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Young love results in 9 adorable fluffy puppies1m22s

Young love results in 9 adorable fluffy puppies

Dexter, a Mirama, and Stella, a Bernese Mountain Dog, are two beautiful pups who became romantically involved at a younger age than anyone would have expected. They are just barely one year old. Just before their owner booked a spay and neuter, the pair found a few stolen moments and Stella found herself in the family way. Two months later, their family exploded and they became parents to nine adorable little balls of fur. Dexter no longer sleeps in and Stella finds herself busier than ever as they care for the energetic babies. The fluffy little pups are shown here at the age of eight weeks. They spend their days running in the field, exploring the woods nearby and climbing over everything they find. As the pups are let out of the cage in the morning, Stella appears to be sniffing and counting them all. Keeping tabs on nine is an incredible feat. They are always under the loving and watchful eyes of Dexter, Stella, and their owner as well. They live on a wonderful farm near Peterborough where they have acres of green grass and forest to play in. Miramas are famous for being talented herders ad protective guards. Dexter does his duty faithfully as the pups run and play. He manages to keep them all together and accounted for. Each puppy is as soft and cuddly as it looks and their faces are irresistible. They're nine adorable fluffy puppies and they are one big bundle of joy!

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Golden Retriever's first litter: The miracle of birth1m26s

Golden Retriever's first litter: The miracle of birth

Oakley is a gorgeous Golden Retriever with a gentle and loving disposition. Two months ago she spent the afternoon with a dark red Golden Retriever named Kevin. Their romance resulted in Oakley being pregnant with her first litter of puppies. She's about to give birth to six boys and three girls. Oakley works hard to deliver her young and she immediately begins the job of cleaning and feeding her family. She instinctively knows to thoroughly clean each puppy and lick them until they clean and dry. This will help stimulate them to breath, move and nurse. Each pup quickly does what she expects and they squirm and explore, seeking milk and warmth from Oakley within minutes of their arrival. They are all robust and strong puppies with a healthy appetite already. Oakley also instinctively disposes of any afterbirth. In the wild, this is a very necessary precaution to prevent predators from being attracted by the smell of prey. The faster an animal can get her young nursing, the faster they will be strong enough for survival. Oakley is very fortunate. Her litter are all healthy, robust puppies with big appetites. She will have her work cut out for her in the coming weeks. Oakley may be new to delivering puppies, but she is lucky to be assisted by Christine, an experienced breeder who knows exactly how to reassure and comfort Oakley throughout the birth. Oakley is extremely trusting and has no concerns when Christine briefly removes each newborn puppy for a quick inspection and cleaning before returning them promptly to Oakley. And Kevin, the proud father, watched from the other room with occasional noises of encouragement for Oakley. He will be a very involved father in the coming weeks.

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9-Week-Old Pack Of Newfie Puppies Tirelessly Chase A Tiny Dachshund1m44s

9-Week-Old Pack Of Newfie Puppies Tirelessly Chase A Tiny Dachshund

Watch as this pack of 9-week-old Newfie puppies put together their combined effort and speed to try and catch a speedy Dachshund. Unfortunately their numerous attempts are to no avail and fail to reach the fast dog. She outlasted all the puppies to win the contest! This vigorous Dachshund is the true "Flash" among this pack of Newfie puppies who try to get him for a second, but he takes running very seriously and is always one step ahead. He does it effortlessly with such an ease making them run around chasing thin air. The young Newfies are so clumsy and inert compared to the agile Dachshund who runs like a streak and flies before the eyes of the pack of black fluffy furs. It is adorable to watch them try to pick up his pace, but by the time they reach one end of the yard, the fast, skilled runner is already waiting for them on the other side of the yard. These dogs found a new adorable way to play tag, but this exhausting chase will make baby Newfies to lose some of their baby fat. The Dachshund is a "hot dog" among slow and chunky breeds. One of the Newfies can be spotted laying on the gross, not even bothering to join the chase. He must be taking life nice and easy, and prefers taking some rest. The others will sure join him soon, because it is hard to keep up with the mighty runner.

