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Fishing vessel captain rescues fellow crewmen54s

Fishing vessel captain rescues fellow crewmen

In this video provided by a Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak MH-60 Jayhawk crew, the captain of the fishing vessel Grayling jumps into the water to rescue two of his crewmen after the Grayling capsized in the Kupreanof Strait near Raspberry Island, Alaska, July 24, 2017. A good Samaritan vessel crew rescued one other crewman from the capsized Grayling. Video by Air Station Kodiak. Credit: U.S. Coast Guard

Heroic man rescues hedgehog doomed to die 2m58s

Heroic man rescues hedgehog doomed to die

Here we have the perfect scenario of how helpful people can be to animals. Take a look at how this brave guy approaches a hedgehog that has gotten himself in a bit of a struggle by getting its head stuck in a plastic container. This is the perfect example from which you can learn what to do in such a situation!

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Amazing high wind helicopter rescue3m47s

Amazing high wind helicopter rescue

This is two people being rescued in high winds by helicopter from the Manawatu Gorge in New Zealand after their truck went off the edge into the river. Two police officers jumped into the freezing cold water to save them and have been described as "heroes" after they spent an hour submerged in the Manawatu River keeping the head of a truck driver above water. Both people in the truck were taken to the hospital and did not have serious injuries. Three of their rescuers were also taken to the hospital but were not admitted. Outstanding joint effort from all the emergency services involved.

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Dying bee rescued by compassionate human3m02s

Dying bee rescued by compassionate human

After seeing a bee lying on the ground, this woman scooped it up onto the garden table and fed it some sugar water. To make this, you mix 2 tbsp of sugar to 1 tbsp of water. You will know when the bee is drinking - just look at that tongue! We hope this little bee lived! Save the bees!

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Doctors and nurses dance with sick child1m07s

Doctors and nurses dance with sick child

After a full week in the hospital fighting viral pneumonia, Danika wouldn't walk, so the doctors and nurses of the Roanoke Memorial Hospital found a creative way to get her back on her feet!

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Family documents inspiring baby sparrow rescue1m39s

Family documents inspiring baby sparrow rescue

A juvenile sparrow showed up hungry and aggressively begging for food. These loving people fed him and helped him for a couple of days before he went on his way. Awesome! The family housed the little bird in a box overnight, to keep him away from predators and fed him some hamburger. The timid bird looked quite at ease with the human, seeing how it sits on the palm of the man's hand and chirps. The birdie felt better the next day so they let him go, but he came back for some more food for two days after. He would just casually sit on the box he was housed in and waited for the humans to hand feed him some bread. The young fledgling kept coming to his human rescuers' house, probably feeling quite at home, but here are a few things you should know, if you ever do come across a fallen bird. First, make sure that it is actually an orphan. If you find the bird under a tree and it has no feathers, then it is a nestling and it probably fell from the tree you found it under; check for a nest. If it does have feathers on it, then it is a juvenile fledgling and you should leave it there, unless you fear predators, in which case just perch it on a branch to be safe. Taking care of a wild bird is a tedious task, one better taken care of by a professional. So in case you do find a fallen or injured bird, make sure to bring it to your local wildlife shelter.

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Baby seagull falls from nest, brave dad returns it47s

Baby seagull falls from nest, brave dad returns it

A newborn seagull has managed to fall out of its nest and onto this family's yard. Amidst the screaming and yelling from the aggressive mother bird, this dad fearlessly returns the baby back to the nest. It appears at the end of the clip that the seagull couple says thanks to this dad for his heroic efforts! It looks like there are some pretty awesome people out inn the world. If it wasn't for this brave father, who knows what would've happened to these baby seagulls? At first the mother and father seagulls looked very upset, almost looking to attack this man, but once the babies were returned to the roof, it seemed like their tones have changed. It almost looked like they were trying to thank the man for putting the nest back up on the roof. How awesome is that? Sometimes all it takes is one person to start a chain of good karma. Be sure to visit https://rumble.com/ for more amazing videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well! Check out this man saving a nest of baby seagulls.

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Rescuers save stranded kitten from power lines2m16s

Rescuers save stranded kitten from power lines

Firefighters do more than just quench the thirsty tongues of fires. They are also very brave and talented rescuers, being able to climb great heights to assist those in need, be it a human or a helpless animal. The brave men and women in this footage deserve a medal! A cat was stranded on a utility pole, probably after being chased by a dog or other predator and couldn’t get down, so a team of firefighters was called on the scene to help get the kitty down. It is safe to say that the cat was out of it’s mind with terror, being who known how long up there in the scorching sun, hungry and thirsty. Now this strange human comes close and the first thing the cat thinks to get away is walk along the wire! About half way across she loses her footing, but luckily the firefighters were ready with a blanket underneath, to catch the silly kitty as it fell.

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Family struggles to pay for purchases, what will happen next?4m17s

Family struggles to pay for purchases, what will happen next?

