks a bit confused after the first attempt and returns back to the shallow, but our hero does not give up. Instead, he guides the dolphin one more time, ultimately convincing the mammal which way is home.

Boy Dances With Joy After Being Rid Of His Painful Eczema4m13s

Boy Dances With Joy After Being Rid Of His Painful Eczema

Tyler fought a very severe form of atopic eczema for many years. Despite repeated trips to many different doctors and specialists, his skin never improved and every day was a battle to find relief. This all changed when he found Dr. Aron, a specialist on the other side of the world with a revolutionary new treatment. Watch Tyler's journey from suffering to healing and see how a new eczema treatment gave a boy his life back. This is a truly inspiring story . Tyler is a very brave boy for putting up with something that most people cannot even comprehend the pain of. He had to endure it for far longer than he should have. But he never gave up hope and continued to endure until he was finally getting better. The fact that when we got better and started to raise money to help kids with the same problem he had, makes him a hero in our books. We could all learn a thing or two from this amazing kid; that life can really be hard sometimes and you will be faced with challenges throughout the way, but if you just persevere and keep your head up, life tends to get a lot better! Please share this amazing and inspirational story with your friends and family as they will surely not want to miss it!

Soldier Surprises Wife And Daughter With Return From Deployment2m17s

Soldier Surprises Wife And Daughter With Return From Deployment

This soldier decided to come home for Thanksgiving and surprise his wife and daughter, who had no idea what he was planning. This brave soldier arranged with his family and friends to set a scene and help him surprise his loving wife. Cameras are rolling, phones are recording and "Thinking Out Loud" from Ed Sheeran is playing in the back, so grab those tissues this is a tear-jerker! As romantic as it can be, the wife is caught off guard. She didn't expect her husband to be home for this holiday, so she drops on her knees and he drops on his knees, they start hugging and kissing for a while. The wife starts crying. In fact everyone in the room has teary eyes following this romantic gesture. He didn't forget to bring her red roses and keep his uniform to make the moment even more endearing. Everyone will remember this Thanksgiving as it should be celebrated, with all family members present and finally reunited. The husband takes his daughter and showers both his ladies with affection. They will all cherish this moment and remember it for a long time, and the little daughter will have a great story to grow up with.

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Driver Rescues Skunk With Head Caught In Plastic Cup1m32s

Driver Rescues Skunk With Head Caught In Plastic Cup

Heroes exist everywhere in this world, you just have to know what you are looking for. It does not take much to be a hero, even a small gesture or act of kindness makes you a hero in our books! This seems to be the case in this video as while driving to work this couple saw a skunk running across the road. As they drew closer they discovered that it had two plastic cups stuck on its head . Jamie, who was driving the Jeep, stopped and decided to help out, being careful that the young skunk doesn't start spraying him. How lucky could one skunk get, getting help was just what he needed. Jamie is one incredible person. He proves that it does not take much to be a hero. He saved that young skunks life and as much as people do not like skunks, all life is precious. Jamie had some serious guts to get that close to the skunk. The animal could have sprayed Jamie at any moment but he still tried to help as much as he can! The skunk even seemed happy that it finally got the cup of its head! That must be the reason that it did not spray Jamie, it was happy that he helped! There are still plenty of good people in this world and Jamie is a prime example of one! Check out this incredible footage! Credit to 'GonetotheSnowDogs'.

Horse rescued from swimming pool30s

Horse rescued from swimming pool

Paramedics, a rescue team and a veterinarian in Arizona rescue a horse that had fallen into a pool. Tara Cleary reports. Courtesy of Mesa Fire and Medical Department.

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Philanthropist Buys Meal For 400 Soldiers At Airport1m01s

Philanthropist Buys Meal For 400 Soldiers At Airport

World renowned philanthropist Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz pays $50 per meal for approximately 400 U.S. soldiers in an airport in Shannon, Ireland. Here we see him offering words of appreciation to the soldiers right before their meals were bought. The famous Los Angeles based entrepreneur was on his way to visit Israel with his beloved family, when he saw a group of couple hundreds soldiers that were waiting their flight in Shannon, Ireland. The business man asked the commander if he could provide the soldiers with hot meals instead of their paper sack diners, to which the commander replied that it wasn't necessary. Upon Rechnitz's insisting, each soldier was given 50 dollars to eat whatever they want at the airport restaurant of their choosing. This gesture was truly philanthropic in nature, and his only explanation was that the soldiers risk their lives on a daily basis to protect him and his family, and that he just wanted to say thanks for the good service. It's not everyday you see somebody doing a kind gesture and expect nothing in return, but these kinds of things restore our faith in humanity. The world needs more generous hearts, but at least this is some kind of start.