Determined Husky goes up against the garden hose!26s

Determined Husky goes up against the garden hose!

Thinking that it was a good opportunity for bath time, this owner decided to lure out his Husky into the backyard to wash him up. Judging by this footage though, it looks like it didn't quite go as planned!

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Old Great Dane eats corn on the cob like a pro57s

Old Great Dane eats corn on the cob like a pro

Briva is an 11-year-old Great Dane who absolutely loves her corn on the cob. She's even more fond of it if there's a hint of butter on it. What she has learned to do is nibble away at it like a human. She's almost completely blind, but she's able to use her teeth to carefully bite off the kernels just like her people would. Briva lost one of her eyes due to glaucoma and the other is affected by cataracts to the point where she can see very little more than shadows. Briva hasn't lost her appetite or taste for fine food though! With a little help holding the corn and the proper rotation, she can go through that cob faster than anyone. Briva gets a little help from below too, as you can see. Buddha, the family Beagle doesn't miss what falls on the deck. While he is eating his share, pieces of corn actually rain down on him from above. Great Danes are messy eaters and he gets a very decent helping. Briva and Buddha are inseparable. They sleep together and play together, although they both sleep a little more and move a little more slowly than they did when they were pups. One of their favourite things to do is doze on the deck at the cottage and wait for the food to appear. Of course, they will also take an occasional dip in the lake on the hot days. When Briva was in her prime, the squirrels and chipmunks at the cottage would keep a wide berth. They would sneak up on the deck carefully to look for peanuts, but now that she is in her golden years, they often dart back and forth right under her nose. Briva is enjoying her golden years and they are well earned. She has been a wonderful family member.

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Nine Fluffy Puppies Adorably 'Attack' A Stuffed Toy1m06s

Nine Fluffy Puppies Adorably 'Attack' A Stuffed Toy

When a Bernese Mountain dog and a Mirama managed to sneak off for a few minutes alone, the result was nine adorable fluffy puppies. The one-year-old dogs were both scheduled for their family planning visit with the veterinarian, but they managed a little unauthorized romance just before the big day. Two months later, Stella gave birth to a litter of nine very energetic puppies. They keep their parents busy all day long as they explore, frolic and wrestle. When they found a stuffed dog toy on the lawn, they discovered a new kind of fun. They grabbed the toy and pulled in all directions. It turned into a tug of war between all of them. They pulled and tripped and toppled over each other trying to get their teeth into the plush toy. After going back and forth in a great big ball of moving fur, one finally got the stuffed dog all to himself and made a break for the treeline. But the rest were hot on his heels as he tried to run with a toy in his mouth that is almost as big as he is. These puppies are now almost old enough to leave the home. They are almost weaned, having reached 8 weeks of age. It's no surprise that there was a lineup for this litter. They will all be going to their forever homes in the coming days, except for one of the tan colored pups. You can't help but smile at the sight of these wiggling, squirming, fluffy puppies. And you can't help wanting one of your own!

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Hidden Camera Captures Two Bulldogs Interacting With TV Program2m05s

Hidden Camera Captures Two Bulldogs Interacting With TV Program

Elvis and Khaleesi are two spoiled rotten English Bulldog siblings from the same litter and have completely opposite personalities! Amongst other things they love TV so much that their owners always leave it on for them! On this particular day, "Mom" set up a hidden camera in the living room to see what these two would be up to while she was at work. As usual she left the TV turned on for them, but that was a big mistake. Little did she know that this movie would be showing and make her canines upset. These two are hilarious and their reaction will certainly make you smile! In this adorable and hilarious video these two Bulldogs watch TV, on sits on the couch the other is in front of the TV. Suddenly they spot a kitty playing with paper on the big screen and immediately start barking at it. As they start barking, dog appears on the screen and upsets them even more. No the bulldog in front, raises its feet to get closer to the TV and reacts with the entire body, ready to attack. They continued to watch the TV with closer attention. The cat is running away and the dog on screen is chasing her, so one of the bulldogs gets natural instinct to go after them, it is so adorable. Needless to say Elvis and Khaleesi will be listening to the radio from now on!

