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Cat loves to give herself a warm shower every day54s

Cat loves to give herself a warm shower every day

Vanna is a cat with a lot of personality. And she loves to imitate her owner, Maria. She became fascinated with the shower and the running water. Most cats soon figure out that the bathroom faucet is a source of entertainment as well as being a good place to get a drink. But Vanna has also decided that she wants the water running over her. Maria is happy to oblige and she even adjusts the water so that it is warm. Vanna moves around under the water as is if she is bathing and wants to get herself entirely clean. Vanna actually asks for her "shower" every day now. For years, people have asked the question: "Why do cats prefer running water?" This has baffled most of us, but animal experts believe that it's an evolutionary thing that goes back to when cats were wild animals. They instinctively knew that stagnant water was more likely to carry disease and infection. Running water was more likely to be clean and safe. Cats also have a fascination with things that move. Many people have cats that wait at the sink for the tap to be turned on, even if they have a bowl of readily available standing water to drink from. And many cats alternate between drinking and pawing at the water. Having natural curiosity and an understanding that the water is coming from somewhere, it is very likely that this playing is actually a form of inquisitiveness, as much as for entertainment. It is highly unusual however, to find a cat that enjoys being immersed in water, even partially. Vanna stands with her head under the stream and rotates around under the tap to get herself as covered as possible. While doing so, she even enjoys a drink and a little bite at the stream of water. At one point, she stands still, obviously enjoying the sensation of warm water running over her neck and back. Vanna's owner can also be seen checking the water temperature to ensure that it's not too hot for this adorable cat. Pets provide us with endless hours of amusement, especially when they are acting a little bit like a person.

Lonely cat cries for owner when he leaves4m35s

Lonely cat cries for owner when he leaves

You have to watch until the end to see the sweetest reunion! Kodi is so bonded to his owner that he grabs his toy and cries while watching the door. How do your cats react to Kodi's meows? Are your cats bonded to you like this one is to his owner? Does anyone you know still not believe that cats can miss their owners, especially after seeing this?

Bewildered cats react to cat-themed Christmas card41s

Bewildered cats react to cat-themed Christmas card

Indy and Dixie just had a very special delivery - their first ever Christmas card! Look how shocked, confused, surprised and then excited they become when they discover it even speaks their language! If only we mere humans could understand what they were saying to each other on the matter!

What would Christmas be without cats?20s

What would Christmas be without cats?

If you share your heart and your home with a cat, then chances are you can't imagine life without them. Cats are funny creatures but incredibly sweet. Here's how Christmas looks like with many cats!

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Crazy cat sleeps with her eyes wide open24s

Crazy cat sleeps with her eyes wide open

Missy is an appropriate name for this grey cat. She loves people, but not very friendly with new pets in the home. She has an odd habit of sleeping with her eyes open. It is a little creepy, but cute at the same time!

How to make a cat listen to you3m00s

How to make a cat listen to you

Does your cat come to you when called? Probably not. Watch how you can increase the chance your cat will actually listen to you!

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Man discovers 3 kittens under hood of car1m00s

Man discovers 3 kittens under hood of car

Unfortunately, cats that seek shelter under the hoods of cars can be injured or killed when the car is started. Help keep your own and your neighborhood cats safe this winter by following the tips shown in the video.

How do cats stay so clean? Video reveals secrets of the feline tongue2m07s

How do cats stay so clean? Video reveals secrets of the feline tongue

Three-dimensional scans and thermal imaging give unprecedented insight into cat grooming. Learn more: Read the paper: CREDITS producer Sarah Crespi story/script Frankie Schembri citation A.C. Noel and D.L. Hua Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2018 DOI: 10. 1073/pnas.1809544115 research photos Alexis Noel closeup papillae Taren Carter domestic cat tongue photo Candler Hobbs research videos Alexis Noel stock video Pond5 "Morphology" Nguyên Khôi Nguyên