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Teen With Down Syndrome Finally Gets A Chance To Play In Her First Basketball Game1m13s

Teen With Down Syndrome Finally Gets A Chance To Play In Her First Basketball Game

A student with Down syndrome was given the opportunity to play in her school’s basketball game and seized the moment in the most incredible way imaginable. After helping out, coming to practice, and being a manager all season, student Alyna finally got her chance to play in her first basketball game! Footage shows Alyna’s heartwarming reaction when coach breaks her the good news about taking part in the upcoming basketball game. Sweet girl Alena was moved to tears and a little shaken up. She thought that this day will never come, but when it finally did, she was ready to score, and she couldn’t be happier about it. Watch as Alyna is warming up with her team on court before the game. She aims at the basketball hoop and makes her best efforts to score. She is wearing a jersey with a logo of Tucson High, as she joins the rest of his team on the court. This Arizona student with Down syndrome received a big surprise from her teammates when the Badgers coach told team manager Alyna Macias she was getting in the game. With the game tied at five in the third quarter Macias came off the bench and scored four points. Look how proud she is when she runs on the court! The teams had talked before the game and agreed to let Macias score regardless of how close the score was. Alyna can be seen defending an attack on her hoop before later receiving the ball in a good position and attempting to score. When she scores, we can hear loud cheers supporting her play! After the game, we see Alyna giving interviews and receiving flowers and balloons for her achievements! Simple acts of kindness brightened this girl’s life! Credit: @kyaunaluna https://twitter.com/kyaunaluna/status/959624614103072768

Kid With Spinal Muscular Atrophy Shocks Everyone At Talent Show7m40s

Kid With Spinal Muscular Atrophy Shocks Everyone At Talent Show

This is the heartwarming moment when 16-year-old Jared Watson, confined to a wheelchair with spinal muscular atrophy, takes to the stage to sing at his high school talent show. The young man chose to sing 'I Told You So' by Randy Travis while his father accompanied him on the guitar. No one knew what to expect, but everyone was swept out of their feet! Check out his his mind-blowing performance! In May 2017, a 16-year-old boy confined with a wheelchair with spinal muscular atrophy took the stage to sing at his school talent show. His father Lee accompanied him on the guitar. The young man chose to sing ‘I Told You So’ by Randi Travis and no one from the audience knew what to expect. A grainy iPhone video taken by the audience member immediately went viral, because of his mind-blowing performance and talented voice. Jared Watson immediately gained fame and hundreds of thousands of fans, including Randi Travis himself. Randi’s wife Mary David Travis wrote: ‘Jared, you covered Randi’s song beautifully! Just want you to know Randy teared up when he listened to it this afternoon. Great job and we hope that one day soon we can meet you - we would be honored! Keep up the fight, the spirit and the music, you are a very talented young man. God bless you and keep you in the palm of his almighty hand. Sending love and gratitude’. Within weeks of his astonishing performance, Jared was doing talk shows and singing at various venues. He even got a call from Nashville. He has continued to impress his audience with amazing covers. On January 22, 2018, Jared introduced his latest song ‘In The Name Of Freedom’ on the mid-south audio stage for WBOC TV, and the rest as they say is history!

Brave Fishermen Join Forces To Rescue Beached Dusky Shark1m16s

Brave Fishermen Join Forces To Rescue Beached Dusky Shark

Two men in Florida brave the rough surf and near freezing winter temperatures to save a dusky shark that has beached itself on shore. Faith in humanity restored! Footage has emerged featuring these two fishermen struggling to rescue a dusky shark stranded on a beach. The video shows two men trying to help the beached shark swim back into the water. It is amazing how they pull shark’s tail and try to help the massive mammal to get on its ‘feet’ and swim back into the ocean. We don’t get to hear a lot of stories like this one. Usually when we think of sharks, we think of grizzly marine predators that will bite of our extremities with just a snap of their jaws. But somewhere in the world, there are people that actually try to save these beasts. And why is that? The answer is simple, sharks are a part of the complex marine ecosystem. Their presence in the oceans ensures the survival of other species in that system, making them indispensable in maintaining the balance. There are many organisations around the world that strive to keep the oceans alive, mainly by protecting the marine life. Watch as these men join forces to pull a shark washed ashore back to the sea. Apparently, these men attempted to save the shark by grabbing its tail and trying to move her body closer to the water. It is not often that we see someone risk its life to save the life of a predator. Simple act of kindness to preserve the balance of the marine ecosystem. Hurray!