What would you do if the family in line in front of you can’t pay for their purchases? Would you pass by them or would you stay and offer help? As they say on their site careandshare.sg “The Care & Share Movement in Singapore rallied people from all walks of life to provide help for the disadvantaged and successfully ended its run on 31 March 2016. Care & Share was a national fundraising and volunteerism movement led by Community Chest for the social service sector, in celebration of SG50.” “A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple.” Commissioned by: Community Chest, Singapore, for the Care & Share Movement Copyright: Community Chest, Singapore Short Film by: Daniel Yam & Foo Xiuqi, The Creative Room Special Thanks: NTUC FairPrice and The Singapore Cheshire Home Video Credit: Community Chest Singapore

Skater rescues skunk with head stuck in cup5m25s

Skater rescues skunk with head stuck in cup

Skunks are pretty scary creatures. Not for their fierceness but namely their power to omit one of the most rancid smells known. This skunk was seen at the skate park, being caught in quite the predicament. This furry little guy had gotten its head stuck in a plastic cup. Luckily this kind person was brave enough to rescue it. Great job! Not many people would do what this person did. No one wants to be attacked with the smell of a skunk. The smell is so strong that showers and bathing can't get rid of it. What would have you done in that situation? Check out this skateboarder rescuing a skunk from a cup for a helmet.

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Rick and Morty's 44s

Rick and Morty's "Pass the Butter" robot in real life!

User "nullstorage" somewhat re-creates the scene from Rick and Morty where Rick makes a robot to "just pass butter". This is using a Cozmo robot and a python script he had created. Transcript: Beep: What is my purpose? Me: Pass the butter. *Beep passes the butter. Beep: What is my purpose? Me: You pass butter. Beep: Oh my god. Check out "nullstorage" for more!

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Rescuing horses from flooding and starvation2m40s

Rescuing horses from flooding and starvation

Animals deserve to be as healthy as possible, especially when they are being domesticated. This couple has tried there best to do so, but sometimes nature gets in the way of things. Thankfully for these people, they were able to relocate these horses to a safer location. What a happy ending for everyone. A malnourished horse recently showed up on this couple's property. While they were trying to help her and nourish her, high water threatened the grazing pasture. They had to move the containment fence to safer ground. Incredible! Check out this awesome story of a couple rescuing horses!

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Students raise money for famine in Somalia after visiting over 700 dorm rooms!1m50s

Students raise money for famine in Somalia after visiting over 700 dorm rooms!

A challenge between Dordt College roommates Jesse Richards and Mark Schussler leads to an attempt to get 25 cents from every dorm room across the campus to go towards helping the needy in Somalia. Influenced by the social media movement "Love Army For Somalia" (which contributes to famine relief in the African country) the two juniors set out to knock on more than 700 doors, only asking for a simple quarter at each visit. In total, the guys managed to raise $253 over a four hour period for the movement. Created on behalf of actor Ben Stiller’s Stiller Foundation, "Love Army For Somalia", the movement actually caught the attention of Turkish Airlines, who provided the foundation with use one of their cargo planes (capable of shipping 60 tons of food) as well as allowance to ship food crates on every commercial flight to Somalia until the end of the famine. The page has received more than $2.5 million in donations, blowing past the lofty goal of $2 million. What an incredible story! Video by Jesse Richards.

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First animal sanctuary farm opens in Baltic states4m15s

First animal sanctuary farm opens in Baltic states

"Three Little Pigs" ("Trys Paršeliai") is the first animal sanctuary farm in the Baltic states, a home for 30 rescued animals saved from slaughter and bad living conditions. They are a non-profit organization and all the activities are carried out solely by donations from their supporters. Learn more about how you can help: https://www.generosity.com/animal-pet-fundraising/the-first-farm-animal-sanctuary-in-the-baltics--3/x/16256075

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Epic puppy rescue - 18 feet into the earth!!!16m28s

Epic puppy rescue - 18 feet into the earth!!!

Animals depend on human kindness and it is our sacred duty to keep them safe and put them out of harm's way. Puppies, being as fragile as they are, especially depend on our help. These little puppers were stuck 18 feet into the earth, but luckily for them, people with kind hearts managed to rescue them. The mission wasn't easy and not everyone would have bothered, but it's an amazing feeling just to know that you've helped a helpless creature. Kindness sparks kindness in others, so hopefully this will get at least one person to do something kind to continue the chain. This video is in memory of our dear friend and rescuer: Lisa M Ashe. How awesome are these people? Be sure to visit https://rumble.com/ for more awesome videos like this one, and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well. Please share this video and help us save more lives: http://www.HopeForPaws.org

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It's every young man's dream to do something like that for your old man1m51s

