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Massive dog scared of car ride, clings to little girl23s

Massive dog scared of car ride, clings to little girl

Samson the 2 year old Newfoundland has never been very comfortable in the car. He is getting better but becomes very apprehensive once he steps in (or is gently forced) into a car. This time he quickly spots his best friend Sierra, his tiny human sister, and literally jumps into her lap for protection. He then spots a crow outside the car which only causes him to become more nervous. While mom is concerned about Samson's 150 pounds hurting Sierra, the little girl is only concerned with comforting Samson and getting mom to drive so that he's no longer frightened by the crow. What a scene!

Chihuahua puppy preciously befriends stuffed animal1m26s

Chihuahua puppy preciously befriends stuffed animal

This was Boomer's first night in his new home at six weeks old and here he can be seen making friends with a stuffed blue hippo. You can see the beginning of his personality with that little throw-back of his head. Now he does that times 100 when he's excited!

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Border Collie cheers on dog show competition1m01s

Border Collie cheers on dog show competition

Every year Crufts - the world's largest dog show - highlights the fun, speed and excitement of a major flyball competition as sixteen teams strive to become Crufts Flyball champions in front of a massive, noisy and enthralled audience. Sukie the border collie bounces with excitement as she watches the teams competing on TV. Awesome!

Illinois Community Donates Sofas For Homeless Dogs 10s

Illinois Community Donates Sofas For Homeless Dogs

Helping homeless pets and giving them a warm home is the desire of every organization that it dedicated to saving animals from the rough life on the streets. The people who founded these organizations come in very handy for our communities. The Knox County Humane Society in Galesburg, Illinois has put couches and recliners in the cages to make the dogs feel at home! Take a look at this video and see for yourself! There is no better feeling in the world than putting your feet up and relax in an overstuffed chair. Animals love to chill on the furniture too, but shelter animals aren’t as lucky as domestic pets. This no-kill shelter, in Galesburg, Illionis came up with a brilliant idea to make their rescued dogs feel more like at home. They put effort in getting more chairs and furniture for the longstanding residents of the shelter. The uploaded video on Facebook features three shelter dogs sitting on their own chair and relaxing. It is a true call to gathering more chairs. The video went viral very quickly and it resulted with a bunch of donated old chairs and sofas. The idea became so popular that other shelters are thinking of making a better ‘home environment’ in their facilities too. Although, the shelter hosts a big number of canines, the staff make sure that even their cats can feel the comfort with an armchair. Take a look at this sweet video that inspired shelters around the world to do the same thing! It’s amazing!

Puppy stubbornly refuses to give egg back after challenge2m17s

Puppy stubbornly refuses to give egg back after challenge

Lily is a four month old Golden Retriever-Terrier cross with a mind of her own. When Nicole decides to try the famous egg challenge, Lily is eager to play along. She takes the egg gently in her mouth and then tries to high tail it out of the room, obviously to eat the egg. She obeys her owner, sort of, when she is told to stay, but she refuses to let go of the egg. Nicole and her sister begin laughing and trying to coax Lily to give the egg back. They try talk to her gently, giving her stern orders, even bribing her with a treat. Nicole begins to think it's time to end the challenge and get the egg back but Lily isn't giving it up. Both girls try to pry Lily's mouth open to get the egg out but Lily stands her ground. It's amazing that Lily can keep her jaw locked partially shut so the egg won't be taken, yet she doesn't crack it. It becomes impossible not to cheer for Lily because her determination is so impressive. In an adorable attempt to win the egg, Lily tries her pleading eyes. She offers a paw and it's melting Nicole's heart. Nicole tries harder, through giggles and laughter, to get the egg and prevent a mess. In the end, Nicole tries to trade a ball for the egg. Lily lets go for a split second but the egg doesn't land safely as hoped. It's impossible to be upset over a broken egg when Lily is just so adorable. Lily intended to make a getaway to eat her egg, but she gets it in the end and the mess won't last long. Lily is a dog with a very playful personality and lots of energy. Nicole and her family are constantly laughing at her antics.