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Bus Driver Goes Beyond Call Of Duty To Help Elderly Man59s

Bus Driver Goes Beyond Call Of Duty To Help Elderly Man

A bus driver in Milwaukee went above and beyond what is her call of duty and got out in the snowy street to help a man in need. Kaniquka Jackson, a Milwaukee County Transit System driver, is receiving praise and recognition for helping this elderly man who had fallen during a recent snowfall. When Kaniquka was driving her bus near Bayshore Town Center, one elderly man that was waiting for his bus took a tumble when he stepped into a snowbank. The man, dragging his wheeled walker and a bag, lost his balance and hell into the foot-high snow on Sunday, February 4. Another man that was right there on the street, probably a familiar of his, rushed to help, but apparently he couldn’t handle both the weather and the exhausted man. Springing into hero mode, Kaniquka rushed out of the bus to help the man back onto his feet. She and other gentleman helped carry him and his walker onto the bus. The incredible footage has been shared all over social media, with numerous praises for the selfless woman. It is one of the many stories the organization has shared recently about bus drivers going out of their way to help people in Milwaukee County. Credit to 'Milwaukee County Transit System'. On the subject of herois bus drivers, we have to mention Reneita Smith, who saved 20 children from a burning school bus. She said “I didn’t see other people’s children. I saw MY children.” She even went back into the burning vehicle to make sure no one was left behind.

Eight-Year-Old Boy Collects 1,100 Toys For Puerto Rico Children1m52s

Eight-Year-Old Boy Collects 1,100 Toys For Puerto Rico Children

Generous eight-year-old boy named Jayden Perez went on a mission to help those in need. He collected 1,100 toys and personally hand delivered them to the children affected from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Jayden, his mother Ana Rosado and father Javier Perez traveled to Puerto Rico from January 18 to 22 with fifty-eight boxes filled with toys and candy, collected via friends, family's church and with assistance from Delta Airlines and put a smile on many faces. This family completed their mission and made children happy, and they will never forget this amazing experience. Footage shows smiling Jayden handing out toys to children and lighting up their faces.What a wonderful moment! He will cherish this act of kindness for the rest of his life! Reportedly, this family rented a truck and visited locations on the island that had been hit the hardest such as Camuy, Manati, Arecibo, and Naranhito. In addition, Rosado and Perez handed out supplies for adults like toothbrushes, soaps and hair brushes. Watching Jayden interact with all the children he meets, as he hands them toys and goodie bags filled with candy and other treats, makes our heart warm and reminds us that there are still good people in this world! The simple act of kindness chain started last fall, after Jayden received tickets to a NY Giants game that were gift from his mother's boss, so he decided to pay it forward and help the less fortunate ones. He organized a toy drive in early December at his home to benefit victims of Hurricane Maria, and also raised $10,000 through a GoFundMe site for the people of Puerto Rico. Jayden’s family is originally from Puerto Rico so this generous boy decided to donate his Christmas toys these kids in order for them to experience the same joy and happiness he felt when he received the Giants tickets. Jayden is very determined and plans to continue collecting donations and sending them to help those in need! Keep up the good work young man!

Baby With Triple X Syndrome Is A Master Of Balance2m35s

Baby With Triple X Syndrome Is A Master Of Balance

Triple X syndrome is also known as trisomy X and 47,XXX, and it's a condition characterized by the presence of an extra X chromosome in each cell of a female. Those affected are often taller than average but in most cases there are no other physical differences and normal fertility. Occasionally there are learning difficulties, decreased muscle tone, seizures, or kidney problems. The condition occurs due to a random event, and is not typically inherited from one generation to another. Treatment may include speech therapy, physical therapy, and counseling. It's not a very common condition and it occurs in about one in every 1,000 female births It is estimated that 90% of those affected are not diagnosed as they either have no or only few symptoms It was first identified in 1959. Miya was born with a few disabilities, but that won't stop her from stunting through life with her dad since she was four-months-old. She was born early, weighing 4 lbs 10 ozs, but despite this syndrome, she loves life, and also loves to balance herself on top of her dad's palm. She's been doing this "stunt" since she was a wee baby, and with the passing of time, her talent has only progressed. How awesome is that? We love a good inspirational story, and this little girl is a true hero in our eyes!

