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Young boy with muscular condition conquers obstacle course1m48s

Young boy with muscular condition conquers obstacle course

Luca literally walks circles around some of the things (gait trainer, wheelchair, braces, etc.) that he doesn't need anymore, even though they helped him learn to walk over the last couple years. Luca was born with a muscular condition, but now at age 5, his balance and walking skills are improving. Challenges remain, and the journey will continue!

Truck Driver With Cancer Sings Powerful Uplifting Song5m02s

Truck Driver With Cancer Sings Powerful Uplifting Song

60-year-old Delvin Simmons has been a truck driver for more than 40 years. He's invested a considerable measure of energy in the driver's seat tuning in to the radio. Consistently, he's constantly swung to one extraordinary melody to help him through harsh circumstances. As of late, specialists determined Delvin to have arranged four colon disease after his first colonoscopy. Presently, this overcome man is swinging again to the tune that sees him through the intense circumstances. Tune in as Delvin sits in his truck and sings "The Old Man is Dead" by Del Way. Delvin realized that the malignancy will, in the long run, make him too feeble to drive, so he chose to record himself singing his most loved tune for his kids. Presently, this uncommon execution has been seen more than 4 million times and everybody is discussing Delvin. He's trusting that his story will give others trust and urge individuals to get early screening tests. What an inspiring man! When Justin switches on the camcorder, you can feel the glow and benevolence of Delvin's identity getting through the screen. He's plainly a genial kindred who's speedy with a joke, notwithstanding when confronting one of the scariest circumstances throughout his life. Delvin Simmons Jr. was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. In this footage, his son films him singing 'The Old Man Is Dead' by Del Way just days before his first surgery, taking him on his final drive in his beloved semi-truck. He has sung this song countless times in his little church in Vinita, OK. What an inspirational hero! When you know you're biting the dust, you'll accept any open door you can get the opportunity to spend those last days, weeks, or months with your loved ones most. “The man you see before you, may look a lot the same, I may wear the same clothes, and have the same old name, but you’re looking on the outside, if you could see inside instead, you would see a brand new man, cause the old man is dead”. These are the lyrics from the song which we believe will touch a lot of hearts! Delvin is a profoundly religious man who works enthusiastically to serve his congregation and his locale. A modest farmhand, he went into a truck heading to help his family when Justin was extremely youthful. Out and about, Delvin's trucker handle was "Farm Hand" for over forty years. Delvin told Justin he'd picked this gospel melody since it had gotten him through some extreme circumstances throughout everyday life, and he needs it to be accessible for his children after he's gone. At the point when Delvin heard that the video of his melody had turned into a web sensation, he was loaded with bliss and appreciation. "On the off chance that I had a colonoscopy 5 years prior, this may have all been unique. I have sat in this doctor's facility and I have cried. Not for misery but rather on the grounds that I am overpowered at what God is doing with that tune," he told Justin. So inspiring!

