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Time Lapse Captures Intense Drive Through Of Texas Hail Storm39s

Time Lapse Captures Intense Drive Through Of Texas Hail Storm

We all know that hailstorms can get pretty freaky, pretty fast. The weather is so unpredictable, you can never be too sure of the outcome. Hail can happen everywhere, but it is closely related to thunderstorms. Basically, what happens is that a draft of air carrying water particles rises high up in the atmosphere and depending on the altitude, a different size of hail is created. The hail is a spherically shaped water droplet that has frozen into ice, and the higher the altitude and the lower the temperature, the bigger these spheres get. Hail falls the moment the clouds can’t hold those icy spheres anymore. This is why hailstorms are so dangerous. They can happen in a matter of seconds and leave the whole ground devastated. They are the farmer’s worst nightmare and they could destroy thousands of tonnes of fruits and vegetables on a year basis. This video shows us a time lapse of a hailstorm happening in Texas caught through the dashboard camera lens of one driver. The footage shows the terrifying grey clouds rolling closer to the vehicle until the visibility is so low, it’s hard to see the brake lights from the car in the front.

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Speeding Truck Hits Brakes Right Before Collision With Oncoming Vehicle1m00s

Speeding Truck Hits Brakes Right Before Collision With Oncoming Vehicle

Dash cam footage showing the moment when a speeding Volvo truck managed to avoid colliding with an oncoming van by slamming the brakes at the last second. The incident took place on a highway between Krasnodar and Novorossiysk in Russia. Russians are well known for their dash cam footage videos that are circling the internet, the most famous ones probably being the videos that recorded the meteorite that fired up the sky in Russia's Ural region. A fun fact you might not know is that almost every driver in Russia is equipped with a dash cam in order to prove his innocence in a possible mishap. This is the best way for law enforcement to see what exactly happened, so they can go after the right people and punish them for their mistake. Always remember that driving safely and responsibly is of the utmost importance, as it's not only your life at stake, but also the lives of every participant in the traffic. We all have somebody that is waiting for us at home and is worried for us, so don't be that person that due to irresponsibility ruins whole families. Always keep that in mind, and obey the traffic laws. They exist for a reason.

Published: May 6, 2014Updated: July 19, 2017663,502 views
Dash Cam Captures Drunk Man Stumble And Fall Into Street1m39s

Dash Cam Captures Drunk Man Stumble And Fall Into Street

Aren't dash cams the best? Ever since they came out, with their initial purpose to insure you in case of traffic accidents or when some unlucky person decides to blame you for running them over, they now provide us with snippets of wacky road rage, curious mishaps with tires and, last but not least, the public antics of human kind on the street. Usually with this kind of videos, there is a bit of a prelude before the main action, but not here. This clip from a dash cam in a car in Lublin, Poland, shows a guy running zig-zag on the left side of the car, bottle in hand. Surely we don't have to tell you he is dead drunk! How in the world is he able to run at all? He probably notices that he is running into oncoming traffic, so he makes a sharp left turn right and back towards the sidewalk. When he manages to skip over quite high lip of the side walk, we though, okay, maybe he's just lost, you know. But nope – as soon as he steps on that sidewalk, he slams into the building! Like, how was he able to safely climb on the pavement, but miss the red brick wall? Moments like these would never have been captured if it wasn't for dash-cams. Dash-cams on Amazon have been flying off the virtual shelves as they tend to become more and more popular!

Published: July 5, 2017444,886 views
Crazy Car Crash Flip Caught On Dash-Cam!1m06s

Crazy Car Crash Flip Caught On Dash-Cam!

This is a dash cam video of a female driver of a Nissan Maxima running off the road (from the wrong side of the road) crashing and flipping on a ditch by accident. The driver of the vehicle is OK and only person involved in the accident, suffering chest pains and a bloody nose from the airbag deployment. The Nissan Maxima is totaled. The driver crashed because she wasn't watching (she dropped a cigarette and she tried picking it up while she was running off the road). Intense! Good thing that all drivers were OK in this incident as this could have been so much worse. That is also why you should be paying attention to the road at all times, no matter the situation. If a situation arises within the car as you are driving, pull over to the side, do not try to deal with it while driving. This terrifying video was all captured on a dash-cam showing how abundant they are now appearing in society. They can be surprisingly useful tools, shining light on car involved incidents. This accident was crazy! Lets hope that more like this won't happen in the future! Please share this video with your family and friends to show them why they should practice road safety!