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Elderly man's house burns down, only cares about his kitten1m46s

Elderly man's house burns down, only cares about his kitten

In western Turkey's Mudurnu district, Ali Meşe, an 83-year-old man was trying to light his heating stove with gasoline. At no fault of his own, the situation quickly turned when there was an explosion in the living room and his wooden house burned down. But check out what happened next...

Baby bird rescued from drowning in tank of water52s

Baby bird rescued from drowning in tank of water

Scuba divers returning from a day on the water in Mexico returned to the dive shop and approached the tank where they rinse their scuba gear in fresh water. They were surprised to find that a young bird had somehow fallen into the tank and could not get out. This bird was exhausted and unable to fly. One of the divers reached into the tank and lifted it out gently. The bird struggled and flapped, obviously scared of the human. It did relax when it was finally picked up, but it tried to fly to freedom once it was carried out of the dive shop. The bird was too exhausted and likely too young to get liftoff and it collapsed on the sand a few feet away. The diver picked it up again and put it in a nearby tree, up and away from predators and people. The bird was content to sit on the branch with his wings out slightly, in order to dry off. He allowed a brief approach and the video shows his labored breathing and rapid heartbeat as he recuperates. This poor little fellow had been through quite an ordeal. A bird such as this one does not have waterproof feathers and wings, like a duck or a loon. When they fall into water, their feathers get waterlogged and heavy and they can't float as high on the surface. They are unable to take off in this condition and they flap helplessly until they eventually drown. In this case, everybody was relieved to see that this little guy was going to be okay after a little rest. Usually, non aquatic birds will avoid water tanks. This was the first time that this had happened, but it was clear that the tank would need to be drained when unattended for this reason.

50 Rescued From Casino Boat Fire in Florida1m12s

50 Rescued From Casino Boat Fire in Florida

Florida authorities say a casino venture's shuttle boat caught fire and all 50 passengers safely made it to the nearby shore after a rescue operation in the Tampa Bay area. (Jan. 14) Credit: Facebook/New Port Richey Police Department

Generous man helps feed the poor in South America3m27s

Generous man helps feed the poor in South America

While living in South America to experience life around the world, this couple witnessed an incredible act of kindness outside their window while they were making coffee. Watch as this compassionate man hands out food for the elderly and poor. What a hero!

Deputies Save Horse Stuck In Pond After Falling Through The Ice42s

Deputies Save Horse Stuck In Pond After Falling Through The Ice

Thanks to one group of very resourceful first responders out from Elbert County, Colorado, a silly old horse is getting his five minutes of fame. If only it were for the right reasons. Seamus the Clydesdale horse fell through the ice at a nearby frozen pond and became stuck in the cold water. It took about 40 minutes for deputies from the Elbert County Sheriff’s Dept. and firefighters from Elizabeth Fire Rescue to pull horse to dry ground. Seamus’s owner, Tracy Corwin-Beckman said that an equine veterinarian named Dale Rice was on had during the rescue and stayed with her horse until the regular vet arrived. “We are so lucky and thankful for the first responders. Without them he would have never made it out,” Tracy said. The clumsy horse struggled to gain his footing after setting his hooves on dry ground, but showed no sign of physical injury. After a restful night in a warm barn, Tracy says that her pal bounced right back. The following day the sheriff’s deputies received a batch of homemade chocolate-chip cookies — along with a thank-you note: “Thanks for pulling my gigantic behind out of the pond – Love Seamus.” Another batch of freshly baked cookies would also be delivered to the fire station, courtesy of Tracy. “It’s the least I can do,” she said. “They saved Seamus’ life.” Credit: Facebook/Elbert County Sheriff

