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Bully cat destroys turtles' enclosure12s

Bully cat destroys turtles' enclosure

This person used wooden blocks to keep her two turtles contained while eating some fresh veggies (because putting these fresh veggies in the tank with aquatic turtles and that much water will make them rot extra fast and negatively affect your water PH). She intentionally made their enclosure much smaller this time, hoping that this would deter her bully cat Polar from attacking it... Obviously, she was wrong!

Confused cat totally fascinated by bubbles2m50s

Confused cat totally fascinated by bubbles

Butters loves bubbles. Every time his owner grabs the bubble bottle, he gives out a trill of excitement and comes running. He watches as they float down glistening in the light. He pokes the bubbles that land without popping. He also pays no mind to bubbles that pop on him. Does you cat like bubbles too?