It's every young man's dream to do something like that for your old man

This video says a lot. My dad turned 50 years old today and after 2 years of planning his surprise birthday present, the day finally came. I wouldn't of got as far as I have without this man, I owe him everything. To think he's not missed one of my football matches from the age I started playing, which was 8.. whether the game was round the corner, or 6 hours away, he'd scarifies anything or anyone, just to make sure he got to my games to support me, no matter what. To think of the miles he must of driven, especially in his second hand 03 plate Ford Focus... how it's survived so many long journeys I'll never know. He's always loved luxury cars, but never been able to get one, so to be able to buy him his dream Jaguar car for his 50th birthday, couldn't of worked out any better. Now he'll enjoy the long journeys up north 😂. He's watched my journey from the beginning, kept me humble, believed in me, and taught me everything I need to know over the years. He deserves everything and I can't thank him enough. Everyone I know loves him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad, and the man I've always looked up to. love you 💙 Also thanks to www.rivervaleleasing.co.uk and Jordan Nailard for arranging it all, really appropriate it. Quality service 🙌🏻 Credit: Charlie Wakefield - https://www.facebook.com/charliem.wakefield

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He’s Dying, And All This Boy Dreams Of Is Being Buried With His Mum1m54s

He’s Dying, And All This Boy Dreams Of Is Being Buried With His Mum

Donate: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/filips-last-wish A little boy who lost his mother at age two to cancer is himself dying of a terminal disease, and when he goes, he wants to be buried with her. Now, we’ve all heard of the family plot, a place where all the members of a particular clan can be laid to rest together. But Filip Kwasny wants to do something a bit more…different. In the final stages of juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia (JMML), which he has been battling since last September, doctors have done everything they can to prolong his life. Chemotherapy failed to help. So did a stem cell transplant. Now under palliative care, Filip has but one wish – to be buried with his mother. Not next to her or in the same area – but with her. Yes, with his father currently trying to raise the money to exhume the coffin, Filip wants to be side by side with his late parent. Why? So she can look after him in Heaven. His own words. The sad part? Mom is buried in Poland, and Filip’s dad cannot afford to transport everyone there for the funeral. He has started an online campaign to raise the cash. You can support Filip Kwasny by making a donation. link below in Description

This Teen Was Brutally Bullied For Having Over 500 Birthmarks, But Look At Her Now1m29s

This Teen Was Brutally Bullied For Having Over 500 Birthmarks, But Look At Her Now

Alba Parejo was born with a rare condition known as congenital melanocytic nevus. Her body is literally covered in hundreds of moles, birthmarks, and dark patches. As a baby, she had surgery to try and remove many of them, and that has left her with both the occlusions and a series of scars. Tormented relentless by her peers, Alba is getting the best kind of revenge. Even with naysayers arguing how unacceptable her decision is/was, she is modeling and pursuing a career in the public eye. She is making her marks part of who she is. That’s what they’ve always been. Now, the haters know it as well. Sometimes, the only way to get past the pain is to own the reasons for it. Humanity has a hard time being kind and compassionate. What they really want to be is judgmental jerks. You go, girl! You are such an inspiration to everyone out there with a dream!

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Doctors Said Her Baby Wouldn’t Survive At 22 Weeks, But This Mom Kept The Faith1m51s

Doctors Said Her Baby Wouldn’t Survive At 22 Weeks, But This Mom Kept The Faith

When expectant mom Louise Adams’ water broke at 22 weeks, she and her husband Jakk weren’t sure about what they were up against. Doctors said their baby would have very little chance at survival – five percent to be exact. Because this happened before the 24 week mark, they were told there wasn’t much that could be done to save their son and that a miscarriage would be inevitable. But Louise and Jakk refused to give up. During the time she was hospitalized and being monitored, she could still feel her son kicking and moving about. The couple chose instead to keep their faith that their unborn son Joseph would survive. They began to research different ways people had helped their baby survive the insurmountable odds that Joseph was facing. They read that drinking more than seven pints of water a day would help babies survive preterm labor. The idea behind the extra water is that it helps replenish amniotic fluid to help the baby thrive in the womb all while flushing out toxins. After 13 weeks, everything she had done to save her baby paid off and her son was born healthy at five pounds, 10 ounces. Thankfully this mom fought for her son and he, in turn, became a fighter too!

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Man Waited 3-Years For His Mom Standing On a Street Corner Until This Woman Changed His Life2m37s

Man Waited 3-Years For His Mom Standing On a Street Corner Until This Woman Changed His Life

Victor Hubbard was a familiar face in his Kemah, Texas community, but no one knew what his story was until a kind woman took the time to speak with him. For three years, Victor stood on a street corner waiting for his mother to come and get him. As cars whizzed past him on the street corner where he camped out, he tried as best as he could to deal with his mental illness challenges but ultimately he was alone. Then God sent an Angel!!! Ginger Sprouse wanted to know more about the young man she passed on the street several times a day. So she went struck up a conversation with him. As Victor began to open up to her about being homeless and needing medical care, she knew right then and there that she wanted to help him out. It turns out, others in the community wanted to help, too. So the resourceful mother created the Facebook page “This is Victor” and people in the community began volunteering to help Victor get back on his feet. They drove him to doctor’s appointments, raised funds for him to afford the basic necessities and gave him a boost of confidence. Ginger even gave him a job as a cook at her cooking classes/private party business, Art of the Meal. Victor said “She helped me. It’s like grace.” Like this story? Be sure to Subscribe for more.

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