Woman With Cerebral Palsy Stuns Audience With Her Singing Voice3m21s

Woman With Cerebral Palsy Stuns Audience With Her Singing Voice

A heartwarming video has emerged of a young woman with cerebral palsy stunning the audience with her incredible angelic voice after breaking into a song. Viewers sure got a pleasant surprise when this woman started singing the opera in a casual performance. Meet twenty-nine-year-old Alfina Fresta who has gained great popularity on the web since her singing performance at the Sicilian Festival of the Family in Etna, Italy. The young Sicilian is affected by spastic dystonic tetraparesis and is visually impaired, but that won't stop her from standing up, with the help of Stefania Licciardello, and singing her heart out! What an inspiration! This talented woman was born with cerebral palsy, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream. Now, she inspires others to sing and live the life they want. She didn’t let her unfortunate predicament knock off her confidence, and this video is the perfect proof that nothing is as important as desire. What a pleasant surprise! The opera singing sure boosted Alfina’s confidence so now she has become a local celebrity. She is loving and fully embracing her fame, and she’s seriously confident about her singing too! It is adorable that Alfina learned how to embrace her situation and turn it into something beautiful. With the help of Stefania Licciardello she can be seen sparkling on the stage, enchanting the audience with her angelic voice. Can you imagine the reaction of people hearing her majestic voice. We were swept off our feet! She sure left us in awe! Bravo! Obviously, this talented young lady loves singing for her soul and performing in public, the more people gather to hear her performance, the better! What a sweet girl! Her story is truly motivational and can serve to inspire others who feel their disabilities as a burden. She put her soul into music and she uses her talent to inspire others to put aside their difficulties and embrace the happiness that music can bring. We can all agree that this talented boy should continue to nurture her natural talent and we are sure that she has a bright future ahead of her. In another inspirational story, a 6-year-old girl born with cerebral palsy shows us what it really means to be a fighter in life. Video shows little Taylor Florence going out of her walker and into a brand new invention, just to move her happy feet and dance to her favorite song “I Knew You Were Trouble” by her namesake Taylor Swift, with a little help from her mom Dana. This helpful device is called the Firefly Upsee and is a creation of another mother who has a child with cerebral palsy. Inspired by the way any parent would teach their child to dance - on their own feet. The difference here is that instead of facing the child towards the parent, the Firefly Upsee turns the child to the front, with their feet between the adult’s legs. It is good that people born with disabilities learn how to embrace their predicament. Another girl born with cerebral palsy has become an Instagram Star. Finley Smallwood may only be four-years-old but she already has over 100,000 followers on social media. At a glance, you’d think it would be because of her on point style and cute matching outfits with her mum, Christina. But the photos also raise awareness of what it’s like to live with cerebral palsy as a child. Christina set up the Instagram account, along with a blog, when her daughter was just a toddler to show what life was like bringing up a child with the condition, as well as a way to connect with others looking after children with cerebral palsy.

Soldier Reunited With Dog After Spending Nine Months Apart33s

Soldier Reunited With Dog After Spending Nine Months Apart

This is the heartwarming moment when a loving pooch gives his beloved owner an emotional homecoming welcome! Leo, the dog, can be seen greeting his owner for the very first time when he returned home after a military deployment. What a reunion! It is hard for our dogs to see us leave them for a few hours when we go to work. When they see us come back in the evening, there isn’t much they wouldn’t do out of happiness. Can you imagine what happens when we leave them for longer? This guy had to leave his faithful dog while away for military service. He had been separated from his guy for nine months. So when the time came for his human to finally come home, Leo sure knew how to greet his owner the way he deserves. Footage shows the exciting moment when the a massive pooch get ecstatic when his owner shows up at the front door, and immediately showers him wet kisses. It is a good thing that someone turned the camera on, because they knew what kind of drama they can expect from this emotional pooch, and they weren’t wrong! Given their strong bond, these two can be seen engaging into a long hug, as Leo is jumping for joy over owner’s return! He is acting like a little baby who is waiting for his parents to come home! His pure happiness is contagious! Cuteness overload! In case you didn’t have enough of doggie happiness in this clip, then definitely check out this emotional video of a dog being reunited with his owner. Featured are people from all walks of life, as they get home to be greeted by their loyal companions. You won't believe how happy this doggy is to see his owner after being away for nine months. Their precious encounter will definitely brighten your day. Check out this emotional reunion between Leo and his owner after being apart for nine long months. What a tearful moment! When we think of dogs, most of us think of cute, cuddly creatures, that love to play catch, and jump on us when we come home. But they are much, much more than that. For some people, dogs are a difference between life and death, between happiness and misery. This video is the perfect example of that! This is the adorable moment a dog is reunited with his owner – a soldier returning home from military duty- after spending nine months apart. There is no doubt Leo is overwhelmed with emotion when he sees his owner, and their loving embrace is giving us teary eyes! Can you imagine what is going on inside your pet’s mind when you come back, after you have been gone for some time? No matter if you just went to the store for half an hour, to work for eight hours or a week long vacation - you are back with them and they couldn’t be happier! Those reunions truly are the sweetest things to witness - tails wagging, barking and screaming until they pass out. Then they come to and start whining, barking and wagging their tails even more! Deployed soldiers get the most insane reaction from their dogs. As they are overseas for most of the year, their dogs shake with excitement when they see their owners. They whine until their voices become hoarse and they still don’t stop the screaming! What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Students Collect Money To Surprise Teacher Who’s Been Sleeping In The School5m55s

