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Firefighters rescue dog trapped in ice35s

Firefighters rescue dog trapped in ice

“Bri” is one lucky pup! At 11:26 a.m. 911 callers reported a dog through the ice and unable to escape near Lone Tree Parkway and Yosemite. The crew from Firehouse 34 was quick to arrive with a rescuer already dressed in a dry suit. The team on shore held his safety rope tightly and the Dive Team was also responding, just in case. Full credit: South Metro Fire Rescue

Firefighters Revive Dog Using CPR3m50s

Firefighters Revive Dog Using CPR

They are the silent heroes that save multitudes of lives daily. From a stubborn kitten stuck in the crown of a decades-old tree, to a multistorey building engulfed in flames, no feat is too big or too small for these brave men and women. They are trained to take on anything that comes their way in order to make sure everyone gets to go home safe and sound. That is why it should come to no surprise that this team of extraordinary people stopped at nothing to save a four legged little creature from what could surely be its doom. Some time during the first days of February of this year, the firemen from the Sacramento Metro Fire District in Cali were called to a home in the Arden-Arcade area. There, they encountered a bedroom wrapped up in blazing flames and the home’s owners patiently waiting for help outside. There was just one problem - their pet dog Dicky was still trapped inside! Luckily for this family, the brave firefighters were up to the task. It took this team no more than 10 minutes to get inside the burning house, but what they found inside wasn’t pretty. The pooch had already inhaled too much smoke while waiting for help to arrive. The body cam on one of the officers shows just how gruesome it was in the home. The had to break open the front door to get in, dark smoke filling up the air. Their eyes, used to the conditions, kept peeled to find any sign of Dicky. Eventually, the team makes their way to the bedroom where it all started to find the dog underneath the bed, unconscious. Not a moment is wasted, as one of the firemen grabs Dicky’s unresponsive body and brings him outside, while the family holds onto hope that their pet will come out safe. Any life is precious, which means only one thing - they need to perform CPR on Dicky. As one fireman does compression's of the dog’s tiny chest, another holds an oxygen mask over its mouth. Minutes feel like hours, watching to see if the tiny pooch will pull through… Surely enough, tiny Dickey snaps awake, disoriented but alive. Other men gather at his side, to make sure that he is otherwise unharmed. He may be scared out of his fluffy mind and all covered in soot, but he looks like he will be just fine. Credit: Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District https://www.facebook.com/MetroFireOfSacramento/?eid=ARAaLPncxYoEK0WeOCzkaTx3iqjoOEE8aQGGzTPFh4F9JCyNWg-G0vPzxXLVsa2grBdZDlUtEUz0vjJ6

Bodycam shows police using blanket to catch kitten falling from tree1m24s

Bodycam shows police using blanket to catch kitten falling from tree

INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Officer Devin Trotti and Officer Randy Stallard encountered a kitten stuck roughly 30 feet up in a tree while on a civil standby Friday. Before officers arrived the kitten's sibling apparently fell to its death. :( This is the condensed version of their 10-minute rescue which involved crime scene tape and one of the blankets that our officers keep in their patrol units to give to the homeless. The kitten, a female now fondly named "Trotti," was taken to the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter and is up for adoption at 1901 Hill St. in Lufkin. Credit: Lufkin Police & Fire

Once in a lifetime opportunity to see Pope Francis in Abu Dhabi32s

Once in a lifetime opportunity to see Pope Francis in Abu Dhabi

Truly blessed to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a glimpse of Pope Francis here in Abu Dhabi. Thank you God 🙏🏼 Shukran jazeelan to the UAE leadership for promoting tolerance and mutual respect across the UAE and the world #popefrancisUAE #PopeFrancisinUAE Credit: Rowena Daquipil @RowenaDaquipil