Cop Surprises Youngster With Very Special Gift6m41s

Cop Surprises Youngster With Very Special Gift

While most kids know that they should be in awe with police officers, one kid got real close and friendly with them. And they paid him back with the same respect. Charlotte police officer Alex Milhazes states, "There is a teenager in my neighborhood at work that just loves being around police officers. He always comes up to us asking for stickers and often has multiple stickers on his shirt or sweater. We have gotten to know him quite well over the past couple months. "He has a learning disability, and is possibly on the spectrum, and is always telling us how much he wishes he could be a police officer. So a couple weeks ago I got to thinking, what could I possibly do to make him feel like he was one of us?? So I went on Amazon and searched for about an hour on different police costume accessories, toys, what have you. I found a set that included binoculars, compass, watch, toy cuffs, but I wasn’t happy with the little toy badge it came with, so I ordered a separate nicer badge for him, so he could really feel like one of us. "Well tonight I was finally able to see him after having purchased his presents. I am at a loss for words at how happy he was when I gave it to him, and id be lying if I didn’t tell you that I had to hold back tears of joy for the smile this little toy set gave him. I wanted to share this with everyone, and I hope it can bring a smile to your face like it did both his and mine. This is just one of the little things we do that you won’t see on the news channels. And this right here is the reason I chose the life of a police officer.”

Little Boy Welcomes His Dad Back From The Army47s

Little Boy Welcomes His Dad Back From The Army

It is hard for families when one of their members goes away to serve their country. Countless men and women make it their life’s path to protect and serve the country they love, but that means that they have to leave their loved ones behind. Adults might have it easier, because they understand what is at stake here. Children, on the other hand, struggle with the idea that mommy or daddy will be gone for a long period of time. That is why these homecoming videos are always a delight to watch. Grab your tissues, folks, because this one is a tearjerker. Kristen Hall took her two young children for a ride in the car, but then they stopped and she let her son come out of the car first. “We gotta go around and get Peeka now, ok?” mom says to her boy and the kid agrees. Peeka is his baby sister’s nickname, because peek-a-boo is her favorite game! When the two turn around the car, there’s daddy in his Navy uniform, crouching by the ground to be the same height as his little hero. “Hi buddy!” says the dad with the warmest smile on his face. The kid doesn’t even stop for a moment; he recognizes the familiar face and runs into his open arms. It is so hard to tell who missed whom more. The kid’s firm embrace around his dad is definitely the winner here, because no matter what dad does or says, the boy will not let go of the hug. It’s been over a month since he last saw his dad and he sure isn’t going to let him go away again!

Boy With Brain Cancer Gets Surprise Visit From Santa57s

Boy With Brain Cancer Gets Surprise Visit From Santa

Santa Claus made an early stop to a very special boy's house. Sebastian Bradley, 9, of Williamsville, N.Y., has been battling brain cancer, so Santa and his helpers wanted to make this Christmas extra special for him. The Bradley Family of Williamsville recently received terrible news. This will be little Sebastian Bradley’s last Christmas with his family. “My friend Eli’s little boy, Sebastian, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2016,” said Hillary Roe. “He had surgery and chemotherapy and the scan last week showed the tumor doubled in size. They are ceasing treatment. This will be his last Christmas.” Sebastian’s family and friends are now asking the community for help in making his last Christmas a special one. When Santa Claus received news about brave little Sebastian, he went out of his way to make his Christmas that much more special. He reined his fastest horses, dressed up his best carriage and went to make a visit and see Sebastian right outside his home, presents in hand. “To be a part of this young man’s last Christmas is beyond honorable,” said Lauralee Sibiga, owner of LJ Grand Livery Stables who will be surprising him next week. “When I’m an old, gray haired woman one day, looking out into the pasture of old horses, I will reminisce with them about the highlights of our lives together… the days we made someone a little happier because we were there for them.” We can’t imagine the happiness seeing Santa outside on a sleigh meant to this brave and wonderful little boy. Every kid on the planet loves meeting him in person, but for Sebastian it was something completely different. If you want to join in making Christmas special for Sebastian, you can send him a card or a gift at: Sebastian Bradley PO Box 1495 Lockport, NY 14094

Woman paralyzed after stroke learns to walk again1m00s

Woman paralyzed after stroke learns to walk again

Such an emotional day! Learning how to walk again is so draining but so rewarding at the same time. This woman seems to be making incredible strides, especially after achieving what doctors said was impossible! Video credit: Riona Kelly and Keith Mason

