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Expert Gives Instructions On How To Throw A Boomerang3m31s

Expert Gives Instructions On How To Throw A Boomerang

Boomerangs are almost as old as humans. They have been used by many civilisations as a weapon for hunting and even just for sport and hobby. The oldest boomerang was found in Europe, however, it is mostly associated with the culture of the indigenous people of Australia. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia have perfected the craft of hunting with a boomerang so much so that it is one of their trademarks. Boomerangs are thrown tools that are shaped to form an angle. They are made with a flat airfoil shape, usually flat on the bottom and rounded on one side of the top, tapering out to a sharp edge. This design helps with the aerodynamics and makes the boomerang form an angle of 90 degrees in the air and return to the point where it was thrown from. Vic of 'boomerangsbyvic' explains how to throw a traditionally shaped returning boomerang. This was a boomerang he had already mailed to a customer who, having difficulties getting a good return, was asked by Vic to mail the boomerang back so he could show him exactly how to throw it. The first thing he does is show us that it is in fact the boomerang that the customer sent. Afterwards, he explains the way the boomerang should move. He points out that the best way to make sure that the device returns to you is to make sure that there is a slight breeze in the air where you’re supposed to throw it. You should determine which way the breeze is coming from and stand facing it. In order to make the boomerang return, you need to make sure you throw it a little bit to the right of it. The process of throwing is easy too. You must remember to hold the boomerang with the airfoil side of it facing you. You hold it with the first three fingers of your right hand and the angle of the boomerang facing you. You shouldn’t throw the device with too much force but rather focus on flicking your wrist. Once you have it up in the air, you should try catching it between the open palms of your hand, but you should be very careful while doing it because it might hurt you. We can see Vic throwing the boomerang a few times to make sure that it returns. The first time he realises that there was probably too much wind so he throws it a bit more to the left, right into the breeze. After it returns a bit further to the back, the next time he throws it, he makes sure that its direction is almost entirely facing the direction of the breeze. It seems that third time's a charm, because he manages to get it right and even catch it in his hands. What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Homemade jet engine that's actually a working model!2m33s

Homemade jet engine that's actually a working model!

This model is built to simulate a real jet engine, even though is electric. Is very basic so everybody can build it. The way I designed and built my jet engine model is not the best way to do it. I can imagine a million ways to build a better model, more realistic, more reliable and even easier to build. But for now this is what I got.This is a model of a jet engine with a scale 1:90. It was made with an electric motor that moves with a set of gears and with a flywheel that spins in 16:1 ratio, which was taken from a flywheel-driven toy car. It's cool to see where these parts are originating from. The best part about the flywheel is that it makes the jet engine model sound like a real full-size jet engine! That's pretty awesome. It's always impressive when you can replicate the real life sounds of an object. This is one cool contraption, you have to be very intelligent to create something this impressive. Be careful, it sounds so realistic, you might think you're taking off! The parts that make up the inside consists of the motor, magnets, the gearbox with flywheel and the electromagnet to generate current for the N1 gauge. There are many other parts apart from these, but mostly it boils down to them. When everything is put together, you get a running model of an electric jet engine and one may think you are at an airport. Amazing!

3 tips how to spot fake UFO news for beginners6m52s

3 tips how to spot fake UFO news for beginners

How to spot fake news stories like on YouTube or Facebook? This video shares three simple tips called "The rule of S.O.S.". If you stick to it, you will recognize fake stories immediately. Fake news comes in all kinds of forms. From political news publications to conspiracy theories with bizarre claims like UFO videos. The problem with hoaxers is that every story has a background, so no lie can be hidden. UFO hoaxers are fake news publishers too with the motive to make a lot of money with Google's Adsense revenue. YouTube and UFOs are two perfect ingredients for hoaxers to drive a lot of traffic to their content.