Daring Rescuer Dives Into Frozen Lake To Save Stranded Cat3m35s

Daring Rescuer Dives Into Frozen Lake To Save Stranded Cat

A daring rescuer dived into a frozen lake wearing nothing but his boxer shorts to save a stranded cat. What would you do if you found an animal that wanted your help? This dramatic video posted to Facebook on December 24, 2018, by his sister-in-law Hilda Schurg shows the wrestler Darden Schurg diving into ice she calls "sharp as crystal," dressed only in black underwear. Darden Schurg, a 21-year-old senior wrestler, ranked #1 in the Division III 174-pound weight class at Wabash College, was visiting his father in Hobart, Indiana, when he spotted the feral cat walking over a freezing, ice-covered Lake George. Hilda and Darden Schurg were in their yard when they spotted a feline flapping around in the lake behind their house. Then it fell in, and it did not have the energy to swim to shore and save itself. Seeing its desperate plight, Darden ignored the falling temperatures, stripped out of the majority of his clothes and jumped headfirst into the water. Swimming out quickly, he managed to carry the cat out of the water, on to a neighbor’s lawn. He swam fifty yards toward the floundering cat, its head barely bobbing above the surface, accompanied by superhero music. "Dari, you got this!" a woman yells. Darden Schurg’s older brother first tried to rescue the cat but he could not stand the icy water. “I simply knew what I had to try to do and from there, it just kind of was what it was,” Schurg said. His family tried to return up with a game set up for a few minutes, but there just was not enough time. Schurg was in a familiar area, and the water he dove into wasn't deep. But an Indianapolis man died Dec. 10 after trying to rescue a dog from an icy pond at a northeast-side apartment complex in water that was about 15 feet deep. The dog survived after he got out of the lake on its own. The video of Schurg's rescue has more than 50,000 views and has been shared more than 900 times. "Darden Schurg you are quite one among the best individuals I do know...and I really mean that! “Love you buddy!" Kristi Glenn wrote. "All American, cat savior... what's next Superman?!?!? Good job buddy," Eric Boswell wrote. "This needs the Titanic music," Kyle Hon wrote. Although it went through a harrowing near-death situation, the cat is expected to make a full recovery. As for the student? He is just glad he could help an animal in need. Schurg is now being called the Aquaman of his town by some. Watch the video to see footage of the student brave rescue!

Chicago Police Officers save man & dog from frozen Lake Michigan4m21s

Chicago Police Officers save man & dog from frozen Lake Michigan

On Sunday January 27th, Chicago police officers from the 20th District helped a man to safety after he attempted to save his dog from a frozen Lake Michigan. Below is a letter from the man who wishes to remains anonymous: I first want to extend my gratitude the Chicago Police officers and first responders who came to my aid. They absolutely saved my life and I will be forever grateful to them. I took my recently adopted dog, Pika, to Lincoln Park by Foster beach Saturday afternoon. I’ve been visiting that beach and park in all weathers for years with my recently deceased dog, Bowser. This was Pika’s first visit to the park, he is a 9 month old American Eskimo mix. He was very excited and got away from me, ran down to the beach, and then to the edge of the large ice ridges that form during cold winters. I saw him disappear over the ridge. I ran up and looked down six feet to see him paddling in freezing cold water. He is a 19 pound dog and I knew that he would soon die from cold or drowning. I jumped in after him. The water was only to my waist and I lifted him onto my shoulder. Ice walls that rose two feet above my head stretched across the entire shore, trapping us in the water. I looked for a possible exit but could not find one. I trudged through the icy water for maybe 20 feet and came upon a portion of the ice wall that was lower. From where I stood in the water it was the height of my head. I placed Pika above me on the ice and tried to climb out. The ice walls were bulbous and smooth with no ridge I could place a foot on. I realized I would not be able to get myself out. My hands were numb and flipper-like at this point. It took me about 20 tries to get my phone out of my pocket. Thankfully, it was water resistant and I was able to call 911. Unbeknownst to me, a passerby had seen me jump in and alerted nearby police officers who heroically pulled me out with the passerby's dog leash. I have no doubt that I would have died without help, I am forever grateful to them. The first responders treated me and my dog in the ambulance and the emergency room. They allowed Pika to stay with me under the warming blanket in the ER. My core body temperature had dropped to 93 degrees. Pika and I are both fully recovered and in debt to our gracious and heroic first responders. This incident happened at Foster beach, but I’m sure the conditions at nearby Montrose dog beach are the same and I would caution all dog owners to keep their dogs away from the lake in these conditions. I’ve seen many ice formations in my nearly 7 years of visiting these beaches in the winter, but these ice walls are the tallest and most shear I’ve ever seen. There is a terrible danger of a dog falling behind these ice walls. Please stay away until they have melted. Credit: Chicago Police

