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German Shepherd's fun playtime in water fountain16s

German Shepherd's fun playtime in water fountain

Summer is awesome! The days are longer, drinks with umbrellas, add a maraschino cherry or a slice of pineapple, and you’re practically in the tropics. There is ice cream, outdoors films, and festivals, don’t forget about traveling and the best for the last beaches, lakes and water parks! It is the time of year when outdoor pools and water parks roll up the welcome mat and take a few months off. But there is always one last chance for your dogs to get in on the fun. Submerging your body completely in water to the point of weightlessness feels remedial. Plus, regardless of whether your pleasure is the sea, a stream or the city pool, there's nothing very like chilling in a substantial waterway on a hot day. Just like this playful German Shepard knows how to enjoy a hot summer day! This happy pup goes crazy when there’s water around. Anything to stay cool! He loves playing with the water and he is having so much fun! This is one summer day well spent! Pets are love and pets are life. Regardless of whether you like them or not, you can't deny the way that they put some rainbow sprinkles on your day, metaphorically. All pets are brilliant, however in the event that there are one animal groups that can turn up the gathering, at that point, it's certainly our canine companions.

Synchronized sneezing fits stop dogs from fighting26s

Synchronized sneezing fits stop dogs from fighting

It can be intense watching two pit bulls fight, even if they are just play fighting. But when the two pit bulls stop fighting and start sneezing at the same time, it quickly goes from intense to hilarious! Watch as these two female pit bulls go from a playful match of wrestling to a full out sneezing unison! Their hilarious sneezing is perfectly in sync, coming out of no where in the middle of their playing match. They go from bearing their teeth and playfully romping around on the blanket to suddenly sneezing at the same time, then taking turns back and forth. It is almost like there was ground pepper in those blankets. We wonder what caused the sneezing to begin with? Kya and Vegas have grown up together and are the best of friends. They are like sisters and do everything together, including sneezing apparently! When one sneezes, the other must follow suit! Now that is sisterhood if we have ever seen it! Kya is a fourteen year old tan and white pit bull and Vegas is a thirteen year old black and white. Although they are not technically sisters, they have been raised together and are inseparable. They spend most of their mornings cuddled up on their blankets until it is time for their morning wrestle. On this particular morning, the wrestling match became more then just a little fight, it became a competition in sinus evacuation! Although pit bulls tend to have a bad reputation in society, they are extremely lovable dogs and make amazing companion pets. They love to snuggle and play games with their owners just as many other breeds. As you can see here, the may look vicious when bearing their teeth, but so do any other breed of canine. Pit bulls are fun loving dogs that have a ton of personality if you get to know them! There is no doubt about the amount of personality in these two! We could watch them sneeze in sync all day!

Golden Retriever Puppy Super Jealous Of Toy Doggy43s

Golden Retriever Puppy Super Jealous Of Toy Doggy

These people bought their puppy a mini Golden Retriever sensor-activated toy that moves and barks, thinking it would be nice company for him when they aren't home. Check out his adorably humorous reaction to it! These people bought their puppy a mini Golden Retriever sensor-activated toy that moves and barks, thinking it would be nice company for him when they are not home. Check out his adorably humorous reaction to it! This sweet baby boy is so jealous that mommy is giving someone, or something for that matter, else the attention that he is used to getting all to himself! Adding to the comedy is the fact that the couple picked a robot dog version that looks just like a true Golden Retriever, so this young buck is more than likely extra confused about this entire situation! You can see how he hugs up and snuggles to his mom as if he is nudging her to remind her he is there! If this pup could talk, it seems he would be saying at this moment something along these lines: “Mom!? Why are you petting that thing? I am way cuter and cuddlier than that old yucky puppy! Did you forget? Why would you even bring something like that into this house?! I am truly offended. No, no, this will just not work. You are my mommy, and I had you first! I don’t wanna share!” He is so precious about halfway through the video when he seems to start mimicking the robot dog’s actions. When the robot sits, so does he! It is almost as if he is trying to show mom that he can do the same thing, but better! Oh, it just does not get any cuter than this right here. He looks genuinely offended and puzzled when mom starts to pet the robot dog. He even starts to bark at the robot dog as his frustration builds. He just cannot stand this situation/encounter one little bit! One thing is for sure, this couple is probably better off keeping this a one dog household! Surely this baby boy would not be very thrilled if another real dog came to live with him. Isn’t it amazing how much impact our loving pets have on our human lives? It has been scientifically proven that people with pets tend to live longer, be more compassionate, be more patient , and all around less depressed and happier people. They really brighten our worlds every single day. Pet owners around the world cannot even imagine what life would be like without our beloved furry friends by our side! Did you enjoy this video, and do you want to see more like it? Are you a small time creator looking for a stable platform to share your high-quality videos? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place! Subscribe to Rumble for more videos, or create a Rumble account to share your videos. Rumble gives more opportunities without the hassle of worrying about how many subscribers or views you have. You can have none of these things, but you can still make a profit. Upload your video, and let Rumble do all of the hard work! We cannot wait to see your masterpiece!

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Silly Pup Refuses To Drop Ball For Fetch34s

Silly Pup Refuses To Drop Ball For Fetch

April the dog loves to fetch the ball, but dropping it so that it can be thrown again? Not so much! It seems that not all dogs like to play with the ball, you should observe how this puppy completely refuses to take the ball into the hands of its owner, it is likely that he does not want to continue playing. Cuteness overload! It seems that this dog does not like to go looking for the ball , maybe he thinks there are other important things to do, he is likely to find greater satisfaction when his owner caresses him and plays with him without using the ball. Why do you throw the ball? You must go find the ball yourself! This dog refuses completely to take the ball to its owner, it seems that he does not like the idea of delivering the ball that cost him work to get, his owner insisted many times asking for the ball but the dog refuses to return it . The dog does not like the idea of playing with the ball, then lies down on the ground and releases the ball, but the owner takes the ball from the ground and throws it, but the dog refuses to go and look for it, prefers to walk towards his owner with the intention of being caressed. It seems that playing with the ball is not something that all dogs like, maybe their owner should go and look for the ball himself when he wants to play by throwing the ball. Whoever throws the ball must go and look for it! One of the best ways to make a dog exercise is to play with the ball, you could say that most dogs like to play with the ball, except for some as in the video, they seem to be too smart or lazy to go find the ball. Most people love to throw objects for you to look for and reward them for it, it seems to be a very good way to make a dog obedient because he knows he will be rewarded for his good behavior, but after watching the video he should think twice before throwing a ball. We would say that all dogs like to play with their owners regardless of their age, however, not everyone likes to play the same game, some prefer games in which they do not have to run, it is likely that some prefer to do activities where they have caresses, hugs and lots of food, since all dogs have something in common, they love being fed and loved. It is very important to play with our dogs so that they always trust us and know that we love them more than they think, it is likely that there is no better pet than a obedient and educated dog, as they illuminate our lives after a long day of work. It is necessary to analyze and know which are the games that dogs like to play, because maybe if they do not like one they can try to play another, do not expect everyone to like to look for the ball, if so, they will have to wait forever for a ball that your dog will never look for, like in the video.

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