Students Collect Money To Surprise Teacher Who’s Been Sleeping In The School

These students discovered what their teacher had been going through a rough patch and surprised him with a gift that brought tears to his eyes. This teacher had been living and sleeping at the school premises in order to help cover the maternity leave for another teacher. The moment his kind-hearted students found out about his unfortunate situation, they collected $400 to honor his great sacrifice! Brazilian teacher Bruno Rafael Paiva has not received his salary in two months and was forced to sleep in the school. He was serving a double duty for one of his colleagues who was on maternity leave. Due to the bureaucracy, that teacher's name was not included in the payroll and Bruno was covering for her, teaching for free! So, his kind-hearted students surprised their teacher with a beautiful gift he never saw coming. After they found out that their loving teacher had been sleeping in the school for some time, they came up with a great idea to lift up his spirits. What a moment! Footage shows the heartwarming moment when a teacher is reduced to tears after his students surprise him with an unexpected present! The Brazilian teacher, Bruno Rafael Paiva will remember and cherish this priceless moment for the rest of his life. How memorable! Surprises are always welcome and looked upon with excitement. We can all agree that surprises are something that all of us enjoy and wish for, but nowadays it is not that often that you see students surprising their favorite teacher out of the blue. In this adorable clip, we see a group of kind-hearted students paying it forward for their teacher. They decided they wanted to make a very special surprise for him, so they did, and the outcome was truly amazing. He was completely unaware of their intention and was swept off his feet. Prepare your tissues, this one is a tear-jerker! It's always an emotional moment to witness a surprise because people never expect it. This loving teacher was up for a big surprise when he entered the classroom, unaware of what his students had planned for him. Having this thoughtful gift coming from school students it really is a blessing! It is amazing to see young adults show that kind of compassion and empathy. When he finally realizes what his pupils are up to, he is in disbelief and cannot believe his eyes. When the sight finally hits him, he bursts into tears of joy! Faith in humanity restored! Kind-hearted students found out about their teacher’s need of a place to sleep and they all chipped in and got him a 'compensation blessing'. Namely, their teacher had to sleep in the school premises in order to help cover the maternity leave for another teacher, so his students collected money, $400, to respect his kind deed! This Brazilian educator, Bruno Rafael Paiva hadn’t received his compensation for the past two months and was had to sleep in the school because he didn’t have enough money for rent. It was actually because of the administration, that Bruno’s name was excluded from the finance and he didn’t receive a salary! Fortunately, his loving students were here to help, and their memorable act of kindness has melted our hearts! Way to raise kind students! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy! Source: https://www.faithpot.com/students-surprises-teacher-with-surprise-salary-gift

Security Guard Makes Amazing Catch To Save Baby54s

Security Guard Makes Amazing Catch To Save Baby

When it comes to dangerous places where you should definitely make sure your child doesn’t get in, the X-Ray luggage scanning machine at airport customs is clearly one of them. Radiation aside, that is one cold, dark and creepily loud place for a child to be. We adult know that, but kids are curious and will definitely want to check it out. One parent let their child slip from their attention for a short while while at the X-Ray machine, but luckily they weren’t alone there! In this CCTV footage released by the Katowice Airport in Poland, security guard Grzegorz Paczko makes an incredible last-second catch after spotting a child slipping off of a baggage counter. The footage shows a man picking up his suitcase after being checked at security, before picking up his toddler child up and putting him on the counter. His attention is distracted from the child for what seems like second, but that is plenty of time for the toddler to lose balance and fall off the counter! That is where the sniper-like reflexes of the brave security guard kick in, as he throws himself to catch the child literally just before it’s tender head hit the floor! Kudos for Paczko and what in the world was that father thinking?! All rights to Katowice Airport.

Teens Winch Dog Out Of Reservoir With The Help Of Some Natural Materials4m42s

Teens Winch Dog Out Of Reservoir With The Help Of Some Natural Materials

They say dogs are super smart, but with humanity being spread so wide, even such cunning creatures as canine can lose their way sometimes. Or their footing. This particular pooch seems to have lost its ground sometime in late December of 2016 and has fallen down a deep well in the area of Bhatkal - Soraba Highway, Uttara Kannada. If it weren’t for these two brave young men, it’s fate would have been sealed for good. In this video, filmed in south western India in December last year, shows the good Samaritans winching the injured canine out of the water. They didn’t use any man-made rope or machinery. Instead, they grabbed some really long vines, tied a loop and used that to get the dog out to safety. The filmer told the story online: "Me and my friends had been for a trek to Chandragutti hills ... then we heard whimpering of a dog. We followed the direction of sound and saw an undiscovered deep well at the top of the hill, and there was the bleeding dog in the water, which was vainly trying to come out." "We searched for a rope kind of stuff to pull out the dog [but] failed to find any as it was uninhabited area," he continued. "We traced a creeper which was thick and pulled out, thinking it would help us. As in video, we tried our best to bring the dog out of the well [and] could bring it out after few attempts. "The claws were bleeding as the dog had been trying to come out from past few days." That is one lucky dog!

