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DIY Christmas Night Light: Stars In A Jar4m35s

DIY Christmas Night Light: Stars In A Jar

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DIY dog treats: Thanksgiving dinner for dogs1m09s

DIY dog treats: Thanksgiving dinner for dogs

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate then by making a Thanksgiving dinner for your dog. These Turkey Dog Treats have all the classic Thanksgiving foods baked right in them! Thanksgiving dog treats are easy and fun to make, and a great way to spend time with your dogs! You can make these treats with leftover Thanksgiving dinner foods, or make them before you serve your big Thanksgiving meal. Enjoy!

This DIY Rocket Powered Fidget Spinner Will Get You Dizzy3m37s

This DIY Rocket Powered Fidget Spinner Will Get You Dizzy

Just when we were starting to get fatigued by fidget spinner news, somebody put three rockets on a huge metal one. Has the fame surrounding fidget spinners finally begun to die down? Probably not, but either way, in this video you will see a dude who has taken the ever-popular toy to the next level. Check out this epic rocket powered fidget spinner experiment. This is probably the world's fastest and most dangerous fidget spinner that goes about 1,000mph. Enjoy! We are amazed as we observed how to make a rocket-powered fidget spinner out of metal parts as the entire procedure is explained step by step and we finally got to see a huge aluminum fidget spinner get the rocket engine treatment. Fidget spinners are everywhere. Thousands upon thousands of plastic discs in every shape, size and color have been press-fit with skate bearings and piled high on every store shelf. Just like all fads, they’ll surely fade from the mainstream before too long, but in the meantime this dude has something to say about the ubiquitous, gyroscopic toy. We have seen bladed fidget spinners, giant fidget spinners, and now even rocket-powered fidget spinners. Never one to let something this popular go by without investigating, so people come up with different ways to freshen up this worldwide trend!

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Learn How To Turn Yourself Into An 'Angry Comic Character' For Halloween2m38s

Learn How To Turn Yourself Into An 'Angry Comic Character' For Halloween

Argenis Pinal is a makeup artist and face and body paint artist from the United States. His channel is filled with elaborate tutorials on how to transform yourself into pretty much every comic book character known to the modern civilization! His skills are so advanced, you don’t even need clothes - he will just paint them on you! If you still want to make yourself look like a character from a comic book, but don’t think you can pull off wearing nothing but paint all over you, then fret not! Argenis is here to give you a step by step tutorial on how to make yourself look like a vicious comic book character by painting only your face! Naturally, he starts by covering his entire face with full coverage foundation. He contours his features around the nose and eyebrows and the side of his face, before starting to apply the color. He creates the “angry" look by adding purple and blue eye shadow around his eyes, to make his eyes look deeper set and menacing. Then he draws on some mean looking eyebrows with black body paint. Remember, all comic book villains have big, bushy eyebrows! He draws the frown with few shades of brows eyeshadow, then uses the same colors to sketch out where his grin will be. He uses white paint to ‘apply’ the exposed teeth, a few shades of red to mimic the gums around the teeth, then a bit of yellow and light brown to give the teeth a rotten appearance, because no villain has the time to visit the dentist! A couple of finishing touches with the back paint and a couple of colored contacts and you are ready to scare people on the street out of their wits! Happy Halloween!

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Hair Stylist Shows Off Some Incredible Wig Making Talent1m00s

Hair Stylist Shows Off Some Incredible Wig Making Talent

Sure, it's just a doll, but before you judge you must take a look at the amazing job that this stylist pulls off with it. The process is long and it takes a lot of hard work, but when you see the outcome, you'll be impressed. Wigs are definitely not a modern invention. These important head coverings, often used to denote social rank and for cosmetic purposes, enjoy a rich and varied history that reflects people’s attitudes in society throughout the ages. The oldest method for making wigs involves weaving hair around a silk warp to form a “weft”- a small fringe structure that will be used as a “building block” for the wig. The wefts are then sewn and styled onto a foundation made out of the net, silk, and other materials. The modern method for making wigs was developed by wig-makers in France during the 19th century. They would weave the hair is directly onto the foundation material (usually a flesh colored net) using a ventilating needle (similar to the needles used for embroidery). This process resulted into wigs that fit snugly to the head, thus looking more “natural” than wigs produced using the weft method. Today wigs made out of natural human or remy hair can be bleached, dyed and styled to the wearer’s preference, making them quite the luxurious commodity.

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Cheap yet effective camera slider12m05s

Cheap yet effective camera slider

In this tutorial, Brad Angove opens up his new camera slider. It's an inexpensive unit that offers some great versatility. Watch along as he uses some interesting techniques to help make his videos more interesting and compelling to watch.

Published: September 27, 2017Updated: September 28, 201728 views
How to get an even coat of paint with spray cans8m05s

How to get an even coat of paint with spray cans

This tutorial helps those who are doing paint jobs with spray cans rather than paint guns. It is always best to use paint guns when trying to get an even coat of paint, particularly on a large surface. Enjoy!

Published: September 16, 2017Updated: September 19, 201778 views
How to paint ghost flames with spray cans7m55s

How to paint ghost flames with spray cans

This video shows a new technique that Brad Angove came up with for painting a form of ghost flame with spray cans. Obviously you can achieve superior results using proper spray equipment, but this is still a fun an interesting technique to try out.

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How to make your own steadicam for cheap6m49s

How to make your own steadicam for cheap

Camera stabilization can be an important part of getting good smooth footage. In this video Brad Angove shows us how he made my own steadicam to help get smoother shots when he needed them. Looks like it worked pretty well!

Published: September 10, 2017Updated: September 12, 201783 views
How to do a chameleon paint job with spray cans7m45s

How to do a chameleon paint job with spray cans

In this video Brad discusses a topic that he's been asked about many times: How to do a chameleon paint job with spray cans. For this he uses the back of a telecaster guitar, and two spray cans. The results are pretty awesome!

Published: September 9, 2017Updated: September 12, 201727 views