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Beagle Puppy Playing In Falling Leaves For The First Time3m12s

Beagle Puppy Playing In Falling Leaves For The First Time

Everybody loves fall because it is such a glorious season! Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the season that follows can’t be fun and this pup shows us just how fun it can be! Lilly the Beagle pup got to experience fall for the first time and she sure is loving it! At first she seems distrustful of those flying yellow things in the air, the wind gushing from the side. But as soon as she got to sniff around with her mighty Beagle nose, Lilly realizes that this is a great day to be alive and running, so she sets off to chase the golden fall leaves and the wind picks them up and throws them around the yard! Watching this gorgeous pup run around, sticking leaves in her muzzle and enjoying the general autumn splendor makes us want to toss work for the day, put on our coats and go running in the park! Wouldn’t it be super nice to be careless for one afternoon? Lilly the Beagle is the baby sister of the ultra-famous Charlie the Beagle, whose friendship with baby human Laura Olivia has been documented on numerous videos on his channel! Subscribe to Charlie the Dog: Watch more Charlie the Dog: Follow Charlie the Dog: Facebook: Instagram: https://instagram.c

Bulldog Reacts Hilariously After Being Scared15s

Bulldog Reacts Hilariously After Being Scared

There is simply something magical about pets that makes people feel happy. They make life better in so many ways and nothing beats the special moments shared with these furbabies. After spending only a few minutes with a soft, loving pet all of your worries and problems will seem to just disappear! This Bulldog is the sweetest, most adorable, little cutie in the whole world. This short clip of a man and his dog, will sure make you laugh! Check out this bulldog's hilarious reaction when he is surprised by his human. Priceless! The Bulldogis as relaxed as can be, just laying on the floor doing nothing, comfortably snuggling with his toy. A few seconds later his dad slowly approaches the dog, he sneaks from behind and gives him a sudden share, resulting with a sudden fright! The dog is overly surprised and makes a sudden jump. He is confused and starts growling, and makes the cutest face of a scared big dog!. He quickly snatches his toy and protects it with his two paws, being afraid that someone might steal it. Too funny! He is acting all childish, being protective of his security blanket. He just doesn’t want to share! His reaction will definitely put a smile on your face and teach you that big dogs can also be frightened!

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Chihuahua Steals The Spotlight With Crazy Balancing Skills44s

Chihuahua Steals The Spotlight With Crazy Balancing Skills

Christian Stoinev balances his handstand on two basketballs when his Chihuahua, Percy decides to steal his show by flaunting his crazy balancing skills. A Chihuahua may be the smallest breed of dog there is but Percy was nothing short of spectacular during his performance. In this video, a man dribbles two basketballs and places them on the ground and does a handstand on the two balls while keeping his balance for about ten seconds. A dog can be noticed in the left bottom corner looking around as if he is not impressed by his owner's act of balance, he doesn't even wait for him to finish his balancing act and rushes in to steal his thunder like "stop bragging let me show you how it's done"! Immediately after the man got down, Percy hops on top of a basketball and copies him by balancing himself on the basketballs, as the ball rolls on the ground. Percy is a real copy dog! He watches his owner do an impressive handstand while balancing on two basketballs and then steals his spotlight by repeating the same trick. He balances himself on one basketball and then transfers to the second. These are some serious balancing skills, awesome! The basketball doesn't have to be used just to shoot some hoops and these two discovered a great alternative purpose for it. This man and dog duo will keep you well-entertained as they pull off an amazing basketball balancing act like it is a piece of cake.