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Biker Spontaneously Helps Man In Deed At Busy Intersection 2m12s

Biker Spontaneously Helps Man In Deed At Busy Intersection

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is wasted and a good deed is never lost. Instead of blowing the horn in frustration, this charitable man stops his motorcycle in order to assist a man in need. We see him riding up to a busy intersection and stopping at a red light. The opposite sides of the intersection are crossing the busy street, when he notices a man pushing his old red Ford car across. Instead of getting furious at the man for blocking the street, he pulls over to the side, parks his motor on the sidewalk and runs over to assist ! The man tells him that he ran out of gas, so with joint forces, the two men push the car to the nearby gas station, which is literally on the corner of the intersection. “You are in the right place to run out of petrol" he comments, as they push the Ford in the other street and straight into the the gas station. Viewers might comment on the way he moved between the lanes of cars and running against a red light, but given how he didn't actually run the intersection and just stopped on the side, this biker's action is beyond commendable. Even after he helped the man, he went back to his bike and rode the entire circle once more to get back into the correct lane and continue on his journey. “Motorcyclist and A Gentleman" would be an awesome movie, don't you think?

Dying Puppy Brought Home To Pass Peacefully Surprises Mom And Daughter 3m39s

Dying Puppy Brought Home To Pass Peacefully Surprises Mom And Daughter

Humanity does not know its boundaries. When daddy’s job was relocated, his family and he needed to follow. The mom Marry and her three daughters Abby, Anna, and Alaina needed to find themselves something to keep them busy, so they found a meaningful way to spend their time - volunteering at a shelter with 4,000 dogs in Ankara, Turkey. With so many rampant dog diseases, one of the most deadly is distemper, which causes neurological damage that leads to seizures and loss of coordination. Knowing that there was nothing to do for the dogs suffering from distemper, this family decided to act as a hospice for dogs. They took in dogs that were close to death, so that they could die in a decent peaceful place and not the overcrowded shelters. One day they decided to bring home a litter of sick and dying pups. Then a miracle happened - Faith, the smallest pup, survived. Several of the dogs they took in died shortly after, but at least it was in peace and with a loving family. There was one little girl dog named “ Faith ” that defied all of the odds. She was the littlest one, always in a corner, but this little puppy was a real fighter. Faith shocked her family and instead of getting weaker, she began to regain her strength and weight. After months of nurturing, Faith became a happy, healthy, and very loved pooch. Now Faith is an irreplaceable member of their family so they will bring her with them back in America. Watching Faith with her new family, it is obvious that they are a match made from heaven. #miracle #adopt Please subscribe to our channel so you don't miss a single PAWsitive story! http://bit.ly/PAWsitiveSubscribe Catch up with PAWsitive socially! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/PAWsitiveSubscribe Facebook: http://bit.ly/PawsitiveFacebook Twitter: http://bit.ly/PAWsitiveTwitter G+: http://bit.ly/PAWsitiveGooglePlus

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Random Act Of Kindness For Stranded Bus Driver47s

Random Act Of Kindness For Stranded Bus Driver

There are days when it feels like it would have been better if you just stayed in your bed. It feels as if the world has created some plot to make your life miserable that day. You can find yourself quoting Murphy’s law every few minutes and it’s starting to weigh down on you. Really, anything that could go wrong would go wrong. Just ask this bus driver. There could have been many other days where his bus would have stopped working but it just had to be this one. It just had to be the day when the sky opened up and it started pouring buckets. Now, he is left with a bus that has broken down in the middle of the street and a rainy task of guiding the vehicles around it. He can be seen wearing his fluorescent vest and moving his arms to signal the cars. However, seems like Murphy’s going to take a little break, because this driver just got himself an umbrella. You’ve heard it right. A driver stopped his car behind the bus, popped up the trunk of the car and pulled out an umbrella. He ran across the street and gave it to the bus driver, then without waiting, returned to his car and drove away. Faith in humanity is definitely restored . It only takes a tiny good deed to make someone else’s day a thousand times better, so don’t ever hesitate to lend a hand .