Missing Dog Found Trapped In Muddy River Bank Gets Heroic Rescue2m18s

Missing Dog Found Trapped In Muddy River Bank Gets Heroic Rescue

Dramatic footage was caught on camera showing the tense rescue mission of a dog stuck in a muddy river bank. Clearly, the animal felt the man’s desire to help so it laid perfectly still, while the rescuer struggled to grab a firm hold of its body and pull it back to dry ground! Faith in humanity restored! After missing for three days, Ginger's howling was heard from a muddy bank on the other side of the river. Johnny Rickman, the dog warden for Lawrence County, Kentucky was called and came straight away. Along with neighbor Mitchell McCoy, they were able to safely rescue Ginger from almost certain death. Ginger is now at the Tri-County Animal Clinic recovering from the incident. Ginger was rescued in Ulysses, Kentucky, on April 25, after becoming trapped on a river bank for a number of days, according to a man who helped rescue the animal. Footage of the rescue mission was caught on camera and shows the tense moment when the dog warden from Lawrence County getting down a muddy bank just to save a dog from its somber predicament. Reportedly, Ginger had been missing for a number of days before she was heard her howling from a nearby river and fortunately was successfully rescued and transported to an animal hospital to be nursed back to health. A dog got itself into serious trouble when it ran down a muddy soil and failed to find its way up. The concerned owner immediately informed the fire department and their team rushed to the spot and lent a helping hand. This footage shows the dramatic rescue mission set to save the dog from its ugly predicament. We can see one brave man sliding down the muddy bank towards the dog while being tethered to a rope in case the he slips. As the man reaches the dog, he pets her head and shuts closed her mouth with a loose string, in case she tries to bite out of fear. He grabs the dog and manages to climb up the bank, and get them to safety! Fortunately, the dog didn’t suffer any severe injuries despite of being drenched and visibly weak. The pooch is soon reunited with its humans and given a big hug and a warm blanket.

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Kind-Hearted Police Officer Stops Traffic To Help Cat Cross The Road18s

Kind-Hearted Police Officer Stops Traffic To Help Cat Cross The Road

Kind-hearted officer for the Musi Banyuasin police department, helped a confused cat cross the road in Indonesia. Footage shows a police officer helping a cat cross a busy road by stopping traffic. On his watch, this officer on duty made sure that the cat got to the other side of the road safe and sound! Thank you, officer! While on duty to direct traffic, this kind-hearted officer stumbled upon a cat who was attempting to cross to the other side of the road. Aware of the small size of this fragile creature, the man took the role of a safety escort, and signalized the way of the ignorant creature. Watch as the official alerts passersby to slow down and stop in order to make sure the cat is on the other side of the road, safe and sound! Why did the cat want to cross the street? So that it can be caught on video and become an Internet sensation! The ignorant feline didn’t bother waiting for the traffic light to change before crossing the street in front of a police officer. She declared the road to be her personal runway and flaunted them humps, while commuters wait. What a royal attitude! Footage shows cars stopping for the cat-pedestrian to cross the street, while a kind officer works his magic for that to happen! It’s really interesting to see how calm this cat is near cars, not giving a damn about losing one of its lives! Sassy! When a kitty wanted to cross the road, but it didn’t know where to start, a kind police officer helped her way by stopping traffic and signalizing her to proceed to the other side of the road! Cuteness overload!

