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Dog treat theft gets interrupted when owner arrives home1m23s

Dog treat theft gets interrupted when owner arrives home

Coming home to an open pantry isn't always a big deal or a surprise, specially when you have children. But this day it was quite funny. After arriving home after running errands, Brent noticed the pantry open and he knew it was closed or almost closed when they left. Looking around he noticed a definite clue as to whom was lurking around while he was gone. Upon closer examination it was clear..... there was a dog treat thief in the house. Now Poncho, Brent and Elsa's rescue dog from Mexico, has a number of quite hilarious quirks. Almost ever time either Brent or Elsa returns home from being out and about, something is noticed misplaced. Many times it is a shoe moved from a shoe rack in the den to Poncho's bed, or a couch. Never chewed but always moved. Some days it may be a entry way carpet all scrunched into a ball, as Poncho is known for "making a nest" or something similar. Some days Brent wonders if Poncho was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper because his reading glasses, which were on the kitchen table, mysteriously have appeared on the living room couch. Poncho is a pretty keen pooch, so you just never know if she is reading up on "100 ways to be a better dog" in the local paper. Watch and enjoy one of Ponchos funny ways, and see just how adorable of a pet she is to Brent and Elsa. Poncho's expressions after the theft will melt your heart. What a great dog. She is definitely loved and she knows it. Just look at those eyes!

Border Collie answers owners questions by nodding head22s

Border Collie answers owners questions by nodding head

We all talk to our dogs on a regular basis. We often even ask them questions, but have you ever actually expected your pet to answer? Here we see something quite unimaginable! This smart Border Collie actually answers his owners questions by shaking his head yes and no! When asked if he ate his owners shoe, he responds by head shaking "no". His owner, clearly upset over the chewed show asks if he is sure he didn't eat the shoe and he shakes his head yes. After the interrogation continues, he seems to get confused with his answers and changes his mind. He may know what yes and no are, but he really has to think about it!His answer starts to change as she keeps asking him about this shoe, and maybe it is pressure of the questioning, or maybe he really is guilty, but he seems to get flustered and change his story! We see guilt here! We have the incredible urge to keep asking him more questions and see what he comes up with. If he has learned how to shake his head and answer questions, maybe he is capable of having a full conversation? Border Collies have the ability to learn more then 200 words of the English language. That is equivalent to a two or three year old child. They understand most things their owners say to them, and if they don't, they will turn their head and listen really hard until they figure out what the word or phrase means. As you can see here, they are capable of learning anything you teach them including left from right, up from down and what color is what. We are impressed with this smart and adorable dog and hope that really is innocent and didn't eat that shoe!

Smart Aussie sticks tongue out at owner for hilarious game32s

Smart Aussie sticks tongue out at owner for hilarious game

This smart Aussie really knows how to have a good time! When it comes to playing games, she is all in. Her owner taught her how to play "catch the tongue" and it is now one of her favorite games to play! When her owner asks her if she wants to play, you can immediately see the smile on her face and the light in her eyes. It is game on and she knows exactly what to do. When her human holds out his hand and a pinching position, she brings her head closer and slowly starts to stick out her tongue. When he reaches to grab her tongue, she quickly brings it back into her mouth and a huge smile erupts on her face! We have never seen a dog smile so much when playing a game! This thirteen year old Australian Shepherd is no stranger to games. She plays many others like Simon Says, Got Your Nose, and Hide and Seek. She is always up for a game, and the Catch The Tongue seems to be her favorite based on the huge smile on her face. Every time he gets close to catching her tongue, she wrinkles it up and slides it back in. This goes on over and over until she has finally had enough of the game, and give him a small nibble on the hand and walks away. It is better to walk away undefeated since he never did get his hands on the tongue! Australian Shepherds are herding dogs and need to have a job to do by nature or they will get bored and mischievous. This Aussie is long retired, but still requires mental stimulation. This is where the games come in. Her owner has taught her how to use various parts of her body in order to play games. Her smile is contagious as you can see, and it is obvious how much she enjoys spending time with her owner and playing silly games to keep her brain young!

Great Dane puppy's first experience with chicken2m23s

Great Dane puppy's first experience with chicken

Mikey the Great Dane has his first lesson at how to carry chicken into the house. Mikey is going to need a lot more lessons! Watch and laugh as he is far more interested in eating what is in the bag instead of carrying it. Clever little 7-week-old Mikey shows off how well he can sit for a chicken treat!