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Security Guard Makes Amazing Catch To Save Baby54s

Security Guard Makes Amazing Catch To Save Baby

When it comes to dangerous places where you should definitely make sure your child doesn’t get in, the X-Ray luggage scanning machine at airport customs is clearly one of them. Radiation aside, that is one cold, dark and creepily loud place for a child to be. We adult know that, but kids are curious and will definitely want to check it out. One parent let their child slip from their attention for a short while while at the X-Ray machine, but luckily they weren’t alone there! In this CCTV footage released by the Katowice Airport in Poland, security guard Grzegorz Paczko makes an incredible last-second catch after spotting a child slipping off of a baggage counter. The footage shows a man picking up his suitcase after being checked at security, before picking up his toddler child up and putting him on the counter. His attention is distracted from the child for what seems like second, but that is plenty of time for the toddler to lose balance and fall off the counter! That is where the sniper-like reflexes of the brave security guard kick in, as he throws himself to catch the child literally just before it’s tender head hit the floor! Kudos for Paczko and what in the world was that father thinking?! All rights to Katowice Airport.

Wife Adopts Puppy Months Before Military Husband Comes Back4m14s

Wife Adopts Puppy Months Before Military Husband Comes Back

Remember when you got home from work one day, and a puppy was waiting for you at the door? Yeah, we neither, but we sure as heck believe that we would react just as this soldier did. Only his puppy is real. And he gets to keep it. Everyone loves surprises, but when the shock is a living, breathing creature, it somehow gives more value. Watch this heartwarming video and see the heart-melting reaction of this soldier when he realizes he receives a new puppy for an even better homecoming. These people received two emails from a soldier finishing a tour in Afghanistan and his wife back here in the states wanting a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. She asked them if they would tell the sergeant that all the puppies were spoken for so she could surprise him when he returned from the war. They agreed because who doesn't LOVE surprises! They hated to disappoint him at the time, but they knew how happy he was going to be shortly. After months of preparation and a wife that can keep a good secret, this is the meeting between a cute 8-week-old puppy and his deserving owner. Welcome home Chris and thank you for your service! Let’s face it, pets are hard! Especially when they are young and tiny, they need constant companionship from a mother figure, or they will whine and cry and bark, driving you mad! But when they grow up with you, they will remember how much you took care of them, and they will love and respect you to the end of their days. Soldiers are the pride of each country. Soldiers defend the dignity and the respect of their country with their life and blood. He needs to rise above his self to guard his country. To be a soldier you must be trained, steadfast, trustworthy, and to have a fellowship. Their precedent fills in like a guiding light to other people who are agreeable and weak. Their lives are a wellspring of motivation to the adolescent of the country. They serve the country to the best of their capacity. And what better to greet them back to their homes with lots of love and a loving puppy who will love them and show them the appreciation for all that have done! So much love, so much happiness! These are the videos that bring tears of joy into our eyes!

Woman Cycling In Desert Finds A Dying Puppy And Nurses It Back To Health4m44s

Woman Cycling In Desert Finds A Dying Puppy And Nurses It Back To Health

A heartwarming video has emerged of a cyclist saving the life of a deserted puppy and nursing it back to health! Diane Lea, founder and bicyclist of 50 Causes Ride, saw a small "animal" walking in circles in the middle of the desert. Diane and Liz Watkins, video producer and RV driver, were nine days into Diane's 50 day journey. Diane rode 50 miles a day for 50 days to bring awareness to 50 Causes. On day 9, for Multiple Sclerosis, Diane was riding in 105 degree heat in southern Arizona. The "animal" turned out to be a dying puppy. Liz captured the <a href=" https://rumble.com/v31291-puppy-rescued-from-miserable-puppy-mill-learns-how-to-walk-again.html " target="_blank">rescue mission</a> on video. When a bicyclist saw a delirious puppy walking in circles on the asphalt in the desert of southern Arizona at 105 degree heat, she immediately picked it up and brought it back to her RV to resuscitate it. The entire rescue mission was being filmed by Liz Watkins who was also driving the RV with supplies. On day 9 of their 50 day trek they found this <a href=" https://rumble.com/v460b0-three-cape-coral-women-search-for-abandoned-dog.html " target="_blank">deserted puppy</a> that seemed to be dying of thirst and hallucinating because of the hot sun! Footage shows Diane serving the pup with a bowl of water and giving the pooch a soothing bath in order to cool him down! It is adorable how the tiny pooch fit perfectly in the plastic container and enjoyed bathing in cold water. Diane’s RV was filled with many “road treasures” i.e. objects discarded by people on the road., which she often collects and keeps as souvenirs. But none would turn out to be as precious as this little ball of fur! This caring lady nursed the dying pup back to health and the two of them have been inseparable ever since! Watch and share her rescue with your friends and family!