Extreme animal rescue: Hoarder dies leaving 47 cats behind5m34s

Extreme animal rescue: Hoarder dies leaving 47 cats behind

Dozens of cats were rescued after a hoarder died and her body was discovered a week later. Living conditions were lethal and there was a gruesome discover in the freezer. As of 5/6/18, 31 cats have been rescued and 16 found dead. Broward County Animal Control said that they would kill all cats found in the house, so Angelico Cat Rescue stepped in to rescue, vet and re-home them. However, the medical bills are mounting and fosters will need food and supplies for these cats. Please donate! Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/5i2dhp4?member=143424

Three Little Kids Deliver Heartwarming Mother's Day Message3m18s

Three Little Kids Deliver Heartwarming Mother's Day Message

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Levi, Lia, and Luca explain some of the many jobs that mothers do every single day! Because mothers do operate much like unnoticed superheroes, they proclaim that ‘Mother’s Day’ has been changed to ‘Anonymous Superhero Day!’ Would you agree!? This is the heartwarming moment when three children send a very special message to all mothers out there, stressing that mothers are untradable and irreplaceable. According to them, what moms do every day is pretty exhausting, totally impossible, incalculably complex and requires impossible skills, coming down to the fact that moms indeed are superheros! One of the three little geniuses comes up with a great idea, suggesting that mothers everywhere should start an exclusive club called ‘Moms only’! However, do you think moms have time for something like that, since they tend to be pretty busy running errands and doing chores?! Free time, what’s that? So, what do moms do every day? Here is just to name a few of moms’ superpowers: a mom is a nurse, a doctor and a pharmacist, a dental assistant and an on-call EMT, a mom is a highly-skilled chef, top-notch baker, a free grocery delivery service and a 24/7 ‘happy snack’ maker. A mom is a wise judge, insightful counselor, a successful diplomat, as well as an expert, in conflict resolution, crisis intervention, and peacekeeping, a mom is a janitor, a Mrs fix-it, an errand master and a taxi driver too. A mom is a coach and a cheerleader, a teacher and a therapist, a librarian and accountant, a dishwasher and a laundromat, a mom is a hairstylist, a fashion coach, a personal hygienist, a party planner, a tour guide, a jokester, a singer-songwriter, a storyteller and a free-time coordinator. A mom is the boss and the receptionist, the administrator and the secretary, the day-care supervisor and nightmare security guard. A mom is a photographer, videographer, a journalist, a bodyguard, a lifeguard and a bouncer. A mom is a shoe-tier, an alarm clock a question-answerer, a snuggle buddy, a kiss dispenser and a monster chaser. A mom is a spiritual mentor, a prayer warrior, a Bible teacher, an example of faith and a demonstration of God’s selfless love… we can go on and on and on, the list of what moms do is endless and tiresome just to read! Ultimately it all comes down to this: My mom really loves me, a lot! The amazing thing is that in the end of the day, moms don’t do all this just to get noticed. They are actually covert agents, anonymous superheroes. Maybe they don’t have a cape, or a catchy name or actual superpowers, but for their kids they sure know how to fly! They swiftly conquer injustice and their love indeed saves our world each day. On this momentous day, the three geniuses decided to officially change the name from ‘Mother’s Day’ to ‘Anonymous Superhero Day’ in order to thank all the mothers out there for working so hard, for so long, for no pay, for which they deserve every single day to be their day! Happy Anonymous Superhero Day to all mothers and all other superheroes who show motherly love to children each day! This indeed, is the cutest message in the name of mothers we have ever heard! Love your mother and cherish the time spend with her daily!

Two young girls blow everyone away with unselfish act1m30s

Two young girls blow everyone away with unselfish act

McKennah and Arial are students at the Bobcaygeon Public School. McKennah is 9 and Arial is 6 and both have hearts of gold. They are about to take part in an amazing act of selflessness and generosity. Pedal for Hope has come to their school as part of a yearly cycling tour that raises money for pediatric cancer research. Officers pedal for 3 weeks on their holiday time and visit up to 50 schools, involving the kids in one of Canada's biggest fundraisers for pediatric cancer research. They deliver serious messages about healthy living, anti-bullying, cancer prevention and community involvement. They also engage in a lot of fun and silliness, with frozen yogurt eating contests and hilarious skits to deliver cancer prevention tips. The students do the hard work and deserve full credit for the success of this tour which will cross the 5 million dollar mark in this, its 14th year. The cops were blown away by the sacrifice made by these two young girls. For many weeks, they collected pledges from friends, family, and neighbors, with McKennah being the school's top fundraiser at over $2,400. Arial also raised a very impressive $1,100. Together, they raised more than one third of the school's total of $9,000. With a student population of roughly 250, this total is staggering. Students have fun events, fundraising activities, and shave their heads to collect pledges in order to raise money. In 14 years, Pedal for Hope, and the students who take part have raised 4.8 million dollars for the cause. Students team up with the cops and their communities and learn that one person can make a difference in the lives of others and that together, the impact is even greater. These two girls are making an incredible sacrifice by cutting their pony tails and donating their hair to make wigs for young cancer patients who have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy. For a boy to shave his head for the cause is impressive enough, but for girls, the sacrifice is even more meaningful. It became quite emotional for the girls and for their mothers as the hair came off. Tears of pride flowed and were quickly followed by smiles as the crowd cheered the girls on. Both held their ponytails high for all to see before passing them to the officers. The girls received a hat that bears the Pedal for Hope logo as well at the Canadian Cancer Society logo. This hat cannot be bought or won. Only a person who has sacrificed their hair can proudly sport one of these. Officers will continue to ride until no parent has to hear those awful words: "Your child has cancer". None of this would be possible without kids like McKennah and Arial. They are true heroes.