This Fabulous Husky Got A Terrific Makeover14s

This Fabulous Husky Got A Terrific Makeover

Huskies are a truly awesome dog breed. They are so affectionate, curious and happy all the time. Their howling and growling sound like they are having a real conversation with their owners and that’s why these dogs are so special. They require a big amount of attention and they enjoy the company of the entire family, especially kids.Take a look at this charming and smart husky dog being transformed into a real beauty with the power of makeup. We bet that you’ve heard about that girl that painted her face to look similar to her husky dog. Well, the owner of this beautiful husky named Loki, has decided to do something else. He put make up on his dog’s face. How crazy is that, right? He applied blush on the dog’s cheeks and he even put fake eyelashes on top of his eyes. His make up is definitely on fleek! The final touch was definitely the blue checkered print pajama. Outfit of the day, and on point too! When Loki was all set for the photo session, his owner took the shots and made a video of this awesome moment. The dog is standing still like a true professional. However, rather than just being a camera-loving doggo, it turns out that Loki is a very patient and disciplined dog too. Watch this dog being so sharp when posing for the shot. Loki the husky models a fresh new makeover for the camera. Looking fly, Loki! He is truly an inspiration for huskies around the world! Haha!

Dog Gets Super Jealous When Owners Exclude Him From A Hug13s

Dog Gets Super Jealous When Owners Exclude Him From A Hug

If you've ever had a dog, you know how much cute and adorable they are. With their tails wagging when they're excited or their ears flapping when they run around, they can always make us go "aww". Dogs are the most precious when they are babies. We love to take care of them, hold their paws when they first visit the vet, give them baths, feed them and watch them sleep. Everyone loves puppies. Everyone loves to sleep. Overload, puppies, like human babies, need plenty of attention and love for their development. Like a human teenager, they seem to get very grumpy when something doesn't go their way. Dogs can be quite needy when it comes to their owner’s attention which is no surprise. Dogs are pack animals, desperate for contact and attention. This dog, in particular, cannot live without their owner’s love and attention, and if their owner is busy not playing or cuddling with them, they will go to surprising extents just to get their attention. So we have this cute couple testing the limits of their doggy's jealousy right in front of the camera's view. As this guy goes in for a hug the puppy barely manages to hold of a couple of seconds before he sprints right in between their hug. Check out how Morpheus reacts the moment his owners hug each other without him. Priceless!

Husky Siblings Fight For The Place Under Owner's Legs44s

Husky Siblings Fight For The Place Under Owner's Legs

Here's some hilarious entertainment as two huskies fight it out for who gets to chill under their owner's legs. Footage shows two needy dogs desperate for owner’s attention, fiercely quarrelling for who gets to take the place under owner’s feet aka the throne! These two attention seeking pooches have put a smile on our face. Apparently, sibling rivalry is also a thing in the dog world! Watch as these needy huskies get overly attached to this precious spot, and continuously fight over it, much to our amusement! This owner was relaxing on the couch when his two needy husky dogs started getting territorial about which one of them gets to lay under owner’s stretched out legs. Here's a close up view of the silliness. This is too cute! Dogs can be quite needy when it comes to their owner’s attention which is no surprise. Dogs are pack animals, desperate for contact and attention. Siberian Huskies, in particular, cannot live without their owner’s love and attention, and if their owner is busy not playing or cuddling with them, they will go to surprising extents just to get their attention. One of these two sibling huskies is always jealous when their owner pays too much attention to the other one. Check out what happens when her owner is caught watching TV and relaxing on the couch, while these two huskies have nowhere else to be, but rather underneath their owner’s feet. The problem is, there is only room for one! Did these needy Huskies put on a show just to grab owner’s attention, because their feud is simply adorable. Whenever they need attention, they sure know how to show it and make their owner aware of it, by being as loud and obnoxious as possible, grunting and crying out loud! This is the most adorable temper tantrum that we have ever seen! Watch as these two engage in a long and loud barking conversation, which makes it sound like they are talking and arguing with one another. Unfortunately, one of the huskies loses the battle and has to retreat and find another spot to chill by! Poor buddy, better luck next time!

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Snow Dog Husky Pulls Kid On Sled Down The Street14s

Snow Dog Husky Pulls Kid On Sled Down The Street

A hilarious footage has emerged of a Siberian Husky puppy pulling a little girl on her sled down the street with ease. Just a husky doing husky things! This is the thrilling moment when a man tries to recreate a scene from Snow Dogs by attaching the sled to a Husky pup, in order to pull the little girl sitting on it. Watch as several kids walk down a snowy path, frolicking in the snow while a husky pup wants to be part of the pack. The friendly pooch is desperately seeking attention from his humans, and he will do anything just to tag along and enjoy their company. In this clip, we see that the adventurous pooch was given one very important role, to be the driver of the sled. Watch the joyous moment when a little girl is being pulled by a Husky on a tiny sleg along a snowy street. The man who is filming the video, seems to be enjoying the sight, constantly cheering for the Husky-girl team. Moments later, the husky pulls its engines to full speed and manages to reach the other kids and offer them a ride. Do you think the girl enjoys her bumpy ride? Judging by her fits of laughter, she most definitely does! Would you dare taking a ride on this tiny sled being pulled by a tough Husky pup? We most definitely put this fun adventure on out winter bucket list!