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Heroes Rescue Bear With Bucket Stuck On Its Head6m13s

Heroes Rescue Bear With Bucket Stuck On Its Head

This is unbelievable, a bear has been roaming around the Perry Township area for several weeks with a bucket stuck on its head. How has he been able to walk around with this uncomfortable object on his head, it’s not clear. Poor bear . At first, a man tries to remove the object from his head but it doesn't budge. He puts all his force into it but it doesn't look like it's coming off. The bear gets startled and runs past the fence with the object still on his head. He runs into the woods and a few people start to follow him. The group of locals start to take action to free the bear. They hold the bear down as they try to remove the object. He is very scared and the freeing mission seems very difficult. Using a saw, they cut open the bucket, and it comes off his head. The bear runs off and is so happy to be free. If he could thank those people he would. How awesome it is to see these people save the bear’s day! Nice job! Everybody keeps saying "curiosity killed the cat", when they should be saying "curiosity got a bucket stuck on a bear's head"! The poor thing probably thought that something yummy was inside (maybe it really was!) and decided to sniff in there, but by the time it turned out to be nothing but a layer of dried goo, it was too late! It's mama probably told him not to stick his head in strange places...he should have listened! In the following video, we can see an incredibly close encounter when a black bear appears out of the woods and slowly approaches a friendly man sitting in the porch. The ignorant animal curiously investigates his human friend, but soon decides it is uninterested, and decides to leave! It is amazing to see a black bear showing utter curiosity to befriend a human friend, much to our amusement. This is the intense moment when a dangerous black bear slowly approaches a man, showing no violent nature whatsoever. However, after sniffing his body in detail, the bear soon decides that the human is not her type and slowly retreats into the woods. What a lovely encounter! Admit it, you never expected this close encounter to end like it did! With a happy ending and a new friendship! Adorable! Who would have ever thought that a black bear would be so curious to become friends with a human? Maybe it is the fact that the man was sitting still and not moving a muscle, hence, not presenting any danger to the animal whatsoever. What would you have done if you were in a situation similar to this one? Run? Hide? Faint? Scream? Pet the bear? What did you think of this video? Have you ever seen something like this before? Would you ever go anywhere near a black bear? We would love to hear what you have to think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section!

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Hero Saves Baby Deer Stuck In Boulder Catch Fence2m05s

Hero Saves Baby Deer Stuck In Boulder Catch Fence

When we think of superheroes, we think of superman or Spiderman, or even Captain America, people we have seen in movies or television series, but there are also heroes in our everyday lives as well. These people may not have any super powers, but they are still making a difference, accomplishing good deeds when they can. A man named Chad Anderson, is one of these everyday heroes. He noticed something unusual as he was driving down Cabbage Hill outside of Pendleton, Oregon. Along the highway, a fawn was stuck between a boulder catch fence. The fawn must have fallen down the cliff and got stuck between the fence and the boulders. It had no way of moving itself out of this mess, it was trapped. Chad quickly started cutting the fence causing it to loosen, allowing the fawn to come free. It was in critical condition from being trapped , but Chad brought it over to a Fish and Wildlife officer as it looked too weak to stand on its own. The fawn is now in the process of recovering. Chad was able to save this fawn from the fence and give it a chance of survival. It's so nice to see people who are willing to take time out of their day to do something that may not be convenient to them, but that is helping someone or something else. It can even be as little as picking trash off the ground, that is still making a difference. If you have a love for animals, and want to become more aware of wildlife animals and their living environment, a novel by Marco Festa-Bianchet and Marco Apollonio titled Animal Behaviour and Wildlife Conservation is a good place to start. If you're interested in learning more about how certain animals behaviour can affect the success of the conservation area, this novel will help give a better understanding.

