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12-year-old Great Dane celebrates birthday with special dinner52s

12-year-old Great Dane celebrates birthday with special dinner

Briva has been a loyal pet, friend, and family protector for 12 years. Most Great Danes live to about 8 years and anything beyond that age is considered a bonus. A few get to 10. But to have a Great Dane live to the age of 12 is remarkable. Briva may not know she is a dog though. She is enormous and she takes up an entire couch when she spreads out. She will also sit with her rear end on the couch and her front paws on the floor. The result is a surprisingly human like pose that makes everybody laugh. Great Danes are very relaxed dogs that are extremely affectionate. Like most Danes, Briva likes to walk up beside people and lean on them, asking for attention. Unaware of her size and weight, unsuspecting people are often knocked off balance by this. It's very endearing to have such a gentle giant asking to be petted. But Briva wasn't always so low-energy and relaxed. As puppies, Great Danes are high-energy, mischievous, and even destructive due to their size and power. Briva would run from room to room, bouncing off furniture sideways to spring back in the direction that she had come from. She pushed off so hard from the back of the family couch that she put the couch through the drywall. Briva's owner, Kristy, took her to work when she was a few months old and Briva bounced through the drywall while she was on an excited tear around the staff room. But Briva has grown very ladylike in her golden years and she prefers to lounge quietly on the front porch of the family cottage now. She enjoys walks in a local forest and she freely wanders the property where she lives. On special occasions, such as her birthday, Briva is served a gourmet meal to show her how much she is loved and adored. Here, she is given a large tenderloin steak, a baked potato, and glazed carrots. She eats 10 or 12 slices of beef in two bites and inhales the potato. She even munches away happily on the carrots. Briva may not fully understand birthdays, but she knows that when a steak is in placed in front of her, it's a special day! Briva's owner is a veterinarian. It's more than likely that her long life is due to having very attentive and thorough care, as well as proper diet and exercise, but it's also likely that Briva has lived so long because she is so well loved!

German Shepherd puppy mimics kid's every move7s

German Shepherd puppy mimics kid's every move

Meet Ivy the long-haired German Shepherd, a very smart breed indeed! She's always been eager to learn, teaching herself things to do mostly by mimicking their every move. Ivy has a lot of tricks up her sleeve but this one is definitely the silliest!

What The Fluff Challenge With Our Dogs1m52s

What The Fluff Challenge With Our Dogs

Charlie the dog and Puppy Lilly are attempting the "what the fluff challenge" I think they have been fooled.....Would your dog fall for this? Watch more: 👉Popular Uploads: 👉Latest Uploads: 👉Cute Baby and Dog Compilations: 👉Funny Beagle Dog Videos: 👉Cute Beagle Dog Videos : 👉Beagle Puppies Videos:

Dog Knows That His Puppy Sister is in Trouble and He Tries to Save Her with Kisses1m16s

Dog Knows That His Puppy Sister is in Trouble and He Tries to Save Her with Kisses

Dog knows that his puppy sister is in trouble and he tries to save her with kisses with Charlie the dog and Puppy Lilly!Leave the dog and puppy alone in the house for 8 hours and here are the effects...but how can you be mad at such cute pies 😁😁😁 Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed and would like more of these👉 Watch more: 👉Popular Uploads: 👉Latest Uploads: 👉Cute Baby and Dog Compilations: 👉Funny Beagle Dog Videos: 👉Cute Beagle Dog Videos : 👉Beagle Puppies Videos:

Genius dog figures out bottle puzzle for treats1m07s

Genius dog figures out bottle puzzle for treats

Pet owners prepare to laugh and be amazed as this is one video that should not be missed! In this video, meet Bella - the Belgian Malinois! According to her owner, "I've had this toy made for Belbecause she eats too fast when I put food in her bowl. Also because she has a lot of energy, her breed is extremely intelligent, she has a big will to please, and she wants to play all the time!" Watch Bella in action as she attempts to beat the game for a few treats!