Heroic Firefighters Save Dog After Falling Into Icy River1m59s

Heroic Firefighters Save Dog After Falling Into Icy River

A dog got itself into serious trouble when it ran onto thin ice while walking on a frozen creek in Canada and fell through the icy waters.The owner reportedly let the dog off the leash while on a walk when the dog ventured onto the frozen creek. The thin ice quickly cracked causing the pooch to fall into the icy waters. The concerned owner immediately informed the fire department and their team rushed to the spot and lent a helping hand. This footage was posted by the chief of the Swift Current Fire Department in Saskatchewan, shows the dramatic rescue mission set to save the dog from drowning. We can see one brave firefighter sliding on the frozen creek towards the dog while being tethered to a rope in case the ice breaks. This firefighter risked his life to save the dog and is a true hero, together with the team that was helping him in the mission. As the man reaches the dog, the thin ice breaks under his weight but the firefighter grabs the dog and manages to balance. Next, the other firefighters pull the rope, slowly bringing the man and the dog to shore. Crew members on ground can be heard cheering and keeping the morale high with chants of "come on". Eventually, both of them are rescued back to safely. Fortunately, the dog didn’t suffer any severe injuries despite of being drenched and visibly weak. The pooch is soon reunited with its humans and given a big hug and a warm blanket. Credit to 'Denis Pilon/Swift Current Fire Department'.

Man Saves Young Moose From Certain Death1m15s

Man Saves Young Moose From Certain Death

People have divided opinion about what to do when they see an injured wild animal. Some say that proper authorities should be contacted and leave it be, while others believe that every second counts and springing into action is the only way there is! Most people will never be in a position to have to make this kind of decision. However, for those who live in more rural areas, it might be something they are forced to comply with whether they like it or not. Calvin Buckler had to make that decision for himself one day when he received a call from a lady who informed him that a moose has been caught in a barbed wire fence. Calvin had to make a decision, and fast, because he was running out of time as the moose was stuck in the fence and suffering great pain, and coyotes could attack the poor animal. This brave man rushed to save the stuck moose who was in great pain. Watch as Calvin fearlessly saves a young bull moose that somehow caught its leg in a barbed wire fence. When Calvin got on scene, he spotted the stuck bull moose desperately trying to remove its back leg from the fence, desperately crying for help. Calvin used special barbed wire scissors to rescue the moose. When the moose is finally rescued and he cannot feel his numb leg and it is very sad to see that there is an open wound and the leg is bleeding. The moose is in pain, but at least it is free to go.

Man Rescues Baby Koala, Returns It To Mother1m36s

Man Rescues Baby Koala, Returns It To Mother

After finding a baby koala fallen under a tree and the mom unable to climb down to retrieve it, one brave man took matters into his own hands, literally! With the baby koala squealing on the ground and its mother calling it from the crown of the tree, the kind human brought two ladders to prop against each other, so that he could climb to the mother and bring her baby! Propping one ladder on top of the other to gain some extra height, the man climbs upwards towards the frightened mother, with his wife holding his footing. The mother tries to climb a bit lower, so that the baby can grab a hold on her leg, but the bark on this Eucalyptus tree is smooth and slippery, so she fails to save her baby on couple of occasions. Still, this kind man would not leave the joey behind, so he used one hand to climb even further up, while pushing the baby koala up towards its mommy. Finally he is able to reach the female enough to help the baby climb her back, like all baby koalas do. The man’s daughter says that she’s not recording her dad’s heroics to boast to the world, but rather to make a comic clip when he falls on the ground! Don’t worry, the dad doesn’t come falling down, so all is well that ends well!