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Great Dane 'Motivates' Himself In The Mirror At The Gym1m55s

Great Dane 'Motivates' Himself In The Mirror At The Gym

Every dog can be hilarious in their own way. They release funny sounds, they make hilarious moves to impress their owners, and more often than not, they throw a tantrum when they can’t figure out things that seem so basic and mundane to us, humans. Taker Gozer, the big Great Dane, as a perfect example. When the great big pooch notices the other dog in the mirror, he fails to realize that it is actually himself! Gozer looks at the dog on the other side staring right back at him and starts whimpering, lowering his head and flattening his ears to his head. Dog owners might recognize Gozer’s stance as a sign of fear, but the wagging of the long, slender tail might suggest otherwise. The Great Dane is unfamiliar with the dog on the other side and seems like he is inviting him to play, but if we had anything to say in this, we think that he actually does recognize his own reflexion and he is unsatisfied with his gains. He’s probably whining because he’s been busting his butt in the gym and all he sees is some muscle in the shoulders, but nothing on his thighs and absolutely zero calves! If only Gozer knew that he is not the only bodybuilder in this world who can’t build up his tiny calves!

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Dog Responds To Chips Opening In The Most Adorable Way6s

Dog Responds To Chips Opening In The Most Adorable Way

When we say that this pup is all of us when we hear the sweet, sweet rustling of a fresh bag of chips being opened, we actually mean it! We have never seen an animal respond so adorably to a bag of food being opened, because chips are life! We see the dark grey ball of fluff in the distance, playing with its ball and minding its own business. But with the camera on the floor, a tiny voice in the back of our heads is telling us that something magical is about to unfold before our very eyes and boy, our instincts have not failed us yet! When the puppy hears rustling happening behind the camera, it jumps with vigor to face the sound. The crackling continues, as if to tease the tiny pup on the other side of the room. It turns its head inquisitively, as if to asses the event that is going on out front. But when the bag of chips finally pops open, we recognize our own childlike spirit in the pup’s happiness, as it comes hopping towards its owner, hoping to get a share of the delicious treats inside that tease of a bag. If we were this puppy’s owner, we would have let it have the whole bag, because all that cuteness made us forget about food!

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Drug Addicted Dog In Afghanistan Gets A Second Chance At Life46s

Drug Addicted Dog In Afghanistan Gets A Second Chance At Life

This wonderful dog hasn't had much luck in life, she lived on the streets as a stray dog, alone and abandoned, until a rescue team came along and gave her a second chance at life. Take a look at how she recovered and how wonderful she looks today! Nesha is an eight-month-old dog that was addicted to drugs because she lived in Kabul, Afghanistan where there were many drug addicts. Nesha's owner would give her drugs three times a day, if missed she would start shaking and would bang her head against the wall. Nowzad charity is rescuing stray and abandoned animals in Afghanistan. When they saw news coverage on this dog on the local media they immediately took action and went to rescue her. It is so unfortunate how many stray dogs suffer and live a nasty street life, but thanks to the noble charities, they will eventually all be nurtured and rescued to safety. With great difficulties they finally convinced the owner and brought the dog to the Nowzad clinic where their capable team of local Afghan vets treated Nasha until she fully recovered from her addition. Nowzad charity is interested in your generous donations which will help them save many more dogs just like Nesha. Please support Nowzad because your donations can make a difference, thank you.

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Two K-9 Officers Enjoy Delightful Playtime1m37s

Two K-9 Officers Enjoy Delightful Playtime

Just like human police officers need to take a break from time to time from their burdening profession, the officers from the K-9 unit needs some down time too! A Belgian Malinois and a German Shepherd, two police officers, have been granted some playtime off hours and the duo, professional as they are, took that very seriously! The two gorgeous hounds were allowed to run and roam all day on some fresh green grass, without having to take down a perp or bite an offender’s arm off. It is a good day to be a dog! Other than the obvious similarity of the two breeds when it comes to appearance, colors and size, the Malinois and GSD are far more alike. Both breeds are often used as service dogs in the police and armed forces. Both are exceptional at working tasks: detection of odors such as explosives, accelerants (for arson investigation), and narcotics; tracking humans for suspect apprehension in police work; and search and rescue missions. Families love these two as well, since they take training exceptionally well, although the Malinois dog is far less stubborn than the GSD; they are great with kids and can be very protective of their families. In a nutshell, a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois have a lot in common, but the price isn’t one. A Malinois will cost you around $600, while a GSD will set you back at least double that.

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