German Shepherd Plays Hide-And-Seek With Owner27s

German Shepherd Plays Hide-And-Seek With Owner

From time to time there are various kinds of challenges that are becoming popular all over the world. Just remember the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" when people poured themselves with a bucket of ice water, or the "Mannequin Challenge", where a group of people needed to freeze in one position. Of course, all of these feats should be filmed and shared because they can definitely make your day! Typically, these appearing and disappearing trends do not carry any deeper meaning, but sometimes Internet users come up with something really sweet. And now there is a new challenge on the world wide web called "What The Fluff". Its essence is very simple: the owners of animals (mostly dogs) should cover themselves with a blanket, place their pet in front of them, and then throw the blanket high above their heads while managing to hide quickly around the corner of the room. The reaction of the pet is mostly puzzled about how their owner evaporated into thin air. The entire process and what transpires should be filmed and posted on the Internet. There is nothing quite like the look of astonishment and marvel that comes across your cat or dog's face when you manage to show them something new about the world. They gaze at you like you are the cleverest being on earth and they cannot wait for what comes afterward. And that is actually the identical expression they have when you play a trick on them. The “What The Fluff Challenge” became one of the main Internet phenomena of June, and is still gaining momentum on social media generally under the hashtag #WhatTheFluff. The video at the top of the page is one in the multitudes of videos you can search on the Internet that shows a disappearing magic trick played on a dog. Same but not the same: there is a little twist. Watch! Now, there are dogs so smart that you just cannot play stupid tricks on them. You must adapt your challenge to their immense intelligence. The lady in the video is trying to trick Jumbo, her 8-month-old German Shepherd, and disappear, but in order to win, instead of raising the blanket and hiding she reinforces her side by covering the pooch with it and hiding behind the curtain. At first, you might she bought herself enough time to confuse him while he is getting freed from the blanket over his head and hide behind the curtain but no, it looks like you just can't fool Jumbo! Of course, no blanket or flimsy curtain will come between him and his owner. Such a smart doggy! Watch! We bet you will like this next video showing a dog confused by disappearing owner in “What The Fluff” Challenge. This is how the trick was supposed to go! If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!

German Shorthaired Pointers Obsessed With Basset Hound's Toy Ball59s

German Shorthaired Pointers Obsessed With Basset Hound's Toy Ball

Everyone knows that dogs tend to develop dominance over a toy. Give them a mutually liked toy and all hell might break loose. In this hilarious video, we see a Basset Hound lying on the couch with his favorite orange ball next to him. Opposite of them are three obsessed German Shorthaired Pointer pooches with a mad gaze, having their eyes fixated on the ball, not moving a muscle. Oh boy, this is going to be a tough one! Judging by this setting, you can assume that all of these dogs love the orange ball as much as the Basset, who currently has gained dominance over their favorite toy. It's an adorable battle as these four-legged buddies duke it out for ownership of the tiny ball. Who will claim victory? These three ball-obsessed German Shorthaired Pointers take sibling rivalry to the next level, as Marzi the sassy Basset is outnumbered and has to give up the ball dominance. Wait until the end! Although some fights for toys can get vicious, this hilarious clip has shown us a completely different perspective on toy dominance between several dogs in one household. Footage shows four dogs engaging in a harmless staring contest over their favorite toy, calculating their moves and hesitating whether to reach out and claim dominance over it. In the end, the German Shorthaired Pointer standing in the middle braved up to the sassy Basset and came out ahead as the victor for now. With those four in the same house, you can bet that this will be an ongoing series of battles over time for ball supremacy. Nothing like a little bit of sibling competition to strengthen a bond! Who do you think will probably win the next one? Will the Basset come back seeking for vengeance, or will the other German Shorthaired Pointers hold the crown as champions in the next round? Nonetheless, these kind of sibling rivalry quarrels are guaranteed to get us our daily dose of adorableness! Sibling rivalry can be a really serious thing sometimes. For instance, you can try to compete with your sibling over the things that are not worth it. And sometimes it can cause greater problems than good things. However sometimes can be fun too. In another hilarious video, we see impatient pooches fighting over a donut toy! Oh, no! Please cute dogs, don’t fight! We see one dog that took the donut first spinning the other dog around! Even when it’s funny like this we can't help it but wonder if they are in the fight and who won! Talking about ‘sharing is caring’, take a look at these two reasonable siblings from which we can learn a lot about the art of teamwork. Grace and Cuba have developed a healthy habit of taking turns holding their favorite toy while the other munches on some delicious treats, instead of fighting over it. Teamwork makes dream work! These two adorable dogs have a sound understanding of the concept of cooperation. They both wait patiently for their turn to come as the owner switches turns to feed them both. Every time it is the other’s turn to snack, the second dog waits patiently to be fed and their is no fuss about it. Dogs can get possessive when it comes to their owners and favorite toys. They defend what’s theirs and don’t let anybody take that away from them. Anyone who interferes between them and their favourite toy gets the well-deserved punishment. Have you ever witnessed such rivalry before? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Future Parents Reveal Baby Gender With The Help Of Their Poodle52s

