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The Mission of Global Freedom Media is to present news, interviews, features, documentaries, and other informational and educational content that will promote the values of truth, freedom of speech and the free-flow of information, free and fair elections in all countries, and the ideals of the importance of truth, families, faith, freedom of faith, conscience and religion, the respect for innocent life, conservatism, free markets and fair trade, cooperation between all nations who seek mutual peace and prosperity with each other, and the individual liberty and patriotism that is necessary to allow for the self-governance of all nations and for all free peoples around the World as a real 'Community of Nations'.

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('Committees of Government Accountability & Safety')

A Committee of Safety can be briefly descibed as an association of concerned citizens brought together to hold their elected officials accountable, to act responsibly in the mutual self-defense of their Constitutional and God-given rights, and to respond to community emergencies whenever may become necessary.

These committees also operate following the structure of government from the local to the national level in various forms; Community-level, City/Town-level, County-level, State-level, and the National-level as a means to unify the state associations. The State-level unifies the County-level committees, the County-level committees unify the City/Town-level committees, and the City/Town-level committees unify the Community-level committees.

These committiees operate not only as a means to hold their elected officials accountable, but to also act as a form of a legitimate parallel government whenever the government breaks down or fails to follow the SUPREME CONSTITUTIONAL LAW of the nation or the state.

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