Inspiring Disabled Teen Stuns School Talent Show4m01s

Inspiring Disabled Teen Stuns School Talent Show

Being disabled due to a genetic disease doesn’t mean it is a hindrance to reaching one’s dreams. One proof of that is the 16-year-old Jared Watson who bravely showcased his talent and passion in singing at his high school’s talent show which led him to a beautiful turning point in his life- reaching his dream of being recognized for it. Jared, who is confined to a wheelchair with spinal muscular atrophy, took his first step toward sharing his vocal talent with the world when he entered his school’s talent show. With his father by his side on guitar, Watson started singing a song made famous by Randy Travis, “I Told You So.” Your jaw will drop once you hear Watson start singing. His voice is strong and powerful, and his range is impressive. He can hit the lowest of low notes and the highest of high notes with ease. No one knew what to expect, but everyone was swept out of their feet. When his video was uploaded and got viral in Youtube, the rest was history! But what makes the performance all the more inspiring is his obvious love for the music. You can tell how much that moment meant to him, and it shows through the genuine nature of his performance. Watson’s condition may have robbed him of his muscle movement, but it hasn’t robbed him of his amazing voice. He isn’t going to let anything stop him from achieving his dreams. He is such an inspiration to everyone especially those who are battling with the same condition as his! Job well done young man!

Wife Adopts Puppy Months Before Military Husband Comes Back, Now Watch The Surprise4m14s

Wife Adopts Puppy Months Before Military Husband Comes Back, Now Watch The Surprise

Remember when you got home from work one day and there was a puppy waiting for you at the door? Yeah, we neither, but we sure as heck believe that we would react just as this soldier did. Only his puppy is real. And he gets to keep it. Everyone loves surprises, but when the surprise is a living, breathing creature, it somehow gives more value. Watch this heartwarming video and see the heart-melting reaction of this soldier when he realizes he receives a new puppy for an even better homecoming. These people received two emails from a soldier finishing a tour in Afghanistan and his wife back here in the states wanting a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. She asked them if they would tell the sergeant that all the puppies were spoken for so she could surprise him when he returned from the war. They agreed because who doesn't LOVE surprises! They hated to disappoint him at the time but they knew how happy he was going to be in the near future. After months of preparation and a wife that can keep a good secret, this is the meeting between a cute 8-week-old puppy and his deserving owner. Welcome home Chris and thank you for your service! Let’s face it, pets are hard! Especially when they are really young and tiny, they need constant companionship from a mother figure, or they will whine and cry and bark, driving you mad! But when they grow up with you, they will remember how much you took care of them and they will love and respect you to the end of their days.