Breeder Was Going To Throw Out 'Defective' Mastiff Puppy Until This Happened2m52s

Breeder Was Going To Throw Out 'Defective' Mastiff Puppy Until This Happened

This Neapolitan Mastiff, a purebred 4 week old puppy was about to be thrown out like trash because she was deemed "defective" but 2nd Chances Rescue raced over to save her. Full Story: Willow was born with a congenital condition called Swimmer's Syndrome. The condition means Willow was unable to stand or walk at the normal three weeks of age. Instead, her chest was flat and her legs were splayed out like a turtle "swimming." For Willow's breeder, she was considered a defect and was about to throw her out like trash but by chance he first posted a message on social media. Somehow, this message was repeatedly shared until it reached Jennifer Williams, President at 2nd Chances Rescue in Norco, California. Jenn got in the car and drove to this breeder’s home where she saw 5 healthy Neapolitan Mastiff’s running and playing - and then saw Willow who was floundering on the ground unable to keep up. These “defective” dogs are often euthanized or abandoned. Willow was in such a severe state that she could not eat or drink. Jenn immediately took Willow to Animal Acuscope Therapist, Gina Gould. Within two days, Willow took her first steps. Within months, she was running. Using a combination of binding her chest, tying her legs in the correct position, acuscope therapy and swimming, Willow has made a complete recovery. Today, eight months later, Willow is 80 lbs., rambunctious, happy and healthy. Note: A Neapolitan Mastiff puppy sells for $1,000 on the low end. From a reputable breeder, Mastiff puppies can sell as high as $3,000. Special thanks to Gina Gould, Animal Acuscope Therapist ginagouldebw@yahoo.com Please donate $5 to 2nd Chances Rescue: Jen2ndchances@icloud.com Website: www.2ndchances.rescueme.org Catch up with 2nd Chances Rescue socially: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2ndChancesRe ... Catch up with PAWsitive socially! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/PAWsitiveSubscribe Facebook: http://bit.ly/PawsitiveFacebook Twitter: http://bit.ly/PAWsitiveTwitter G+: http://bit.ly/PAWsitiveGooglePlus Director: Hai-Lam Phan Producer: Dawn Poomee Music: Provided by Premium Beats http://www.premiumbeat.com END CARD: Creative Commons Attribution music by Chris Zabriskie The song was not modified in any way. "Prelude No.6" by Chris Zabriskie Find more of Chris's music here: http://chriszabriskie.com/ To see the full Creative Commons License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b ... ***All people, locations, photos, footage and logos have been used with express written consent from all parties.***

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Wild Boar Heroically Rescued From Slippery Frozen Lake32s

Wild Boar Heroically Rescued From Slippery Frozen Lake

There is no other story that can make you cry happy tears more than an animal rescue story with a happy ending. There is something so sweet about seeing a tiny kitten brought back to safety after being stuck in the foundations of a house, or maybe helping a stranded malnourished dog on the street. It just fills you up with joy and hope that everything will get better, restoring our faith in humanity! This is the heartwarming moment when Good Samaritans decide to lend a helping hand to an animal in need! A group of ice skaters were enjoying their day skating on a frozen lake in Sweden, south of Stockholm, when they came across four wild boars trapped on the ice. The boars were struggling and could not move as the ice was very slippery, and they did not have enough strength in their body to get to the other side of the ice. There is no way they would have managed to escape from the little island in the middle of the lake if it weren’t for the heroic ice skaters. Check out this inspiring video! These four ice skaters started to slowly move the wild boars to the other side of the ice using their sticks. With the help from the group of ice skaters, the boars were able to get off the ice and survive. If they were not saved, they wouldn't be able to get any food to eat or any water to drink, so they would have starved to death. Thank goodness these ice skaters were there to save the day! Fortunately, they all had the right equipment to be efficient and safely move the boars to the other side of the frozen lake. We are certain the boars appreciated this action very much! If you can make a difference in your day, why not make a difference? Doing something nice makes your day a little brighter! This rescue mission will leave you in tears!

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Workers Rescue Dog And Her Puppy From Water Pit4m21s