Inspirational Moment Boy With Cerebral Palsy Walks Without Splints38s

Inspirational Moment Boy With Cerebral Palsy Walks Without Splints

This is the inspirational moment a little boy from Essex in southeast England walked without splints after a major operation. Soccer-mad Ronnie Leys, a four-year-old from Saffron Walden, has cerebral palsy and needed specialist surgery known as selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) to stop him from falling over when doing the simplest of everyday tasks such as walking and running. In the video, filmed at a physiotherapy session in Witham, Essex, on January 22, Ronnie takes several steps and even manages to scale a step. "This was the first time he has managed to walk around unaided onto a step and off the step," his father Steve told Newsflare. Ronnie, wearing the kit of his favorite soccer team Cambridge United, screams with delight when he makes it to the other side of the room. Ronnie, who turns five in April, has to undergo a grueling schedule of three physio sessions a week to help his rehabilitation. "Ronnie tried doing a few steps without his splints today - you will see by his reaction what it meant to him and what a little fighter he is,” his father Steve wrote online. "We are all bursting with pride for our inspirational son." Ronnie's life-changing operation was not available on the National Health Service. "We had started fundraising in February 2018 and went on to raise £48,000 in 12 weeks," explains Steve. "He had his operation last October [and] he is now in the process of rehab, which will be ongoing for 18 months, minimum. We are still fundraising as he requires physio during this time and for the foreseeable future. The operation was £24,000." Ronnie had the surgery in October and will spend the following year and a half in physiotherapy to help his recovery. Clare, who works for Waitrose, and Steve recorded their soccer-mad child at a physiotherapy session on Tuesday, where their son at last figured out how to walk around unaided. Just look at the smile on Ronnie's face when he makes it to the other side of the room. The moment is so precious it makes us cry tears of joy ! Ronnie also tires swimming, dance, and music lessons and he is also having weekly lessons with the cerebral palsy football team called "Cambridge In The Community" and football is one of the biggest reason he is doing so well. We are so proud of him, and we hope that someday he will fulfill his dream to become a football player!

Man Saves Thirsty King Cobra Trapped In Fishnet3m19s

Man Saves Thirsty King Cobra Trapped In Fishnet

This may be one of the most jaw droppingly amazing videos you see not only today, but ever—but before you watch this absolutely incredible footage of a man rescuing a king cobra from a fishing net near a rice paddy in east India, we have to advise you: Do NOT try this at home! You should never ever ever attempt to touch or otherwise interact with a king cobra out in the wild unless you have the years of experience that the snake rescuer, Mirza Arif, featured in this video clearly has. And even then—it’s still probably not a great idea. Having said that, who can feel anything but delighted after seeing such a heart warming example of compassion in action? When villagers in the Bhadrak District, Odisha called Arif about a king cobra who’d become snared in a fishing net, Arif knew exactly what to do. This video shows him first tenderly (albeit cautiously) offering the snake some water from a bottle. And, from the snake’s reaction, we’re guessing that he was on the brink of dying of thirst before this unbelievable human showed up to rescue him! Watching him take those first sweet sips makes this video worth the price of admission all on its own. Arif then (again, very carefully!) holds the serpent’s head with one hand and uses scissors to cut him free from the fishing net with the other, before Arif gingerly places the snake in a jar. We’re told that the cobra was later released into the forest a safe distance away from the villagers who’d gathered to watch this spectacle as it unfolded. It will be a VERY long time—if ever—before you see anything else again that’s quite like this video. It has it all—heart pounding suspense, thrills, chills, a beautiful rescue story , and, best of all, a happy ending for all concerned. What more could you possibly be looking for in a two-minute video? We can’t think of a single thing that’s missing from this one, and we encourage you to hit that Play button without losing another second thinking about it. Definitely bookmark this one, because you know you’ll be trying to describe it to a friend at some point who flat out won’t believe that something like this could happen, much less be caught on video. Who says there isn’t enough kindness in the world?