Decorated War Veteran's Emotional Cuddle With Lions And Cubs1m17s

Decorated War Veteran's Emotional Cuddle With Lions And Cubs

Jim is a highly decorated war hero having served in World War II. He is also known to many as one of the biggest animal lovers who ever lived. He founded the Saint John Ambulance Therapy Dog Movement in Canada and combined his skills with animal behaviour and his tremendous compassion for people who were sick and elderly. He spent decades visiting people in hospital, bringing his furry companions to their bedside for love and affection that had surprising effects on their healing and their emotional well being. He encouraged others to do the same and the movement swept across the country and grew into what it is today. Jim loved animals of all sorts and they loved him back equally. His charisma was undeniable with both animals and people. Watching Jim and seeing how the animals responded to him was truly heart warming. At 92 years of age, Jim was talking to his friends Dave and Kristy one evening and he saw pictures of Dave with a lion cub. He smiled and said he would dearly love to meet a lion but never had. A few weeks later, Jim's wish came true and in an incredible act of generosity, Jim was invited to be the guest of honor at a local wildlife facility. He was welcomed with a very touching thank you for his service and and seated under a tree for what would be a "little surprise". Jim knew that he would be seeing some animals this day but he did not know what was coming. As he sat quietly, two large lions were walked out to where he sat. The first lion sat at Jim's feet, sniffed and licked his cheek and then climbed up an onto him, wrapping its arms around Jim in an embrace that left everyone speechless. True to his fearless nature and unwavering confidence, Jim sat calmly and took it in as if he instantly knew the lion's full intentions. The two hugged for a moment and then the lion lay down on Jim's feet like a massive dog looking for approval and attention. As if this were completely expected, Jim reached down to stroke the lion and he spoke to it gently. His feet completely disappeared under the animal and it sat, enjoying being petted. It yawned and closed its eyes as he caressed it and it appeared that it would fall asleep with Jim. As if this were not an experience enough, Two tiny lion cubs and a tiger cub were brought to meet Jim and he took each in his arms for some more love and cuddling. Jim's eyes were not the only ones with tears as he stroked and kissed the tiny balls of fur for over an hour. One of the lions drifted off to sleep, comfortable on his lap, and everyone watched with wonder and amazement. It was an emotional and breath taking experience for everyone. Reluctantly, Jim gave the lions back and said goodbye to everybody. As he was led away, tears ran down his cheek as Jim smiled and said "This is a day I will never forget". Sadly, Jim passed away a few months after this day. One of his last conversations was about the lions and the generosity of those who made this happen for him. He spoke of the cubs and of the greeting that the larger lion gave him and how he felt a connection with the animals from the very first moment. Those who knew Jim understood how fitting it was for him to have his dream come true after all that he had done for others. He truly dedicated his life to making others' lives better and to bringing the human animal bond to a whole new level. Jim will be missed and always remembered fondly.

Kid Rescues And Saves Injured Sea Turtle2m40s

Kid Rescues And Saves Injured Sea Turtle

While enjoying a boat ride in Mexico, these people came across a helpless sea turtle that needed immediate help. The turtle had barnacles on its nose which were removed and cleaned by these kids, and then returned to the ocean. Awesome! The captain of the boat suddenly stops the boat and dives off. The people on the boat rush to the site to see what’s going on and see a captain helping a sea turtle on the surface. The turtle doesn’t dive when they near it which is a sure sign of illness. It turns out the turtle has some barnacles obstructing its airways. The guy assures them that it is safe on the boat. This will not happen to the turtle if it was outside of water. In fact ,the turtle will choke if it is thrown in the water because turtles need air to survive. These guys have been out with many scientist in the area who have taught them to look after the welfare of these creatures and to be prepared with a safety kit. The boy following the guy’s orders takes off the barnacles stuck on the turtle's shell, moving the knight lightly over its surface and makes sure the turtle’s head remains intacked. All set and cleaned, the turtle will be able to eat better. This is not something we recommend trying on your own. However, since the captain and guide has the right training and the right gear, they were able to save the turtle. Being very clean, the turtle can go on with its normal life. As the kids watch the turtle swim off and dive down, a sign that it is healthy, they are so proud of being a part of its rescue and learn a bit about conservation.

Villagers open their homes to storks freezing in spring chill31s

Villagers open their homes to storks freezing in spring chill

Wild storks desperate for some warmth found shelter in the homes of strangers when the kind-hearted people opened their homes to them. The birds migrate to Bulgaria in the Spring but the prolonged winter weather has caught them off guard and left many stranded and freezing to death. It has been extremely cold in the country recently and the winter cold has frozen the birds’ wings, preventing them from flying away and finding appropriate shelter.