Reckless cyclist nearly rides into oncoming traffic1m23s

Reckless cyclist nearly rides into oncoming traffic

Some people are not ready to even ride a bike on the street! Check out this crazy footage from Goiânia, Brazil. Close call! The woman is driving along the street, carefully minding everyone around her. At first, nothing seems to be happening out of the ordinary. But when she exits the roundabout and goes into another street, a cyclist casually strolls out of an adjacent street and makes an illegal left turn, right into oncoming traffic! The woman swerves to avoid them, but they seem to be trying the same thing and for a split second you think that they will crash. Thankfully, the car slows down enough for the cyclist to correct their course. Un-fricking-believable!

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Hit And Run Accident Caught On Dash-Cam!1m19s

Hit And Run Accident Caught On Dash-Cam!

Being able to drive is not a right, it is a privilege. You and you alone are the only responsible for you actions on the road. You must accept whatever consequence comes your way, regardless if you run a red light, get caught speeding, or are involved in an accident. A hit and run car accident is caught on dash cam in this tense clip from Littleton, Colorado. What was that person thinking?! When involved in an accident, you need to remain at the scene of the incident until the proper authorities arrive. Leaving the scene immediately or even before the authorities arrive is illegal. You can bet that the person behind the wheel in this incident received an even harsher punishment for not just rear-ending someone, but leaving the scene of the accident as well. Unfortunately sometimes on the road things happen. You just need to deal with things like the adult you are supposed to be. For this driver, having to pay for the damages may suck, but paying the fine for leaving the scene on top of the repairs is even worse. Please share this video with your family and friends to teach them the importance of roadway safety! Check out this hit and run caught on a dash cam.

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Truck runs red light in front of cop, immediately gets pulled over2m05s

Truck runs red light in front of cop, immediately gets pulled over

Running on a red light is irresponsible and should never be practiced...unless you want to get pulled over and fined. Some drivers make more obvious mistakes, like this one that didn't see the cop behind his vehicle. This semi truck clearly doesn't see the state trooper in his blind spot, otherwise he probably wouldn't have run a red light right in front of him! Instant karma at its finest! That's a lesson learned!

Published: May 8, 2017253,605 views
Suspects flee in stolen vehicle going wrong way on freeway33s

Suspects flee in stolen vehicle going wrong way on freeway

This was captured 4/17/17 on Highway 4 Eastbound in Pittsburg, CA. Suspects flee in stolen vehicle after firing at officers just moments earlier at a local Costco. You can see the suspect vehicle nearly hit head on with a truck in the far right lane. Freeway traffic was moving at approximately 70 MPH as the suspect was traveling in excess of 90 MPH in the wrong direction. Suspects were located a short time later and taken into custody without indecent.

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Dog gets hit by car, miraculously shakes it off1m19s

Dog gets hit by car, miraculously shakes it off

When a little girl lets go of her dog's leash, the dog sprints right in front of this vehicle and gets hit. However, it immediately walks it off and the driver is told by the owners that the dog is fine. Crazy!

Published: February 20, 2017Updated: February 21, 2017265,115 viewsVirality: 18%
Reckless Driver Gets Instant Karma For Dangerously Cutting Lanes1m00s

Reckless Driver Gets Instant Karma For Dangerously Cutting Lanes

Everybody hates reckless drivers because they risk their lives and the lives of others just for the sake of adrenaline and thrill. Sometimes they do it because they are in a hurry, but aren’t we all? Therefore it comes as no surprise when we rejoice in those moments of fast-working karma. Bad drivers are often the cause of road traffic accidents and dangerous collisions. Sometimes they are caught on camera performing illegal manoeuvres on the road. One driver was caught on video dangerously cutting lanes on the main road, and was immediately hit by instant karma. In this case of instant justice, the driver got stopped over by a police vehicle after illegally passing another car on the highway. Thankfully, nobody got hurt and hopefully the reckless driver learnt its lesson! It only took a few seconds for the police vehicle to spot the dangerous driver and serve him with instant karma for his actions. There’s nothing like witnessing someone suffer instant karma for his bad actions! This video features the case when dash camera footage captures such moment on camera. A car was driving alongside a police car down a motorway when suddenly, another car decided to rush in and cut the lane of the car driving on the highway. Luckily nobody got hurt, but karma worked its magic! Drive safe and remember, better late than never.