Officer rescues kitten from middle of Missouri highway1m25s

Officer rescues kitten from middle of Missouri highway

A Missouri police officer has a furry sidekick after making a rescue on an interstate highway. North Kansas City officer Jason Smith was patrolling on December 20 when he rescued a kitten perched on a barrier dividing the busy road. Credit: North Kansas City Police

Great teamwork saves baby chimp from poachers1m00s

Great teamwork saves baby chimp from poachers

Great teamwork of @lwirocrpl and Virunga National Park to save this baby out of the hands of poachers. We flew baby Mussa to his new home at Lwiro Primates. This looks cute but is actually a sad story. He should be with his mum.. But happy we could give him a new good home! Thanks to the whole team! This is conservation! Credit: @anthonycaere https://www.instagram.com/anthonycaere/

Customers share salad leftovers with chickens in outdoor restaurant40s

Customers share salad leftovers with chickens in outdoor restaurant

Chickens and roosters are fascinating and entertaining creatures. If we are lucky enough to visit a farm where they are kept, we can see them running, clucking, scratching the dirt and investigating their surroundings. They are curious creatures and they are always in high speed mode. Like turbo charged wind up toys, they race around looking for food and pecking at almost everything they can find. But the place that you would least expect to find them is in a restaurant. Yet, that's exactly where these chickens live. It's an open air restaurant outside the parking lot of the Grand Cayman Island airport. The chickens are wild, although they are more than comfortable with humans. They run freely in and out of the parking lot and under the tables. If they get a chance, they even hop up on the chairs and the tables, although the staff will quickly chase them away. Amused customers, especially from North America, where this is unusual, excitedly watch the chickens and take pictures. They even sneak them food, a practice that is frowned upon by the staff, because it encourages bold behavior from the roosters. But the staff seem to understand that people can't resist sneaking them a treat or a few leftovers. This family from Canada had more Caesar salad than they could finish and they saw that the chickens were hungry. They couldn't resist sharing and the chickens were thrilled. They gathered around and gobbled up the vegetables like they were starving. The truth is that chickens will eat all day long and these ones were actually quite well fed, but their excitement was fun to watch. Of course, the irony of feeding chickens a Caesar salad, especially so close to a restaurant grill, was not lost and there were many jokes being made about this being an easy way to create a chicken Caesar salad. These chickens are smarter than we might think and they had learned the difference between customers who were waiting for food and those who already had food. They watched the waitress and followed her to tables where she was delivering trays of food, and they definitely understood where they were more likely to get some scraps. They even seemed to understand how to determine when people had stopped eating, their best opportunity to get the leftovers. They gathered around the tables of customers who had finished their meals, possibly to get leftovers, or possibly to hop up on the tables in the moments before the waitress came to take the plates away. Either way, these chickens were amazing and the restaurant experience was a unique one with all of these birds running around between tables.

Vance's Incredible 365-day transformation will blow you away5m37s

Vance's Incredible 365-day transformation will blow you away

What would you attempt to do, if you knew your success was a certainty? Just one year ago, Vance Hinds was inspired by comedian Bert Kreischer's sober October challenge enough to decide to make a change, and to say "yes" to anything. The results after just one year are mind blowing and proof that anything truly is possible when you set your mind to it. Credit: DDP YOGA https://ddpyoga.com/