Cops Team Up With Kids To Raise Money For Cancer Research 3m26s

Cops Team Up With Kids To Raise Money For Cancer Research

For the past thirteen years, police officers from the Peterborough Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Durham Regional Police Service have joined the Canadian Cancer Society to organize Pedal for Hope. Officers complete a bicycling tour of Peterborough and surrounding areas over a period of three weeks. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and understanding for local children battling cancer, as well as raise funds to assist in finding a way to manage cancer through pediatric cancer research. Since 2005, the Pedal for Hope tour has raised over 5 million dollars in the Peterborough and Durham areas alone. One of the most amazing aspects of Pedal for Hope is the connection with the kids. Children who battle cancer provide the cops with inspiration and the kids are part of one of Canada's most successful teams. The kids in the schools also connect with police after seeing them in a very different light. Officers are approachable and downright silly and the impact on the children has to be seen to be believed. The kids are the driving force behind Pedal for Hope and it is their work that makes all of this possible. This year's Pedal for Hope cycling tour promises to be an even bigger success. Officers will again make stops along their tour at 50 participating schools. Assemblies will be held that feature presentations to students, head shaving (teachers and officers), education, and fun events. The tour itself begins April 23rd, 2018. More encouraging than the financial success is the rapport that has been built between officers and students. The enthusiasm shown by the students is nothing short of awe-inspiring. These students have organized fundraising events, shaved their heads and collected sponsors. As a result, students have learned that they are able to band together and make a significant difference in the lives of others. When cops, kids, and a great cause all come together, amazing things happen. If you would like to donate and help us help those who battle cancer, please visit www.pedalforhope.com

This Young Hockey Player Breaks Down In Tears During Sweet Locker Room Speech47s

This Young Hockey Player Breaks Down In Tears During Sweet Locker Room Speech

Youth sports are a wonderful way for kids to learn not just the rules of the game, but what it means to truly be a part of a team. Former NHL hockey player Bryan Berard was in the locker room when he witnessed a very special moment. His nephew, nine-year-old Brody Berard, is following in his uncle’s footsteps, playing hockey in their hometown of Woonsocket, Rhode Island. With Brody’s help, the Woonsocket North Stars had just defeated their opponents, the Capitals, in the final game of the season. Emotions were running high as the exhausted players sat in the locker room. Brody raised his hand and said he wanted to say a few words. What happens next will bring you to tears! The wise words spoken by this child come as surprising deep sentiments from such a young kid. “I just want to say that I had a great season with all of you and I just want to say that I love every single one of you like brothers,” Brody says tearfully. As he continues to talk, his voice cracks with emotion. As Brody tells his teammates how much they mean to him, he starts to openly cry. Soon, he’s got his head in his hands and is speaking through barely-contained sobs. It’s clear that he means every word he’s saying about how much he loves his team. “I love this team. I wish we could stay together. I’m just really happy that we beat the Capitals,” he continues. Then he starts to clap, and the rest of the team joins in. One boy comes over to give Brody a hug, and a man’s voice off-camera encourages everyone to get up and give the boy a much-needed pile-on, too. “Give him a hug, everybody. That’s what it’s all about, boys.”

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Man Saves Distressed Dolphin Trapped In Heavy Seaweed8m33s

Man Saves Distressed Dolphin Trapped In Heavy Seaweed

There is a multitude of clips in the world wide web where kind-hearted people have gone out of their way to rid a poor wildlife creature out of its misery. Whether it is a hedgehog all caked up in mud or a swan with a broken leg, humans have set their obligations aside to help a hapless creature live another day. Sure, most of us have seen the hedgehogs in our gardens and the swans in the park, but not many of us have been fortunate enough to come across a dolphin in the wild, let alone have the opportunity to rescue it from certain demise. A family out boating in Australia came across a dolphin that got caught up in some seaweed in a sandbar. The poor animal was whistling in distress, having been tangled up in the seaweed for who knows how long. Seeing how the animal is suffering, the man ties himself to a rope with the other end tied up to the boat and get in the chilly water next to the dolphin. Naturally, the poor thing is scared of the human, probably never having been so close to one before. But with a few gentle strokes on the back and dorsal fin, it is like the dolphin understands the man is only here to provide aid. Since the water is only up to just above the man’s knees, we can only imagine how hard it must be for the dolphin to get out of the shoal. The gentle human uses his left hand to push the seaweed away, as he guides the dolphin towards the deeper water. The dolphin still looks a bit confused after the first attempt and returns back to the shallow, but our hero does not give up. Instead, he guides the dolphin one more time, ultimately convincing the mammal which way is home.