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Firefighters rescue dog trapped in ice35s

Firefighters rescue dog trapped in ice

“Bri” is one lucky pup! At 11:26 a.m. 911 callers reported a dog through the ice and unable to escape near Lone Tree Parkway and Yosemite. The crew from Firehouse 34 was quick to arrive with a rescuer already dressed in a dry suit. The team on shore held his safety rope tightly and the Dive Team was also responding, just in case. Full credit: South Metro Fire Rescue

Firefighters Revive Dog Using CPR3m50s

Firefighters Revive Dog Using CPR

Last night on #MissionAve in #Carmichael firefighters rescued an unresponsive dog from the bedroom of a house on fire Watch as our #Firefighters arrived on scene of this fire, force entry through the front door of the home, then search, rescue, and provided "Dicky" with #EMS including #CPR and oxygen. It is the goal of #MetroFire to provide emergency response service delivery including protection the life of those in our community. Even when an #AnimalRescue is needed, we will be there for you! Credit: Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District https://www.facebook.com/MetroFireOfSacramento/?eid=ARAaLPncxYoEK0WeOCzkaTx3iqjoOEE8aQGGzTPFh4F9JCyNWg-G0vPzxXLVsa2grBdZDlUtEUz0vjJ6