Girl With Cerebral Palsy Takes Her First Independent Steps16s

Girl With Cerebral Palsy Takes Her First Independent Steps

A 6-year-old girl with cerebral palsy beats all odds to take her first independent steps. This video has been a sensation and has allowed this precious child to become an inspiration to thousands of people to look at life differently. When the video begins, the child can be seen standing stationary in the center of the room. This is the place where this child receives physical therapy, and the therapist is the man behind her assisting her. The therapist helps the little girl stand still, and everyone holds their breath for what they are hoping will happen next. This child is from Sydney, Australia. She has a condition called Cerebral Palsy, which often cripples a person in drastic ways. Many patients with this condition never learn at all to walk on their own, which is heartbreaking. Some of these people never even have the ability to actually speak. It is important to remember that this is a physical disease, so many of the people with Cerebral Palsy are mentally and cognitively right where they should be at whatever their age is. Many parents of children with this condition will state that their child is in no way mentally handicapped, and they insist that the child fully understands everything that is said to them just as any “normal” child without this disease would. Four seconds into the video, the child begins taking her first step. Before this moment, this little girl had always required the assistance of a walker or canes that are often used by children with the condition. She looks to be somewhere between the ages of 5 and 7, so imagine what it must be like to live for years without being able to just jump out of bed and head out the door on your own if you wanted to. The children plagued with this disease are some of the strongest individuals you could ever meet. These children go through more in one day than most do in a year or even a lifetime. They battle constant health concerns, physical concerns, depression, anxiety, and dozens of other adversities every day in their lives, and they many times never seem to lose their spirit. These kids resiliently fight through every day with hope and joy in their hearts, and they inspire just about everyone they meet. The whole world rejoices with this child and her parents when she takes that second step completely by herself. The sweetest and most adorable part is the very end when she turns to look at her parent, who is behind the camera making this recording the entire time. The little girl gives her parent the most adorable smile that will absolutely melt your heart. She is so proud of herself. She probably does not even realize yet how amazing she is. This child will undoubtedly go on to amaze her family throughout her life as she learns how to do one new thing after another. She has persevered through so much already, and it looks like she is nowhere near finished.

Couple With Cancer Gets Surprise Of A Lifetime2m52s

Couple With Cancer Gets Surprise Of A Lifetime

The “PRAY-nksters” are at it again with another positive prank. Videos like this usually go viral because of a couple different reasons: 1. They are very different from videos the public usually sees. 2. It contains a beautiful story that captures the hearts of its viewers. 3. This particular group who creates these situations adds welcome comedy to a sweet story that would not normally be present. This makes it all the more creative and unique. Ed and Liz are dealing with stage 4 cancer, multiple melanoma to be exact, and to make matters that much worse, Ed is unable to work. Liz, Ed’s wife, says that her husband started showing symptoms the previous fall, and she says that she knew something was not right. One of the biggest concerns, behind Ed’s health of course, was the fact that they did not know how they would ever be able to pay for the treatments. While there are children’s hospitals like Saint Jude that will treat a child without billing the families at all, this is not as much of an option available to adults. Situations such as these leave millions of adults every single year in a situation that is more than overwhelming. It is heartbreaking for these families as it is having to worry about the health and lifespan of their family members; they should not have to worry so much about the ability of paying for these life- saving treatments that they have to have to even get a chance at surviving these terrible killer diseases. When this event was set up, Liz and Ed believed that they were showing up for their son’s Boy Scouts award ceremony and Tuesday night Scout meeting. They believed that the Scouts wanted to present them with an award because the Boy Scouts do pumpkin sales. Ed and Liz explain that they loaned their trailer to the Scouts to use for the pumpkin sales, so that is what the award would have been for, which they did receive. A giving mob of over 400 people showed up and surprised them with gifts, money, and words of encouragement! The video shows Liz’s reaction as she is overwhelmed by the enormous group of people who are there only to help her and her husband. This had to be such an amazing moment for this beautiful couple. The group that organized this meeting has done such an incredible thing for these people. The line of people in the video coming through the room seems to be never ending. The pile through the doors, and they are all holding gifts to bring to the sweet, adorable couple. They embrace their friends and neighbors coming through the line bearing gifts. This “giving mob” lasts for over thirty straight minutes! This line was moving pretty fast, so imagine how many people you could see in a fast moving line that lasts for thirty minutes! This is an amazing moment for everyone who was involved in this incredible encounter. This group has changed the lives of this couple forever. The video ends with the group’s signature Bible verse, which is as follows: “Fear Nothing, Pray About Everything” (Philippians 4:6).