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Workers Rescue Dog And Her Puppy From Water Pit4m21s

Workers Rescue Dog And Her Puppy From Water Pit

When these men came to work that day, frantic screams could be heard coming from a nearby water reservoir. Upon inspection, the men discovered a mother and her young pup had probably slipped down the water pit overnight. The two dogs couldn’t climb back up to the surface, because the pit had been lined with a thick plastic foil to prevent the water from seeping down in the dirt. When the poor mother saw the men approaching, she started screaming even more hysterically, in the hopes that they will come to pull them out of the depression, and the men did exactly that. Using ropes and a harness, one man dressed up to slide down in the pit and pull the two hapless animals out. At first, the mother was unsure of the human’s intentions until he reached the bottom, when she started licking his face and wagging her tail. The man first lifted the puppy up to the surface and came back down again for the mother. Both dogs were incredibly dirty with muck and wet, from spending the night in the night in that horrible place. As soon as the mother got reunited with her baby, she couldn’t decide who to thank first, while the good Samaritans were taking her and her chubby baby to safety! Good work, team!

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Cancer Survivor Sees Color For The First Time3m05s

Cancer Survivor Sees Color For The First Time

Aria, a performing artist, business owner and two-time cancer survivor, sees color for the first time in the flower gardens at the Bellagio in Las Vegas thanks to the new Enchroma glasses! Out of all the videos on this particular subject that we have seen, where colorblind people get to see what the world actually looks like in full color, this one has to be the most genuine. Don’t get us wrong, every person reacts to seeing color for the first time in their own way, and the tears pouring out of their eyes are as genuine as they get. But hearing Aria repeat “that’s fake" over and over, not believing what her eyes are seeing, is something we have never seen or heard before. We got to admit that we have always wondered what is really going on in these people’s heads, when they put those casual looking, but extremely life-changing Enchroma glasses on and see what they have been missing all their lives. Of course, even brave Aria couldn’t hold back her tears of joy, as she laughs and sniffles with happiness for finally experiencing color. “I’ve no idea what I’m seeing, I can’t even describe it to you" says the brave young woman. We guess it is as good an explanation as it gets. An absolutely life altering, earth-shattering experience!

Kind Kids Rescue Lamb From An Underground Pipe2m29s

Kind Kids Rescue Lamb From An Underground Pipe

They say curiosity killed the cat, but it also brought a whopper of trouble for every newborn since the beginning of time. Babies can get into some really sticky situations as soon as they start navigating this big new world they find themselves in. But navigating through the unknown can be a perilous trip, which is exactly how this baby animal got itself in this mess in the first place. An adorable little lamb found herself in one such conundrum last month, apparently falling and getting trapped in an underground pipe at Zed & Co Free-range Farms in Victoria, southeast Australia. The farmer’s daughter and her best friend heard the baby sheep’s cries and alerted the adults at once. Initiate Operation Save Lamb! After digging around the pipe and cutting through it with a circular saw, they tried to pry the pipe open with a couple of crowbars. But the pipe’s walls are too thick for these tools, so a hole had to be open completely in order to bring the baby sheep back to dry land and sunshine. “I can see it … It’s still alive … It’s black," the children say in a running commentary during the rescue operation. Finally, the tiny black sheep is free, wet but still warm. Operation Save Lamb was pronounced a success.

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English Couple Have An Incredible Encounter With Friendly Manatee26s

English Couple Have An Incredible Encounter With Friendly Manatee

A kayak touring company, very appropriately called Get Up And Go Kayaking, rents out unique crystal clear kayaks on their tours, so that tourists can experience nature around them in 360 view. But during one tour in their 100% see-through kayaks, a couple from Britain experienced something that only Mother Nature can provide - and up close and personal encounter with one very friendly manatee! The mammal was so accustomed to seeing humans, that he lingered around until they stopped, so that he can get his complimentary belly rubs. On the company’s Facebook page is the original video, which caption says: “This manatee encounter was a special one! “Arthur" the manatee followed us around for nearly 35 minutes wanting to get rubbed. He rolled over to let this couple from England give him a pet on the belly. What an experience - not sure who loved it more, Arthur, or our guests!" West Indian Manatee, or Florida Manatee, was placed on the Endangered Species List in the 1970s, when there were only several hundred left, and has been of great conservation concern to federal, state, private, and nonprofit organizations to protect these species from natural and human-induced threats like collisions with boat propeller blades. On March 30, 2017, the US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke announced the federal reclassification of the manatee from endangered to threatened as the number of sea cows had increased to over 6,000. (source: Wikipedia) Credit: www.getupandgokayaking.com