Semi truck rollover caught on police dash cam1m30s

Semi truck rollover caught on police dash cam

Semis are a big deal, literally. They pack quite a lot of horse power, which is understandable, considering the massive amounts of freight the get to carry. So can you imagine what would happen if a semi truck driver lost control over his machine on the road, while driving at high speed and trying to make a turn? Such an intense moment is caught on police dash cam when a semi truck takes a turn too fast, causing it to rollover. The footage, courtesy of the Prineville Police Department, OR, shows the police officer signaling a camper vehicle to pull over. The vehicle stops, followed by the police car and the officer approaches the camper for an inspection. A few seconds go by before we are treated with the bizarre situation that happens so fast, you'll miss it if you blink! From the opposite side comes a semi hauling a long trailer, obviously driving at a very high speed and trying to take the turn when his long trailer topples over, followed by the truck and causing the load of sand to spill across the road, creating a massive road block! Did you blink? Go ahead and scroll back, but not before sharing this video!

Drunk driver runs over sign then crashes into another car2m21s

Drunk driver runs over sign then crashes into another car

A couple driving on Eglinton Avenue in Toronto, captured this very intense footage of a drunk driver in front of them. The couple comments on the driver's unusual behavior, as se swerves all over the road and driving between lanes. Moments later, the driver swerves to the curb and hits a road sign, sending it flying through the air before continuing on in high speed. Audibly disturbed, the man calls for 911 asking for the police and an ambulance while explaining what they witnessed. Just as they catch up with the drunk driver, he manager to hit a parked car on the side of the road, causing massive damage to both cars and blocking the road. All these dash cam videos are an excellent reminder of why is it a terrible idea to drive while under the influence. Don't drink and drive kids!

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Car waiting at railway crossing has honk-off with train44s

Car waiting at railway crossing has honk-off with train

Communication is key, they say, and the two heroes in this clip certainly did a good job at that! We see the car slowly approaching a railway. The cars are waiting for the train to pass. As the train approaches, it honks the cars as it passes them, to signal its approach. The dude in the red sports car decided to honk back and this is when the hilarity ensues. As the train gives a short honk, the car reciprocates. The train sends two short ones, so does the car. They keep at it for quite some time, back and forth with their signals, like they are the bestest pals in the whole world, long time no see. The guy recording this is having a meltdown. He laughs like a hyena in his car, thinking it won't catch it. But the camera did catch his laugh, the radio show he was listening and the priceless conversation going on between Lightning McQueen and the train! We thank the dude who recorded this hilarious conversation for providing us with a good laugh, part from the honking and beeping and in good part for his priceless laughter!

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Florida Highway Patrol trooper heroically rescues bald eagle1m02s

Florida Highway Patrol trooper heroically rescues bald eagle

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper rescued an American bald eagle who flew into a vehicle while driving on the state highway. According to FHP Sgt. Kim Montes, the adult male eagle hit the windshield of a Jeep Cherokee on Florida's Turnpike during the early morning hours, and soon had help on the way. When Florida Highway trooper Julio Velez arrived at the scene, the officer carefully approached the stunned eagle, and proceeded to then but the bird into the back of his patrol car while waiting for wildlife officials to arrive. It's certainly a sight to see! According to reports, the eagle suffered no broken or fractured bones from the incident and managed to recover at the Birds Of Prey Center in Maitland, Florida. Credit to 'Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles'.

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Deer jumps right into woman's SUV21s

Deer jumps right into woman's SUV

A Howell (Missouri) woman got the shock of her life when the deer she struck jumped up and leaps into her SUV! Credit: Howell County Police Department

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