Future Parents Reveal Baby Gender With The Help Of Their Poodle

It is the latest fad when it comes to event organizing - expecting parents gather their friend and relatives to show everyone the gender of the family member they will be welcoming in the very near future. Colored balloons, color themed cakes, games and piñatas - they are all in play! Some couples go all out for the grand reveal and why wouldn’t they - the entire fad has given birth to a world wide business model, where professional people take care of everything for you, so that you can be as surprised about the news as everyone else! Don’t get us wrong, having a lavish party to learn your baby’s gender is a good idea. But recently we have been surprised by the amount of parents-to-be who decide to take things on the down low for their baby's gender reveal. A small cake, a few of their closest relatives, everyone in the comfort of their home; what more can you possibly want? Still, there are some couples who decide to think outside the box and think of a new, unique and adorable way to tell their closest people the gender of the newest addition to the family. This couple deliver a new twist on a gender reveal party as they await the answer from their dog dressed up in either pink or blue. Check it out! The guys took their poodle, gave it a fresh new haircut and dyed the tufts of fur on its head, paws and tail to match the baby’s gender. With their family members and friends gathered in their backyard, mom- and dad-to-be call out their four-legged baby to come outside. The fluffy pooch takes its sweet time to get there, building up the anticipation. Drumroll, please… With an excitement that matches the rest of the crowd, the poodle comes running to its owners, to reveal its pink-colored do. It’s a girl! Guests scream, whoop and clap at the sight of the dashing pup, while the poor thing gets even more excited. Too bad it doesn’t understand that all that noise isn’t because it was a good doggy, but because in a few short months, there will be another, much smaller baby that will take up all of mom and dad’s attention. It doesn’t matter really, as long as it stays in the family! This baby gender reveal was left up in the air - after an hilarious mix-up by a balloon shop. Happy couple Joe and Leela Krummel, together 9 years, gathered friends and family at their home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, to find out if they were expecting a boy or girl. A simple reveal had been planned - opening a box of balloons which would then pop out revealing pink for a girl or blue for a boy. However the bemused pair were greeted by a bunch of multi-colored balloons leaving them baffled. Joe said, "Nobody at the party knew the gender, including us. Before opening the box we were nervous because the store didn't seem to understand the concept of blue for boy, pink for girl, but they reassured us it would be done properly. But when we saw the multi-colored balloons we were so disappointed, not only because 30 people were staring at us in confusion but because we couldn't find the card in the bottom that had the gender written on it." Apparently, the shop that made the gender reveal prop thought that they were supposed to HIDE the card with the baby’s gender in a secret compartment at the bottom, thinking that is the whole point. They are definitely NOT getting a good review for this!

Adorable 3-Week-Old Puppy Sleeps With Paws In The Air14s

Adorable 3-Week-Old Puppy Sleeps With Paws In The Air

Pets are love and pets are life. Whether you like them or not, you can’t deny the fact that they put some rainbow sprinkles on your day, figuratively speaking. All pets are wonderful, but if there is one species that is able to turn up the party, then it’s definitely our canine friends. We all know that dogs like the simple pleasures in life. All they need to be happy is a bowl of kibble, the walks down the street, those frequent trips to the dog park and of course, their favorite time for some special canine zzz’s! And they are absolutely amazing. They remind us of smaller and hairier versions of humans that love nothing more than to have fun. It seems like we can never get enough of the puppy awesomeness. They keep us at our toes with their antics and melt us into puddles of mush when they turn on their charm. They are like the furry offspring that likes to wake us up early in the morning to go potty but we don’t mind because they are adorable. Meet Thor! This adorable Maltese is 3 weeks old and he loves sleeping, especially with his tiny little paws in the air! They say that when a pup that sleeps in this position it most likely doesn’t have a care in the world. Well, this God of Thunder is done saving the Universe for today and just wants to take a relaxing nap. Isn't he adorable? Looking at this cute video of a puppy taking a nap on its back, as peaceful and as cute as a button it is no wonder why dog videos have reached such popularity on the internet lately. In fact, who does not want to have all worries of the day wiped off just by looking at such cuteness? And, therefore it is absolutely no wonder why people love to show off their pets. They are treated as stars, as cute toy creatures that give one joy, or even ugly, but ridiculously funny pets. Pets are, and this is a fact, one of the top-5 keyword searches on the Internet. For those few who did not know, let us tell you a little secret about dog videos. The Internet was first conquered by cats: a lazy cat, an angry cat, a cross-eyed cat, a brave cat (Remember the hero cat who saved the little boy from a dog attack? Of course, we all do!) these were on the all-star list of Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Photos, videos, memes, gifs, whatever you could possibly imagine to share online was instantly gaining immense popularity! Entire audiences of admirers and subscribers started to gather and expanded. And how did our dogs leg behind in this pet-craze? They actually did not! Dogs confidently began to catch up with the mustachioed mousers. And not only catch up, they even started overshadowing their popularity. And why you might ask. It is because of amazing dog videos like this one on the top of the page. Watch! Go, go dogs! If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!