Workers Rescue Dog And Her Puppy From Water Pit

When these men came to work that day, frantic screams could be heard coming from a nearby water reservoir. Upon inspection, the men discovered a mother and her young pup had probably slipped down the water pit overnight. The two dogs couldn’t climb back up to the surface, because the hole had been lined with a thick plastic foil to prevent the water from seeping down in the dirt. When the poor mother saw the men approaching, she started screaming even more hysterically, in the hopes that they will come to pull them out of the depression, and the men did exactly that. Using ropes and a harness, one man dressed up to slide down in the pit and pull the two hapless animals out. At first, the mother was unsure of the human’s intentions until he reached the bottom when she started licking his face and wagging her tail. The man first lifted the puppy to the surface and came back down again for the mother. Both dogs were incredibly dirty with muck and wet, from spending the night in the night in that horrible place. As soon as the mother got reunited with her baby, she couldn’t decide who to thank first, while the good Samaritans were taking her and her chubby baby to safety! Good work, team! We are so grateful and so happy that there are still people in the world that will do anything to save a dog’s life. And thanks to these men, the mother, and the puppy can have a happy life and will have a chance to find a loving family that will adopt them and gives them all the love that they deserve. The mother was so grateful to these workers that they provide them with another chance to live, oh that puppy is soooo cute is just cuteness overload! We are hoping that after this scary experience they will have a better life! Every dog deserves to have a happy life, a warm bed, meals that will their belly they deserve to have someone who will love them unconditionally. They deserve to run free and not spend their short life locked in some cage. There a lot of people out there who care about dogs, who care about finding them a home and family. Some shelters care about them, that’s why we want to share a fantastic video of emotional moment when a rescue dog learns to love human touch , and we have to say it’s priceless! This woman shared a moment from their new resident in their shelter, she was so afraid, and she was so scared that she didn’t want to be touched by anyone. They devoted time and effort to show them what human love is and that she deserves to be loved. Eventually, she let go of her fears and let the person pet her, and it can be seen in the video what a fantastic process is and how much she enjoys it. So our message is, not buy, adopt!

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4-Year-Old Hasn't Forgotten About His Favorite NICU Nurse, Their Reunion Has Everyone In Tears4m36s

4-Year-Old Hasn't Forgotten About His Favorite NICU Nurse, Their Reunion Has Everyone In Tears

Working in a NICU team is a bittersweet experience. Each day you help welcome new babies on this world, you check their vitals and make sure they are alright and then you send them off on their merry way, but it’s not the case for all of the babies. Every once in awhile a baby is born with some sort of a complication, and you have to be there to get them through it all, and statistically speaking, not all cases have a happy ending. At the end of the day, you take your patients’ problems with you because there is no off switch, you are just a human. People often forget that the doctors and nurses are just human, and that it must be hard for them to go through what you are going through multiple times in their lives with all of their patients. Thankfully, some of them remember, and they make it their job to thank the person who helped them. In this video we see the most awesome surprise thank you for one special NICU nurse. She is part of a team that delivers care that make a big difference for patients and families every day. An Edmonton couple returns to the Royal Alexandra Hospital to thank a neonatal intensive care nurse who provided them extraordinary support four years ago when their first child was born after only 27 weeks gestation. Credit to 'AHSChannel/Albeta Health Services'.

Australian commuters tilt train to free man's leg1m07s

Australian commuters tilt train to free man's leg

This is absolutely incredible. On August 6th, 2014, a man slipped while trying to board a train and his leg got stuck between a platform and carriage. CCTV footage was able to capture this whole event at Perth railway station in Australia. At first, there were not a lot of people in this general area, but as more people noticed the man who was stuck, they all joined in to try and help him remove his leg from between the platform and carriage. There was no success for quite a while, the man's leg would not budge. As more people decided to show up, they decided to try and push the train all at once instead of trying to get his leg unstuck by pulling on him. All at once, everyone started to push the train, and slowly the man was able to free himself from the horrible position he was in. After he was saved, everyone happy to see he was going to be okay. It is so nice to see these heroic acts from people. There will always be people who want to help and this is shown through kind acts like this one. Does this make you want to see something else heroic? Check out the movie Amazing Grace . It will inspire you to continue to help people whenever you can!

Animal Rescuers Climb 18 Feet Down A Cave To Rescue A Litter Of Puppies16m28s

Animal Rescuers Climb 18 Feet Down A Cave To Rescue A Litter Of Puppies

Animals depend on human kindness and it is our sacred duty to keep them safe and put them out of harm's way. Puppies, being as fragile as they are, especially depend on our help. These little puppers were stuck 18 feet into the earth, but luckily for them, people with kind hearts managed to rescue them. The mission wasn't easy and not everyone would have bothered, but it's an amazing feeling just to know that you've helped a helpless creature. Kindness sparks kindness in others, so hopefully this will get at least one person to do something kind to continue the chain. This video is in memory of our dear friend and rescuer: Lisa M Ashe. Eldad and his team were called to rescue a litter of young puppies that have been living in a hole in the ground with their mother. The puppies weren’t too eager to trust the humans, so removing and taking them to safety was not a simple challenge. The litter of nine puppies, along with their mother, was rescued one by one from the dark and wet dwelling they were hiding in and each was given a name starting with the letters in Lisa’s name. The five boys and four girls are doing splendidly and are ready for their forever homes . Please share this video and help us save more lives: http://www.HopeForPaws.org