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Fire Department Captain saves dog stuck on top of roof1m15s

Fire Department Captain saves dog stuck on top of roof

Wells Fire Department Captain Jeff Nawfel was able to save this beautiful dog who managed to get out onto his roof and got stuck. Thanks Captain Nawfel. Video by Officer Steve McDonald Wells Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 4652 Full credit: Wells Maine Police ( https://www.facebook.com/WellsMainePolice/ )

Texas officers save man from burning vehicle2m14s

Texas officers save man from burning vehicle

Sheriff Brian Hawthorne is proud to release this video of the heroic actions of two Chambers County Sheriff’s Deputies. At approximately 8:33 p.m. on December 13, 2018, there was a major motor vehicle crash in the 3800 block SH 124, just south of Winnie. Upon arrival at this crash scene, Chambers County Deputies Braedon Boznango and Carlton Carrington found a vehicle fully engulfed in flames from the rollover crash. There was an unconscious male lying in the front seat with his abdomen and legs on fire. The two deputies approached the vehicle without regard for their own safety and began reaching inside the vehicle to rescue the sole occupant. Deputies Boznango and Carrington were able to pull the unconscious male through the door window opening and onto the ground. Both deputies were able to place the injured man into a nearby water puddle and extinguish all flames on his body. The male was airlifted to a Houston hospital in critical condition. Both deputies were uninjured during their rescue of this man, however, the intensity of this fire melted parts of their equipment while on their uniforms. Had these deputies not acted quickly, decisively and without total disregard for their own safety, the seriously injured man would have perished inside the vehicle. The attached video is a combination of three cameras, one in car and two body cameras. Credit: Chambers County Sheriff's Office

Super car club needs armored car to deliver toys to Sick Kids Hospital2m30s

Super car club needs armored car to deliver toys to Sick Kids Hospital

North Face Rally is a well known super car and exotic car club in the Toronto area. They are known for having fast and beautiful cars, and for having the legendary Ghostrider (Ghostriderto) as a prominent member. But something that they are also known for is their passion for community and charity and for helping deserving people, especially children. They have held countless charity events, fundraisers and toy drives. They have made wishes come true for deserving people and children who dream of having a ride in a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or other sports car. They even set up a closed track event where participants were rocketed around a circuit at full throttle in exchange for a donation. Another prominent group in the charity scene is Toys for Joy, a group of committed individuals in the Peterborough area who have been collecting toys and donations at Christmas for almost a decade. When the North Face Rally tried to stuff all of their toy donations into their race cars, they knew they needed help. Ghostrider approached Wes Patterson from Toys for Joy and asked if they could borrow the Brinks truck to help deliver their toys to Sick Kids Hospital. Wes got the biggest truck Brinks had, decorated it in perfect Christmas fashion and rolled it out of the yard with Nathan Mason. These officers arrived at the start of the rally and had an exotic car escort to Toys R Us. Dozens of members of the North Face Rally, along with Wes, Nathan, and Tom Garrett, a cancer survivor who has received life-saving care at Sick Kids hospital, descended upon the aisles at Toys R Us. They filled carts until overflowing and lined up at the checkouts. Not surprisingly, some of the toys that they selected had a race car theme. They pulled the armored car up to the door and filled it to overflowing. With the toys safely locked in the back, the group set off for Sick Kids hospital. Their load of toys filled the donation boxes in the hospital lobby. These toys will be used to put a smile on the faces of children who are facing challenges at Christmas, or those who will be spending their holidays in a hospital bed. With Christmas spirit like this, it’s easy to understand why this group is known as “the Fast and the Generous”.

Bodycam captures fleeing robbery suspect crashing Into Deputy's vehicle1m27s

Bodycam captures fleeing robbery suspect crashing Into Deputy's vehicle

Yesterday, an individual committed a robbery by sudden snatching in the area of US 19 and Flora Avenue. As he was fleeing the robbery, the individual struck another vehicle and this crash was witnessed by Pasco Sheriff's deputies after which a short pursuit was initiated before being disengaged due to the suspect traveling at over 100 mph. Shortly after the pursuit was discontinued, the suspect lost control of his vehicle as he continued heading northbound on US 19 and struck Deputy Henrici's vehicle at approximately 70 mph. This crash is captured in the below body worn camera footage and again highlights the dangers our deputies face every shift. The suspect fled the scene on foot and was apprehended shortly after. Thankfully, Deputy Henrici and the suspect suffered only minor injuries. Credit: Pasco Sheriff's Office