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Check Out This Famous Scooter-Riding Dog And His Amazing Tricks 2m18s

Check Out This Famous Scooter-Riding Dog And His Amazing Tricks

We often see on the Internet dogs doing lots of tricks. They do the basic tricks and basic dog training commands – sit down, come, stay, play dead, and often do tricks with a ball. But have you seen a dog riding a bicycle or a scooter? You are now. This is Norman the scooter dog. Norman is trained to compete in Agility, Herding and Obedience competitions. He received his Companion Dog Title in Obedience when he was only 15 months old, with all first placements. Cool, right? Norm loves to train and learn new tricks. There have been no tricks or skills that have stopped him yet. He is an amazing dog with an indescribable charm that warms the heart of everyone he meets. This videos shows all his incredible talents. Norman the Scooter dog may have become famous for riding a scooter, but his skills are far greater than just scooter riding. He has mastered: bike riding, jumping rope, longboarding, surfing and much, much, more. Norman has set two Guinness World Records: Fastest 30 meters on a Scooter by a Dog in 2013 and fastest 30 meters on a bicycle by a dog in 2014. Have you have seen the more talented dog? Dogs just never stop the impress us. Those smart little furry creatures just can’t stop melting our hearts! If you really liked this amazing video of Norman check out another video of him riding a bike!

Westie acts totally surprised after bumping head39s

Westie acts totally surprised after bumping head

This naughty Westie was roughhousing in a pen with his friend when he bumps his head on the table above. He sticks his head out of the pen with a look of surprise, looks right, then left, runs out, shakes it off, then jumps back to roughhousing again.

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Woman Surprises Husband With Puppy After Losing Pug Of 11 Years1m34s

Woman Surprises Husband With Puppy After Losing Pug Of 11 Years

Pets are like an extension of the family. They are the little furry brother or sister we never imagined we’d want but fit perfectly right next to us on the Christmas family photo. Having a pet can literally change our whole lives. Pets can help us get through the best and the worst of times, being the greatest counselors and the most comfortable shoulders to cry on. If we’re left on a stranded island and are allowed just one thing to bring with us, it would be our pets. Seen as they are practically related to us, it comes as no surprise that losing them takes a greater toll than expected on us. It can sometimes feel like we’ve lost a relative, and it hurts. It’s hard to ever fill up the hole that’s left behind, but this wife actually found a way to mend it a bit so that it doesn’t hurt as much. This man lost his pug of 11 years and his wife had quite the surprise for him. She found the cutest baby pug and decided to adopt it. One day she came to the house carrying the little guy and the rest was history. Upon seeing the little pupper, the man got extremely emotional and just couldn’t stop hugging the tiny babe. The pug was so excited to meet a person that is willing to give such great hugs, it never wants to leave him. The excitement is real, and the tail wagging is definitely a sign about how great their relationship is going to be from here on out. We just love these kinds of happily ever afters!

Exhausted Dog Quits Walk, Lays Down To Recharge Batteries42s

Exhausted Dog Quits Walk, Lays Down To Recharge Batteries

This is the adorable moment when one exhausted pooch decided it was time to stretch his legs in the middle of the street, because he just got tired of walking and needed to catch a break! Is Simba the Golden Retriever really lazy or is he perhaps just seeking attention from strangers? Either way it's a priceless moment! Like any puppy, Simba loves to run and play, but even the most energetic of puppies get tired eventually. A battery needs recharging after a while, right! Footage shows this lazy pooch, snoozing in the middle of the street. It seems like he had had a very long and eventful day, so instead of walking home, he would much rather lay down right here on the asphalt, splay as long and wide as he is and wait for his battery to recharge. We’ve all been there buddy, if only it were that easy. A lot of puppies tend to have this issue when they are young, so it would probably be a good idea not to take your pup on a long walk during early age. On the other hand, pups tend to drag themselves on the floor when they think they have someplace more interesting to be. Watch as this stubborn canine refuses to move a muscle and wants to doze off in the middle of the street instead. If he doesn't want to do it, he will make his wishes known! We have seen many videos of dogs protesting their walks by stopping, sometimes whining and howling, but that is not the case with our lazy Simba here, he collapses right in the middle of the street! Hilarious!

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